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This page consists of 14kt dolphin earrings and 14k dolphin bracelets. There are also pages for dolphin rings and dolphin jewelry.

14kt double dolphin and pearl earrings #DE2809 - $95.00

14kt Italian high end fine quality double dolphin and pearl earrings. Front and back is highly polished. Back sides is flat and solid, post is on the center of the top one as shown, there is a left and right earring. Pearl is 4mm, overall dimensions are 14x11mm or 1/2" across and 3/8" tall. App 1.2-1.5gms. Small, light, detailed and sure to be noticed. Retail is $195

Stephen Douglas dolhin diamond earrings

Stephen Douglas 14kt diamond dolphin earrings. Each has a diamond eye, diamonds in the tail flukes. Satin finished. Allow four weeks as each is hand made to order.Weight is approximately 5gms for the pair, .09cts of total diamond weight. Back side is scooped out. $595.00

dolphin earrings with coral cabachon#DOLCOR370 - $145.00

14kt dolphin earrings with coral cabachon stone. Cabachon is 8x7mm. Each earring is 5/8" tall or 15mm. 1.9gms for the pair.

14kt gold puffed entwined swmming dolphin earrings#DE378 - $165.00

14kt puffed double dolphin earrings, highly polished, finished on bothsides. App 3.3gms and 1" tall.

14kt gold puffed dolphin earrings in four sizes #DE385 - $90/110/135

Puffed dolphin family of earrings in 14kt gold finished on both sides. Measured from ear post to dorsal fin. High polished. App weights 1.5g; 1.8g; 2.3g Small, medium and large. XL is sold out

14kt white gold puffed dolphin earrings in three sizes #DE385WG - $95/120/145

Puffed dolphin family of 14kt white gold earrings, finished on both sides in high polish. Measurements from ear post to tip of dorsal fin. High polished. App weights 1.8g; 2.3g; 2.8g

#45307 - 2.1gms - $115.00

14kt satin finish leaping through polished hoops. Hoops are small at 18mm or 5/8"

dolphin pod earrings#NAE061 - $310.00 pr - 6.2 gms
Triple dolphin pod swimming around your ear lobes. A mother and two babies. Perfectly formed, but difficult to photograph! Please click on the images for the 3D effect!

small baby dolphin earrings#NAE-072 - $60.00 pr - 1.1 gms

Small 14kt gold stud earrings. About 7/16" long

gold dolphin stud earrings #NAE-074 - $60.00 - 1.1 gms

Small detailed 14kt dolphin stud earrings. About 3/8" across

smiling dolphin earrings #18838 -  $110.00

These smiling dolphin earrings will bring happiness to all that see you wearing them! 3/4" across with the post right under the dorsal fin. Ave weight 2-2.1gms per pair

mother and child dolphin earrings#NAE-073 - $120.00 pr

Mother dolphin and her young baby dolphin playing together. About 5/8" across app 2gms

14kt dolphin post earrings

#DOL1219 - $125.00

Opposing left and right dolpin earrings, post is centered, app 1.9gms per pair, 12mm across or nearly 1/2". Nice solid heavy dolphins. Limited supply, close out.



14kt Dolphin Bracelets

14kt gold dolphin bracelet

#DOL11793 - $445.00

14k nine dolphin bracelet. Lightweight at app 6.8gms. 7.5 inches with lobster claw clasp

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