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Falling in love with horses, is not easily outgrown. It is one of those things that just comes natural in childhood. Perhaps, the first obsession! With some, (like me) my entire bedroom was consumed with horse pictures, books, drawings, models, anything and everything I could get my hands on.

The first riding camp... Rachel the roan mare always let everyone know who was in control. HER!!! If you mounted improperly, she let you know it with a nip on your rump when you least expected it. Other than that she was a good pony to learn to jump with. But she still always nipped me.

A book that made an impression on me was Misty of Chincoteague. I finally made it there last year and got to see the wild ponies first hand. It was totally awesome to see them running on the beach like wild free mustangs. Just as I had imagined as a child. I ended up having to buy more pictures and books... this time for my nephew. He loves his Misty book and I can't wait to be the one to introduce him to Misty's offspring.

Steven Douglas horse head equestrian necklace

#EQUUS010d - $595.00

14kt satin and polished equestrian horse head pendant by Steven Douglas.

14kt gold Bashir Curly horse pendant

#HORSE21590 - $95.00

Textured spirited horse, looks like it could be a Bashkir Curly! 15/16" across and app 1.9gms.

gold pegasus jewelry necklace pendant

#PEGASUS - $355.00

Mighty Pegasus pendant with hidden bail between the Pegasus' wings. Meant for a small sturdy chain or knocker up to 3mm. Stands 1" tall and just over 3/4" wide. App 5.5gms.

foxy fox with bushy tail brooch pin with emerald eyes

#FOX&HOUND365 - $495.00

Someone has to be cheering for the fox! 14kt foxy fox brooch with bushy tail. Two 2.4mm round emeralds for eyes. Total weight of 7.9gms! Very detailed, custom made. 1 3/8" tall or 35mm. Perfect for your next fox hunt ride or an equine Christmas parade.

arabian horse head pendant 14k gold

#ARABIAN - $895.00

Spectacular Arabian horse pendant. This was high polished, then satin brush finished to bring out the details. If you prefer it to be highly polished, mention it in the comments and it will be repolished. Very expressive face. Double bail for security. 14k gold of 11.8 grams so requires a strong chain. 2" tall from the nose to the top of the bail. Just under one inch wide at 15/16". Back side is highly polished, could be satin, suitable for engraving. Made to order


horse lovers formed in an equestrian heart#16566 - 4.2 gms  - $210.00 

14kt equestrian lovers! Two horses joined together to form a heart with manes out flying. Perfect unique gift for the next show. 1 3/8" across

14kt white gold diamond horse shoe necklace #HORSE412 - $275.00

14kt white gold diamond horse shoe with seventeen (17) hand set 1mm diamonds, total diamond weight .08cts; complete with 16" white gold diamond cut cable link 1mm chain. Back side is finished and polished. Very small and feminine, 5/16" across or 9mm.

14kt white gold framed black and white porcelain horse cameo pendant #HORSE787 - $90.00

Small 14kt white gold framed porcelain black and white cameo. 1/2" wide and 5/8" tall. App 1gm, imported from Italy. Retail is $145

14kt white gold porcelain horse cameo necklace pendant #HORSE791 - $130.00

14kt white gold and black and white porcelain cameo of a most handsome horse! 5/8" wide and 3/4" tall. App 1.8gms imported from Italy.

14kt framed blue and white agate horse mare and foal cameo #HORSE356 - $175.00

Mother mare and foal blue and white agate cameo framed in polished 14kt yellow gold. Imported from Italy, retail is $298. Incredibly detailed. In the right light, they seem to move! 5/8" wide and 3/4" tall. Retail is $295


proud horse in agate cameo

#HORSE350 - $145.00

Proud horse done in agate cameo and 14kt yellow gold. 3/4" across and perfect for light chain. Retail is $255

Irish wishbone charm

#WISHBONE - $195.00

Long associated with the Irish and their knack for luck, the simple wishbone has found it's way tucked under bridles or braided into manes. Any extra luck is worth it! 1 5/16" tall and 5/8" wide. Perfectly formed, highly polished, two sets of channels on the back side for diamonds should you be so inclined to be that lucky charm! App 3gms

 14kt gold horse head earrings

#HORSE1529 - $100.00

Small detailed post earrings of a horse of course! Satin finish with diamond cuts and polished bridal. 1/2" and 1/2" wide. App 2gms

14k gold large English stirrup pendant #STIR293 - $225.00

Large 14k solid gold English striirup pendant. This weighs 3.2grms, 15mm or 5/8" wide at the base, 20mm or 3/4" tall, hanging length with bail is 25mm or 1 inch. Finely detailed.

