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Fishing - sailfish, yellow tuna, blue marlin, bullnose dolphin, grand slams, wahoo, Mahi Mahi, reef fish, nothing beats a day of fishing! Even if you don't catch anything! "Catch, release and seawear one of these 14kt gold jewelry trophies instead!" Jewelry of fishing hooks, poles and reels on fishing gear page! If you don't see it, we can usually find it! Tropical reef fish can be found here.

billfish, sportfish, gamefish and tropical reef fish jewelry!

14kt Gold Grand Slam and Fish Rings

grand slam ring #GSR - from $1,335.00

Grand slam ring. Yellow gold, white gold or a platinum grand slam ring.

triple fish ring #SEATFR - from $1,335.00 

14kt triple fish ring. This one happens to be a dorado, tuna and wahoo! We can have them done in any combination of white, yellow, 14kt, 18kt or platinum. You catch the fish, we'll mount them!

#TMR - triple marlin ring - from $1,335.00

Spectacular ring! We had this custom made in 18kt yellow gold with 3 platinum marlins. Incredible! Could be done with grand slam (blue marlin, sailfish and white marlin), sailfish, tuna, shark, marlin, tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, redfish, sea trout, wahoo, porpoise, hogfish, King salmon, striped bass or large mouth bass! 14kt, 18kt whites, yellows or platinum.

#FSTR - Falling Springs triple trout band - from $1,335.00

Christened on the limestone ledges of Falling Springs Stream in Chambersburg, PA

triple tuna ring #TTR - from $1,335.00

Triple tuna ring in any color combination of 14kt, 18kt or platinum.

freshwater slam ring  #FWGSR - from $1,335.00

Fresh water grand slam in your choice of fish and metals! Great Lakes Slam Ring!

sailfish wrap ring #SFWR - $635.00

The sailfish wrap ring done in 14kt gold for the ladies. Diamonds are an option as is 18kt. You caught it now show it off!

grand slam ring  Another customer's custom grand slam ring! His slam was a wahoo, marlin and shark! His wife chose the combinations of platinum on 18kt yellow gold. He loved it! And all his fishing buds in Florida are envious! $2,100.00



blue marlin jewelry

14k blue marlin giant by Peter Costello, necklace jewelry pendant

#PCF370 - $2,795.00

Full round, 3D blue marlin in 14k gold with sapphire eyes. There is something about an adversary that can look you back in the eye! Caught in motion, perfectly sculpted. Back side is as nice as the front. 3 3/4" across and tail is 1 1/16" tall (75x36mm) body is nearly 3/8" thick. Large pinned bail for extra security and pivot. Approximately 25gms! Custom made to order

14k blue marlin necklace pendant

#PCF160 - $1,175.00

14k blue marlin pendant with sapphire eye. Half round, hollowed out back. Highly polished and detailed. 1 3/8" across and 3/4" across at tail flukes or 60x20mm. This one weighed 8.6gms

14k gold Peter Costello blue marlin jewelry pendant for necklace

#PCF612b - $2,295.00

14k half round Costello blue marline with ruby eye and oversized swinging bail for omega or large chain. Bail opening is 6x9mm and could be rounded by your jeweler. Just over 2 5/8" across of polished, textured and grooved detailing. This is in stock at 9.6gms

half round blue marlin slide necklace pendant by Peter  Costello


#PCF612 - $2,295.00

Half round blue marlin slide with double hidden bails that will accept up to 7mm omega chain. 2 5/8" across and tail is 15/16" wide (64x23mm) Sapphire eye, this one weighed 10gms. Made to order allow five weeks

18kt blue marlin record catch

#18ktBM - $1,595.00

A giant record blue marlin done in 18kt high polish! Custom made for us for a one of a kind record catch. App 15gms

blue marlin diamond eyes

#18KTBM3D - $3,695.00

This trophy is 3D, 18kt, two VS .04ct diamond eyes and custom heavy bail for a large chain! Those links are 13mm by 6mm! Back side completely finished and stamped by tail. If you are looking for something truly memorable, this big blue is it... App 25gms Allow three weeks also in 14k

14kt highly polished leaping marlin necklace pendant #FSH539 - $280.00

Awesome! Highly polished with a tail twist leap. 1 3/8" across and 1 1/2" tall. App 5.6gms

leaping marlin necklace

#MARLIN77 - $645.00

From Hawaii 14kt jumping marlin finished in satin with polished highlights. Hidden bail behind head and fin, back of tail swept forward, appears 3D but is hollowed out on main portion of body. 1 5/8" tall and across. Very detailed. App 8.9gms

fighting marlin pendant#NAC755 - $995.00

3D with two texture finish! Caught at the moment of no return when she has rushed the bait and gone under and is on the way up to take it. She's yours... 2 1/4" across. The underbody area is a brushed satin gold while the upper body is highly polished. Fins and tail detailed. App 12gms

14kt marlin breaking water

#MARLIN09 - 19.5gms - $2,495.00

Big 14kt blue marlin breaking water and getting ready to tail dance! This one is full round 3D, solid and heavy. Back side. Available with diamond eyes. Two inches tip to tip! This one is tournament quality! Special order, contact for shopping cart

fishermans anchor and marlin

#1126 - $595.00

A fisherman's anchor. The marlin is on top of the anchor with the twisted line woven between the two. App 8.3gms and 1 1/2" high.

