Sea Shell jewelry

When you think of collecting sea shells, many think of their first visit to Sanibel, Florida. It is a great place to people watch as people take three steps and then bend over to pick up a shell. By the end of the day they have the "Sanibel Stoop" and end up looking for a sea shell jewelry charm to take home too. Some of my favorites are the Angel Wing, a lacy white shell that can be 5-7 inches. Sunray Venus that has a sunburst-like markings that cover a shell that may be up to 6 inches long. The Junonia is a collectors prize, long white spiral with orange spots, it too is up to 6 inches long. The shell jewelry is unlimited with variety. Then there is the Lion's Paw and the Zigzag Scallop shells that are related. And the Augers and Sea Stars are fascinating. On Sanibel & Captiva Islands, the beach is shells. Billions and billions of them. It is worth the trip and don't forget to wear you sea shell jewelry charm! Many of these shells started life as a genuine shell and were later found and used as the mold to create the waxes!

These are all done in 14kt natural yellow gold unless the description says white gold or 18kt.

pink enamel conch shells

shell bracelets

shell earrings


nautilus shell necklace pendant #SHELL89 - $245.00

Nautilus shell as found at Vero Beach. 3/4" long and 9/16" wide app 4gms. Hidden bail on the back with 6mm opening. Background is satin polished with the raised ridges highly polished. Made at Seawear studio.


Saint Augustine FL scallop shell necklace pendant #SHELL67 - $145.00

Fan tail scallop shell as found at Saint Augustine Beach. 5/8" across and tall, app 2.4gms Background is satin polished while ridges have been highly polished. Made at Seawear studio


Captiva Island cockle shell necklace jewelry pendant #SHELL77 - $175.00

Cockle shell as found on the shore of Captiva Island. 5/8" across and tall. These are a thicker and heavier shell as you know. App 3gms


Sanibel Island  FL Venus shell necklace pendant #SHELL68 - $175.00

Venus or Vanhyning shell found on Sanibel Island 5/8" across and 1/2" tall. App 3gms. Highly polished ridges and satin polished background. Made at Seawear studio.


cockle shell pendant from Captiva Island FL #SHELL.BH1 - $125.00

Cockle shell as found on Captiva Island. 5/8" across and 9/16" tall app 2.1gms Satin and high polish finish made at Seawear studio


cherrystone clam jewelry necklace pendant #SHELL.BH2 - $255.00

Cherrystone clam as found on the beach in Bar Harbor Maine. Found along the eastern seaboard, Cherrystone Creek Virginia is famous for them as well. This cherrystone clam is 3/4" across and 5/8" tall. App 4.3gms Nature made perfect ridges and ocean wave tumbled.


littleneck clam shell necklace pendant#SHELL.BH3 - $175.00

Littleneck clam from Bar Harbor, some call them steamers or a small Quahog. I grew up on steamers so we just called them delicious! 11/16" across and 9/16" tall. Full of ridges and the meat was picked clean off fifty years ago! App 2.9gms


mussel shell necklace pendant #SHELL.BH4 - $135.00

Mussel shell as found from Bar Harbor. I believe this is a black mussel and not the more common blue mussel. I was introduced to steamed mussels back in the 80s at Green Lake. Littleneck steamers went from a penny each to 20 cents and we had to find an alternative! 3/8" across and 7/8" tall. App 2.3gms


scallop shell from the Maine Coast #SHELL.BH6 - $195.00

From the beaches of Maine comes another scallop shell. 11/16" across and tall. App 3.3gms


Vero Beach scallop shell 14k gold charm #SHELL77s - $35.00

Very very small scallop shell charm as found at Vero Beach. These are tiny and are fine for the lightest chain or earrings. We did a batch for a beach wedding that wanted very small and simple. Understated. The scallop shell is 5/16" or 8mm wide. App .5gm Polished front and back.


