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Many people do not realize the tough time the pelicans and sea birds have in the colder weather. The fish go deeper to stay warm and the birds have a difficult time catching them. This is when they go hungry. The pelican's develop eye problems as they age due to the constant diving for food. Many, many fishermen donate time and fish to help save the pelican's in winter time. If you get a chance to volunteer or help out the "Pelican Man" you will be very happy you did.

gold pelican neclace jewelry

#PEL42 - $845.00

Soaring pelican banking left to come in for a landing on the beach. He's after the fish pail or bait! 1 7/8" tall and 1 3/4" wide. 47x 45mm The upper wing is curled under forming a natural bail would accept up to 5mm chain or 5x10mm omegal slide chain. App 12.6gms. Extremely detailed down to individual feathers.

pelican jewelry necklace charm

#PEL39 - $825.00

Pelican just standing, watching, waiting for someone to throw over a fish! Just over 2" tall and 1 3/8" acorss or 52x44mm. App 12.8gms

pelican on piling necklace

#PEL41 - $525.00

Snoozing pelican napping on top of a sea piling. 3/4" tall and 1 3/8" across. App 8.1gms

gold pelcian necklace

#PEL40 - $345.00

Pelican walking or waddling along the beach! Perfect for necklace chain jewelry charm. 7/8" tall and 1" across. App 5.3gms

gold pelican jewelry neclace #2988  - 4.2gms - $210-295.00

14kt Exquisitely detailed flying pelican with hidden slide bale on the back. Will work with omega chain too. Engraving to show each feather. Wing tip to wing tip about 1 3/8" and the tail to beak is 15/16"

VS diamond eyes for $295

pelican#PEL328 - $60.00 to $175.00

14k 3D full round soaring pelicans. Great for a bracelet in small or necklace in the larger. Wingspan of 1.25 inch 3.5gms; 1 inch 1.7gms or 3/4 inch 1.2gms. Larger ones also available.

14k pelican necklace jewelry pendant #PEL147 - $195.00

Portrait of a pelican done in 14kt in wonderful detail. You can see each feather, quill and the hook of his beak. 7/8" tall or 22mm and weighs app 3gms. Artist created.

14kt pelican necklace jewelry pendant with emerald and diamonds #PEL111 - $1,395.00

14kt pelican portrait on a larger scale with .33ct tw diamonds and a 1.5mm emerald eye. Wait until you see the close up! The eleven diamonds are VS clarity and G color. App 9.1gms in weight and 1 3/8" tall or 35mm or 1.5" from head to tip of bill. Only a wildlife artist could capture this kind of detail without a camera. Back side

white gold pelican pendant #PEL147wg - $195.00

What appears to be a pen and ink pelican portrait, is actually a white gold pelican pendant! Incredible detail, deep ridges of feather separation that captures the gold reflections back into itself. 7/8" tall or 22mm and app 3gms. Done by wildlife artist Tom Cauthen for Seawear.

white gold flying pelican necklace jewelry pendant#PELI177bwg - $175.00

Small flying pelican with swinging bail, 14k white gold, app 2.7gms. Back side highly polished, very detailed face side. 1" tall plus bail

14kt hand made heron necklace jewelry pendant with emerald eye and .24cts diamonds

#HER95 - $995.00

Great blue heron in 14kt yellow gold with 1.5mm emerald eye and .24cts of diamonds. Fantastic detail by wildlife artist, depicting each feather and facial expression. 1.5" across and 1.25" tall plus hand made bail, app 7.1gms. This is totally handmade and hand finished. Not production quality.

14k gold great blue heron necklace pendant

#HER60 - $445.00

Great blue heron in 14k gold with scooped out back side. App 6.8gms; 1/1/4" tall and 1.5" across. Extremely detailed with the depth of each feather. Cast and polished by hand at the Seawear studio

grand heron jewelry

#GH19 - $895.00

Glorious grand heron with 1.25mm emerald eye, rhodium highlighted plume, each feather is detail carved, hidden bail behind head with 7-8mm opening. 1.25" or 32mm tall. App 8.4gms Back side

Hot Model in the back yard!

