starfish jewelry

Starfish jewelry collection of starfish charms, necklace jewelry pendants, earrings and bracelets in white or yellow gold for sea wearing. Wear your starfish jewelry always for your memories of the beaches and sea!

Starfish are like snowflakes as there are so many variations, styles and imprints of the same species. A few as found on the beaches around the world!


gold starfish pendant with fire opal #STAR539 - $195.00

Very high end gold starfish jewelry by Stuller. Center stone is 3.5mm AA quality genuine Mexican faceted fire opal with incredible orange red color. The starfish body is done in a fine satin finish with the bezel and edges highly polished. The bail is done in deep rich yellow gold. We could do a jump ring if you prefer a more delicate look. The opal starfish is appoximately 13/16" across or 21mm. Total height with bail is 1 1/16" or 27mm and 2.6gms. Amazing detail in such a small pendant.


14kt white gold starfish with turquoise center stone #STAR076wg - $195.00

Adorable 14kt white gold starfish with 3.5mm cabochon turquoise stone. The background of the starfish body is satin and the raised bumps are polished. App 3/4" or 17mm across and 2.4gms


14kt starfish with cabochon turquoise center stone #STAR076 - $195.00

Stunning in 14kt gold, starfish with 3.5mm cabochon turquoise stone. The background of the starfish body is satin and the raised bumps are polished. App 3/4" or 17mm across and 2.4gms


18kt starfish and turquoise #STAR07618kt - $245.00

Incredible starfish done in 18kt gold with 3.5mm Paspaley cabachon turquoise. Limited supply. 3/4" or 17mm across and app 2.9gms. Same as 14kt version with a very deep rich satin finish.


#STAR045 - 7.4gms - $445.00

Beautiful detailed starfish necklace pendant. 1 1/8 across and 1/4 inch thick! Just like the ones on the sands of Cape Cod.


#STAR157 - $225.00

Incredible 14k white gold starfish with fifteen diamonds! Each starfish arm has three diamonds set off with milgraine edges on a highly polished white gold finish. Average weight is 2.9gms and 7/8" or 21mm across, approximately .15cts total diamond weight


gold amethyst starfish necklace

#STAR569 - $195.00

14kt amethyst starfish with very fine chain. Starfish is 3/4" point to point with 18" spring ring clasp chain. Amethyst (11) total 1.75ctw Total weight is 3gms


14kt starfish bubble pendant with scallop shell bail #STAR88 - $445.00

Wonderful nautical theme pendant. Very detailed starfish floating on a bed of bubbles, note the fan scallop shell bail. Circle is 1" across, bail is 3/8" long and will accept chain or omega slide up to 8mm. App 6.9gms


starfish necklace pendant jewelry #STAR61a - $215.00

Full dimensional starfish as found on the beach in Florida. The star fish body is done in a natural sparkle finish, the same texture Mother Nature supplied. The bail pivots and is highly polished. The textures sparkle and appear lighter and darker depending upon the light, how it is captured and reflected back into itself. Approximately 15/16" across and tall and 1/8" thick. 25mm by 3mm. The bail adds 3/16" hanging length. App 3.6gms Made at Seawear studio.


#STAR163 - $125.00

Textured starfish with .035ct bezel set diamond. The starfish is covered in those little bumpy things you see at the beach! Just over 3/4" tip to tip or 21mm. Weight is about 1.9gms


textured starfish with star fish nubbies #STAR104 - $145.00

Medium sized sparkle starfish polished raised starfish nubbies! Backround is a polished textured finish that closely resembles an actual beach starfish. Backside is scooped out with the edges highly polished. App 7/8" across or tip to tip and 2.5gms


large 14kt gold starfish pendant#103 - $295.00

14kt mama starfish of the one above! Measures 1 1/4" across from tip to tip. Detailed with incredible sparkle and finish. Back is scooped out with the edges polished. App 4.9gms


14kt white gold starfish jewelry pendant #11049 - $50.00

14kt WHITE gold small starfish. App 1gm, 1" or 12mm across. For your lightest chain, great favor for beach weddings. Textures, ridges and diamond cuts.


14k white gold starfish necklace pendant#11042 - 2gms - $100.00

14k white gold starfish necklace pendant charm that is 5/8" or 17mm across. Scooped out back to make them light and multi-dimensional. Would also make great earrings on hoops. Diamond cut ridge lines for extra sparkle.


14kt white gold starfish charm #11065 - $115.00

14kt white gold detailed starfish with incredible detail and little bumpy things like you see at the beach! Approx 2.3gms and 7/8" across


14kt white gold starfish jewelry pendant charm #STAR560wg - $65.00

14kt white gold starfihs with little pixelated bumps and see through holes. App 3/4" tall and across. Weight app 1.3gms


14kt white gold starfish #11043 - $675.00

14kt white gold starfish in extreme detail with compound diamond cuts for flash and sparkle. Hidden bail behind the top most arm for heavy chain or omega up to 10mm. This white gold starfish is just over 1.25 inches across and app 9gms in weight.


