Octopus Jewelry

Octopus - always thought of as sinister creatures, they don't really deserve that reputation. That's why we have octopus jewelry!
Class Cephalopoda The octopus is secretive, can change it's color in an instant and move by jet propulsion. Very much like a squid. They actually can bite if provoked with a beak that will inflict a nasty wound. Usually they hide during the day and come out at night to forage for food.
If you see one diving, they are very, very cool, although a little scary. I treat them with respect and just love to watch octopod and squid move. Believe it or not, they are in the mollusk family. The big ones in the Pacific get to sixteen feet! That is the body and one arm. So with the body in the middle and the arms outstretched it could be over thirty feet across! Keep your octopus jewelry hidden from them. Perhaps this is one of the ones from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!
Octopi do not have a nose as sharks and other fish do. Octopus are actually mollusks. On their eight arms, they have two rows of suckers that help them grab and stick onto things. On these suckers are cells that sense chemicals. These cells both smell what is in the water and taste what the tentacles touch. Keep them off a' me!

octopi necklace pendant #OCT122 - $945.00

Octopi deluxe done without any gemstones. All high polish finish. This one is 14.5gms 1 3/8" tall and 1" wide. Even though it is scooped out in the back, it is still 5/16" thick at the octopi head!


octopus necklace pendant #OCT122d - $1,995.00

Untill you have faced off one of these under water, you cannot understand the quiet aloof confidence they posess. There are many arms to the world of the octopus, these happen to carry about 1/2ct of SI Belgian cut diamonds along with two 2.5mm emerald eyes. A chain or cable up to 2.5mm passes through the head for necklace wearing. White gold! App 12gms Just under 1.5" tall and 1" wide or 32mm Only white gold available in stock


gold octopus necklace pendant with pearl body #OCT239nd - $595.00

Very detailed ocotopus necklace pendant with natural pearl for the body. No diamond eyes. App 7gms.


octopus necklace pendant#OCT239ws - $695.00

Incredible 14kt white gold octopus with sapphire eyes guarding his giant pearl!

Yellow gold with diamond eyes


Steven Douglas white gold octopus ring with Tahitian pearl #OCTOR001T - $1,895.00

Steven Douglas octopus ring that is stunning. We did this one in 14kt white gold with a Tahitian pearl and diamond eyes. Every nuance of skin tone, every suction cup is intact!


Stephen Douglas octopus pendant #OCTO1TSD - $864.00

Stephen Douglas octopus pendant with 8-9mm Tahitian pearl, .02ct diamond eyes and rear tentacles swivel as the bail. Incredible! Total length is 1 5/8" or 35mm. Front and back has been glass bead blasted for a shiny satin finish. Bail opens and closes shut so could be used for slide, an enhancer, bracelet charm or to add to something else. White gold with Tahitian pearl. Very special. White pearl Here's looking at you kid!


14kt highly polished gold octopus ring#OCTOR28 - $525.00

14kt octopus ring in size 6.25 highly polished, approximately 7.8gms! Not a light flimsy ring!! The back side is 4mm wide and can be sized up or down by your local jeweler. The face is 12mm tall or 7/16" of an inch, just over 5/8" tall. Perfect ring for that one that has their hands in everything!


octopus necklace#OCTOJRON - $245.00

Swimming sideways or descending! Two tentacles form two different bails. 1 1/8" x 3/4" app 4.3gms. Tentacles are textured and head is highly polished. Solid and flat on the back.


small adorable octopus pendant #OCT347 - $165.00

Adorable octopus, small, detailed and heavy. 3/4" or 19mm across and app 3.3gms


octopus jewelry necklace #SEA070 - $375.00

Octopus descending on his lunch! About 1 1/8" tall and 3/4" wide app 5.7gms


medium 14kt gold octopus charm #SEA071 - $165.00

Medium sized octopus from the same family. 15/16" tall and 5/8" wide, app 2.7gms


small 14kt gold octopus pendant charm for necklace #SEA072 - $75.00

Smallest in this octopus family, 11/16" tall and 7/16" wide, app 1.2gms for a very light chain.


gold octopod coming to get you!#338 - 3.6 gms - $195.00

Small polished gold octopus jewelry charm with suction cups on the tentacles looks as if he has just captured his prey! Just about 15/16" high and 7/8" across.

slithering octopus coming down on you
#341 - 6.0 gms - $345.00

Larger octopus gold jewelry charm descending on you! Two big eyes and suction cups to hang on. 1 3/8" tall and 3/4" across.

gold sea monster loch ness#2416 - 3.2 gms - $160.00
A distant cousin to the octopus is the sea monster! A hundred feet long and able to consume pirate ships in a single bite! This one is ready now... 1 1/2" tall.

guardian keeper of the trident pendant in 14kt gold #TRID - $855.00

The keeper of the trident in 14kt! Heavy at approximately 17.1gms. Trident is 2 3/16" tall or 56mm and the serpent eel is 1 1/18" wide or 27mm. The thickest point is nearly 3/8" or 9mm thick! The bail is hidden behind the center point of the trident and would accept 5mm omega or 3-5mm round chain. If you are wearing in a 5mm or larger chain you may want to have the bail enlarged. The trident is all high polished, the serpent keeper is satin, textured and polished. Even the back side is polished to a mirror finish. Teeth are bared like a guardian dragon!


hockey squid, Squid, calamari#332 - 3.3 gms -  $165.00

Squids! Calamari! Hockey fans! Italian food lovers! Ok Ok... you won't be throwing this gold squid down on the ice. If you do, it will start a fight for sure. This guy is awesome! 1 1/4" tall and 5/8" wide. Look at that eye! Anyone who dives knows how wonderful these are to watch in the water.


14kt post and ball drop octopus earrings #13080 - $150.00

14kt ball drop dangle post octopus earrings! Total height is 3/4" app weight 3gms

14kt gold post octopi earrings#NAE035 - $105.00 pr
Little 14k gold post octopi earrings! Very detailed even with tiny suction cups. About 5/8" tall app 2.1gms


octopus earrings in 14kt gold#13073 - $80-120 pr
Smoothly slithering octopods across your earlobes! Very nice at 1/2" or 3/8" across, app 1.6 and 2.4gms

Silver octopus jewelry

Argentium Silver .935 octopus jewelry made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. This has .935 silver, rather than .925 of sterling silver. Excellent tarnish resistance and superior hardness. There is no coating, just pure Argentium 935 silver. These are Seawear trademarked designs under #VA0001330803 and #VA0001233947 handmade under the lost wax casting method.

argentium silver octopus necklace pendant#ASOCTO122 - $95.00

Detailed silver octopus pendant with chain bail built into the top of the octopod head that would accept up to 2mm chain. 1 7/16" tall or 35mm 1" wide or 25mm. Weighs approximately 12gms

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