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Gold and platinum blue marlin jewelry, charms, pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. Many custom designs just for you. If you don't see it here, ask! And remember, CATCH & RELEASE! Take a picture, guess it's weight and length, add 100 pounds and a foot or two and call the taxidermist! He/she can do as much from the picture.

Did you know that marlins were named for the pointed iron tools that seafarers use when marling or splicing rope? Is it any wonder we've progressed to wearing blue marlin jewelry?

blue marlin jewelry

14k blue marlin giant by Peter Costello, necklace jewelry pendant

#PCF370 - $2,795.00

Full round, 3D blue marlin in 14k gold with sapphire eyes. There is something about an adversary that can look you back in the eye! Caught in motion, perfectly sculpted. Back side is as nice as the front. 3 3/4" across and tail is 1 1/16" tall (75x36mm) body is nearly 3/8" thick. Large pinned bail for extra security and pivot. Approximately 25gms! Custom made to order.


half round blue marlin slide necklace pendant by Peter  Costello


#PCF612 - $1,295.00

Half round blue marlin slide with double hidden bails that will accept up to 7mm omega chain. 2 5/8" across and tail is 15/16" wide (64x23mm) Sapphire eye, this one in stock weighs 10gms. Straight across without a tail bend.

14k gold Peter Costello blue marlin jewelry pendant for necklace

#PCF612b - $1,295.00

14k half round Costello blue marline with ruby eye and oversized swinging bail for omega or large chain. Bail opening is 6x9mm and could be rounded by your jeweler. Just over 2 5/8" across of polished, textured and grooved detailing. This is in stock at 9.6gms


#MARLIN77 - $445.00

From Hawaii 14kt jumping marlin finished in satin with polished highlights. Hidden bail behind head and fin, back of tail swept forward, appears 3D but is hollowed out on main portion of body. 1 5/8" tall and across. Very detailed. App 8.9gms

14kt fighting blue marlin pendant

#BM782 - $315.00

14kt polished and detailed jumping blue marlin. 1 5/8" tall and 1" wide or 40x25mm Thickness is about 5mm and will appear as a thick heavy piece, but is scooped out in the back keeping the weight down to about 6.3gms

 14k blue marlin necklace pendant

#PCF160 - $1,175.00

14k blue marlin pendant with sapphire eye. Half round, hollowed out back. Highly polished and detailed. 1 3/8" across and 3/4" across at tail flukes or 60x20mm. This one weighed 8.6gms

14kt hand made blue marlin pendant


#FSH235 - $295.00

Hand made blue marlin pendant, highly detailed, polished back side. 1 5/8" across or 43mm and app 4.8gms

Hi Charlie,
My blue was caught off the coast of Gran Canaria and weighed in at 450lbs, that was nothing compared to the guy before me in the chair his weighed in at 600lbs+. Unfortunately both fish were killed and sold into the food chain which is why i guess it was so important for me to eventually find a fitting tribute to the memory of such a spectacular creature. Fortunately these days in the Canaries they now practice tag and release and hopefully photos of tail roped marlins like mine will be a thing
of the past.
All the best,

14kt large gold blue marlin necklace pendant

#FSH540 - $575.00

Highly detailed with diamond cuts, scales and lines. Nice big ole' fat blue marlin! Just about 2 1/4" from the dorsal to the tail and 1 7/8" wide, app 9.8gms with back side scooped out. Large bail for 5-6mm chain or small 2,000 pound test!

14kt gold large high polish white marlin necklace pendant

#FSH555 - $645.00

Highly polished 14kt yellow gold white marlin. App 7-8gms, 2" from the top of the dorsal fin to the bottom of the tail and 1 7/8" across. Back is scooped out to make this light weight and low cost.

18kt blue marlin record catch

#18ktBM - $1,295.00

A giant record blue marlin done in 18kt high polish! Custom made for us for a one of a kind record catch. App 15gms

blue marlin diamond eyes

#18KTBM3D - $3,695.00

This trophy is 3D, 18kt, two VS .04ct diamond eyes and custom heavy bail for a large chain! Those links are 13mm by 6mm! Back side completely finished and stamped by tail. If you are looking for something truly memorable, this big blue is it... App 25gms Allow three weeks also in 14k

large marlin jewelry charm #532 -  2.8 gms -  $185.00

14kt smaller version of a leaping marlin. This one is light, the body is arched with the bill bent inwards so as not to snag. Right about 1 3/16" long. Double sided with one side diamond cut. 3-D

14kt marlin breaking water#MARLIN09 - 19.5gms - $1,995.00

Big 14kt blue marlin breaking water and getting ready to tail dance! This one is full round 3D, solid and heavy. Back side. Available with diamond eyes. Two inches tip to tip! This one is tournament quality!

#546 - 3.8gms - $225.00

14k thrashing blue marlin pendant that is 1.5" tall and 1" wide.

fighting marlin pendant#NAC755 - $995.00

3D with two texture finish! Caught at the moment of no return when she has rushed the bait and gone under and is on the way up to take it. She's yours... 2 1/4" across. The underbody area is a brushed satin gold while the upper body is highly polished. Fins and tail detailed. App 12 gms

large marlin jewelry charm#534 - 7.7 gms - $385.00

14kt Gorgeous leaping marlin, again, solid and finished on both sides, one side having the diamond cut fins for added sparkle. This one is spectacular! About 1 15/16" from tip of sword to tail. 3-D

fishermans anchor and marlin

#1126 - $495.00

A fisherman's anchor. The marlin is on top of the anchor with the twisted line woven between the two. Three distinct pieces. 1 1/2" high ave 8.3gms

grand slam ring #GSR - $1,345.00

Grand slam ring. Yellow gold, white gold or a platinum grand slam ring. Priced on daily market value.

More Grand Slam Fish Rings

triple marlin ring #TMR - triple marlin ring - 15 gms - $1,345.00

Priced by daily gold market

Spectacular ring! We had this custom made in 18kt yellow gold with 3 platinum marlins. Incredible! Could be done with grand slam (blue marlin, sailfish and white marlin), sailfish, tuna, shark, marlin, tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, redfish, sea trout, wahoo or large mouth bass! 14kt, 18kt whites, yellows or platinum.

14k gold marlin wrap ring with diamonds and sapphire

#MWRDIA - $1,635.00

The ladies marlin wrap wedding band down with a sapphire eye and .30cts of diamonds.

marlin wrap wedding band

#MWR - $795.00

His and hers marlin wrap wedding bands

14k gold blue marlin signet ring

Blue marlin ring in 14k yellow and white gold with sapphire eye. On display at the Tuna Club of Avalon on Catalina Island.

14k gold blue marlin pendant

#BM3217 - $795.00

Blue Marlin pendant, bail is fixed and built into the casting. Old design from the 1950s done in high polish or can be detailed with satin finish highlights. Solid, full round finished on front and back. Just over 2" across or 53mm, 3/4" or 20mm tail with bail and 1/4" thick or 6mm. App 11.5gms

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