walrus & seal jewelry

Who doesn't love the grumpy old walrus or the antics of sea lions and river & sea otters. The harbor seals and sun basking seals are my favorites too! Unlike whales and sea lions that rely on a layer of blubber to keep them warm, the sea otter is protected by thick fur. As humans, we have 20,000 to 100,000 hairs on our heads. The sea otter has 600,000 per square inch!

sleeping seal on the rocks

#20097 - 7.2gms - $360.00

This guy's got his eyes closed! He's sunning on the cliffs and is big enough that no one will bother him! 1 inch across and a little over 1 inch tall plus loop and bail.


#1620 - 4.4gms - $225.00

Young harbor seal sitting in the sun! Textured finish with diamond cuts, 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide. Looks full round 3D but is only half round for weight savings.

seal, sea lion gold jewelry pendant

#1624 - $225.00 - 4.5gms

Sammy the seal! Acrobats or ballet under water! Seals, sea lions and otters are so much fun to watch. This guy measures about 1 1/8" from the nose to the tail. If you unstretched the body, it would be closer to three inches of seal!


#SEAL100 - 1.8gms - $90.00

Please welcome 'Whiskers' to the family! At 5/8 inch tall he is awaiting tricks for treats!


sea otter

#OTTER544 - 5.2gms - $260.00

14kt sea otter on his back holding a scallop shell! One inch across.


andre the harbor seal from maine

#00853 - $215.00 - 4.3gms

A perfect seal sunning himself on the rocks or getting ready to jump in! Reminds me a lot of the harbor seal statue at Rockport Maine. About 5/8" tall and 1/2" wide. 3D and pefect for a charm bracelet or neck chain.


14kt gold walrus pendant#NAC180 - $160.00 - 3.2gms

Click on the walrus! Double tusks, all the wrinkles that dignify a walrus! Cute and small at 7/8" across.


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