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We only ship to the BILLING ADDRESS of the debit/credit card or PayPal account associated with the order. According to the bylaws of your bank and credit card company, we are only authorized to ship to an address they have on file from you. This is part of the fraud protection service you have with your card. If you require something shipping to an alternate address, you must notify them. We then must provide your billing address, billing telephone number and then your alternate address. We comply fully with the USA Patriot Act Section 266 regarding jewelry/precious metal sales and delivery, European Union Anti-Terrorist Funding Act and the FBI Directive of October 2007 regarding shipping jewelry to an address other than the billing address.
Bank Wire

This account is for incoming wires only

Seawear Inc - Account Name
supplied on request - Bank Routing Code
supplied on request - Account Number
77 East King Street
PO BOX 250
Shippensburg, PA 17257
Catalog  This is it! We do not have a printed catalog at this time or a call center. If you see one of our pieces offered for sale in a catalog, magazine, newspaper, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay or television, please call the number advertised with it as they are a re-seller and you need to deal with their customer service department.
Chain We are able to get most any kind of chain. Platinum and special order chains can take a few weeks. We buy the top brands and not the lower priced ones you might find in a discount store.
Children Jewelry is not a toy and should not be given to children. They could swallow an item or choke on a chain. If you are buying a children's gift for a baptism or christening, it should be worn for the occasion and then removed. Always supervise your child if wearing jewelry. Our pendants are no longer shipped with the sharp tack/clasp holding them to the cushioning.
Contact us

The easiest and most accurate way to contact us is by email which is <> Email is checked frequently and responded to promptly. If you do not hear back, it may be because your email account is full or not accepting email from our ISP.

If you need to telephone to see if this is real, 757-342-1000. Please understand, there is NO ONE sitting by a telephone waiting for your call. It will take weeks to return your message. The telephone is the lowest priority after answering 500+ emails a day, orders placed on line, orders placed by mail and orders placed by wire all take priority over the telephone. Our time zone is Eastern Standard USA. It is impossible to tell you if an item is in stock or give an answer that requires actually holding the piece. We are not always at the shipping facility. It may be in stock in the morning and sold out in the afternoon when you call back to order.

Messages are not checked on a regular basis and not at all after September 1 as Christmas orders have already started. The voice mail only holds fifty messages and yours will be written over with a few hours or days. Please email.

Custom Orders Your custom order can be filled within 3-6 weeks. If it is coming from Ireland, white gold and platinum take longer. If coming from Italy, remember they shut down for August! A man's or lady's ring has a possible 38 standard sizes each; 6 metal choices and some a combination of two or three tones. It is impossible for anyone to stock all the options. Allow ample time.
Credit Cards

Anyone using your credit card without your permission will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and we will cooperate with the FBI to ensure your identity and credit protection. There is a special international "White Collar Crime Task Force" that works 24/7 specifically on internet fraud. Every email sent can be traced to the computer and hard drive it originated from. (Anonymous email accounts can be traced by highly trained FBI agents & amazing 16 year olds. Formatted, zeroed and wiped hard drives are nothing to crack for a person trained to read between the platters.) We verify IP through ARIN, your billing address and phone number through your bank, and your delivery address through public records. If you see a charge on your statement that is not familiar, call us and we will track it for you. If it is still not your charge, we will immediately credit you and cooperate with your bank and law enforcement to protect your account integrity. Please understand, once that process starts, it cannot be reversed. Should you later learn a spouse, teenage child or significant other used your card, it gets very messy and will leave a permanent record. The phone lines and postal service are Federal jurisdiction and may have serious implications on passports, government jobs, military, schools, loans, etc. at the very least.

If you have a new micro chip embedded credit card it requires a PIN at point of sale by the cardholder. It will not work for card not present transactions. If you have a new Black Card, there is no fraud protection and we can ship to any address as long as there are available funds in the account.

If you find a charge on your card or suspect someone has your number, you need to file a report with your police department immediately. (If you do not and you have many charges, the bank will wonder why you did not...) You will then want to notify the credit card bureaus and Social Security to be sure no one is applying for an account or address change in your name and place a fraud alert on your name and SS#. The alert means any company that checks your credit knows your information was stolen and they have to contact you by phone to authorize new credit.

Equifax 1-800 525-6285
Experian (formerly TRW) 1-800-301-7195
Trans Union 1-800-680-7289
Social Security Administration fraud line at 1-800-269-0271

If you have used your card to have other vendors ship to a different address, this is grounds for your bank to NOT honor the fraud protection agreement on your card.

