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The next time you see a Porsche with a "whale tail" on it you will see the design basis from the flukes below! On some whales, their flukes identify them much like our fingerprints do us. Many of the ancient natives, from the American Indians, Eskimos, Aborigines and Maori depicted the whales in their artwork and totems.

When watching for whales, look first for the gannets. The whales may be right behind! Most air breathing sea mammals can dive deeper than 1,500 feet and submerged time can be much longer than ten minutes!


whale tail fluke pendant with .12cts of diamonds #WT3077 - $195.00

Small 14k gold whale tale flukes outlined in diamonds. .12cts of total carat weight of diamonds. 11/16" or 18mm across. Hidden bail at the top.


14kt whale tail jewelry pendant with VS diamonds#WT240d - $145.00

Small 14kt whale tail with .05cts of diamonds highlighted with white rhodium plating. Whale tail flukes are 13/16" across or 21mm. App 1.3gms


14kt white gold whale tail flukes pendant with diamonds #WT3076d - $245.00

Small WHITE GOLD whale tail with .18cts of diamond around the entire outline of the flukes. Hidden bail is the top for a small light chain. Opening is for up to 1.75mm chain or 3mm wide omega. 11/16" across or 17mm


diving whale jewelry necklace pendant#NAC-432 - $110.00 - 2.2gms

14kt 3-D circle with waves and a set of flukes as the whale dives deep! Circle is 3/4" across. Nicely detailed and raised


Moby Dick whale tail tailisman jewelry necklace pendant#WT92478 - $295.00

Thar she blows! Moby Dick whale tail coin talisman. Front side has diving whale tail, etched sky and white capped water. Back side as sea bird flying over waiting for the krill rise. 3/4" across, built in fixed bail app 4gms


gold whale tail cross#WHAL051 - 4gms - $444.00 

Amazing Steven Douglas whale tail cross with dolphin bail! 3D finished on all sides with amazing detail. 1 1/8" tall (28mm) without the bail and 3/4" (20mm) across. Very amazing cross for the fisherman, marine biologist or navigator. Allow 3-4 weeks when not in stock. White gold is $20 more.


tribal whale tail fish hook #FH1021 - $195.00

Tribal whale tail fish hook, high polish, finished on front while back is scooped out. App 4gms; 1.25" tall and 5/8" wide or 33x17mm


small New Zealand tribal whale tail fish hook #FH1026 - $115.00

Tribal whale tail fish hook, the style incorporated into legends and namesakes such as the whale riders of New Zealand. Back is scooped out. App 2.3gms; 1" tall and 1/2" wide or 25x13mm


gold beluga whale tail#SEAC237 - $415.00 - 6.9gms

Whale flukes, are like our fingerprints. No two are alike. Here you can see the difference of a beluga whale tail by Costello Studios. These guys are the most lovable... 1 1/4" across Allow 3-4 weeks, made to order


gold whale tail flukes necklace #SEA342 - $295.00

Whale flukes with the chain opening going through both sides of the top of the whale tail forming a perfect jewelry necklace! Ideal for small fine chain or neck wire. 7/8" across the flukes or 24mm and 15/16" tall or 25mm. App 4.7gms


humpback whale tail fluke jewelry necklace #SEA343 - $125.00

Humpback whale tail flukes in high polish. Flukes are just under 3/4" across and tall or 17mm. Chain opening at top is 2mm so good for 1-1.5mm chain. Light at 1.9gms


14k rose gold humpback whale tail fluke #SEA343rg - $125.00

Humpback whale tail flukes in 14k rose gold. Just under 3/4" across. Chain opening up to 2mm at the top of built in bail. App 1.9gms


#WT414 - $195.00

14kt highly polished whale tail in yellow gold. Finished on both sides, 3D full round, 19mm across or 3/4" and 21mm tall or 7/8". Bail opening is 3mmx6mm. Average weight is 3.3gms


14k white gold whale tail jewelry necklace pendant #WT414wg - $245.00

14kt white gold highly polished whale tail. Finished on both sides, 3D full round, 19mm across or 3/4" and 21mm tall or 7/8". Bail opening is 3mmx6mm. Average weight is 3.3gms


14k gold whale tail with VS diamond #WT414d - $295.00

Whale tail with .05 VS/GH natural diamond set in four prong protected mount to look like a barnacle! Back side under diamond has been beveled to let in more light. App 3.8gms of 14k gold plus diamond.


14kt gold large whale tale pendant#NAC-437 - $285.00 - 5.7gms

The largest 14kt humpback whale tail fluke I have been able to find. 1" H by 1 1/4" W by 1/8" D Finished on all sides and has no front or back


turbo style whale tale fluke#NAC-438 - $160.00 - 3.2gms

Very unique shaped 14kt 3-D whale tail fluke. This looks like a beluga fluke. Highly polished yellow gold on both sides. 15/16" wide and 3/4" high. Built in hidden bale


Hawaii curved whale fluke#SEA184 - $295.00 - 4.3gms

This 3D 14kt fluke tail was inspired by the artist after an adventure in Hawaii. This is hand crafted one at a time on a custom basis and found at the finest jewelry stores. Unique realistic curve of fluke tips. One inch across 7/8" tall Also in white gold.


14kt gold small light whale tail flukes necklace pendant#SEA344 - $115.00

Small fine polished whale tail flukes. 5/8" across or 17mm. Light enough for a 1mm chain or earrings. App 2.1gms


blue whale tail fluke necklace  pendant charm #SEAN3444 - $60.00

Small, thin lightweight blue whale tail flukes. Just over 5/8" tall and across or 17mm. App 1gm would be ideal as earrings or on your lightest chain.

small gold whale tail#SEAW264 - $85.00 - 1.7gms
#SEAW243 - $195.00 - 4.1gms

Two sets of arched whale flukes with the curve almost forming a scoop. 3/4" across (20mm) or 1" across tail


3D 14kt gold whale tail#852 - $135.00

Simply gorgeous 14kt humpback whale flukes. You can definitely recognize where Porsche got their design for the whale tail. Front is highly polished while back is textured. 15/16" across and 1" tall app 2.4gms


medium sized polished whale tail flukes in 14kt gold #854 - $95.00

Medium sized extremely nice shaped whale tail flukes. App 2gms, 21mm tall and 20mm wide or just over 3/4". Front is highly polished while back is textured.


14kt whale tail fluke charm #860 - $95.00

Whale tail flukes just over 3/4" wideand tall or 20mm, top is open to accept chain. App 1.9gms


small whale tail fluke#861 - $60.00 - 1.2gms

14kt Whale tail fluke as above, only small and delicate. Polished on both sides, width is 5/8" and height is 5/8"


14kt white gold whale tail fluke pendant charm #11022 - $55.00

14kt white gold small whale tail flukes pendant charm. Flukes are 1/2" wide and just over 1/2" tall. Hidden bail for up to 1.75mm chain. Works best on a very light chain. Just under 1gm

stud post whale tail earrings#NAE099 - $95.00 - 1.6gms
14kt whale tail stud earrings. Each fluke is 5/8" wide

whale tail earrings #WHAL663 - $65.00

Whale tail stud earrings with post centered so you can wear them flukes up or down! Scalloped butterfly backing nut. 3/8" or 10mm across and app .8gms


whale tail gold plated cuff links #CL10633 - $45.00

Gold plated whale tail fluke cufflinks. Brushed satin gold whale tails and polished cufflink back

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