14k stirrup earrings #STIR079 - $175.00

14k stirrup earrings with leverback mount. Identical to matching pendant 7/16" side and hanging length with Fleur de Leur leverbacks is 30mm or 1 3/16" app 2.7gms per pair

14k gold english stirrup pendant #STIR294 - $65.00

14k stirrup pendant of English or hunter stirrups. 11mm wide or 7/16" and hanging length with bail of 18mm or 11/16" just over 1gm. Light, unique and extreme detailing.

14k gold might horse necklace jewelry pendant

#HRS21586 - $80.00

Mighty horse head pendant with flared nostrils and flowing mane. Highly polished with textured mane details. 9/16" across or 15mm and app 1.6gms.

14kt medium horse pendant #HRS1760 - $185.00

Detailed free spirit horse in medium size, 7/8" across and tall app 3.7gms

jumper polo pony full figure in gold #ANC126 - $205.00

14kt gold prancing jumper pony. This one could be Black Beauty accept he's solid gold! The nicest one I have found yet with the poise, control, arch and character all intact. 1" across app 4.1gms

small 14kt polished unicorn pendant #HRS1889 - $100.00

High polished small unicorn pendant charm. 5/8" tall and 3/4" wide app 2gms

14kt legendary  unicorn  jewelry pendant #1891 - $305.00

Beautiful unicorn, short headed 14kt welsh pony with a little goatee and of course, the spiral horn. About 1" tall and 1" wide including the horn. App 6.1gms

small unicorn pendant #HRS1888 - $80.00

Magical unicorn pendant for the wee ones! 5/8" across, full of diamond cuts and texture app 1.6gms

14kt gold unicorn framed in oval pendant

#HRS1886 - $100.00

Detailed uniconr in all high polish with flowing mane and tail. Oval frame is polished with diamond cuts. 7/8" tall and almost 1/2" wide. App 2gms

horseshoe, crop and proud pony #ANC217 - 3.4 gms -  $155.00

14kt gold jockey pendant. Much dimension with the horseshoe nails, polished crop and proud arch of a thoroughbreds neck. About 7/8" across and 3/4" high not counting the bale.

show horse pendant #JCG288 - 4.2gms - $190.00

This pony is a show stopper! Beautiful arched neck, loose reins and wanting to shake that bit. It is all yellow, with three finishes. The face is polished, the neck is bead blasted and the mane is matte finished. About 3/4" across.

gold filigree jockey hat and crop #06125 - 2.0 gms - $100.00 

14kt filigree style of riders or jockeys cap and crop. It is 3 dimensional and detailed down to the braid handle on the crop! Just over 1 3/8"long and 1/4" thick.

gold horse shoe and pony face #16006  - 2.0 gms  - $100.00 

14kt horse shoe and pony pendant. Small, simple and great for a young person's first piece of jewelry. Nice detail with dimensional pony face peeking out of the horseshoe. 5/8" across

horse shoe and misty of chincoteague #ANC134 - 2.5 gms - $125.00

14kt gold gorgeous mustang horse face with a flowing mane and detailed shoe. Reminds me of Misty of Chincoteague... About 5/84" across.

gold horse heart necklace charm #HRS3890 - $105.00

Single horse profile with flying mane on textured heart. 3/4" wide and 5/8" tall app 2.1gms

twin horses making horse lover heart #HRS3886 - $50.00

Twin horses or horse lovers forming a heart. The more you look at this, the more you see in the simple design. Polished and textured. The black is simply lense reflection. Small and light at just under 1gm, and just over 1/2" across.

