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Tropicals and reef fish - diving on the reefs or day dreaming in front of the aquarium, these fish are fascinating to watch for hours!

14kt longnosed butterfly tripical fish pendant with emerald  eye and bands of sapphires

#TROP121D - $895.00

One of the finest tropicals you will find. This longnose butterfly fish is done with an emerald eye and the bands are filled with hand set natural blue sapphires! On the back side is a hidden slide bail that will accept up to a 7mm wide omega, the back is completely finished and polished. This one is nearly 1 1/2" across and 1 1/16" tall or 37x26mm and app 9.1gms

14kt longnose butterfly tropical fish pendant with sapphire eye

#TROP121 - $1,195.00

Half round beautiful, detailed lifelike long nosed butterfly fish pendant. Done in high polish and texture, all done by hand. Large pinned swinging bail. 1 3/8" across and 1 1/8" tall or 33x28mm. App 7.6gms, ruby eye and the tropical fins make it look 3D.

14kt tropical tang fish necklace jewelry

#TROP222 - $995.00

Full round, 3D finished solid gold heavy tropical tang fish pendant. Some call them surgeon fish. Done in polish and texture with sapphire eyes. Solid one piece bail will accept 3.5mm chain or 5mm omega. This is heavy at app 15.3gms! 1 7/16" across and 3/4" tall without bail. 35x20mm

14kt queen triggerfish necklace jewelry

#TROP209 - $495.00

Half round, 2D Queen Triggerfish necklace pendant with ruby eye. Polished and textured in amazing detail. 1 9/16" across and 15/16" tall. App 6gm

14kt trunkfish necklace jewelry

#TROP346 - $995.00

If you dive, you know these are one of the most amazing tropical reef fish there are! The amazing trunkfish, boxfish or cowfish. Full round, 3D finished on all sides. These have a very flat bottom, real nostrils, green eyes and very detailed. 1 1/8" across, 5/8" tall and 3/8" thick and app 10.5gms . Spotted trunkfish face is adorable!

14kt Clown Triggerfish necklace jewelry

#TROP248 - $345.00

Half round, 2D Clown triggerfish with ruby eye complete with spots and pucker as found along the coral reefs. This one is highly polished, texture details, back side polished and suitable for engraving, fixed bail 1 1/4" across, just over 3/4" tall and app 3.5gms

angel fish pendant brooch pin

#TROP66587 - $1,295.00

Simply incredible angel fish sunfish pendant and brooch pin. Back side has hidden bail for chain up to 5mm or omega up to 6mm. Under that is a pin back for blouse or jacket. The texture of the gold is like fine silken threads. The gemstones (6.001cts total weight) graduate in color from white to a dark sapphire blue. Gemstones are Diamond (.21cts), Aquarmarines, Blue Zircon, Iolite, Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire. Retail with gold at $1,200oz is $3,590. We are selling far below wholesale. Weight is approximately 9.3gms with 178 hand set gemstones. Even at $5 per stone to set, you cannot duplicate this in house! Some stores will have no difficulty selling for $5,000. Limited supply, re-orders will be more than double the price. 2 1/16" across and 15/16" tall or 52x30mm. Not to be confused with the small 3.9gm one selling on other sites/stores for $1,000-1,300! This is the big one.

18kt gold and diamond tang fish brooch

#DIATANG - $1,295.00

18kt white gold tropical reef tang fish or angelfish brooch Hallmarked .750 on the back. 140 (4.02ctw) champagne diamonds set in chocolate rhodium and 1 (.occtw) VS/G diamond set in the eye. Total weight is 8.2gms. Retail was $5,830 and we are selling for $1,295.00. Easily worn as a pendant with brooch bail adapter.

large gold angel fish with 1/2 carat of diamonds

#TROP565d - $1,295.00

Incredible highly polished tropical angelfish with 1/2ct of diamonds in all the right places! There are nineteen 1.2mm diamonds and 74 1.0mm diamonds. All of I/GH quality, full round cut and can be used as a brooch or pendant/slide. This is heavy at 20gms and requires a strong chain. This is 2 3/8" tall and 2" wide or 60x51mm. Retail was $4,995 and we are selling for $1,495!