14kt hand made blue marlin pendant


#FSH235 - $345.00

Hand made blue marlin pendant, highly detailed, polished back side. 1 5/8" across or 43mm and app 4.8gms

14k marlin jewelry charm #549 - 4.4gms - $295.00

14k 3D marlin jewelry charm finished on all sides. Small and distinct at 1 3/4" across 44mm

#546 - 3.8gms - $225.00

14k thrashing blue marlin pendant that is 1.5" tall and 1" wide.

marlin jewelry charm #532 -  2.8 gms -  $185.00

14kt smaller version of a leaping marlin. This one is light, the body is arched with the bill bent inwards so as not to snag. Right about 1 3/16" long. Double sided with one side diamond cut. 3-D

Seawear 14kt blue marlin jewelry charm #1427 - 3.2gms - $160.00

14kt blue marlin jewelry charm for bracelet or necklace. Solid and highly polished, finished all the way around in 3D. 7/8" across or 22mm

14kt large gold blue marlin necklace pendant

#FSH540 - $795.00

Highly detailed with diamond cuts, scales and lines. Nice big ole' fat blue marlin! Just about 2 1/4" from the dorsal to the tail and 1 7/8" wide, app 9.5gms with back side scooped out. Large bail for 5-6mm chain or small 2,000 pound test!

14kt gold large high polish white marlin necklace pendant

#FSH555 - $675.00

Highly polished 14kt yellow gold white marlin. App 8.4gms, 2" from the top of the dorsal fin to the bottom of the tail and 1 7/8" across. Back is scooped out to make this light weight and low cost.

frull round white marlin jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH7006 - $695.00

White marlin that has broken the surface and spit the hook back at the boat! Try again another day! Full round finished on all sides. From left tail fluke to end of bill is 2 1/4" or 57mm Tipping the scales at 12.8gms

14kt fighting blue marlin pendant

#BM782 - $445.00

14kt polished and detailed jumping blue marlin. 1 5/8" tall and 1" wide or 40x25mm Thickness is about 5mm and will appear as a thick heavy piece, but is scooped out in the back keeping the weight down to about 6.3gms

big blue marlin jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH415 - $495.00

Simple elegant flashy big blue! One sided, back is scooped out. Tip of tail to top of dorsal is 2". Across is 1 3/4". Bail adds another 1/4" hanging length. Bail opening is 4x6mm and could be rounded out for a 5mm chain. App weight is 7gms.

blue  marlin jewelry necklace pendant

#534 - 7.7 gms - $575.00

14kt Gorgeous leaping marlin, again, solid and finished on both sides, one side having the diamond cut fins for added sparkle. This one is spectacular! About 1 15/16" from tip of sword to tail. 3-D app 8.1gms

14k gold blue marlin signet ring

Blue marlin ring in 14k yellow and white gold with sapphire eye. On display at the Tuna Club of Avalon on Catalina Island.

14k gold blue marlin pendant

#BM3217 - $895.00

Blue Marlin pendant, bail is fixed and built into the casting. Old design from the 1950s done in high polish or can be detailed with satin finish highlights. Solid, full round finished on front and back. Just over 2" across or 53mm, 3/4" or 20mm tail with bail and 1/4" thick or 6mm. App 11.5gms


   sailfish jewelry

14kt hand made sailfish pendant

#FSH220 - $340.00

14kt hand made sailfish pendant in wonderful detail by wildlife artist. Correctly detailed with smooth polished backside. 1.75" or 46mm across and app 5.7gms

14kt sailfish slide shown on Guy Beard TMI cable necklace

FSH164 - $1,030.00

Spectacular catch! Breathtaking sailfish slide shown on optional 4mm cable necklace. Easily will accept 10mm omega or 6mm round chain. 2.75 across or 70mm App weight is 20.6gms. Combination of high polish, satin and textured finishes. Backside is smooth and suitable for engraving by your local artisan. This is the one you are seeing in our ads in the magazines.

14kt full round 3D sailfish necklace pendant

FSH623 - $805.00

Full round 3D sailfish pendant finished on all sides with high polish, satin brushed and textures. 2 1/4" across or 56mm and app 16.1gms

14kt half round sailfish necklace pendant

#FSH752 - $595.00

2D half round, one sided sailfish pendant. 2 1/4 inches across or 56mm and 9.5gms. Several textures of finish for a real looker! Special order

14lt full round 3D leaping sailfish pendant

FSH1095 - $755.00

Full round 3D sailfish leaping from the depths trying to shake your hook! Finished on all sides, 2 1/8" or 54mm from the tail to the bill. App 13.7gms

taildancing sailfish caught in slow motion

#FSH516 - $745.00

You know this moment. It is tattooed into your memory for the rest of you life! The story is told over and over. Did she take it? Did you overplay it? Did she taildance this well? Highly polished, detailed on the front only, 2D half round. 2 3/8" tall and 1 3/4" wide, app 10.9gms. Bail will accept 5mm chain. Reel her in slowly before someone else does!

leaping sailfish with VS diamonds pendant

#FSH752d - $495.00

14kt sailfish with .13cts of VS diamonds. Finished in high polish and satin, 2 1/8" or 55mm from bill to tail, app 8.7gms

full round 3D 14k gold sailfish pendant by Peter Costello

#PCF585 - $2,295.00

Full round 3D perfect sailfish with sapphire eyes. 3" across and 1" tall (76x26mm) This one in stock weighs 16.9gms. Large secure bail is pinned and soldered. Sailfish back side is just as detailed as the front. What a way to wear and advertise your charterboat! One in stock with extra large bail for 8-10mm chain

leaping twisting turning sailfish jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH520 - $745.00

King sailfish with a leaping twisting turning jump to clear the water and toss your line! This is half round, the back side is scooped to make it lighter. From the top tip of the sail to the botoom tail fluke is 2 1/8" or 55mm. From the end of the bill to the widest portion of the sail is 1 7/8" or 47mm. Weight is app 12.2gms Special order allow 2-4 weeks

full round king sailfish with very unique sail

#FSH7001 - $795.00

King sailfish with spectacular sail that would have imprinted on the person lucky enough to catch and release this guy! Sails are like fingerprints and when you see yours, you will remember every little detail. Full round, finished on all sides, no front or back. Wear it the way you want to show it off! From the lower tail fluke to the end of the bill is 2 1/4" or 58mm. This one is 15.2gms, just under a half ounce and ready to be hung on your trophy chain.



