Golf Jewelry

Golf jewelry for golfing and golfers! If your business is golf, tee times, pro shop, golf pro or golf course communities, show your golfing jewelry and always be working with the soft sell!

golf ball necklace pendant#GOLF121 - $185.00

Golf ball jewelry necklace pendant. Half round profile with back scooped out. Highly polished front and back. 1/2" across and 1/4" thick. App 3.1 gms


small golf ball necklace or bracelet charm#GOLF123 - $115.00

Small golf ball jewelry necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Half round with back scooped out and polished. 5/15" across and 3/16" thick. App 1.9gms


woody golf club wood#GOLF132 - $115.00

Wood golf club jewelry necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Woody is 3/4" tall and 1/2" across, app 1.9gms


golf club putter necklace pendant or bracelet charm#GOLF133 - $130.00

Putter golf club necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Putter is 1/2" tall and 5/8" wide. App 2.2gms


golf club iron necklace pendant or bracelet charm#GOLF131 - $85.00

Iron gold club necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Iron is 1/2" tall and 3/8" across. App 1.4gms


gold golf cart jewelry pendant #GOLF128 - $145.00

Just a fun golf cart jewelry pendant or golf shoppe charm! 9/16" across and 7/16" tall app 2.2gms. This one is finished on the front with the back scooped out and polished.


golf sports jewelry gold charm#SPC-087 - $60.00

Golfing! Fore! Putter on the golfing green 5/8" H by 1/4" W app 1.2gms


golf club jewelry charm#SPC-014 - $105.00

3-D smaller version golf club jewerly necklace charm. Highly detailed. 9/16" high and 5/16" wide. Would even make great earrings in loops or hoops. app 2.1gms


golf bag clubs gold jewelry#16178 - $160.00

Fore! What a conversation starter. Even if you don't play golf, look like you do! So nicely detailed you may end up giving it away at the closing table! Showing golf course homes today? Advertise it! 1" tall and 1/2" wide app 3.2gms


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