14kt Queen triggerfish pendant charm

#TROP208 - $795.00

Full round, 3D finished on all sides Queen triggerfish with fixed bail. This is medium sized at 1" and 9/16" tall. App 6.2gms

14kt rose gold and diamond fish necklace

#FSH66006 - $195.00

14kt rose gold with .03cttw of diamonds further enhanced with rhodium plating around the nine diamonds. White gold easy release clasp for charm bracelet or necklace. Smooth, detailed backside app 2.3gms and 1/2" across. MSR was $495.00 Clearance

tropical reef tang fish

#TROP199 - $175.00

Full round, 3D finished on all sides small tropical reef tang fish with sapphire eyes. Just under 3/4" across, 1/2 tall, 3/4" tall with bail and app 1.9gms.

school of tropical reef tang fish

#TROP347 - $745.00

Full round, 3D finished on all sides a fleet of tropical reef tang fish or a very small school! Width is 1.20", height is 13/16" plus bail, weight app 4gms, all have sapphire eyes.

tropical reef sunfsih angelfish diamond brooch necklace

#TROP167 - $445.00

Tropical reef sunfish or angel fish that is set up as a pin brooch or necklace pendant. Comes complete with 18 inch cable link chain. Set with diamonds, aquamarines, blue sapphires, tanzanite, zircon and lolite. Approximate weight of entire package is 5.6gms with .201cts of gemstones. App one inch tall and 1.25 inches across. Retail was $995 and we are selling for $445.00. Limited supply

tropical reef fish earrings with diamond and gemstones

#TROP116 - $345.00

Matching tropical reef sunfish angelfish leaver back earrings with diamonds, aquamarine, blue sapphire blue zircon and tanzanite. Just over 3/4 inches across and just under 1/2 tall, total dangle length is 1 1/8 inches. Total weight for the pair is 3.7gms and total gemstone weight is .104cts per earring or .208cts per pair. Retail was $695 and we are selling for $345.00

14kt angel fish pendant or brooch with gemstones

#TROP169 - $445.00

Tropical angel fish combination pendant and brooch with 18 inch curb chain. Angel fish is textured and gypsy flush set with aquamarine, blue zircon, and sapphires. Complete with chain total weight is app 5.3gms One inch tall and 1.25 inches across. Retail was $995 with gold at $1,200oz. Limited supply.

14kt angelfish earrings with gemstones

#TROP115 - $345.00

Matching textured tropical reef angelfish lever back earrings with gypsy flush set aquamarines, blue zircons, sapphires and diamonds. App 3.5gms, just over 3/4" across, 7/16" tall, and total dangle length is 1.25 inches. Retail was $695 with gold at $1,200oz. We are selling for $345!

14kt angel fish with chain and diamonds

#ANGF212 - $345.00

Angel fish with .06cts of diamonds, 18" rope chain, complete package for gifting or storefront. 1" tall and 9/16" wide (24x14mm) polished finished on back side, 3D full round. Diamonds only on front side. App weight complete is 4.6gms.

18kt white gold diamond tropical reef fish pendant

#ANGF758 - $445.00

18kt white gold tropical reef fish anglefish with .25cts of diamonds. Note the diamonds also set in the bail. Finely finished with back fully polished. Total weight is 2.6gms Total height with the bail is 1 3/16" or 30mm. Nearly 3/4" across or 18mm.

white gold angel fish with diamonds necklace

#ANGF795 - $425.00

14kt white gold angel fish with .15cts total weight of diamonds. App weight is 3.4gms, thirty two diamonds of app SI/H color. Retail was $1,839 and we are selling for $425

white gold angel fish with diamonds and chain

#ANGF109 - $225.00

14kt white gold angel fish with .10cts of diamonds. App weight is 1.7gms. Retail was $495 with gold at $1,200oz we are selling for $225.00

diamond sunfish pendant and chain

#SUNF210 - $395.00

Sunfish with .08cts of diamonds, 18" chain, complete package ready for retail or gifting. Retail is $995 and we are offering the complete set with chain for $395. Back side is completely finished and polished. Diamond sunfish is just over 1" across and 5/8" tall or 27x18mm. Approximate weight is 6.4gms

tropical reef angel fish and eamel pendant

#REEF12R - 175.00

Tropical reef angel fish in red and multi color enamels. App 3.6gms and 7/8" or 22mm across.

sergeant major damselfish pintano necklace pendant charm

#REEF52 - $145.00

Sergeant Major damsalfish, also known as a pintano. The stripes on the sides are what gives it the rank of Sergeant Major! Just over 3/4" wide and 1/2" tall or 21x13mm and app 2.4gms. Smooth polished back side.

foureye butterflyfish necklace pendant or bracelet charm

#REEF48 - $135.00

Four eyed butterfly fish also known as a foureye butterfly fish! Perfect small light charm or necklace pendant. 3/4" across and just over 1/2" tall, app 2.2gms. Back side is smooth

14kt gold parrotfish necklace pendant or bracelet charm

#REEF49 - $155.00

Parrotfish that is 7/8" across and 7/16" tall. App 2.6gms

14kt gold angel fish charm

#REEF46 - $165.00

Angel fish is 3/4" across and 9/16" tall, app 2.8gms Perfect for light chain or charm bracelet. Back is smooth.