 bull nose dolphin dorado mahi mahi jewelry

full round fighting bull nosed dolphin jewelry by Peter Costello Studiosbull nose dolphin mahi dorado

#PCF580 - $1,995.00

Some guys have all the luck! Solid 3D jumping, twisting bull nose dolphin necklace charm with sapphire eyes. This is a detailed work of art! Made to order, allow 3-6 weeks, app 17-18gms

The one on the right is in stock, custom done with blue sapphire eyes on each side. 17.2gms

14kt gold bull nosed dolphin jewelry necklace charm

#NEW653 - $995.00

Half round 2D bull nosed dolphin sport fish, back is scooped out, large pinned swinging bail for chain up to 4mm. Small emerald eye. Tip of tail to dorsal is 2 1/16" or 52mm. Hanging length including bail would be 58mm or 2 5/16". Weighs 9.5gms special order allow four weeks

Peter Costello bull nose dolphin fish jewelry pendant

#PCF128 - $1,195.00

14k half round bull nose dolphin necklace pendant. High polished, tail twist, emerald eye, extra strong hidden bail (by special order only); 2" tall by 1 5/8" wide (50x42mm) app 10.8gms by Peter Costello - Swinging bail model

gold bull nose dorado dolphin necklace jewelry pendant

#FSH3349 - $475.00

One sided dorado bull nose dolphin with open eye or could have set with gemstone. Hidden bail in the back for up to 5-6mm chain or omega. 2 5/8" across App 7.5gms

14kt dorado bull nose dolphin mahi mahi jewerly necklace

#FSH315 - $295.00

14kt bull nose dolphin, mahi mahi, dorado necklace pendant or charm! Highly polished, with freckles and satin detailed fins. Back side is suitable for engraving. 35mm long or 1 3/8". Bail swivels, app 5gms


female dorado mai mai #SEA625 - $630.00 - 12.6gms

14kt 3D female dorado, mahi mahi bull nosed dolphin! 1.75 inches (45mm) long

14kt dolphin fish jewelry pendant#FSH562 - $195.00 

14kt Mahi Mahi, dorado or Bull Nosed Dolphin. Nicely shaped with open mouth, head is curved outward and tail is curved in. Half round with the look of 3D full round. 1.5" across and 5/8" app 3.7gms

male bull nosed dolphin #SEA626 - $695.00 - 11.2gms

14kt 3D male dorado, mahi mahi bull nosed dolphin! 1.75 inches (45mm) long

dorado dolphin 14k gold charm #558 - 2.7gms - $165.00

14k gold dorado dolphin bull nose charm or necklace pendant finished on one side 1 1/4" across.

small mahi mahi, dorado fish, bull nosed dolphin #557 - 3 gms - $175.00

14kt Smaller version of bull nosed dolphin, Mahi Mahi in solid 14kt yellow gold. About 1 1/4" across.

14kt ripping bull nose dolphin dorado necklace

#FSH766 - $425.00

14kt bull nose dolphinfish dorado leaping twisting fighting every step of the way. App 1 5/8" tall 40mm and 1 1/4" wide 32mm App 6.6gms Polished with detailed fins and elaborate markings. 2D finished on front only

white gold bull nose dolphin with yellow and pink diamonds

#FSH315wd - $595.00

Natural argyle pink diamond for the eye and natural yellow diamonds in the body, all set in satin and polished 14kt white gold with rhodium plating for brilliance. Pink diamond eye is approximately .04cts and the five yellow diamond are approximately .035cts each for .17cts yellow and .21cts total in both colors. These are a part of our hand made collection from a retiring artist. Total weight of each pendant is 4.6gms

huge 14kt leaping dorado necklace

#FSH346 - $1,895-2,995.00

Huge incredible bull nose dolphin dorado dolphinfish or mahi mahi if I'm invited for dinner! Three versions, 3D, front as shown above or the back side!

unbelievable bull nosed dolphin in 14kt gold pendant

#FSH346 -

Release that trophy for another day and wear this instead! Full round or choose the front side or back side. Exclusive to Seawear™ only.

14kt hand made mahi mahi fish pendant

#FSH214 - $335.00

14kt hand made mahi mahi fish pendant. 1.5" across or 39mm and app 5.6gms. Very detailed and highly polished on the back side.

14kt high polished mahi mahi dolphin dorado fish pendant

#FSH560 - $555.00

Mahi Mahi dorado dolphin fish! Gorgeous smooth high polish with detailed fins and diamond cut tail. 1 3/4" tall and 1 1/4" wide or 44x32mm and app 9.3gms


sailfish jewelry

leaping sailfish pendant  #SF353 - $335-425.00

Leaping sailfish caught in a very realistic pose. Available in 1/2 round (one sided) or full round 3D A little more than 1 1/2" tall.

#SILSAIL - $95.00

Silver .925 sailfish with airbrushed epoxy and marine clear coat. Wear it, hang it on your wall or epoxy to your tackle box! 1.75" tall and 2.25" wide. 15-16gms Amazing detail!

14kt half round sailfish pendant #FSH362 - $125.00

Sailfish in half round profile necklace pendant, 14kt app 2.1gms, 3/4" tall and across. Perfect for light chain. Very detailed, exclusive to Seawear

large sailfish jewelry charm#513 - $190.00

14kt Sailfish leaping and fighting. Finished on both sides with one side having diamond cut fins. About 15/16" across and 7/8" tall. 3-D Approx 3.8gms

small sailfish jewelry charm#512 - $120.00

14kt Smaller version of sailfish. Double sided with diamond etching on one for sparkle. About 5/8 inches across and 3/4" tall. 3-D Approx 2.4gms

green diamond eye sailfish #512GE - $145.00

14kt 3D sailfish with one side showing off a green diamond eye! Highy polished 3D approx 2.4gms

#SAILF526 - 3.3gms - $165.00

14kt sailfish silhouette. 1 1/4 inch tall and 1 1/8 inch across

14k gold sailfish jewelry charm #514 - 4.1gms - $205.00

14k 3D sailfish finished on all sides witha spectacular tail curve. Could be a large jewelry charm for a bracelet or great necklace pendant. One inch tall and across.


tuna jewelry

14kt tail rope tuna jewelry pendant#TRT ~ These are in stock and ready to ship now. Tail roped tuna pendants comes in 4 sizes, half round 2D or full round 3D. Anything not in stock may be higher in price depending on gold that day.