horse heart pendant #HRS3886 - $120.00

Twin horses for horse lovers forming a heart. Slightly larger than the one at left. Polished and textured. Just over 13/16" across and 3/4" tall to ears, app 2.4gms

bull ring longhorn pendant #HRSBULL - $45.00

Every cowgirl needs a longhorn bull for those special occastions! Small, light at 1gm and perfect for a light chain. Horn tip to horn tip is 5/8" and to nose ring is just over 3/4". All yellow gold, polished and textured. The black is simply lense reflection.

small 14kt gold horse pendant #HRS1778 - $110.00

Small horsey pendant for a little one or petite one. For your smallest chain, 1mm is fine as the bail is small. 5/8" across and app 2.2gms

chincoteague ponies #JCG275 - 2.2gms - $110.00

This is like the pony round up on Chincoteague, mother and foal running along the sands of the beach... about 1" across.

two tone gold horse head earrings #LE21 - $325.00 - 6.5gms

14kt two tone yellow and white gold 2D pierced earrings. The pictures do not come close to capturing the depth! The horse neck and face is done in yellow gold that is matte bead blasted finish while the locks and mane are done in white gold that is etched and cut for sparkle. About 3/4" tall and across.

horse heads #SEACL33 - $125.00

If you live in Horse Heads NY or Ocala FL, you need these! Sterling silver handsome horse head cufflinks. Nearly 3/4" tall and will be noticed wherever you go.

white gold diamond horse and horseshoe ring

#CLRING240 - $595.00

14kt WHITE gold horse ring with horse shoe and diamonds. Size 10; 8.3gms, Horse Shoe is just over 5/8" wide and 1/2" tall or 16x12mm. Easily sized up or down by your local jeweler. Retail was $999 when gold was $1,200oz. Liquidated assets from bankrupcy of chain store. One only.

Edwardian equestrian horse head cufflinks #CL11 - $40.00

Simple equestrian bridled horse head swivel cufflinks in silver tone, matte finished in the Edwardian style.

14kt horse ring #HR14389 - $475.00

14kt horse ring that is just under a size 7.5 weighing 6.6gms and is easily sized up or down by your jeweler. The mane flows right into the body of the ring

14kt mother and foal horse ring #HR14386 - $290.00

14kt mother and foal horse ring in size 7.5 and weighing 5.8gms easily sized up or down by your jeweler.


vintage Capewell horse shoe nail ring

Vintage 1940-1960 Capewell steel horseshoe nail ring. Cleaned and polished to make a mold. On the left is 14kt reproduction and on the right is Argentium silver. These are unpolished.

war horse horseshoe nail ring

World War horse shoe nail ring

WWII war horse shoe nail ring

Highly polished Argentium Silver 935 war horse horseshoe nail ring. We took the origianl steel ring and made a silicone mold. From that we shoot waxes and alter the size in the wax stage. There is no pointed tail end to catch you or your clothing. The edges have been rounded to be more comfortable while retaining the original characteristics.

WarHorse1 - $65.00

Capewell Horse Nail Co ring

Old Capewell Horse Nail Co from Hartford, CT. Original nail on the left, cold rolled steel with the Capewell Horse Nail Co imprint in the nail. Very well worn, some of the printing is barely legible. Very rusted and corroded guessing to be from the 1930s to 1940s. On the right is 14kt reproduction from silicone mold with all the defects and wear. Can be just as found or cleaned up and looking like new! Shown with Civil War era farrier rasp.

Argentium Sterling Silver equestrian jewelry

Argentium Silver .935 equestrian jewelry made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. This has .935 silver, rather than .925 of sterling silver. Excellent tarnish resistance and superior hardness. There is no coating, just pure Argentium 935 silver. These are Seawear trademarked designs under #VA0001330803 and #VA0001233947 hand crafted under the lost wax casting method, work hardened with four stages of centrifugal tumbling and then with hand finished polishing.

argentium silver horse shoe necklace


Argentium silver horse shoe. Large pendant at 1 3.16" across or 30mm and 1 5/16" tall or 33mm. Plus loop and bail. Weighs app 4.5gms and makes great necklace, bridal adornment or farrier appreciation gift! Pivoting bail is separately cast and soldered closed.



Link to the Sensory Trail that Seawear is involved with building/sponsoring for the Franklin County Therapeutic Riding Center.

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