14kt white gold starfish with slide bail #11037 - $345.00

14kt white gold starfish slide. 1 3/16" or 30mm point to point. Hidden slide bail at the top that will accept a 4mm chain or 6mm omega. App 6.9gms


white gold starfish jewelry #STAR565w - $80.00

14kt WHITE gold textured starfish jewelry pendant. Very detailed and real looking. 5/8" across or 15mm, rhodium over white gold. App 1.6gms


14kt white gold starfish jewelry #STAR560w - $135.00

14kt white gold dancing starfish amazingly detailed with tiny holes throughout the body. 5/8" across or 16mm and app 2.7gms


waving starfish pendant jewelry necklace 14k#NAC636 - 4.5 gms - $270.00

"C'mon in! The water's great!"

Now, doesn't it look like that's what this one is calling out to you! This is the Cape Cod variety telling you the water is almost up to 80 degrees! One inch tall not including the bail.


14kt starfish jewelry necklace pendant #STAR707 - $90.00

Small 14kt starfish in adorable detail. 1/2" tall and app 1.5gms Satin finish with high polished ridges and points.


14k gold starfish necklace pendant #STAR706 - $155.00

14kt starfish with incredible detail. Satin finished body with high polish ridges and edges. App 2.6gms 3/4" tall


14k dancing starfish necklace pendant jewelry charm #STAR703 - $140.00

14kt dancing starfish that is 7/8" tall or 22mm app 2.3gms


ridged and cross lined starfish necklace pendant #STAR121 - $145.00

Starfish with center ridges and crossed patterns. Very striking. 7/8" or 22mm across, app 2.4gms


14kt smooth ridged starfish #STAR114 - $145.00

Starfish with raised polished center ridges and little raised bumpies on the edge! 7/8" or 21mm across app 2.4gms


14kt small starfish necklace pendant charm covered in little bumps! #STAR113 - $195.00

Starfish covered with tiny closed bumps 3/4" across or 20mm, app 3.3gms, thick and heavy


14k starfish covered with bumpies necklace jewelry #STAR591 - $365.00

14kt starfish of the oscars! Covered in little bumps that look like flashbulbs going off at the Oscar's! One inch tall app 6gms


14k gorgeous bumpie starfish pendant jewelry #STAR550 - $435.00

14kt stunning starfish with perfect ridges and bumpies as only found on a real one with nature's symmetry. 1.25" tall and app 7.2gms


detailed starfish jewelry  in 14k gold#NAC033 - $195.00 - 3.2gms

Perfectly formed starfish. 7/8" across from tip to tip.


medium sized perfectly formed 14kt gold starfish #STAR229 - $105.00

Perfectly detailed starfish in medium size, 11/16" or 17mm across and tall. App 1.7gms


baby starfish pendant in two tone gold STAR218t - $65.00

Small baby starfish with rhodium plating highlights for extra two tone dazzle. App 1gm and 1/2" or 13mm across/tall. Ideal bridal party favor wear for beach weddings.


14kt gold baby starfish necklace pendant #STAR102 - $60.00

14kt baby starfish that is tiny! Perfect for very light chain of 1mm or less. Just a little larger than 3/8" across and tall. App 1gm


#STAR556 - $105.00

Adorable 14kt starfish duo mounted on a twisted gold bar that serves as the chain bail. 7/8" across or 22mm and average weigh is 1.7gms


14kt gold fine jewelry starfish and seahorse#NAC360 -  $155.00

Fine gold detailing of this starfish and seahorse frolicking together in a unique friendship! You can almost see that little seahorse smiling! About 7/8" tall and 3/4" tall. App 2.6gms


white gold starfish seahorse necklace charm pendant #STAR563w - $65.00

Small white gold starfish and seahorse necklace charm or pendant. App .9gms or just under 1gm in weight, 7/16" wide and 1/2" tall plus bail. Perfect for very lightweight chain.


14k large starfish jewelry charm#104 - $150.00

14kt Larger, but lighter starfish jewelry charm, pattern is a dotted pixel finish. A little sparkler! 7/8" across app 2.5gms


14kt dancing starfish necklace jewelry pendant#STARDANCER - 1.5gms - $90.00

Perfectly formed starfish dancer with diamond cuts and raised ridges. Nearly 3/4 inch across.


waving starfish gold pendant#STAR120 - 2.1 gms - $125.00

This little guy just brings a smile to your face. The 14kt starfish seems happy, dancing and waving all at the same time! Just about 3/4" across


14k gold starfish necklace charm #STAR281 - $155.00


Happy starfish family! 3/4" across and app 2.6gms. matching earrings below.