Secure sites on the internet are one of the safest places to use your credit card. The internet is also one of the places where fraudulent credit cards are used in purchase attempts. The information is usually obtained from a restaurant transaction or a store. The internet is so secure that many states will NOT accept payment from merchants via the mail any longer. We must log on to the state/federal site and pay online.

Each order ships with two credit card fraud protection sleeves from a subsidiary of Seawear. Free!

Credit Card Statements Credit Card Statements: Your charge will appear as ~ Seawear ~ Chambersburg, PA ~ and will not say jewelry.
Delivery Time  Most stock items ordered by 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (East Coast USA) are shipped the same day. Special orders, non-stock pieces, rings to size, are all considered 'custom orders' and will take 3-4 weeks during normal times. During holidays, Mother's Day, graduation, Christmas season to Valentine's Day (October 1 to February 1) allow 4-12 weeks and wedding season for rings April thru June allow 4-12 weeks. Many manufacturers close the Wednesday before Christmas and re-open on the third Monday of January; the first two weeks of July; and in Italy and South America the entire month of August or five weeks. Plan accordingly as it is beyond our control. Made to order items are NOT returnable. Your ring made for you in Ireland to your size, to your finish choice, to your metal choice and with your options, is custom made just for you when you place your order. No one else will want it. To return it to Ireland requires insured Priority International FedEx shipping plus customs, duty and possible VAT tax to be paid for entry.
Gifts If you ask us to send an item to someone else and include a note from you, we do. We do NOT include your name unless you specify. There are more secret Santas and secret admirers than well meaning sisters! We do not offer gift wrapping. Your item is packaged in a plastic gem bag, then placed in a gift box, then bubble wrapped, then sealed in a tyvek envelope and then sealed in it's FedEx box! Our emphasis is getting it there safely.
Gold All our items are trademarked and manufactured from 'plumb gold' which is a trade term for real, refined, at least 14kt gold. Not melted scrap or old gold. Not plated, coated, bonded or simulated. If we sell you 14kt, it is at least 14kt, 14k or .585
Images As some of you know, taking a picture of a highly polished piece of gold is not easy. All pictures are taken under natural light, a cloudy day if possible, and are not touched up or enhanced. They are optimized for quick loading which destroys some detail. All are yellow 14kt gold unless otherwise stated such as the white or rose gold.
International Yes, we ship internationally. We are no longer able to accept PayPal or credit card payments for sales outside the USA. We will accept Western Union transfer or US Currency by registered post. No PayPal, no Credit Cards, no checks and no bank checques. It may be easier to have someone in America order it for you and send it to you. Shipping is $45-75 by Express International Post with tracking and insurance or $75-245 by FedEx depending on your country; and you will have to pay Customs tax or VAT to your country.
Jewelry Care Keep white gold out of the pool and hot tub. If a ring is turning your finger black it is caused by make-up, body chemistry, humidity or not drying your hands. More on the faqs page.
Links  We do exchange links with similar sites that may be of interest to our users 
Mission Statement Treat others as we expect to be treated. Have fun and spread the happiness. Most of these items are sure to bring a smile to your face and those that see you wearing them. Who can resist a smiling dolphin or the sweetness of a manatee? Or the excuse to tell a story of lighthouses or Celtic heritage. Make someone else smile too. Pass it on, you're it!
Ordering The most efficient way is online. We are designed that way. When you order online you will get a confirmation email and number as well as tracking information for shipping, delivery and arrival. There is no way to do that over the telephone. Complete order faqs is here and the order form to print, fill out and mail is here.
Privacy Policy We respect your privacy as much as our own. We do not sell or give out names, addresses, email or any information about our customers to anyone. No credit card information is stored on any format or ISP backups. No cookies are used at all. If you return an item for credit, we need your credit card number to process the return immediately. It can take days to recover your data if you do not include it.

We stand behind all of our products 100%. We buy from authorized authentic manufacturers. If you buy a piece that looks like Wyland, Stuller, Stephen Douglas or St Gaudens, the reason it looks like theirs, is because it is! We do not carry 'knock offs' or ask you to send a picture or URL and promise to make a copy. We are not in that business. The FTC frowns upon it too.

Our products are made of 'plumb' gold which is a trade term. If it is stamped 14kt it will test for at least 14kt. It is not 13 1/2 kt rounded up to 14kt (legal) and will test at least 14kt or .585 purity. It is not melted down scrap gold. It is not a 14kt clasp on a 10kt bracelet. It is not a 14kt marked piece that only tests for 10kt. Check with Jewelers Alliance or 60 Minutes. There is a reason other sites and stores can sell for less than our cost. Gold is gold and is traded daily. No one can sell for less than cost. Although some make a lot of money letting others think they do.