S - $395 small 1 5/16" long 2D 2.5-3.3gms ~ 3d 4-4.4gms ~ small half round tail roped tuna with .02ct bluegreen diamond eye $425
M - $395 1 3/8" LONG medium 2D ~ medium 3D 6.8-7.2gms $495
L - $895 2 1/4" long large one! 2D 0.8-10.4gms ~ 3D 19.3-20.2 gms $2,255
XL - $1,395 2 1/2" long 2D 13.3gms

14kt small tail roped tuna jewelry pendant

#TRTSHR - $225.00

Small half round tail roped tuna jewelry necklace pendant. 1 5/16" long and app 2.5gms. Back side is scooped out

14kt gold medium half round tail rooped jelelry necklace pendant

#TRTMHR - $395.00

Medium half round taileroped tuna jewelry necklace pendant. 1 3/8" long app 3.2gms Back side is scooped out

14k 3D full round yellowfin tuna necklace jewelry pendant

#PCF314 - $1,995.00

No, this is not a Marino 80 yard bomb with wings! It is a fat as a football yellowfin tuna necklace pendant! This one in stock is 20.6gms! Just over 2" across and 3/4" tall (52x20mm) and just the body is 1/2" thick! Heavy duty bail that has a fixed pin to swivel on with 4mm opening. Sapphire eyes, 14k 3D full round finished on all sides. Special order. Not stocked.

14kt giant solid 3D tuna pendant for necklace jewelry

#TUN322 - $2,095

Large, 3D, full round, finished 360 degress on all sides. This one is heavy at 19.3gms and requires a strong chain. The bail opening is 4x7mm and could be shaped more round for a heavier round chain. If you are a boat captain, this is one of the best advertising signs you will own! 1 7/8" across, 5/16" thick and 1 1/4" tall including bail.

14kt tail roped blue fin tuna jewelry necklace

CUSTOM - $1,295.00

This was a custom made blue fin tuna pendant with a tail rope configuration. A double twisted tail rope with a smooth line acting as a pivot for an extra heavy duty bail. This weighed 13.6gms, half round, scooped out back with oversized blue sapphire eye. Incredible custom polish finished with Picasso blue and Merard Oras. 14kt

14k tail roped yellow fin tuna jewelry pendant

CUSTOM- $1,295.00

This was a custom made yellow fin tuna pendant with a simple solid wire tail rope that was left movable. Again done with an oversized blue sapphire this was plucked fresh from the ocean. Proof is the drop of water running down the chin! Was not visible to the naked eye but the camera picked it up as it collected. This catch was 12.7gms, half round scooped out back. 14k

tail roped tuna necklace pendant jewelry #416 - $345.00

Tail roped tuna that is short, thick and heavy! App 5.9gms, polished and textured. Scooped out back side. Total length with tail rope is 1 3/4" or 46mm. 5/8" or 16mm across pectoral fin.

tail roped tuna jewelry charm#565 - $395.00

Beautiful 14kt yellow fin tuna hanging by his tail. Makes me hungry for sushi just looking at it! Polished and textured body with diamond cut fins and tail. About 2 3/16" tall and 3/4" wide. App 7gms

fat 3D yellowfin tuna in 3D #24144 - $625.00 - 12.5gms

Tail roped massive fat tuna in 3D! Tips the scales right at 2 inches! Show your catch off!

14kt 2D bluefin tuna pendant #FSH571 - $395.00

Blue fin tuna pendant 1.75" across or 45mm, app 7.1gms. Half round 2D that is thick and raised out giving the appearance of being 3D Polished, textured and diamond cut!

14kt gold tuna tie clasp with clutch back pin

#TUNACLASP - $195.00

14kt tuna tie clip, tie clasp or tie tack! This is the TRT tuna with a center body tack pin and non-precious metal clasp and chain. Only the tuna and tack is gold. Just over 1" across or 26mm. Simply removing the chain also allows it to be used as a tuna lapel pin or hat brim pin.

full round half ounce gold blue fin tuna necklace pendant

#FSH7043 - $945.00

Full round 3D finished on all sides solid 14kt bluefin tuna necklace charm pendant. 1 5/8" across or 41mm. This overstuffed 5/16" or 8mm thick fatboy weighs in at 14.5gms! Almost 1/2 ounce of solid gold!

albacore tuna jewelry necklace charm pendant in 14kt gold

#TUNA234 - $395.00

Albacore tuna jewelry necklace pendant app 6.3gms 1 5/8" across or 40mm. Back is smooth.

yellowfin tuna jewelry pendant #568 - 3.2gms - $160.00

14k gold yellow fin tuna jewelry necklace charm or pendant. 1 1/4" across finished on one side.

14k gold tuna post earrings

#TUNEAR - $175.00

Small tuna post earrings with premium post centered premium butterfly backings. 3/8" across Left and right. One pair available.

14k white gold tuna post earrings

#TUNEARwg - $175.00

Small white gold tuna post earrings with premium post and butterfly backings. Left and right so you can share a pair! App 3/8" across. One pair available.


