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Lobster or Lobstah! depending upon where you are from!

Class Crustacea Bugs, Spiny, Shovel, Crawfish, Spanish, Spotted, 34" Northern! Maine Lobster. Boston lobster! Northern! No matter what you call them, there is one word to sum it up. Delicious!!

3D 14kt gold florida keys lobster bug jewelry #1035 - $295.00

There is no way to appreciate this Florida Lobster without holding it. It is three dimensional with detailed feelers, tail, body and feet. About 1 1/8" long, 11/16" wide and 1/2" thick app 5.1gms! Fully detailed and accurate.

new england maine lobster jewelry pendant

#15333 - $445.00 - 8.1 gms

You say lobster, I say lobstah! Great Maine lobster specimen with nicely detailed crushing and tearing claws, body, tail & face. 1 1/2" tall and 1" across.

Florida Keyes spiney lobster pendant #LOB284 - $295.00

Spiney bug southern warm water lobster 1 1/8" long without bail App 5gms

14k gold Florida spiney lobster necklace pendant #LOB332 - $215.00

Florida Keys spiney lobster 7/8" long without bail. App 3.2

small gold Florida Keys lobster charm pendant for necklace #LOB648 - $145.00

Small Florida Keys lobster charm for small light necklace chain. App 2gms 3/4" long plus bail. Would make great earrings as well!

crusher lobster claw necklace pendant #CRUSHER.SS - $395.00

Sounds like a 70s muscle car! The crusher claw is the dominant claw of a lobster, it is a slow muscle claw with a lot of long holding power. This one was done in a super satin super sport finish with the molar teeth, knuckles and spineys done in high polish. App 7.2gms and 1 1/4" tall. Hidden bail on the back

larger new england lobster jewellery  pendant

#LOB184 - $645.00

It is probably not a good idea to click on this bad boy unless you have a lot of self restraint! This is one incredible, large heavy lobster! Done in all 14kt yellow gold, with very pixilated detail. Tail to claw is 1 7/8" and width across the antennae is 1". Total dangle length including large bail is just over 2.5" or 65mm! Bail would accept up to 5-7mm chain. Ok Boston Rob and Boston Larry, you asked for it!

This baby tips the scales at 10gms and commemorates the big, really big lobster you read about living to be 100 years old or more. And the wicked bad, seriously wicked bad lobsterman lets him go. Or a wife like mine buys him at the restaurant to let him go and make more baby lobsters!

You need a big chain, and the top three buttons of your shirt removed to carry this off!

Special order

14kt hugh Florida Big Keys lobster pendant

#LOBBIGKEY - $1,395.00

Incredible Big Keys lobster! Tickle stick will not work, requires a headlock! 22 grams of 14kt rich yellow gold! Large bail will accomadate 6mm chain. Hanging length including the bail is just under 3" say 2 7/8". Thickness at the body is 3/8" or 9mm. Width is 11/16" or 17mm.

Extremely detailed shell, feelers and antenna.

white gold lobster jewelry charm #LOB418w - $95.00

14kt white gold lobster charm. Small size at 3/4" long and 3/8" across at the claws. Claws move back and forth. App 1.7gms

14kt rose gold Maine lobster #LOB2119 - $295.00

Steamed Maine lobster! 14kt rose gold lobster done in full round, 3D, finished front and back. Even has little feeder claws on the back! 1 3/16" tall including the built in bale or 29mm; 5/8" or 16mm across the claws. App 4.6gms

14kt Maine lobster jewelry necklace pendant with moving lobster claws #LOB441 - $175.00

Maine lobster necklace pendant app 2.9gms and length of 20mm or nearly 7/8". Claws swivel

14kt gold Maine lobster jewelry  pendant #LOB440 - $220.00

Maine lobster with moving claws, app 4.4gms, 26mm long or just over 1".

gold 14kt New England lobster jewelry necklace charm

#LOB439 - $335.00

Larger Maine lobster pendant with moving claws, app 5.5gms and 32mm long or 1 1/4"

gold Maine lobster necklace jewelry charm

#LOB233 - $425.00

Maine lobster with claws just waiting for you! App 6.4gms and 34mm long or just over 1 1/4"

Maine lobster jewelry pendant #LOB781 - $395.00

Maine lobster with forward feels and open claws looking for trouble! App 8gms and 36mm long or 1 5/8"

Maine lobster necklace jewelry  charm #LOB782 - $160.00

Maine lobster app 3.2gms and 26mm long or just over 1"

Gulf shrimp jewelry necklace #SHRIMP272 - $535.00

Gulf shrimp in 3D, like an actual delicious Bubba shrimp was covered in gold! Nearly 2" long or 47mm. Tentacles are folded back and under the sides. Bail is made to look like another with a 5mm opening. If shrimp or lobster is your business, you should be wearing this one! 3/8" wide and thick at main body. App 8.6gms. Requires sturdy chain.

Florida lobster necklace pendant

#LOB38 - $295.00

Florida lobster or Gulf Shrimp getting away! If you dive, you know what comes next! 1" across and app 4.7gms. Finished on front only.

gold 3D shrimp pendant jewelry#NAC573 - $220.00 - 4.4gms

3D shrimp with all the textures and scales! I'm not sure whether to use it for bait or get out the sauce!! Almost 1 1/4" across and would work for a bracelet charm or pendant

lobster pot buoy jewelry charm#NAC600 - $50.00 - 1.0 gm

Lobster pot buoy or marker. If you've been down east Maine this is what you find bobbing in the water as far as the eye can see! This is small, 3D and great for a bracelet or necklace. 3/4" tall plus bail. Yellow 14kt gold.

