Cufflink jewelry

Sometimes, you just gotta have a little fun and let go with some wild cufflinks! We work hard and deserve to play hard. So, when you just have to go formal, you can still have a little fun. With a casual flex of the arm you can show them who's having fun and how, with your special cufflinks.

Most of these cufflinks are NOT gold unless it says 14kt and you will notice a huge difference in the price! These are costume jewelry and meant to be worn a few times to special occasions.


18kt rose gold bespoke cufflinks #HECTOR - $1,745.00

Incredible bespoke cufflinks of carved carnelian Roman warrior soldier on agate base set in 18kt rose gold. 23.3gms Click image for more details


ships wheel yachting cufflinks #SEACL01 - $55.00

Yachtsman wheel cufflinks with anchor emblem and twisted rope edge. Silver plated and enamel.


black anchor cufflinks #CL10627 - $45.00

Stunning anchor cufflinks in a dark charcoal black brown. The color seems to take on the tone of the jacket it is worn with. Polished non-swivel version fit for a pirate!


anchor and coiled line cuflflinks #CL10655 - $55.00

Silver tone anchor sitting on coiled line waiting for deployment. 3/4" across


gold tone anchor on coiled link cufflinks #CL10655g - $55.00

Gold tone anchor sitting on coiled line waiting for deployment. 3/4" across


gold tone anchor cufflinks

#CL10715g - $40.00

Gold tone fouled anchor cufflinks. 7/8" tall and 9/16" across at flukes. High polish


antiqued silver lighthouse cufflinks #SEAL631 - $50.00

Silver color lighthouse cufflinqs with light antiquing applicae. 9/16" wide and 3/4" tall or 15x18mm.


skull and crossbones pirate cufflinks #SEACL524 - $60.00

ARGH!! Once in a while you still have to dress up. But no one says it can't be fun! Pirates! Bikers! Airborne! Skull & Crossbones cufflinks in silver color base metal with red facet stone eyes!


moving working compass cufflinks #SEACL26 - $50.00

Working floating compass in silver cufflinks! You will either know where you are going or be giving directions all night! Just under 3/4" across


artificial horizon compass cufflinks #SEACL57 - $40.00

Artificial horizon compass cufflinks. For flying, sailing or powerboating! 12mm across or 11/16". Silver colored base metal


scrimshaw compass rose cufflinks #SEACL712 - $65.00

Gold tone swivel cufflinks with a faux scrimshaw stone insert with compass rose. These are made to look like an old sailor scrimashawed face. Again, these are NOT real ivory scrimshaw, may be sent into any country legally. 17mm across or just over 5/8".


kokomo palm tree cuff links #SEACL06 - $45.00

California Dreaming, Cheeseburger in Paradise, or a date at Kokomo's will be perfect with these palm tree cufflinks ! Enamel over 24kt gold plate. If you go formal, don't forget your individuality!

With tuxedo stud set (4) SEACL06TS - $90.00


trout cufflinks #SEACL09 - $75.00

3D trout cufflinks done in enamel over 24kt gold plate. Back side is all gold and tails flip to the front. Sportsman awards banquets look out!


silver maine lobster cufflinks #SEACL30 - $40.00

Silver tone New England Maine lobster cufflinks. Swivel mount. Great fun to give or receive. Maybe trade them for the real thing down east Maine!


silver tone dolphin porpoise cufflinks #CL110 - $40.00

Silver tone porpoise dolphin cufflinks in high polish. Fixed position without swivel. Only available as cufflinks


gold tone porpoise dolphin cufflinks and stud set #CLST110 - $65.00

Gold tone dolphin porpoise cufflink and four stud set. Only available as the set.


whale tail gold plated cuff links #CL10633 - $45.00

Gold plated whale tail fluke cufflinks. Brushed satin gold whale tails and polished cufflink back


#SEACL18 - $125.00

Hallmarked solid sterling silver full dresser motorcycle cufflinks. Fully 3D and measure 1 1/16" across (27mm). There is NOT a Harley Davidson logo or trademark on them as they are not licensed by HD.


sailboat cufflinks #SEACL34 - $40.00

A perfect coming about circle done in blue or red enamel with a sloop under full sail. 24kt gold plated cufflinks imported from England. Red sold out


gold tone sailboat cufflinks #SEACL635g - $45.00

Gold tone sailboat yacht cufflinks with high polish finish. 13/16" tall and 3/8" wide or 20x 15mm.


silver sailboat cufflinks #SEACL635s - $45.00

Silver tone sailboat yacht cufflinks with high polish finish. 13/16" tall and 3/8" wide or 20x 15mm.


sailboat cufflinks #SEACL22 - $54.00

Barbell clasp cufflinks with old time sailing scene. 20mm across or near 3/4"


celtic knot cuff links #SEACL10 - $144.00

Celtic knot cufflinks woven in black enamel over hallmarked sterling silver. Made in England.


celtic knot cufflinks #SEACL11 - $125.00

Intricate Celtic knot cufflink patterns done in sterling silver. The knot is open so your shirt cuff is seen through the cufflink.


