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Images and Color

Almost all the images you view are 14kt yellow (gold) gold. There are only a few pieces that are 18kt, platinum or sterling silver and they are labeled.

The images are low resolution 72dpi and do not print well. Normally there is a link to a higher resolution image that will take longer to load and print a little better. Magazines are done nominally at 2,400dpi to give you an idea of the difference.

The small low resolution images allow for faster page loading for some areas that pay for internet access by the minute.

The color will vary by the monitor, CRT or LCD, MAC or PC.

Jewelry is difficult to photograph as it reflects everything around it. That can distort color. If you are in doubt, just ask.

For an example of no background reflection and full reflection, go to the bottom of this page to see the image examples

Weights are approximate.

Argentium Silver images

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