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For centuries, pearls have been called the Queen of Gems, a title aptly bestowed upon the rarest and most valuable of pearls, the South Sea pearl. A collaboration between nature and humankind, South Sea Cultured Pearl, reflects decades of passion for the sea and care of the ocean's treasures.

The largest and rarest of all pearl oysters, and the one that produces the finest pearl nacre, is the South Sea pearl oyster - the Pinctada maxima - which is only found in one isolated region between North Australia and Burma.

The size of the pearl and the depth of the luster are unique attributes of the South Sea Pearl. The glowing richness is due to the thick nacre - the pearlescent coating of the pearl. This plentiful nacre allows for a more durable pearl. With proper care, your pearl can be treasured for generations.

It is worthy of noting that each South Sea Cultured Pearl displays its own personality; no two are alike. When two pears appear together, as in earrings, they are hand selected as complementing sets instead of pairs. The pearls are like sisters rather than twins.

South Sea Culture Pearls are the rarest of all pearl types.

South Sea pearls take up to two years to grow and each shell produces one pearl at a time.

Their size and luster set them apart from other pearls.

Each pearl is as unique as the person who wears them.

Tahitian pearl and diamond omega back earrings

#PEARL907 - $395.00

14kt white gold omega back post pearl earrings with 9.2mm gray black Tahitian Pearls that have green gold overtones with strong pearlecense! We have another identical pair and the pearls are a stronger black with green overtones. The diamonds are SI clarity with HI color 2.2mm for a total diamond carat weight of .08cts. The total weight for the pair of earrings is 5.7gms. These retailed for $1,135 when gold was $800 an ounce.

chocolate pearl jewelry necklace

#PEARL360 - $145.00

Chocolate dyed pearls, one continuous 72" rope strand of freshwater pearls. These can be worn doubled and knotted, a triple strand or a quad! Each pearl is individually knotted.

whitte gold bezel set diamond and Tahitian pearl earrings

#PEARL430 - $295.00

8.55mm Tahitian pearl diamond earrings in 14kt white gold. Tahitian pearls have black green overtones. Diamonds are 2mm, bezel set of SI/H color with a total carat weight of .06cts. Weight of the earrings are 2.8gms for the pair. Simple post attachement behind the bezel set diamonds 

10mm Tahitian pearl diamond earrings with omega clip back

#PEARL907 - $395.00

10mm Tahitian pearl diamond earrings with 14k white gold omega backing. Pearls have black green overtones. Two diamonds of 2.2mm prong set of SI/HI with a total carat weight of .08cts.

white gold Tahitian pearl earrings

#PEARL865 - $175.00

14kt white gold dangle pearl earrings. Two 9.3mm black with green/blue overtone Tahitian pearls with white gold earring components, pearl mount, cable chain, ball drop with post and butterfly earring nut. Total weight is 2.4gms and dangle length is 1.75 inches or 45mm

white gold Lariat Drop Tahitian pearl necklace

#PEARL913 - $495.00

14kt white gold Lariat drop pearl necklace with two 8.5mm black Tahitian pearls with pink overtones. 7mm square illusion slide with diamond cuts, looks like diamonds but there are none. Slide is fixed and does not move. Lobster claw clasp. Total dangle length is 21", neck size is 16.5" Hallmarked 585, Italy, FIC. Total weight is 7.5gms of 14kt European white gold. Retail was $1,385 with gold at $1,200oz. Stunning piece with a little black dress...

10mm button pearl earrings

#PEARL904 - $125.00

10mm off white button pearl stud earrings. As with all natural pearls, matching colors is not perfect. One is more pink than the other and not nearly as noticeable to the eye under natural lighting. Once they are two inches apart they look identical! These are photographed under color correcting light and blown up in size. 14kt yellow components of pearl mount, ear stud and ear nut. Total weight is 2.6gms

8mm pearl and diamond earrings

#PEARL105 - $195.00

8mm white pearl diamond earrings with 14kt posts, backing and prongs for .03ct diamonds. 2.5gms Retail was $500, now clearance priced at $195

18kt gold pearl and diamond tulip mount earrings

#PEARL873 - $495.00

Outstanding Italian 18kt gold pearl and diamond earrings. Four 5mm pearls, set into tulip setting, twelve SI diamonds of .10ctw all set in bright 18kt yellow gold with a satin finish. Hallmarked .750 for the European market. Total weight of 5.5gms 5/8" or 17mm dangle. Retail was $2,879 we are selling for $495. This are identical and not a left and right.

white pearl necklace and earrings with 14kt gold findings

#PEARL648W - $145.00

5.5mm white pearl necklace and matching earrings. 585 gold spring ring clasp and 14k earring post, cup and backings. Pearl necklace is 18" long and weighs 22.8gms, earrings weigh .9gms One set only. Retail was $295 with gold at $1,200oz. If you make jewellery, there are 83 near round 5.5mm pearls.

Stuller white gold pendant with swiss blue topaz and white topaz #1254 - $75.00

Stuller 14kt white gold pendant for 1ct round stone and .05 secondary stone. comes set with 6.5mm Swiss Blue Topaz with incredible color and 2.4mm white topaz as accent stone. Total length of the pendant is 9/16" or 15mm. Weight as shown is 1.1gms Priced below wholesale cost.

Close out and clearance priced items are limited supply or only one. Stores these are priced less than wholesale so please do not ask for a lesser price. These are coming from bankruptcy store liquidations. I will not send on approval, you know what they are and where they came from. The quality is first rate and truly fine jewelry and not gift store quality.

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