Our Irish jewelry that is imported from Ireland carries an authentic Hallmark from the Dublin Assembly in Dublin Ireland. It is NOT stamped into the piece in a little room somewhere else. Again, check with the FTC or Jewelers Alliance to see what has been going on.


We want you happy, not satisfied. We will happily take back any stock piece that has not been worn, altered, polished or engraved. Any piece that was custom made for you or special order is NOT RETURNABLE. If you order a ring to be made for you in the wrong size, it is NOT RETURNABLE unless it is a stocked ring. Ireland will no longer accept wrong size ordered rings from the USA. If you are unsure if you will like an item or ring, DO NOT order it to be made. If your heart does not say 'this is the one' keep looking at rings!

If you are disappointed with an item you will know it when you open the package, all we ask that you return it within ten days. If you have a question or special exception, just ask, we're easy!

If you have worn a piece, please don't expect us to be able to accept it and refund your money. It cannot be resold as new jewelry. It may only be sold as 'estate' jewelry or melted down. Most find their way to online auctions or the mall. FTC makes the rules, we merely follow them. If your relationship fails, it is NOT because of the ring or jewelry. We can guarantee the jewelry, but not the person you give it too. Please don't ask, because we can't.

 Secure Site

When you place your order, you will notice a slight lag in speed and your browser window will change from HTTP to HTTPS which the S stands for SECURE. This is 128 bit encrypted, just like your bank. A confirmation order email is then sent to you and us. We then are directed to a third party site that obtained your information. After supplying proper authentication, we are able to retrieve your information and manually process your transaction.

If you have concerns with using your credit card for an online transaction and it being secure, consider the top five sources of identity theft based on the latest USA Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft report -

• Lost or stolen checkbook or wallet
• Friends, acquaintances or relative obtained access to personal information
• Corrupt employee misused personal information
• Offline transaction resulted in information falling into the wrong hands
• Stolen mail or fraudulent change of address resulted in fraud
Shipping Address We ship to the billing address on file with your credit card company or the verified address on your PayPal account in full accordance of Section 266 of the USA Patriot Act. If you have an alternate address on file with them and they approve it, we will ship there. It requires us to have your full billing address as we cannot obtain approval of the alternate address without answering questions regarding your billing address, billing telephone and CVV2 code. We ceased offering the alternate ship to address option when the ratio of legitimate orders to fraud orders exceeded 1 in 60. Yes, for each 60 orders requesting a shipping address different than the billing address, 59 were fraud and 1 was legitimate. Many credit unions, banks and major credit card companies will not authorize any shipment to an address other than the billing address. If this is a real issue for you and too much of a bother to let your credit card company know, consider sending in payment or using Western
Shipping Time Credit card, Western Union wires, bank orders and cash orders are shipped immediately. Personal checks, bank checks and money orders take ten business days to clear. Most stock items ordered by 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (East Coast USA) are shipped the same day. Special orders, non-stock pieces, rings to size, are all considered 'custom orders' and will take 3-4 weeks during normal times. During holidays, Mother's Day, graduation, Christmas season to Valentine's Day (September 1 to February 1) allow 4-12 weeks and wedding season for rings April thru June allow 4-12 weeks. Many manufacturers close the Wednesday before Christmas and re-open on the third Monday of January; the first two weeks of July; and in Italy and South America the entire month of August or five weeks. Plan accordingly as it is beyond our control.
Silver The little silver we do carry is made by Union Shops in Ireland, US or US owned. There is NO nickel or lead used in the mixture. Silver does tarnish, turn black (like grandma's silver!) and over time obtains that patina some love so much. It is easy enough to turn white again with a quick dunk in tarnish remover or cleaner.
Spelling I know! Yes, some of the mis-spellings are my fault, some are for UK English, some for USA English, some for European English some are the spell-checker's and some are on purpose for the search engines for others like me! :)
Suppliers If you are a small quality manufacturer looking for a retail or distribution outlet, drop us a note. We will not give out your name or phone number. We have a great market for unique pieces by little known artists.
Trademark  Seawear® is a registered trademark U.S. Registration No. 2,773,259
Weights All weights are approximate in grams
Wholesale None. Depending on your foot traffic, you can easily mark up our prices 50-200%. Others do.
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