Swordfish jewelry

14k gold swordfish jewelry pendant

#FSH3205 - $745.00

Swordfish design from the 1950s solid full round, finished on front and back, bail is part of the dorsal fin. Highly polished and could be detailed with satin highlights. Just over 2.25" across or 60mm; 7/8" or 22mm tall from bottom of pectoral fins to top of dorsal, 3/16" thick in the body. App 10.6gms and this one will be an eye catcher!




Costello hogfish charm, pendant or earrings

#HOGFISH311 - $245.00

Hogfish with ruby eyes! Very detailed. One inch across. App 2.7gms with ruby eye. Back side. These are also available as opposing earrings

Costello full round small hogfish charm, pendant or earrings

#HOGFISH136 - $345.00

Small full round Costello hogfish charm, pendant or earrings. App 4.7gmrs each. The only difference with the back side is the bail. Two ruby eyes. Just about one inch across.

large full round hogfish pendant

#HF232LF - $995.00

Large full round 3D hogfish in solid heavy 14kt with ruby eyes. Finished and detailed on both sides. 1.75" across and 1" tall plus heavy fancy pinned swinging bale. Weighs app. 14.9gms! Needs heavy secure chain. Bale opening is 4-5mm.

#HF223 - $445.00

14kt phenomenal hogfish! Check out the detail and accuracy. Hand made one at a time by a master artist. 1.5" across and 7/8" tall. Back side is highly polished this one landed at 7gms.

14kt gold hogfish necklace pendant or bracelet charm

#REEF57 - $160.00

Hogfish pendant or charm. 3/4" across and 1/2" tall. App 2.7gms Highly polished. Backside is smooth and polished. This is from the tropical reef fish page



fluke flounder halibut

14k halibut pendant

#FSHHAL805h - $545.00

Halibut pendant with smooth finish, horizontal mount, 1 3/8" across or 36mm. Hanging height is same. Heavy, detailed, smooth back, App 8.3gms

14k gold halibut tail mount pendant

FSHHAL805v - $545.00

Halibut pendant with smooth finish, vertical tail mount, 1" across or 25mm. Hanging height is 1 3/4" or 45mm. Heavy, detailed, smooth back, App 8.3gms

14kt halibut necklace pendant #FSH634 - $945.00

Full round 3D halibut in all the tasty glory! This is heavy at app 14.7gms. 42mm across or 1 5/8". Spots on front are raised.

14kt halibut fish jewelry pendant #FSH588 - $380.00

Half round, 2D, halibut fluke done in textures and diamond cuts. 15/16" wide and 1 5/8" long tail to fishlips! App 7.6gms

tiny baby 14kt halibut flounder fish necklace pendant #FLUK591 - $55.00

Very small fluke, halibut, flounder fish at 3/4" length and about 1gm

14kt fluke fish pendant charm #FLUK590 - $145.00

Fluke fish or halibut at just over 1" long or 26mm and app 2.5gms

14kt small founder necklace charm #FLUK592 - $135.00

14kt small flounder fish pendant charm 1 1/8" across and app 2.2gms

14kt baby halibut necklace charm #FLUK589 - $110.00

Baby halibut necklace pendant 1" across and app 2.2gms



roosterfish jewelry pendant #ROOSTFISH - $295/495

Amazing! Total roosterfish detail with flying fins! Available in small app 5gms or large app 7.5gms, 3D finished on both sides. Hidden bail behind the flag! 1.5 inches across (38mm) with high polish, hand graved lines on the fins and diamond etched to show body lines. In stock roosterfish pieces only




Bonefish Jewelry

#BF204 - $295.00

14kt detailed elusive bonefish pendant with backside very polished. Fresh from the Florida Keys and the famous bonefish analogy from Sandler! 1.5" across app 4.5gms

skeletan fish skeletal bonefish  #SEAF1413 - $95.00

Smaller version of the bone fish skeletal fish! This one is 2D and finished on one side. Ideal small charm or pendant. Just under one inch across app 1.6gms

#FISH1006 - 1.8gms - $90.00

14kt detailed 3D bonefish pendant with matching back side. 3/4" long and is great for bracelet or necklace.

bone fish skeletan fish#SEAF6614 -2.8 gms - $140.00

Bone fish! The skeletal type!!! This one is two sided, 3D and would work well as a bracelet charm or a pendant. This is the type I catch! Just over one inch tall not including the bail. Solid 14kt plumb gold.

two tone bonefish necklace jewelry pendant 14k #FISH1006tt - $95.00

14kt two tone detailed 3D bonefish pendant with matching back side. Rhodium highlights on both sides. 3/4" long plus bail and approximately 1.8gms

14k balldrop bonefish earrings #BONEFISH.EARRINGS - $195.00

Ball drop pierced ear bonefish earrings. Priced per pair, 3D finished on both sides. Arranged so there is a left and right. Total dangle length is 1" app 4.2gms

skeleton fish jewelry


#BONEFISH - $395.00

The ultimate skeleton bonefish jewelry pendant! Each vertebrae is articulated, bend, twist, or both! 1.75" of skeleton bonefish and 2 1/8th total dangle length

Ba-ba-ba-bad to the bone!

skeletal bonefish pendant#THROWBACK! - $295.00

Smaller version of the BONEFISH, same detail, articulation and colors. Length is just a little shorter at 1.25" and just over 1.5" total with the bail. App 3.1gms of 14kt gold! Highly polished gold with white diamond cut highlights on vertabrae.