New England beach scallop shell necklace pendant #SHELL.BH7 - $425.00

Very fancy scallop shell and not sure where it is from. Part of the Bar Harbor Collection but unsure if carved or as found. If someone can identify this one, please email! Almost 1" across and tall, 24-25mm! App 6.6gms


New England beach shell scallop necklace pendant #SHELL.BH8 - $175.00

Small scallop shell from the beaches of Maine as found. 9/16" across and 11/16" tall. App 2.9gms


incredible 14kt gold spiral shell almost 3" long!#SHELL281 - $545.00

Long spiral shell with high polish, textures and diamond cuts. Hidden bail in top back will accept 5mm chain or 6mm omega. 2 3/4" long or 66mm. Open back, app 11gms. Requires strong chain.

oyster shell jewelry

#SHELL323 - 1.3gms - $65.00

Ridged oyster shell 7/16" wide and 7/16" tall or 12x12mm one of those perfect shells you just stumble upon at Captiva!


small 14kt full round 3D solid triton shell charm#TRIT5218 - $245.00

14k .585 full round 3D finished on all sides triton shell. Size allows use for a charm bracelet or necklace pendant. Opening is on front side while back side is completely detailed. Finish is satin with polished high ridges and opening. App 3/4" tall or 20mm and 5/16" or 8mm thick/wide! Solid and heavy at app 4.8gms


14k gold 3D conch shell jewelry necklace pendant #SHELL369 - $275.00

14k full round 3D conch shell on swinging pinned bail. 5/8" wide and 7/8" tall without the bail. App 4.8gms.


14k gold 3D conch shell jewelry charm pendant #SHELL434 - $175.00

14k full round 3D conch shell on swinging pinned bail as found on the Florida beach. 1/2" wide and 3/4" tall without the bail. Great size and detail for charm bracelet as well. App 3gms


14kt gold sea shell pendant#SHELL21601 - $70.00

14kt sea shell pendant with alternating textured ridges then diamond cut on a high polished base. App 1.4gms and 5/8" or 16mm across. Limited supply.


scallop shell jewelry#SHELL207 - 1.6gms - $80.00

Ridged scallop shell 9/16" wide and 1/2" tall without bail or loop. Extremely detailed with matching single and double earrings on the earring page.


14kt small square edged scallop shell #SHELL172 - $65.00

Tiny shell pendant. Square edged scallop shell covered with bumps forming the ridge lines. 7/16" across or 11mm. App 1gm. Ideal for the smallest chain, bridal party favor for the beach wedding or simple understatement for the bridesmaids.


14kt detailed scallp shell and double sea horse slide pendant #28085 - $725.00

14kt scallop shell and double sea horse slide pendant. 50mm or 2" across! Duel slide bail hidden in the back with openings of 10-12mm wide and 5-6mm thick. Heavy at app 11.8gms Only mother nature can create detailed sea art like this!


14k mermaid sitting on gold scallop shell#1367 - $515.00

I know what you're thinking... why does that shell have a tail! This is the back side of the mermaid shell pendant! She is sitting on the other side. Shell is spectacular in detail, polish and satin. Ave weight is 9.3-gms. Shell is just about one inch tall and across.


14kt diamond scallop necklace pendant#SHL968d - $395.00

14kt ridged scallop shell with .33cts of VS diamonds. 7/8" tall and 3/4" wide or 22x20mm App 3.8gms


14kt clam shell with row of ten VS diamonds#SHL1085d - $145.00

14kt clam shell with row of ten VS diamonds, total of .04cts of diamonds, clam shell is 5/8" wide or 15mm. App 2.4gms


scallop shell jewelry#SHELL035 - .8gms - $50.00

Textured scallop shell 7/16" wide and 9/16" tall or 11mmx16mm


scallop fan sea shell jewelry#SHELL142 - 4.3gms - $215.00

Textured scallop fan shell 1 1/8" across and 3/4" tall or 30mmx20mm


nautilus sundial shell#323 - $165.00 

14kt Nautilus or sundial shell. Sure to bring good luck and attention. About 3/4" long and 3/8" across. App 3gms


gold triton shell #319 - $115.00

Small 14kt detailed shell, perhaps a triton or drill. 3/4" tall and 3/8" wide. app 2gms


spiral cone shell jewelry#17286 - 2.9gms - $145.00

14k spiral cone shell with 24k gold highlights giving a two tone gold on gold effect. Hidden bail at the top and is 1.25" long


large gold abalone shell pendant#SHELL339 - $85.00

Abalone shell family, small 5/8" 1.7gms cast from an actual abalone.


