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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your fishing pal? We have fishing jewelry for Shopping right here with gold penn reels, deep sea fishing poles, fly rods & reels, gold fishing hooks and gold swivel bracelets like the big rigs use! C'mon in and cast a spell...

"Chance is powerful. Let your hook always be cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish."

Be sure to check out the 'sport fish jewelry' for trophy sport fish, game fish and billfish!

penn 80 in two tone gold #TCC-308 - $1,295.00

Penn 80 in 14kt yellow gold! Reel moves, cranks, handle swivels, and the drag lever even moves! Perfect for the deep sea fisherman or charter boat captain. And capn' don't forget, it may be an advertising tool for business! The reel is 21mm wide or 3/4", 26mm or 1" wide if you include the handle. The height of the reel only is 12mm or 1/2". The bail will accept up to a 4-5mm chain. The spool spins freely and does not ratchet. App 14gms

salt water fly fishing necklace pendant

#FSHNB - $95.00

Salt water fly fishing necklace pendant. Appears to be a flying fish or bonefish. 1" tall and 1/2" wide. App 1.5gms.

deep sea fishing fighting chair jewelry necklace charm

#CHAIR333 - $235.00

Fighting chair done in 3D. Bottom of the pedestal base to the top chair back rung is 7/8" and just over 1/2" across at rod holders. App 3.8gms in polished and textured gold. If you are going to use the fighting chair for a bracelet and prefer an unsoldered jump ring, let us know in the special instructions.

mermaid on fishing hookWhat's on your hook?

#MERFHYG - $475.00

Fishing hook with mermaid. Hook is high polish and mermaid is satin finished to show off detail. Hook opening is 4mm for your chain. 1 3/4" from top of hook to the bottom of her elbows. App 8gms Once hooked, there's no getting away!

14kt gold fishing reel#1414 -2.0gms - $100.00

14kt Open spooled fishing reel for him or her. Deep, solid and heavy for the size. About 3/8" tall and 1/2" wide.

deep sea fishing pole pendant

#1415 - 1.8 gms  - $90.00 

14kt Deep sea fishing pole showing a hit on the line. With me it is usually a snag! About 1 1/2" long. 3-D

flyfishing or bait casting fishing pole pendant

#TCC-243 - $225.00

Amazing 14kt fly reel and pole or open reeled bait casting rig. Two tone gold in 3D. The reel is done in white gold and really moves! You can practice reeling them in while you are at work! The rod and line are all in yellow gold. Hangs hoizontially. Measures 2 1/2" long and 1/2" at the reel. App 2.6gms Would make a great banquet awards gift or for someone that sells fishing equipment.

14kt fly fisherman jewelry charm #2643 - 1.6gms - $95.00

14kt fly fisherman charm in high polish. Finished on all sides about 3/4" tal or 20mm

#2643wg - 1.6gms - $120.00

14kt white gold fly fisherman charm in high polish. Finished on all sides about 3/4" tall or 20mm

#grand slam ring - 15gms - from $1,395.00

Spectacular ring! We had this custom made in 18kt yellow gold with 3 platinum marlins. Incredible! Could be done with grand slam (blue marlin, sailfish and white marlin), sailfish, tuna, shark, marlin, tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, redfish, sea trout, wahoo or large mouth bass! 14kt, 18kt whites, yellows or platinum. Many others on the grand slam fish ring page!

FSR - $1,895.00

Gents signet style ring with choice of Bass, Marlin, Striped Bass, or Tuna. Face of ring measures 5/8" or 15mm across. Highly polished ring in 14kt and polished fish in 14kt white on a frosted background for contrast.

14k Gold Fish Hook Pendant

3D full round Maori Tribal fish hook #MAORI3D - $395.00

14k Maori tribal fish hook done in 3D finished full round. The bottom edge had Maori tribal carvings. App 6.6gms Height is 1.25" or 33mm; width width nearly 3/4" or 17mm, depth/thickness 1.8" or 3mm

14kt white gold Maori tribal fish hook necklace pendant #MAORI3DWG - $395.00

14kt white gold Maori tribal fish in 3D finished on all sides with Maori tribal carvings. App 6.6gms; 1.25 inches tall and 3/4" across.

14k Hawaiian motife tribal fish hook pendant

#HOOK52T - $275.00

Hawaiian tribal fish hook ornamented with patterns known to Hawaii up and down the spine of the hook on front and back. Finished on both sides, 3D. 1 7/16" tall and 5/8" wide or 36x15mm and app 4.3gms

14k triple barbed tribal fish hook pendant

#HOOK704 - $285.00

Wicked vicious triple barbed tribal hook that allows for no method of escape! 1.25" tall and 9/16" wide or 32x14mm. App 4.8gms