What do we do when they are too small or a cuda follows them in? THROWBACK!

white gold skeletal bonefish pendant

#WHITEFISH - $295.00

White gold skeletal whitefish bonefish! Same as the shorter one, except in white gold.

bonefish on the grill necklace jewelry

#BONEFISHG - $195.00

Prehistoric bonefish hot off the grill! Large, thick, heavy with ancient age lines on all sides. 20.4gms in silver! Close to 30 in 14kt. Nose to tail is 2.25 inches. Bail is made of twisted 12 gauge wire and adds another 3/4 inch to the length. Width at the base of the head is 7/8" and thickness varies from 1/4" to 1/16" at the tips of the bones. Very unusual bonefish and you won't find another like it. Really need at least a 3mm chain or cord, cable or rope up to 10mm. No trolling with this one! Argentium Pro 935 silver.

white gold skeletal bone fish necklace with diamonds and chain


14kt WHITE gold skeletal bonefish with articulated joints and twenty two (22) diamonds totaling .10cts. Diamonds are SI/G pave set, and comes complete with 16" chain. Total weight is 3.7gms Retail was $1,455 and we are selling for $395. Skeletal Bonefish is 1 5/8" from nose to tail or 40mm. Total length with bail is 2" or 50mm.

skeletal bone fish diamond earrings


14kt white gold skeletal bonefish diamond earrings that match pendant. These weigh 6gms for the pair, total .20cts of SI/G diamonds. Total dangle length from diamond stud to tip of tail is 2.25" or 54mm. Retail was $2,355 and we are selling for $595!

14kt solid gold half round bonefish pendant by Costello

#FSH116 - $295.00

Half round bonefish necklace pendant with gemstone eye. 1.75" across or 45mm and app 4.8gms

full round 3D bonefish jewelry pendant by Costello

#FSH602 - $595.00

Full round, 3D finished on all sides bonefish pendant. Sapphire eyes both sides fully detailed. Back side identical, just the bail is smooth. Just over 1.5" across or 40mm and app 10.1gms

Florida bonefish pendant

#FSH296 - $195.00

Full round 3D bone fish with twisted tail section. 1 1/16" or 26mm across. App 3.4gms



Snook Jewelry

giant gold snook jewelry necklace pendant #SNOOK23 - $1,245.00

Unbelievable! 20gms of solid 14kt gold. Could be tail roped or traditionally bail mounted. We chose a simple 14 gauge D ring through the mouth and gill. Security was the primary concern.

This well require a big, solid strong chain.

Lips to tail is 2.25" or 57mm! The D-ring bail will add nearly another 1/2" Bail opening will accept 7-10mm chain and could be opened more round if necessary.

3/4" wide or 20mm across the fins. Thickness at the gills is 5/16"

If you are a charter captain nothing will generate advertising leads like this at the local watering holes or restaurants.

Advise NOT wearing scuba diving or leaning over to gaff something still hungry! Just saying, your snook jewelry may look like bait!

snook jewelry necklace charm pendant

#SNOOK173 - $595.00

Snook jewelry necklace pendant app 9.8gms 1.5" tall without bail, 1 3/8" across. Bail is for chain up to 5mm wide and can be changed

gold snook jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH151 - $845.00

"Come to papa!"

"Who's your daddy now!"

Just a few of the choice comments when you land this giant snook! Grandaddy snook with each scale detailed and highlighted. 2 1/4" across and app 13.8gms! Old school hand carved from the 80s! Swinging pivot bail will take up to 5mm chain or we can add one of our jumbo 7mm bails.

#SNOOK7275 - $645.00

14kt 3D full round snook with sapphire eyes and 1 3/4" across, app 10gms

14k half round snook with enamel stripe

#FSH241 - $395.00

14k gold half round snook with extreme detail. App 6.1gms, 1 1/8th inch across and tall.

14kt gold snook pendant with enamel stripe

#SNOOK197 - $595.00

Half round snook with ceramic black stripe. 2 1/8" across and hand set natural sapphire. App 8.1gms

 14kt gold leaping snook pendant

#SNOOK668 - $475.00

Snapping snarling leaping snook caught in a tail slap! Sapphire eye, black enamel stripe, scooped out back, even though the pose looks 3D it is not. 1" tall and just over 1" across, app 6.5gms

14kt snook fish ring with diamond eye

#SNOOK18 - $795.00

This one is 12.5gms for a size 10.5, .02ct diamond eye, thick and heavy snook ring all the way around. Sizing bar on the back is 5mm wide and 1.5mm thick at the thinnest point for sizing by any jeweler. The tail section is 1/2" wide or 13mm and the fin section is 15mm wide or near 5/8" wide.

14kt snook pendant with enamel stripe

#SNOOK218 - $395.00

Half round snook detailed down to the scales. Handmade, hand finished, highly polished backside. 1.5" across or 40mm and app 6.3gms



14k gold largemouth bass necklace pendant by - $2,720.00

14k gold largemouth bass that you would swear was alive two minutes ago! Solid, heavy at 27.5gms, 3D full round, every scale intact, 1.5" across and .75" high

striped bass necklace pendant #484 - $495/895.00

Striped bass, in textured high polish gold. 1.25" across or 32mm. Full round is 7gms and two sapphires eys; half round is 3gms one sapphire eye

Full round - $895.00

Half round - $495.00

full round Rock Bass jewelry pendant charm#FSH7025 - $645.00

Full round solid gold Rock Bass fish charm. One of the favorite east coast fish trophies. This one is 1 1/4" across or 32mm and weighs app 10.1gms. These are solid and not light weights.



reef and sport fish

Florida Flats Grand Slamp pendant #FFGS - $1,195.00

Florida Flats Grand Slam! Tarpon! Bonefish! Permit! The trifecta of a perfect day on the flats. Solid, heavy, 3D finished on all sides, overdone, extra heavy at 19.8gms. Bail will take up to 5mm chain or 6mm omega.

gold wahoo fish charm #SEA250 - $715.00

Wahoo! in full round 3D. Extremely detailed and lifelike. Suitable for charm bracelet or neckwear. 1 3/8 inches across and app 5.4gms!