14k gold starfish jewelry necklace pendant#STAR388 - $70.00

9/16" across and app 1.2grms. Very detailed with satin body and polished raised nodules. Matching earrings below


small happy starfish earrings#NAE060 - 3.9gms - $275.00 special order

#NAE075 - 2.2gms - $135.00

14kt happy starfish earrings! Small and large, identical match to pendants above. Solid 14kt including posts and backs. About 3/4" and 1/2" across, highly detailed with the little bumps!


starfish seahorse earrings#13126 - $175.00 pr

14kt Starfish earrings with seahorses! The diamond cut finish refracts the light and causes the red tint. Solid yellow 14kt gold. But they will sparkle like diamonds across the room! Post on top leg of starfish. App 2.9gms


fine gold scallop shell and starfish earrings#NAE020 - 2.8 gms - $170.00 pr

Fine 14kt gold scallop shell with post and back and waving starfish below to dangle. Nice nice nice! Total length about 15/16"


14k polished sand dollar and starfish post earrings #SAND533 - $155.00

Polished sand dollars with starfish earrings. Post is 3/4s of the way up the sand dollar and not centered. Total dangle length is 3/4" and weight is 2.gms


baby dancing starfish earrings #13098 - 1.3 gms -  $80.00 pr

#13105 - 1.9 gms - $115.00 pr

14kt baby dancing starfish earrings in solid 14kt gold. Choice of 3/8" or 1/2" across


14k starfish earrings with textures and diamond cut by #13099 - $210.00

14k gold starfish earrings with diamond cuts and textures. Pointy edges, textured background and polished ridges. 3/4" across or 20mm and post is just above center. Average 3.5gms pr.


14kt gold ball dropp starfish post earrings #13114 - $270.00

14kt starfish earrings on ball drop posts. Starfish is textured, polished and diamond cut, 3/4" across and 1" total dangle length. App 4.5gms pr


14kt perfect starfish earrings by #13113 - $65.00

Tiny 14k gold starfish earrings with perfect detail. Great for secondary enhancing piercing. A little over 1/4" wide or 7mm. Average 1.1 to 1.2gms


14kt polished starfish post earrings #SF1586 - $85.00

Polished starfish post earrings. Just under 1/2" tall and 3/8" across. App 1.4gms


14kt sand blast satin finished starfish earrings #SF1586sb - $85.00

Sandblast starfish post earrings. Just under 1/2" tall and 3/8" across. App 1.4gms Sandy sparkly finish


14kt gold sand blast finish starfish dangle earrings with lever back mounts

#SF1586lbsb - $115.00 pair

Sandblast finish starfish earrings with lever back mounting for pierced ears. The starfish is just under 1/2" tall and 3/8" wide and the total dangle length is 1 3/16" app 1.7gms The leverbacks are high polished while the starfish is sand blasted satin finish.


dancing starfish braceletNAB045 - $745.00

Ten individual dancing starfish make up this seven inch bracelet! App 11gms


14kt starfish bracelet #STARB046 - $575.00

14kt fifteen starfish bracelet app 8.5gms and 7.25 inches long with lobster claw clasp.


14kt starfish bracelet #BRAC172 - $995.00

Spectacular starfish bracelet with eleven very detailed starfish making up a 7.25" bracelet with each starfish hinged to the next. App 13gms

Special order

14kt baby starfish bracelet #BRAC158 - $325.00

Seven inch starfish bracelet made up of 16 small starfish. Each starfish is 3/16" wide by 5/16" long or 5x8mm. Secure lobster clasp, each starfish is hinged to the next. App 4.7gms


diamond starfish on yellow sapphire beach ring #CLRING616 - $1,495.00 ~

Starfish on the beach sand ring! White diamond starfish dancing on yellow sapphire beach sand!

  • Size 7
  • 14.5gms!
  • 1.55carats total weight
  • .30cts of diamonds SI/G (35)
  • 1.25cts of yellow sapphires (72)
  • 11/16" wide on top and near 1/4" wide in back. (17mm x 7mm) The more you look into and study the ring, the more detail and design you see. Very unusual and one of a kind. Was in exess of $6,000 and we are selling for $1,495. Old store stock from liquidated assets by bankrupcy court.


    starfish necklace argentium silver

    #STAR61Aas - $55.00

    Perfect medium sized sparkly starfish in Argentium Silver 935. 1" tall and 7/8" across, app 2.8gms, every detail just as mother nature made and intended to be found on the beach in Florida. Shown with optional 1.4mm curb chain for reference. Perfect combination for beach side or sea theme wedding.



    With chain $80.00


    argentium silver 935 starfish necklace pendant sterling silver #ASSTAR167 - $65.00

    Argentium silver .935 (higher silver content than sterling silver .925) bumpy starfish with hidden bail. Each bumpy nodule is highly polished while the background body is satin finished. The satin finish is very fine as well as polished with Picasso Blue to pick up colors around it. Made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. About 1 3/16" across or 30mm from arm tip to tip, hidden bail on the bail for omega up to 1/4" or 6mm or a chain of 3mm. App 5.8gms


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