It was low 90's and the Falling Springs stream is 53 degrees year round as it's spring fed. She has her beak slightly open and shaking her waddle to cool off.

I hand feed the trout and lose a few to her and a pair of king fisher and an occasional osprey. The beauty of nature is worth it.

grand heron pendant in 14kt gold #HER181 - $425.00

Beautiful grand heron hunting and pecking for little fish. Detailed and polished gold, app 7.1gms. 1.5" tall and wide or 40mm.

3D full round pelican standing on channel marker piling #PEL223 - $195.00

Pelican standing on channel marker piling. App 2.9gms 3.4" tall plus bail, Pelican upper beak opens and closes. For small necklace chain or charm bracelet. 3D, full round , finished on all sides. No front or back.

frigate bird pendant #FRIGATE132 - $595.00

A frigate bird, fishermen's best friend and fish finder! Done in an extremely high polish, app 4.8gms. Wingtip to wingtip is 40mm or just over 1.5 inches and bill to tail is 1 1/8 inches or 28mm. Fancy heavy pinned bail. Finished on all sides, 3D, back side is just as nice as front.

14kt gold american eagle#EAGLE183 - 7.6gms - $380.00

Tell them we're here... 14kt American Eagle

gold pelican on piling #24210 - $325.00 - 6.5gms

Wonderful detailed pelican, poised in that instant before lift off... on top of a piling with a chain around it. 2D and looks as if it should be a lot heavier. Stands 1 1/8 inches tall and tail to beak is 1 1/2 inches.

nautical gold jewelry pelican charm#2986 - 2.1 gms  - $105.00

Petey the pelican sitting on a mooring piling. Guaranteed to make someone smile! 1" tall and 7/8" across.

pelican charm for necklace or charm bracelet #PEL388 - $175.00

Small three dimensional, full round 3D pelican charm for fine necklace or charm bracelet. 5/8" from bill to tail and 9/16" from head to feet. App 3.1gms

small flying pelican pendant with hidden bail #PEL177 - $155.00

Small flying pellican, extremely detailed down to the feathers. Hidden bail in the back for up to 2.5mm chain. 1" tall and just over 1/2" wide. App 2.6gms.

14k gold sandpiper necklace jewelry pendant #Sandpiper - $235.00

Who doesn't love these little guys running along the beach! From Naples, FL comes the sandpiper necklace pendant charm in half round, polished and textured. 1" across and app 3.7gms. Made in USA by Seawear

14k white gold pelican bracelet charm or necklace pendant#PELIWG - $145.00

14k white gold 3D full dimenstional, finished on all sides pelican with full gullet! App 2.4gms 5/8" tall plus bail. Would work equally as well for a bracelet charm

gold nautical jewelry sea gull gannett charm

#2912  - 3.1 gms - $185.00

14kt Long delicate sea bird silhouette. Wing tip to wing tip is 2" body is 5/8" across. Perhaps a gull, albatross or Gannett.

14kt highly  detailed flying mallard pendant #BD354 - $995.00

Spectacular 14kt flying mallard pendant with 1.75mm AA qaulity emerald eye. Both wings detailed with quills, feathers and flared wingtips. One outstretched leg. Hidden bail rides between the two wings. Back wing is highly polished and suitable for engraving. This one weighed 13.9gms 1.5" tall and 1.75 across

14k seagull sea bird pin #11335 - $220.00

14k sea bird pin with red gemstone eye. Ideal for coat lapel, blouse or hat. Wingspan is 2" or 50mm with hinged pin and locking clasp. App 4.4gms

humming bird jewelry necklace pendant #BIR669 - $255.00

Humming bird captured in hover mode. 7/8" tall and 1" wide 3/16" thick across the body. app 4.3 grms. Done in a very deep 2D effect with the back scooped out.

