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"Where can I buy a pink conch jewelry charm?"

"Right here!"

High temperature oven baked pink enamel on solid 14kt gold conch shells for that realistic look only an artist can render... from simple stud post Key West enamel conch shell earrings to elaborate fashioned enamel shell bracelets, they are here for your gift giving. (Yes, buying for yourself on a special occasion counts as gift giving!)

Colors will vary as each is done by hand, by a different artist who sees the subtle hues of Florida Conch or the vibrant pink colors of the Caribbean! Picture color will vary depending on lighting, contrast and your monitor.

shell bracelets

shell charms-pendants

shell earrings

small enamel conch shell#ENAMCON2D - 1.7gms - $145.00

Small 14kt conch shell with hand applied enamel glaze, the back is flat and smooth. One half inch plus loop and bail. Charm or pendant with the edges diamond cut.

enamel conch jewelry pendant charm #SHL43c - $245.00

Small half round enamel conch shell, the back has been scooped to make it lighter. 5/8" tall and 1/2" wide App 3gms

14k enamel conch shell necklace pendant #SHL43b - $495.00

14k conch shell with dental ceramic/porcelain finish. Hand applied and cast in the USA. Exclusive to Seawear. App 5gms; 9/16" wide and 3/4" tall not including bail. 15x19mm

14k enamel conch pendant necklace jewelry #SHL43a - $995.00

Larger 14k conch shell with hand applied dental ceramic/porcelain finish. No two will be identical. App 10.7gms; 3/4" wide and 7/8" tall plus bail. 19x22mm

baby gold conch with enamel #SEAC554 - $185.00

Small baby conch with gold rimmed lip. Hand made 1/2 inch tall app 1.9gms 3D fully dimensional round.

#ENC016 - $495.00

14kt conch with hand applied enamel, Carrabean style with bright pink and white, 3/4" tall, heavy requires strong chain app 5.4gms, 3D finished on all sides.

14k pink enamel whelk shell#1538 - $75.00

14k enamel whelk shell necklace pendant finished on the front with hollowed back for lower cost. 1 inch tall and 1.4gms

14k gold enamel conch shell necklace pendant

#ENC4033 - $375.00

14k gold conch shell pendant with enamel enhancement. Flat back for necklace charm comfort, app 5.6gms. Hanging length with bail is 1.5 inches.

14k gold enamel pink queen conch

#ENC599c - $2,495.00

If you buy her just one, this is it! The jumbo Queen Conch with enameled paint. These were custom made with extra large bail for omega, cable or chain. Bail opening is 6x13mm. Across the front is 1 1/8" and 1 3/8" tall plus bail, thickness is 3/4" Total hanging length with bail is 1 7/8" Weight is 23.4gms Can take eight weeks when not in stock.

14k gold peter costello queen conch

#ENC5948 - $795.00

14k gold queen conch with enamel highlights all the way inside the conch as well as just the surface. Large heavy bail that will accept up to 5mm chain or 4x7mm omega. Hanging length is 1.25 inches; conch is 3/4" wide or 18mm. Full round 3D finished on all sides. App 7.9gms

14kt gold enamel conch shell post earrings

#ENC688 - $185.00

Stud post enamel conch earrings, post is at the top to swivel nicely. 1/2 inch tall and 3/8" wide. App 2.5gms per pair.

14kt enamel conch shell jewelry pendant #SEA554 - $195.00

Small enameled queen conch with porcelained colors. 1/2" or 13mm tall and wide. Beautiful small charm or pendant, full round 3d app 2gms.

#ENC002 - 3.4gms - $245.00

14kt enamel conch earrings with flat hollowed back for lightness on the ears dangle from ball drop posts.

enamel conch lever back dangle earrings #EC553LB - $395.00

Baby enamel conch leverback earrings. Total dangle is 1 1/8", almost 1/2 wide, app 4.4gms. Full round finished on all sides.

French wire enamel conch earrings 

#EC553w - $395.00

Small enamel conch earrings with French wire. Each is 1/2" wide and just over an inch tall. This new batch has twisted French wire hooks App 4.1gms

small enamel conch stud post earrings

#ENCONCH556 - $295.00

Small enamel conch stud post earrings with flat back and premium earnuts. 1/2" tall and app 3.5gms

14kt ceramic glaze enamle conch shell bracelet

#BRAC55578 - $1,595.00

Ceramic style enamel glaze over 14kt gold gold, nine conchs to make up 8" and 17gm bracelet that will be noticed! Conchs are finished and textured on back side. Each conch is individually painted by hand, unique and no two are alike. Each conch is approximately 1/2" and 1/2" tall.

#BRAC670 - $1,795.00

Enamel conch bracelet in 8", approximately 19gms. These are larger conchs at 5/8" wide and 1" long at links. The back side is flat for comfort and slightly scooped out to make it lighter. One less link would be just under 7". The edges are scalloped for extra sparkle!

shell bracelets

shell charms-pendants

shell earrings

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