14kt gold banded butterfly reef fish

#REEF50 - $165.00

Banded butterfly fish from the reef. Just over 3/4" across and 1/2" tall or 20x14mm App 2.7gms

tropical trigger fish pendant charm

#REEF56 - $185.00

Trigger fish in all their majestic beauty! 7/8" across and 5/8" tall. App 3.1gms

14kt gold blue tang reef fish for necklace or charm bracelet

#REEF58 - $150.00

Blue Tang reef fish for light necklace or charm bracelet. Just over 3/4" across and 1/2" tall. App 2.5gms.

14kt gold porgie fish charm necklace pendant

#REEF45 - $165.00

Porgie fish as found in Florida. 3/4" across, 1/2" tall and app 2.7gms Jump ring bail for light chain or bracelet.

14kt gold hogfish necklace pendant or bracelet charm

#REEF57 - $160.00

Hogfish pendant or charm. 3/4" across and 1/2" tall. App 2.7gms Highly polished. Backside is smooth and polished.

14kt gold angel fish necklace penant or bracelet charm

#REEF51 - $145.00

Angel fish pendant or charm. 3/4" across and 9/16" tall. App 2.4gms

14kt gold damselfish pendant or charm

#REEF55 - $175.00

Damselfish pendant or charm for bracelet. 13/16" across and 5/8" tall or 21x16mm. App 2.9gms

glassy sweeper fish pendant or charm

#REEF53 - $145.00

Glassy sweeper fish. Some say grassy sweeper! Wonderful to watching diving. 7/8" across and 1/2" tall. App 2.4gms

14kt gold clownfish bracelet charm or necklace pendant

#REEF47 - $155.00

Nemo! It's me your cuz!! Adorable clownfish that is 7/8" across and 1/2" tall. App 2.6gms

French angelfish charm or necklace pendant

#REEF54 - $150.00

French angel fish necklace pendant or bracelet charm. 3/4" across and 1/2" tall app 2.5gms

14kt white gold reef fish with diamonds, light blue sapphires and green garnets #REEF997 - $295.00

14kt white gold reef fish with 9 diamonds, 9 light blue sapphires and 11 green garnets. Bail opens for attachment to bracelet or necklace. Finished on all sides. Total dangle length is 1" and the width of the reef fish is 5/8" or 16mm

14kt white gold double reef fish pendant with diamonds and sapphires #REEF261 - $295.00

14kt white gold double reef fish pendant with 4 diamonds, 1 green garnet, 10 blue sapphires, 17 yellow sapphires. Total dangle length is just over 1" or 27mm and the larger fish is 1/2" wide or 12mm. Bail opens and finely finished on back side as well.

lion fish necklace jewelry#FISH434 - 5.2 gms - $260.00

14kt Lion fish done in wonderful detail. Scuba divers, aquarium owners and sometimes beach walkers find these amazing fish. About 1 1/8" across and 7/8" tall.

14k gold flying fish charm#694 - 2.1gms - $105.00

14k gold flying fish jewelry! Scooped out in the back to give you a three dimensional look without the cost! One inch across. Adorable captured in flight surfing the waves...

14kt gold grouper pendant #612 - 3.3 gms -  $165.00

14kt grouper fish highly polished and diamond cuts on the fins. About 1 3/16" across

14kt snarling barricuda#SEAS389 - 2.6gms - $130.00

Barry the Barracuda! He is looking hungry for you! Don't wear your jewelry while diving. All warranties are void with teeth marks. 1 1/8" across.

flying fish pendant#G286 - 3.6 gms - $395.00

Flying fish by Costello Studios with gemstone eyes no less! 3D with full detail. Pendant or charm. Wingspan is about 15/16" and the body is about 1 1/16". Made to order allow 3-4 weeks

flying fish earrings #G129 - 7.0 gms - $795.00

Flying fish earrings by Costello Studios. This picture shows the top of one and the bottom of the other. Twisted dangle will not slide out easily and catches more sparkle! Matches pendant. Made to order allow 3-4 weeks
A customer from Maryland writes: "The earrings are here and sitting on my earlobes! I love them!! Thanks so much. I'm going fishing in Hatteras, North Carolina next week and can't wait to wear them down there."

bone fish skeletan fish#SEAF6614 -2.8 gms - $140.00

Bone fish! The skeletal type!!! This one is two sided, 3D and would work well as a bracelet charm or a pendant. This is the type I catch! Just over one inch tall not including the bail. Solid 14kt plumb gold.

skeletan fish skeletal bonefish  #SEAF6615 - 1.6 gms - $95.00

Smaller version of the bone fish skeletal fish! This one is 2D and finished on one side. Ideal small charm or pendant. Just under one inch across.

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