14kt puffin bird necklace pendant #BD826 - $185.00

Cutest puffin bird you ever saw! 5/8" tall or 18mm and app 3.7gms. For necklace

14kt gold Maine puffin bird #BD28080 - $295.00

Detailed Puffin bird fresh from the coast of Maine! Standing just over 1" tall and 1/2" wide or 27x12mm and weighs 4.5gms High polish finished on front

14kt penguin with .20cts of diamonds

#PENG3074d - $295.00

14kt two tone gold penguin silhouette with .20cts total of diamonds. Lots of them! Sparkles like a north pole penguin dance! 13/16" tall or 21mm for fine chain up to 1.75mm

14kt polished penguin charm#PENGUIN9 - 1.7gms - $85.00

14kt puffed 3D penguin charm 3/4 inch or 20mm tall high polished

14kt two tone brushed penguin pendant #PENG277 - $895.00

14kt penguin with white belly and .01ct diamond eyes. Back is hollow even though it appears to be three dimensional. Fantastic detail by wildlife artist. Penguin tuxedo looks freshly pressed, not brushed finish, polished beak and facial expression! 1 1/8" tall or 29mm and 1/2" wide and 5/16" or 9mm thick. Each is made by hand and is designer quality only found in the finest jewelry establishments. NOT gift shop quality. App 10-11gms of happy feet!

14kt high polish peguin charm #PENG282 - $225.00

14kt highly polished small penguin at 7/8" tall or 23mm. Head is slightly cocked and his eyes are looking down at someone! App 3.5-4gms Hollow back. All measurements do NOT include ring and bail.

14kt penguin charm with diamond eye #PENG279 - $205.00

14kt penguin poised on the edge of the iceberg getting ready to dive or slide! .01ct diamond eye, high polish and hand brushed finish. App 3.3-3.8gms and 7/8" or 23mm tall

14kt mother penguin feeding baby #PENG280 - $365.00

14kt mother penguin feeding a very young hungry baby penguin! Mom is 1 1/8" tall or 29mm and baby is 5/8" tall. Done in polish, brushed satin and rhodium white on the baby chick. Even the hollow back sides are polished in a flawless finish. App 6-6.5gms

black and white diamonds outline penguin necklace#PENG336 - $155.00

14kt white gold penguin pendant and 18" very fine necklace with black and white diamond tuxedo! Black diamonds of .15ctw (28) and white diamonds of .03ctw (6). Total weight of necklace is 1.1grms with jump ring closure. This little guy is just over 1/2" tall and 5/16" wide.

14kt gold emporer penguin#1604 2.2 gms $110.00

14kt Pengy! 14kt gold penguin that is cute as can be. If you have ever had the chance to sit and watch these guys play they are fascinating! Almost 1" tall emperor

small sea bird gull silhouette 14kt gld

#2910 - 1.4 gms - $70.00

14kt smaller version of above seagull silhouette. Two sided, this side is smooth polished while the other has diamond cuts for sparkle. Small and light at 1 3/8" tall.

14kt sea gull necklace jewelry #GUL178 - $375.00

If you are one of the ones that enjoys watching birds fly and soar, you will appreciate the way this gull has been captured in flight with it's feet tucked in under it's tail. Note the detail in way each feather is laid down as it comes around for another peek... 1 7/8" from tip to tip. 47mm and 6-7gms in weight. Nature inspired and artist created.

seagull gannett albatross

#2909 - 3.5 gms - $175.00

Another 14kt gull type of bird with a little more detail than just the silhouette. Almost looks as if poised in mid air and getting ready to dive... 1 3/4" long

#BIRD090 - 2.5gms - $125.00

Seabird turning and dipping the wing for the final approach... textured body and diamond cut feathered edge winds and tail. Nearly two inches tall or 48mm.