14kt large abalone sea shell #SHELL338 - $285.00

Larger abalone sea shell1" tall and app 5.7gms cast from actual shell


abalone shell jewelry necklace#00271 - $175.00

Abalone shell in 14kt gold. 3/4" tall app 3gms


small gold abalone shell necklace pendant #277 - $125.00

Small abalone shell, hollowed back, app 2.2gms; 1/2" across, 5/8" tall and 1/8" deep


large ridged scallop shell#210 -  $245.00

Nicely detailed larger ridged scallop shell. 3/4" wide and tall; app 4.6gms


scallop shell jewelry charm#SHL215  - $170.00 

14kt Glimmering scallop shell with a great pattern of ridges, fantail and textures. 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide, app 3.1gms


gold scallop shell jewelry#SHL219 - 2.3gms - $125.00

14kt scallop shell pendant. Also available in matching earrings and bracelet. 5/8" inch across and app 2.3gms


small scallop shell pendant in 14kt gold#SHL216 - $145.00

Small scallop shell necklace pendant, polished with natural ridges and diamon cuts for sparkle. Just over 1/2" wide and 5/8" tall or 15mm x 16mm. App 2.7gms


medium 14kt full round 3D oyster shell pendant#SHL118 - $275.00

Medium sized full round oyster shell. Both sides are a complete oyster shell with slight opening. 5/8" wide and 3/4" tall or 15x20mm and app 5.5gms


small 14kt full round 3D oyster shell charm#SHL127 - $145.00

Small full round oyster shell, complete with slightly opened tips. 1/2" wide and 5/8" tall or 12x15mm and app 2.9gms


large 14kt oyster shell on the half pendant#SHL1082 - $565.00

Oysters on the half shell! 2D, half round, just the top oyster shell. 7/8" wide and 1 1/8" tall or 22x28mm. App 8gms, requires a strong chain as it's heavy!

All three oysters for size comparison


small 14kt oyster on the half shell pendant#SHL947 - $80.00

Small oyster half shell pendant with extreme detailed shell features and smooth polished back side. This is 2D, half round finished on the front only. 5/8" tall and 1/2" wide. These are made from molds actually created from oyster shells. App 1.6gms


medium 14kt oyster on the half shell pendant#SHL1083 - $190.00

Medium oyster half shell pendant with very detailed shell face. Back side is polished. These are one shell, the top shell. An actual shell was used to create a mold to cast these. 3/4" tall and app 3.2gms


14kt white gold clam shell from Stuart, FL #CLAMwg - $115.00

14kt white gold small clam shell with fixed bail, perfect for light chain or beach themed wedding. Detailed shell is just over 1/2" across as found along the beaches in the Stuart, Fl area. app 1.7gms


14kt white gold ridged clam shell from Stuart FL #RCLAMwg - $225.00

14kt white gold ridged clam shell with fixed bail and very detailed. Just about 3/4" across and 3.4gms from the Stuart, FL beaches collection


14kt white gold Chinese Hat sea shell from the Stuart FL collection #ChineseHatShell - $165.00

14kt white gold Chinese Hat Shell with very detailed fine line ridges. Just over 1/2" across and 2.4gms. Fixed bail, polished underside from the Stuart FL collections


14kt white gold mini scallop shell from Stuart FL #ScallopMini - $60.00

14kt white gold mini Scallop Shell with ridges and fixed bail. For your lightest chain! 5/16" across and app .7gms from the Stuart FL Collections


14kt white gold small scallop shell jewelry necklace pendant #ScallopShell121 - $85.00

14kt white gold small ridged scallop shell with fixed bail. Just over 3/8" across and app 1.2gms Nice raised detailed ridges across the shell from the Stuart FL collection


14kt white gold scallop shell charm #11053 - $105.00

14kt white gold scallop shell app. 2gms and just over 1/2" tall and across.


small 14kt white gold scallop shell necklace charm #11047 - $55.00

14kt white gold tiny scallop shell, just under 1gm, 7/16" across and tall, diamond cuts was all that could be done to improve on mother nature! Perfect for bridal party, for your smallest chain.