14kt tribal shark hook

#HOOK625 - $275.00

Tribal shark hook 1" tall and 3/4" wide or 25x20mm and app 3.4 gms

14kt tribal barbed fish hook

#HOOK698 - $195.00

Tribal hook with one no slip barb. 1.25" tall and 9/16" wide app 3.2gms

14kt hawaiian whale tail fish hook

#HOOK705 - $395.00

Hawaiian whale tail hook. Many cultures such as New Zealand, Hawaii and Alaska held whales in high esteem for the fishing luck and health brought to the villages. 1 3/16" tall and 11/16" wide or 30x18mm. App 6.8gms

ladies white gold tribal hook #HOOK84134 - $175.00

Simple white gold ladies tribal hook, high polish all sides. Made for 1-1.5mm chain. 1" tall and 1/2" across or 26x13mm. Two small channels in the back could be used to set diamonds. App 2.1gms

White gold

Yellow gold

tribal whale tail fish hook pendant 14k gold #FH1021 - $235.00

Tribal whale tail fish hook, high polish, finished on front while back is scooped out. App 4gms; 1.25" tall and 5/8" wide or 33x17mm

small New Zealand tribal whale tail fish hook pendant 14k gold #FH1026 - $115.00

Tribal whale tail fish hook, the style incorporated into legends and namesakes such as the whale riders of New Zealand. Back is scooped out. App 2gms; 1" tall and 1/2" wide or 25x13mm

14k gold fish hook pendant with wrapped eye#01209 - 2.1gms - $125.00

Awesome 14kt fishing hook, sharks hook with detailed fluke. 3-D polished on both sides about 5/8" wide and 1 1/4" tall..

14kt double barbed polynesian fish hook #FH433 - 3.6gms - $395.00

14kt Polynesian fish hook with double barbs and hand whipped eye. 1 3/8" tall 35mm and 3/4" wide 18mm

14k white gold tribal fish hook #TRIBAL418wg - $135.00

14k white gold tribal fish hook with wicked double barb. Once hooked, caught! 1 1/8" tall or 29mm and 9/16" across or 14mm. Top of hook has opening up to 2mm by 3mm for a fine chain. App 2.2gms highly polished. Would make great earrings on dangles or shepherd hooks.

14k rose gold tribal fish hook necklace pendant jewelry#TRIBAL418rg - $135.00

14k rose gold tribal fish hook with double wicked barb. 1 1/8" tall or 29mm and 9/16" across or 14mm. Top of hook has opening up to 2mm by 3mm for a fine chain. App 2.2gms highly polished. Would make great earrings on dangles or shepherd hooks.

14kt gold live bait fish hook jewelry #FHLIVE - $145 to 285.00

14kt live bait fish hooks in size 5, 8 or 10!

Small is 1 3/16" tall and 3/4" wide. Opening is 3mm app 2.5gms.

Medium is 1 7/8" long and 7/8" wide. Opening is 3mm and weight is app 3.5gms.

Large is 2" long, 1" wide, opening is 4mm and weighs app 4.7gms

Wicked awesome fish hooks!

14k gold tribal hook necklace pendant #TRIBAL418yg - $135.00

14kt natural yellow gold tribal fish hook with double barm. 1 1/8" tall. App 2.2gms Top of hook has chain bail opening

14k large live bait hook necklace pendant

This was the large live bait hook above and we added 14 gauge wire eye rings to accept a 1/4" or 7mm chain. Total weight ended up being 6.2gms Don't lean over the boat with this on! $375.00

14k gold fish hook jewelry necklace pendant #Long Line - $445.00

A customer sent this in as one of his favorites he wanted us to make. We called it the Long Line! Massive! Over 2mm thick so between a 10 and 12 gauge wire. Very slight barb, tip is rounded but still sharp. We can really round it if you prefer. Opening is 4mm. Flat spot on one side of the eye and a slight seam at the top, just like the original. 2 3/16" tall or 55mm and 1" wide or 27mm. 6.8-7gms Trolling deep offshore or just along the watering holes, let everyone know you fish with the long line!

tribal fish hook jewelry necklace pendant 14k #TFH308 - $265.00

Small, heavy tribal fish hook with rope whipping making up the bail. Just over 1.5" or 39mm tall and just under 3/4" wide or 17mm. 2mm thick wire and app 4gms weight. Bail opening is 4mm.

gold shark fish hook necklace pendant 14k

#FH393 - 1.9gms - $345.00

Gold hook suitable for sharks! Smaller scale in 3D with large eye for an optional 3-4mm chain. Chain shown is for illustration and NOT included 1.25" tall 30mm

mammoth ivory fish hook#RC713 - $59.95

Mammoth ivory with four distinct age layer lines, perhaps one for each 10,000 years it was buried in the ice! Blood groove on each side of the hook.

Assorted fish hooks carved from whale bone and mammoth ivory

ancient Maori native fish hook pendant in 14k gold#FH1819 - $45/90/215/345

14k Maori tribal fishing hooks. Fashioned after actual hooks used by natives in the Pacific Islands. These would have been carved out of bone with two barbs and an eye whipped at the top. These are all 14k gold, highly polished, 3D, full round, dimensional all around and finished on all sides. Measurements do not include bail or eye ring. Earrings, charms, pendants or body piercings! Approximate weights .7gms (1/2"); 1.5gms (3/4"); 3.6gms (1"); large 5.8gms (1.25")

small 14kt maori fish hook jewelry charm

#HOOK1071 - $60.00

14kt small Maori fishing hook done in high polish 3D app 1gm. 3/4 inch tall and 3/8 inch wide. Could easily become dangle earrings

    14k tribal fish hook jewelry pendant

    #HOOK1070 - $115.00

    Larger Maori tribal fish hook done in 3D fully finished all the way around. App 1.9gms 1" tall plus bail.