3D lobster trap jewelry with lobster inside#LOB246 - $175.00 - 2.7gms

I don't wanna' go to dinner! Larger round top lobster trap with a lobster inside. 5/8" across.

lobster trap  jewelry charm#LOB247 - $155.00 - 2.5gms

Slightly larger sized lobster pot with a red lobster in side! Domed top and opening, and measures 1/2" across. Sized for a charm bracelet or small pendant. Full 3D and lobster moves inside!

gold lobster trap with lobster inside jewelry pendant #LOB245 - $195.00

Made the way they do Downeast. Heavy textured oak wood with the rounded top. All 14kt gold with a rose gold lobster inside that was placed in from the bottom with the lid then soldered shut!9/16" across or 14mm. This is the heaviest one at 3.8gms.

lobster pot trap with lobster inside #LOB248 - $100.00

Smallest lobster trap with the largest lobster! This lobster pot is 1/2 inch across or 10mm. Fully round, 3 dimensional, polished on all sides as well as the little rose gold guy inside! App 1.6gms

14kt gold lobster earrings#13084 - $125.00 

Earrings - Boston Lobster on your earlobes! These are a must have if you work with seafood, dive or are from New England. Solid 14kt gold including post & back. Just a tad short of 3/4 inches in length and 1/4 inch in width. App 2gms

gold lobster post earrings#NAC069 - $90.00

Very small and light 14kt post lobster earrings. Measuring about 3/8" long and suitable for multiple piercings. App 1gm

14kt ball drop Maine lobster earrings #LOB068 - $95.00

14kt ball drop lobster earrings. Total dangle length is 5/8" These are light and small you will forget they are there! App 1.6gms

14kt Boston Harbor lobster crusher claw jewelry charm #LOB357 - $395.00

Spectacular lobster crusher claw fashioned after a lobster caught in the secret hole off Outer Brewster that you must ride the swell in a small boat to get to!! App 7.3gms Finished on front, hidden bail will fit omega up to 8mm wide or 5-6mm chain. 1.25" tall or 31mm; 5/8" or 16mm wide. Pincers do not move. Solid 3D version would be about 30gms and $2,100. Exclusive trademarked lobster claws to Seawear Inc

From Boston Larry: "The Lobstah claw is awesome! You really hit a home run out of Fenway Park with this one."

14kt gold New England lobster claw jewelry pendant #LOB356 - $245.00

Medium sized New England lobster crusher claw with hidden bail mount of app 5x8mm App weight is 4.3gms; 1" tall and 1/2" wide or 12x25mm. Highly detailed and polished. Edges are formed and back is left open. Pure solid 14kt plumb gold. The highest quality available.

14kt lobster claw jewelry pendant #LOB355 - $145.00

Small Maine lobster claw with swinging bail. Claw is 7/8" tall and 3/8" wide or 11x22mm. Total hanging length with bail is about 1.25" or 30mm. Will accept 4mm omega or 2mm round chain. As shown on ALT60 optional chain featured in the magazines. App 2.8gms Only available from Seawear ™

maine lobster cufflinks #SEACL30 - $40.00

Silver color New England Maine lobster cufflinks. Swivel mount. Great fun to give or receive. Maybe trade them for the real thing down east Maine!

14kt 3D Maine Lobster Claw jewelry charm

#LOB097 - $395.00

14kt 3D Maine Lobster Claw or Stone Crab claw pendant or charm finished on all sides. Claw is articulated and opens and closes! App 4gms and 3/4" tall.


Silver lobster claw jewelry

Argentium Silver .935 lobster claw jewelry made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. This has .935 silver, rather than .925 of sterling silver. Each of these lobster claws was hand carved in wax, then cast in silver and detailed into master models which the molds were then made from. Excellent tarnish resistance and superior hardness. There is no coating, just pure Argentium 935 silver. These are Seawear trademarked designs under #VA0001330803 and #VA0001233947 handmade under the lost wax casting method.

larger Argentium Lobster claw jewelry pendant

#AS357 - $95.00

Large crusher lobster claw pendant with hidden 4x8mm bail. Highly polished with pebble finish on back side. 1 1/4" tall and 5/8" wide. 32x15mm App 5.8gms

medium argentium silver lobster claw jewelry pendant


#AS356 - $75.00

Medium lobster crusher claw pendant with hidden 4x8mm bail. Polished front with pebble finish on back. 1" tall and 1/2" wide or 26x13mm App 3.6gms

small argentium silver lobster claw jewelery charm

#AS355 - $55.00

Small lobster crusher claw pendant with separate swivel bail for 1.5mm chain for pendant. If you prefer a jump ring, specify on order. Highly polished front, pebble finish back side. 15/16" tall without bail, (bail is 5/16") and 3/8" wide or 23x11mm and app 2.2gms

lobster claw family in Argentium silver

The green stuff is NOT lobster matter, a little rouge that was not seen until photographed!

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