14kt white gold scallop shell pendant #11057 - $145.00

14kt white gold medium sized scallop shell 3/4" across and tall, cast from one of mother nature's perfect shell specimens. App 2.8gms


14kt white gold large scallop shell necklace pendant or omega slide #11061 - $445.00

Large wonderful 14kt white gold scallop shell. Heavy at app 9gms, 1 1/16" across or 27mm and just over 1" tall or 26mm. Requires strong chain or omega. Soft luxurious rich white color.


tri-color gold scallop shell circle pendant #SHL2927 - $75.00

Lightweight tri-color scallop shell circle pendant. The circle is 14kt yellow gold and the shell is 14kt rose gold with rhodium highlighting. 7/8" across and app 1.5gms


orange ridged scallop shell jewelry#NAC168 - 2.7 gms - $135.00

14kt textured scallop shell. Appears to be the the orange scallops you find at the beach. Looks just like little gold nuggets! About 5/8" across.


14kt gold scallop with CZ stones#20940 - 3.0 gms - $225.00

Shimmering 14kt scallop shell in solid 14kt yellow gold with twenty CZ's embedded into the body! Total attention getter across a crowed room, yacht, beach or seafood festival. 11/16" across and 11/16" tall. Special order


3D conch shell pendant in 14kt gold#SEASH710 - 8.6 gms - $555.00

Special 3D conch shell view able from all sides. Solid 14kt gold memories... about an inch tall and very detailed Made to order, allow four weeks


#SEA340 - 2gms - $100.00

Our 14kt baby conch shells! Adorable 3D detailed for charm bracelet, necklace or earrings. 5/8" tall without bail


conch shell jewelry#295 - 3.2 gms - $160.00

That perfect 14kt conch shell for any special occasion. About 5/8" across and 3/4" tall without bale. Lots of contours and depth.


14kt gold nautilus shell skeleton necklace charm #SHELL326 - $50.00

Small, light nautilus shell skeleton, 1/2" tall and just under one gram in weight. Ideal for light dainty chain, great for bridal party at beach theme wedding on the sand!


large 14kt skeletal venus shell pendant#SHELL327 - $195.00

14kt skeletal Venus shell, just over 1" tall and 3/4" wide. Just the way it was found on the beach! App 3.4gms


venus shell jewelry charm#SHL256 - $215.00

A 14kt shell from the Venus or Cockle family. Nicely formed. 15/16" across and 5/8" wide and 1/4" deep. App 4.3gms


14kt venus cockle shell pendant #SHL257 - $180.00

14kt medium sized shell, Venus or Cockle 7/8" across and 9/16" tall or 12x22mm and app 3.6gms


14k gold enamel queen conch necklace pendant jewelry #ENC5948 - $795.00

14k gold queen conch shell with enamel highlights all the way inside the conch as well as just the surface. Large heavy bail that will accept up to 5mm chain or 4x7mm omega. App 7.9gms Queen conch is 3/4" across and just a little taller. With bail the hanging length is 1.25"

 For the rest of these guys pink enamel conch shells have their own page!

argentium silver Kings Crown shell necklace pendant

#SHL104as - $55.00

Kings Crown sea shell in 935 Argentium silver which is an anti-tarnish formula. This is a half shell as found on a Florida beach. Front side is completely textured as found, the Kings Crown shell back side is scooped out as found. 9/16" across and 7/8" tall, app 3.6gms


Argentium Silver Conc shell necklace pendant

#SHL105as - $55.00

Conch shell as found on Florida beach. Fabricated in the lost wax casting method at Seawear studio. Conch shell half style so will rest flat on wearer. 1/2" wide and 7/8" tall, app 4.3gms


argentium silver turris shell pendant charm

#SHLTURAS - $45.00

Full round 3D Turris shell in argentium silver that is 1 1/8" long or 28mm. App 3.8gms Great for necklace pendant or bracelet charm


argentium silver limpit shell pendant

#SHLLTAS - $45.00

Full round 3D Limpit shell, extreme detail with each ridge and crevice, polished underside. Just over 1/2" across or 12mm, 5/16" thick or 8mm and 1" tall including bail. App 3.6gms


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