A fisherman has
A beat up truck
A favorite old hat
And believes in luck
He's wise, and he senses
To nurture a soul
One of God's tools
Is a fishing pole!
sent in by a commercial fisherman...

Wicked tribal fish hooks!

These are finished front and back, full round, 3D. Each is hand made. Weights shown are for the actual one photographed. Yours could be several tenths of a gram lighter or heavier. High polished all the way around. Detail is incredible. The black is simply the lense reflecting back in the mirror gold finish. All the bails are fancy, thick heavy with usable openings of 4x6mm. These are pinned and soldered so the pendant moves well.


14kt two tone Hawiian tribal fish hook with hand whipped eye

#THC687 - $315.00

14kt two tone Hawaiian tribal hook fashioned after the bone hooks with hand tied whipping eye. Height including bail is 1.5 inches or 40mm. Width is 3/4" or 19mm. Thickness is app 2mm and weight on this was 4.8gms.

14kt tribal whale tail fish hook

#THC635 - $735.00

14k tribal whale tail fluked fish hook. The whales were revered by many tribes and an omen of good harvest. The barbs of the hook are a whale tail preparing to deep dive. Not including the bail the height is 2 11/16" and width is 7/8" (42x23mm) and the thickness is 2mm. This one weighed 11.4gms

14k tribal fish hook

#THC630 - $435.00

14kt circular tribal hook, fat as a night crawler! 1 5/16" tall and almost 3/4" wide (33x18mm). 3mm thick! Small and heavy. This one weighed 6.8gms

14k tribal whale tail fish hook

#THC634 - $310.00

14k smaller whale tail tribal fishing hook. 1 1/16th inches tall and 3/4 inches wide. (27x19mm) This one weighed 4.8gms.

14k tribal fish hook with double barbs

#THC632 - $330.00

14k Polynesian style tribal hook with double barbs plus a sedation barb at the bend. Once hooked, never lost! 1 5/16" tall by just under 3/4" wide or 34x18mm. This one weighs 5.1gms

14k tribal fish hook with triple barbs

#THC633 - $295.00

14k Polynesian tribal hook that also looks like it could be a weapon, with double barbs and double serations at the bend. 1.25" tall and 9/16" wide or 32x15mm. This one weighed 4.5gms

tribal anchor hook jewelry

#ANC1016 - $1,235.00

Tribal anchor hook for the warrior sailor! Inspired by the Mauri Warriors who could easily adapt a 20 pound anchor into a fierce weapon. The anchor flukes are slightly angled forward. 3D full round finished on all sides. Including the heavy bail, this is just over 2" tall or 52mm. Across the flukes it is 1" or 25mm. The thickness is 1/8" or 4mm. It is nearly 1/4" thick where the rope twists are or 5.5mm. The bail opening is 4-5mm. For a larger chain, we do have a larger bail that will increase weight by 2-3 more grams. It weighs 19gms now. A heavy shackle bail could also be used, but it was not correct to the period.

biggest bassadest tribal fish hook in 14kt gold

#THC808 - $1,925.00

The biggest, meanest, most awesome tribal Mauri tribal hook made to date! Average 30 grams of solid 14kt gold! This one is 29.57gms and is 3.25" tall, 1.25" wide and 3/16" thick. The bail opening is 7x10mm. For those down under, 84mmx3 2mmx5mm! This takes a true tribal warrior type of personality to wear this and pull it off. One side is smooth and the other side is channeled, like blood grooves in an edged weapon for blood letting in battle.

14k tribal Kiwi Koru fish hook

#THC636 - $295.00

14k New Zealand Kiwi tribal hook, much like the Koru worn in the movie After The Sunset. This one is 1 1/8" tall and 7/8" wide or 29x21mm. This one weighed 4.7gms

shark hook necklace jewelry pendant

#SHARKHOOK - $95.00

Big sharp hook necklace pendant suitable for shark or longlines! 2 3/16" tall 1/8" or 2.5mm thick. Shark hook eye will fit chain up to 3mm thick. Maybe 4-5mm with drilling. 5.4gms in silver and will be 7gms in 14kt.

small barbed tribal hook

#TRIB650 - $125.00

Small tribal hook with double barb, fancy bail. 1/2" wide and just under 1" tall or 24mm PLUS bail. App 1.9gms

smallest tribal hook pendant with twisted wire bail

#TRIB652 - $65.00

Smallest tribal hook for very light chain or attachment to hooped earrings. Twisted wire bail. Hook is 5/16" wide and 7/16" long plus bail. Just under 1gm

tribal hook dangle wire earrings

#TRIB651 - $135.00

Tribal hook earrings done with twisted wire shepherd hooks and a bead fastener made from Tribal Hook 652 pendants. Total dangle length is 1.25" and shepherd hook has been flattened for comfort in ear lobe.

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