grande great heron in flight #HE180 - $395.00

14k grand heron that has just taken to flight from the marsh, her feet have not quite gotten all the way up in flight. Almost 1.75" wingtip to wingtip with a hidden bail under the tip of the top wing. Feet to bill is the same size. Each feather has been painstakingly detailed by a wildlife artist. App 6- 7gms

#IB182 - $215.00

Perfect 14kt Ibis caught stalking breakfast! 1" tall and 1" across. Average 3.5 to 4gms. Hand made by a wildlife artist.

rose gold swan of lir #TCC038 - 1.6gms - $85.00

Rose gold swan on yellow gold heart. 5/8 by 3/4 inche or 16x20mm. Perfect reminder to the Children of Lir tale.

rose colored swan preening on gold heart #TCC026 - 2.9 gms - $155.00

Two tone gold. Yellow gold heart with rose gold swan preening and yellow cattails in the background. A perfect way to say "I love you and all there is about you..." About 15/16" tall and 7/8" wide.

#3007 - 4.9gms - $245.00

14kt swan polished body with detailed diamond cut feathery wings. 1" tall by 1" wide

swallow bird necklace charm jewelry #BIR92293 - $110.00

Small dainty swallow type bird. Across wingtips is 15/16" or 21mm. Nose to tail is 3/4" or 19mm. Two slide bails hidden underneath, can hang from either one or both. App 1.7gms

#2991 - 5.3gms - $265.00

14kt pelican captured in the poise of the last bank before he turns and dives with head tucked in for fish dinner. 3D finished with each feather detailed underneath. 1.25" tall by 1" wide

14k gold swan post earrings #1214 - $100.00

Left and right swans, 3/8" or 10mm tall. Earring post is centered. App 1.6gms

pink flamingo earrings #ENE001 - 1.2gms - $65.00

Pink Flamingo Earrings! The hottest thing to hit the beach scene! If you are on vacation or clubbing, these are a must. 14k with baked enamel, just over a half inch tall. Post is centered under the wings.

14kt post earrings of sea bird, gull or gannett #NAE064 - 1.4 gms - $70.00 pr

14kt post earrings of a gull or gannett poised before the dive for dinner! About 3/8" all around.

Silver bird jewelry

Argentium Silver .935 octopus jewelry made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. This has .935 silver, rather than .925 of sterling silver. Excellent tarnish resistance and superior hardness. There is no coating, just pure Argentium 935 silver. These are Seawear trademarked designs under #VA0001330803 and #VA0001233947 handmade under the lost wax casting method.

argentium silver pelican on the wing

#ASPELI179 - $95.00

Argentium silver .935 pelican banking to a left hand landing. Finely detailed with custom finishe. The beak bill, face and head are highly polished. The feathers are done in three different degrees of satin to the trailing edge of the wing tips which lead into an almost high polish. Nearly two inches from wing tip to wing tip, 1 15/16th or 49mm. Hidden bail on back for up to 3-4mm chain. It is solid and weighs it at a hefty app 8.4gms!

Argentium silver 935 great heron necklace pendant

#ASHER95 - $65.00

Argentium silver 935 great heron necklace pendant. Hand made swivel bail will accept up to 3mm chain or 5mm omega. 1.25" tall and 1.5" wide or 32x37mm. App 4.7gms. Hand made with lost wax casting.

argentium silver pelican with bail under wing

#ASPEL42 - $125.00

A wonderful mighty pelican bank a turn to come in on the beach. Finely detailed with textured feathers, curved upper wing forms the chain bail. 1 7/8" tall and 1 3/4" wide or 47x45mm and app 10.6gms AS935

argentium silver great blue heron pendant  just taking off from marsh

#ASHER180 - $75.00

Grand blue heron caught as he has just lifted off from a marshy area. Hidden chain bail under upper wing tip. 1 5/8" tall by 1 5/8" wide or 50x50mm Approximately 6gms AS935


baby duck a few days old

Here's looking at you!

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