Turks Head Wedding Band

This turks head band has the triple twist plus two outer twisted lines to bring the width to 9mm. This one is yellow on yellow and can be ordered in any color combination or 14kt or 18kt.

Allow 4 weeks as they are hand made. The comfort fit makes the ring more of a half round shape instead of flat. It adds 30-50% more weight and is much more sturdy and comfortable in the tender spot between your fingers. It makes the Turks Head braid stand out and be more pronounced.

#TH10709 - $1,295.00 - 14kt


yellow gold turks head ring

The three sets of three twisted lines that you see to make up the turks head knot, is actually one twisted strand woven in around to create the illusion of three separate lines! It is all one and you will not find the beginning or end!


yellow gold turks head wedding band

The inner fit band assures the strength and integrity of the ring forever. 9mm in width so be sure to use a WIDE ring sizer. They are not able to be resized and it will take another 4 weeks and a restock fee...



turks head ring close up

This is the beginning end point on this one. Can you see it? If not, click on it for a closer view.


Comfort fit gents three strand with ladies two strand. Note the rounded edges.


Some people ask why some pictures the jewelry looks flat. The images are taken under a white dome to block out any reflection. With reflection, you cannot see detail. These two images might explain.

Taken under a dome with all reflection blocked. This is what your brain tells your eye it looks like, but with a little shine.


Without the dome, reflecting back into itself over and over like two mirrors! This is what it really looks like and a camera doesn't lie!


Tri-color Turks Head braid on yellow gold comfort fit band.

tri color turks head wedding rings

tri color gold on white comfort fit


9mm Turks Head ring with yellow and white

White ring, white Turks Head braid and yellow twisted trim


18kt Turks Head ring with tri color braid

18kt ring, tri color braid and white twisted outer strands


14kt tri color Turks Head band

14kt yellow ring, rose green and white braid


14kt yellow ring rose yellow white braid


14kt white tri-gold turks head bands


yellow ring, tri color turks head braid and white twisted outer strands


18kt turks head bands

18kt yellow heavy comfort fit bands with 14kt white gold braid and 14kt side twists

gold Turks Head triple strand wedding ring

14kt all yellow with comfort fit band


tri gold and white gold Turks Head wedding ring

14kt white ring, white outer strands, tri gold center braid, comfort fit band


tri gold turks head wedding band

14kt white ring, 14kt yellow outer strands, tri gold center braid, comfort fit band


14kt two tone Turks Head wedding ring

14kt yellow ring, white center braid, yellow twisted outer strands, comfort fit


Turks Head wedding band

14kt yellow ring, yellow center braid, white twisted outer strands, comfort fit


14kt white ring, white center braid and white outer trims, all high polish, rhodium plated, comfort fit, If you are on a large high quality screen, click on it!


9mm Turks Head band with a hint of yellow

3 strand turks head band with twisted side trim

Just a touch of yellow gold on an all white gold Turks Head band, all high polished


Hand woven braided Turks Head wedding ring

Identical rings, except this one has had all the twisted wires done in satin. It makes the wires stand out as they are less reflective into each other.


18kt nine bite turks head wedding ring

18kt ring and braids


hand woven tri-gold wedding bands

Nearly two identical rings, save for one difference which changes the look. Colors are identical except for the twisted outer strand, yellow above and white below. That is the only difference. On the top ring it is entirely high polished. On the bottom the ring is polished and the braids are satin finished to make them stand out.


hand braided wedding ring

Extra heavy comfort fit 14kt yellow ring, 14kt white braid and side twists. Almost 10mm wide


Tri gold turks head woven braid wedding ring

Comfort fit standard 9mm band in white, twisted side trim in white, tri-gold Turks Head braid



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