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Cats are probably one of the best live aboard companions you can have. Great mousers! They do not come running when called like a dog, they take a message...

Many people do not understand the bond one can develop with a cat and their personality. Until you have been loved back unconditionally and trusted by a feline friend, you won't be able to understand. From a playful kitten to a finicky eater, ya gotta' love them cats!

McKayla the cat inspector!'McKayla' is our QA helper. She's a very petite Asian Bengal with green eyes. This is her double checking on your order! Every day she hops from crate to crate checking on the packages before they leave!


RIP - Kayla left us August 11, 2014 after many devoted years of work. Her coat glistened in the sun like gold dust was in it, and was soft as mink. Born May of 1998 in Hopewell, VA she lived a long, happy spoiled life. She had fans worldwide.

14kt Stephen Douglas Sophie cat jewelry pendant#CAT750 - $1,812.00

Hang on! We're coming!!! Shown with optional 1mm twisted round wheat link chain. Kitty cat jewelry is done in a brushed matte finish with 1.7mm tsavorite eyes. Your chain fits under her paws and acts like a bail. Just about 1 1/8" tall. I'd show you the back side, but she'd blush... pictures taken while hanging on monofiliment, that is the line you see. Her other good side! App 7.5gms allow 3-6 weeks

14kt gold cat with diamond eyes hanging around your neck! cat jewelry pendant#GOLDIE - $595.00

14kt hanging cat jewelry with diamond eyes by Stephen & Helena of Beverly Hills California. Approximately 7.8" tall or 22mm and 9/16" wide at paws or 14mm; thickness is 3/8"; weight app 5.5gms, diamonds are each .015cts for total carat weight of .03cts. Your chain slides under the front paws so she appears to be hanging around! The sides are fully finished while the back side has been hollowed and flattened so it sits straight on the wearer. The finish is glass bead blast satin with polished highlights.

Regine cat and pearl pendant with diamnd eyes  cat jewelry necklace #Regina - $575.00

Ready to pounce from her 8.2mm pearl as her .015ct diamond eyes follow you across the room! 13/16" tall or 21mm, the tail acts as a bail loop for your chain. App 4.5gms By Stephen & Helena of Beverly Hills. Jewelry finished on all sides, 3D full round cat pendant

14kt two tone gold diamond cat pendant

#CAT1185d - $495.00

14kt two tone gold kitty kat diamond pendant jewelry with 1/3ct total of diamonds! 3/4" tall or 20mm with bail opening for up to 1.75mm chain or lighter. Very fine quality.

18kt gold leaping cat jewelry necklace with diamonds

#DIAMCAT - $395.00

18kt happy leaping cat with five flush set diamonds total carat weight of .08cts. 1.25 inches across and app 3.7gms of 18kt/.750 gold! Retail was $970 we are selling for $395 The color of the 18kt really shows off the diamonds!

gold and diamonds top cat jewelry necklace slide pendant #CATDM229 - $395.00

Limited edition gold and diamond formal top cat jewelry necklace pendant! .11cts total diamonds in the eyes and collar. Face is highly polished with individual whiskers sticking out while the body has been glass bead blasted for a stunning finish. 1 1/8" tall or 27mm; 7/8" wide or 22mm. 1/4" thick with scooped out back. Slide bail opening 8mm long and 4mm wide. App 6.4gms

14kt and rhodium feline kitty cat jewelry charm  #17111 - 5.5gms - $275.00

Stunning, subtle custom 14kt gold feline jewelry pendant! 24kt gold and rhodium highlights adorn your treasure! Fully dimensional 3D for charm or necklace. 5/8" tall and 5/*" across.

14kt kitty jewelry charm #17114 - 6.5 - $325.00

Custom cat in 14kt gold with highlights done in 24kt and black rhodium. 5/8" tall and 3/4" across. Fully dimensional 3D

14kt and porcelain cat cameo jewelry necklace #CAT108 - $95.00

14k framed kitty cat cameo from Italy. Light and feminine. Retail is $175, app 1.3gms, 1/2" wide by 5/8" tall or 12x17mm

14kt framed porcelain kitty cat feline cameo jewelry necklace #CAT109 - $85.00

14kt smooth framed feline kitty, same as the one on the left. The difference is the frame, smooth or a twisted rope finish. From Italy.

14kt yellow gold cat jewelry necklace pendant charm #CAT1929 - $175.00

In control cat pendant! Wearing that look tha only a cat owner knows! Just over 3/4" or 20mm from the tip of his ears to his feet! Very detailed app 2.8gms

14kt raised tail kitty cat jewelry charm #CAT2053 - $255.00

Wonderful full round 3D cat jewelry charm pendant. Finished on all sides, looks just like mine as she is trying to make friends with the dogs! 7/8" tall and 3/8" wide, solid and app 4.3gms Highly polished.

14kt stretching cat with textured socks and tail jewelry pendant#21714  - $135.00

14kt stretching cat with smooth polished body and textured socks and tail. One inch or 25mm across App 2gms Retired

14kt white gold outstretched cat necklace jewelry pendant #21714WG - $145.00

14k white gold outstretched kitty that is ready to play. Textured socks and tail. One inch across. App 2gms

14kt kitten on his back legs begging

#ANC026 1.6 gms - $80.00

14kt jewelry charm little kitten on standing on his hind legs begging for some one to pay with me! Small, light and adorable. - About 3/4" tall.

black cat in 14kt gold and rhodium jewelry necklace pendant #BCAT008 - $75.00

14kt cat with black rhodium for a multitude of color hues! Amazing look as it changes with the light. 3D finished on all sides, small at 3/4" from tail to toenails.

persian kitty cat kitten jewelry pendant

#1950  - 2.8 gms - $140.00

14kt Smooth finish highly polished purring Persian kitty cat jewelry charm with big bushy tail. Eyes are drilled through to pick up color of blouse for eye color. Just over 3/4" tall and 1/2" wide.

whiskers the feline cat jewelry

#1928   - 2.2 gms - $110.00

14kt Wonderfully detailed young cat with whiskers, and expressive face looking right at you. 13/16" tall and 1/2" wide.

fat cat with great detail in 14kt gold jewelry necklace

#1922 - 2.9 gms - $175.00 

14kt Amazing detail on this fat cat! You can almost see each hair and whisker in the lines. 1" tall and 5/8" wide.  

14k gold lever back hanging cat jewelry earrings#1652 - $205.00

14kt hanging by one paw kitty cats! Total dangle length is 1 5/8" The lever back findings are high polsihed, the cats are matte finished with diamond cuts for sparkle. App weight is 4.1gms

14kt size 6 cat jewelry ring

#CAT14146 - $470.00

14kt cat ring in size 6 app 9.4gms Easily sized up or down by your local jeweler, smooth shank underneath while the rest of the ring is textured. Very adorable face with whiskers, eyes are polished and reflect back surrounding colors.

14kt jewelry cat ring with peridot eyes

#CAT7320 - $395.00

14kt cat ring with .08ctw peridot eyes, each is 2.2mm round diamond cut. The body of the cat is deeply texturized in a hammered pave finish that sparkles! Weight is 5.4gms in size 6.5. Easily sized up or down by your local jewelry. Retail was $1,100.00 and we have one only

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