Irish coin cuff links #SEACL682 - $50.00

Authentic Irish coin done in silver tone cufflinks with swivel clasp, a real coin from Ireland. 3/4" across


blue enamel Keltic knot cufflinks #SEACL680b - $45.00

Keltic knot cufflinks done in blue enamel. 11/16" of an inch across or just under 3/4"


green enamel Celtic knot cufflinks #SEACL680g - $45.00

Celtic knot cufflinks done in green enamel. 11/16" of an inch across or just under 3/4"


silver Scottish Lauren tie bar clasp #SEATB445 - $30.00

Silver tone Scottish tie bar clasp in Lauren tartan. 2 1/8" across or 55mm silver tone. Gold tone sold out


sea turtle cufflinks #SEACL16 - $45.00

Adorable sea turtles trying to swim off your cuffs! Green or red enameled over gold plate.


rose gold tone propeller cufflinks #CL10114rose - $40.00

Rose tone gold plated propeller cufflinks


rose tone gold plated propeller cufflinks and studs set#CLST10114rose - $80.00

Rose tone gold plated propeller cufflinks and four stud set, highly polished.


silver tone propeller cufflinks #CL10114ss - $40.00

Silver tone propeller cufflinks


propeller cufflink and studs#CL34 - $40.00 to $80.00

Propeller cufflinks and optional stud set. Perfect for that special one time event, or...

yellow gold plated.


propeller cufflinks propellors #SEACL17 - $1,295.00

Solid 14kt propeller cufflinks! Everything is gold including the fastenings. 3/4" or 20mm across. Will ship to Europe! 7.4gms for the pair of propellers! In stock


cleaver pitch propeller cufflinks with diamonds #SEACL25 - $1,295.00

14kt cleaver propeller with a .10ct diamond in the center hub of each for a total diamond weight of .20cts! When you just need to feel extra special!


14kt propeller cufflinks #SEACLPROPCL - $1,095.00

14kt solid gold propeller cufflinks with swivel fastener. Each cufflink weighs app 4.9gms or 9-10gms for the pair. Propeller blades are 14mm or 9/16" across and the entire cufflink is highly polished.


14kt diamond propeller cufflinks #SEACLPROPCLD - $1,995.00

14kt solid gold propeller cufflinks with diamonds in the center hub. Diamonds are of SI quality and 11.ct total diamond carat weight. Conflict free as set forth in the guidelines by the Jewelers Board of Trade, Jewelers of America and Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America.


14kt propeller cufflinks and tuxedo studs #SEACLST - $1,695.00

14kt solid gold propeller tuxedo studs (4) studs only. Image shows cufflinks and stud set for $2,595. Propellers are 14mm or 9/16" across. Propeller is fixed solidly to the finding and only the fastener swivels. App weight is 9-10gms for cufflinks and 12-13gms for studs

Studs only $1,995


Cufflinks/studs set $2,995


14kt diamond propellor tuxedo studs #SEACLDS - $1,995.00

14kt diamond propeller tuxedo studs (4) studs only. Propellers are 14mm or 9/16" across. All components are 14kt solid gold. High polished. Diamonds are at least SI quality and .22ct total diamond weight and conflict free as set forth by the Jewelers Board of Trade. Cufflinks and studs for $3,295. App weight is 9-10gms for cufflinks and 12-13gms for studs

Studs only $2,495


Cufflinks/studs set $3,995


large marine link cufflinks #SEACL21 - $1,115.00

Solid 14kt gold marine anchor links in cufflinks. The link itself swivels as does the button hole fitting. Hand made. This is the extra large 12mm by 22mm link. 18.6gms!


marine link cufflinks #SEACL20 - $845.00

Solid gold 14kt marine anchor link cufflinks. These are extremely high end as you can see from the fittings. Hand made. Large links of 10mm by 20mm size. 14.2gms!


#CL183NS - $695.00

Solid 14kt ships wheel cufflinks with two part swivel mounting. Approximate weight is 11gms with an incredible polish! Each wheel is 7/8" across.


14k gold flying fish cufflinks #CKFF - $795.00

14k gold flying fish cufflinks! Two of our flying fish pendants coupled with the highest quality cufflink findings. Each flying fish has a pair of sapphire eyes. Highly polished, finished on all sides. Cufflinks swivel. App 8.9gms One inch across wingtips and just over one inch from nose to tail


ships wheel tie bar, yacht wheel tie clasp #TCSW - $25.00

Base metal, costume jewelry tie bar or tie clasp with ships wheel/yachting wheel. The tie clasp is 2" across, done in a criss cross satin finish of silver/gold color or platinum color. The ships wheel is a polished yellow color. This is NOT real gold or real silver.


american flag cufflinks #SEACL27 - $35.00

American Pride with the red white and blue and a single shining star. 7/8" across


enamel blue and stars cufflinks #SEACL19 - $48.00

Royal Navy blue weave and white stars. Would be great in Newport, the yacht club or just to be patriotic.


stars and stripes cufflinks #SEACL29 - $57.00

Stars and Stripes! Equally at home at the America's Cup races or in the south. 7/8" long


Presidential Seal cufflinks #SEACL-PS - $45.00

The USA Presidential Seal in gold tone cufflinks! 3/4" across or 19mm. High polish with diamond cut edge


sterling silver statue of liberty cufflinks #SEACL211 - $125.00

Sterling silver lady liberty cufflinqs. 1" tall and 1/2" wide Statue of Liberty lady fame!


horse heads #SEACL33 - $125.00

If you live in Horse Heads NY, Wellington or Ocala FL, you need these! Sterling silver handsome horse head cufflinks. Nearly 3/4" tall and will be noticed!


Edwardian equestrian horse head cufflinks #CL11 - $40.00

Simple equestrian bridled horse head swivel cufflinks in silver tone, matte finished in the Edwardian style.


pirate dagger swrod cufflinks #SEACL36 - $35.00

Pirate dagger swords just for fun! You can dress your best but still be a pirate at heart. Simple base metal pirate sword cufflinks made to look old and medieval.


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