14kt gold inshore slam pendant

#ISSG - $1,745

Inshore Slam in 14kt gold. We took three individual penants and cast them as one piece with a masssive bail for up to 8-10mm chain. This one weighed 24.7 grams and was $1,745 1 7/8" tall and 1 3/4" wide, backside is solid and polished

silver palladium inshore slam pendant

#ISSPS - $345.00

Inshore slam done in palladium silver, 92.5 sterling silver with an extra 3% of palladium for tarnish resistance. This costs four times the cost of regular sterling so is not inexpensive. 16.9 gms

1 7/8" tall and 1 3/4" wide with massive bail

14kt gold  trout pendant #FSH368 - $325.00

Half round speckled trout pendant done in detailed high polish 14kt, every spot shows! App 5.1gms; one inch across.

white gold

14k gold saltwater trout pendant #FSH366 - $255.00

Salt water trout with fanned tail, spotted dorsal, app 4.1gms and 3/4" across or 1" tall

14k gold sock eye salmont pendant #FSH367 - $445.00

Incrediblly detailed sock eye salmon in half round. Looks like it was just caught! App 7.4gms and 1" tall and near 1.25" across Must be seen to be appreciated

14k gold half round Nassau Grouper pendant #FSH365 - $595.00

The mighty Nassau Grouper! Done in beautiful detail, contrasting patterns of satin and high polish, half round, app 10gms; 1.25" tall and 1 1/8th inch across. Scuba diver's paradise!

14k gold half round cobia pendant #FSH364 - $295.00

Cobia fish pendant in half round detail, app 5gms and 1" across. Polished and detailed tail, fins and stripe

14k gold yellow tail snapper pendant #FSH363 - $275.00

Yellow tail snapper! Half round incredible menu detail!! App 4.3gms and 1" tall. Polished, textured and detailed

14k gold Gag Groupler necklace pendant

#PCF483 - $615.00

14k full round, 3D finished on all sides gag grouper necklace pendant with gemtstone eyes. Finely detailed and highly polished. 1 5/16" across and nearly 1/2" tall (33x12mm) This one in stock weighs 10.3gms

 14kt gold tarpon pendant

#FSH784 - $150/410.00

14kt fighting tarpon pendant, small is 1 3/8" across app 3gms, large is 1 7/8" across app 8.2gms. Back side is hollowed to keep the weight (price) low.

tarpon fish jewelry necklace charm

#TARPON251 - $545.00

Full round 3D detailed on all sides. App 9gms so requires a sturdy chain. 1.5" across, 5/8" tall at dorsal and 3/16" thick!

tarpon jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH888 - $295.00

Have you hugged a tarpon today! Sometimes it's the only way you can pick one up! 1 1/2" across and app 5gms

14kt hooked tarpon fish jewelry pendant #TARPON541 - $275.00

Hooked tarpon on the way up! One sided, very detailed. 1 5/8" from the tail to snout. App weight is 4.3gms


14kt hand made grouper fish pendant

#FSH217 - $545.00

14kt hand made grouper pendant in amazing detail! Front is stunning, back is highly polished. 1.5" across or 38mm and app 8.5gms

14kt hand made cobia fish pendant

#FSH232 - $245.00

14kt gold hand made cobia fish pendant. 1 3/8" across or 33mm and app 4.1gms

14k gold half round Spanish Mackerel fish pendant

#FSH238 - $265.00

14k gold half round 2D Spanish Mackerel fish pendant, app 4gms and just under 1 1/2" across

14k gold half round permit fish penant

#FSH216 - $275.00

14k gold half round 2D Permit pendant, app 4.3gms and just over 1 1/4 inches across

wahoo fish jewelry necklace charm pendant in 14kt gold

#WAHOO237 - $295.00

Wahoo fish jewelry necklace pendant app 4.7gms 1 1/4" across and 3/8" tall from belley to dorsal.

jack fish jewelry necklace charm pendant in 14kt gold

#JACK236 - $335.00

Jack fish jewelry necklace pendant app 5.2gms 1 3/8" across and 5/8" tall at fins

14k gold Mutton Snapper fish pendant

#FSH203 - $495.00

14k gold half round 2D Mutton Snapper pendant, app 8gms and 1.5 inches across of amazing detail!

14k full round red snapper jewelry pendant

#PCF507 - $965.00

14k full round, 3D, finished on all sides red snapper with gemstone eyes. Heavy, pinned fancy bail. 1 7/16" across, 11/16" tall or 38x18mm. 1/4" thick! This red snapper in stock weighs 16.1gms

full round gold coho salmon swimming upstreat jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH7047 - $475.00

Full round, solid 3D coho salmon doen in highly polished 14kt gold. Front is finished just like the back, compound curved body as swimming hard upstream in a large S shape. Just over 1 1/2" or 40mm. App weight of coho salmon is 9.1gms

14kt full round sockeye salmon jewelry charm or pendant

#FSH7004 - $325.00

This one is built like me. Fatty! Whether hooked, tailed, grizzly caught or on the grill with honey mustard butter, these sockeye salmon are incredible fighters! Solid gold, full round 3D finished on all sides. There is no front or back. Textured and polished, slight compount curved swimming upstream, at this point your jumping is over! Just over 1 1/4" across or 32mm. Fine for charm bracelet or necklace pendant. Sockeye salmon weighs app 5.8gms

full round Crevale Jack necklace jewelry charm pendant

#FSH7009 - $345.00

Full round solid gold Crevale Jack fish charm. 1 5/16" across or 33mm and weighs app 6.4gms

full round solid gold Florida Pompano fish jewelry necklace charm pendant

#FSH7008 - $495.00

Full round solid gold Florida Pompano fish charm/pendant. 1 3/8" across or 35mm and weighs app 9.7gms. Finished front and back, top and bottom!

#FSH199 - $295.00

Finely detailed lake trout, high polish finish. 1" across, deep defined eye could also be for small gemstone. App 5gms

gold baracuda jewerly necklace charm

#FSH568 - $345.00

Barracuda ready to strike! Hidden bail on back for up to 4mm chain. 1 3/4" across and app 5.9gms


Fishtails and fish tales

14k fishtail for jewelry fish tale

#FSHTAIL - $345.00

When I go fishing, the sharks usually leave me with a hook, lips and a tail! That's my tale and I'm sticking to it! 1.25" across and 7/8" tall without bail. Bail adds another 7/16" to dangle length. Finished on all sides, 3D front and back full round app 5.7gms.


14kt gold fish tail pendant, charm or earrings

#FSHTALE - $245.00

Very slightly smaller and lighter fish tale. 1 3/16" across, 3/4" tall plus smaller bail that adds 1/4" to total dangle length. App 4.1gms Great for necklace pendant, charm bracelet or large earrings. Sure to start some stories or tales!


redfish jewelry

14kt redfish drumfish pendant#FSH547 - $345/845

14kt redfish in 3D full round, finished on all sides. Large red drumfish is 2" across and small is 1 5/8" across 50mm or 35mm and appr 17gms and 7gms.

14kt 3D redfish pendant

#28080 - $275.00

14kt 3D full round redfish pendant. App 1.75" across and 4.7gms

14kt gold Costello redfish necklace pendant with ruby eye

#FSH667 - $1,495.00

Redfish with ruby eye and sapphire tail spot, highly polished, app 10.8gms Just over 2" across or 50mm5/8" tall to top of dorsal. Premium heavy duty pinned bail will take up to 4mm chain. Special order

14kt gold redfish pendant

#NAC512 -  $265.00

This 14kt snook or redfish is a work of art. The tail is arched in, the body is speckled and looks almost alive! About 1 1/2" across, app 4.3gms

14kt redfish necklace with diamond eye

#FSH347 - $1,295.00

14kt redfish with .015pt diamond eye. App 1 7/8" across and 2" tall. 45x50mm Back is scooped out and highly polished, thick enough to have engraved. Very detailed markings. App 18gms

gold redfish jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH195 - $345.00

Half round Redfish necklace pendant or charm, part of the exclusive Seawear extreme detail line of sportfish. 7/8" across and 1 1/8" tall. App 5.5gms

redfish jewelry necklace pendant

#FSH118 - $475.00

3D full round redfish jewelry necklace pendant. Finished front and back, top and bottom! 1 5/8" across and app 7.6gms. Solid and heavy

14kt hand made redfish pendant

#FSH215 - $395.00

14kt hand made redfish pendant fish, 1.5" or 40mm across and app 6.5gms. Highly detailed, smooth polished backside.

14kt 3D bally hoo fish charm #BH427 - $475.00

14kt full round finished on all sides 3D ballyhoo pendant! Tip to tail is 47mm or 1.75" app 3.7gms Very detailed and highly polished. Allow three weeks.

small 14kt gold lion fish pendant

#FSH690 - $115.00

Baby lion fish app 2.3gms, the smallest one we could find. 3/4" wide and 9/16" tall.

flying fish pendant

#G286 - $395.00

Flying fish by Costello Studios with 1.25mm sapphire eyes! 3D with full detail. Pendant or charm. Wingspan is about 15/16" and the body is about 1 1/16". App 3.2gms Custom order allow 3-4 weeks white gold

lion fish

#FISH434 - 5.2 gms - $260.00

14kt Lion fish done in wonderful detail. Scuba divers, aquarium owners and sometimes beach walkers find these amazing fish. About 1 1/8" across and 7/8" tall.

14kt snarling barricuda#SEAS389 - 2.6gms - $130.00

Barry the Barracuda! He is looking hungry for you! Don't wear your jewelry while diving. All warranties are void with teeth marks! 1 1/8" across (29mm)

14kt gold grouper pendant #612 - 3.3 gms -  $165.00

14kt grouper fish highly polished and detailed fins. Scooped out bacak to keep the weight low. About 1 3/16" across

flying fish earrings

#G129 - $795.00

Flying fish earrings by Costello Studios. This picture shows the top of one and the bottom of the other. Matches pendant G286 exactly, app 7gms Made to order allow 3-4 weeks
A customer from Maryland writes: "The earrings are here and sitting on my earlobes! I love them!! Thanks so much. I'm going fishing in Hatteras, North Carolina next week and can't wait to wear them down there."

14k gold flying fish cufflinks

#CKFF - $795.00

14k gold flying fish cufflinks! Two of our flying fish pendants coupled with the highest quality cufflink findings. Each flying fish has a pair of sapphire eyes. Highly polished, finished on all sides. Cufflinks swivel. App 8.9gms One inch across wingtips and just over one inch from nose to tail

14k gold flying fish charm#694 - 2.1gms - $105.00

14k gold flying fish jewelry! Scooped out in the back to give you a three dimensional look without the cost! One inch across. Adorable captured in flight surfing the waves...

Tropicla reef fish are here!

tropicals and reef fish

Sterling silver fish jewelry

argentium silver snook fish necklace pendant jewelry

#FSH173as - $95.00

Tail slapping snook fish in anti-tarnish Argentium Silver. 1 3/8" across and tall, plus bail for up to 4-5mm chain. App 6.4gms

marlin striking bait fish pendant

#FSH151as - $155.00

Mighty rising marlin with dinner on the bill breaking through the surface with a huge splash! 1 1/4" tall and 15/16" wide. Hidden bail. Thick impressive piece at 12gms. Shown with 3mm round wheat link chain for reference. 20" chain is 15.7gms.

With chain $265.00

argentium silver blue fin tuna necklace

#FSH669 - $95.00

Sushi tuna ready for dinner! 1 5/8" across and 1" tall. double hidden bail allows for wear heads up, tail up or straight across as shown. Shown with optional 2.2mm rollo chain for reference. Tuna is app 7.2gms and chain is 4.5gms.

With chain $135.00



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