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What better way to draw attention to nice earlobes than with a nautical or sea creature pair of earrings?! Priced by the pair, solid 14kt gold including posts and back. Sea turtles, dolphins, manatee, crabs, sand dollars, sea horses, lobsters, shells, starfish, shackles, knots, sailboats, lighthouse, flip flop, palm tree nautical earrings and more! This is a long page, so be patient!

Just a few of our 14kt gold earrings are on this page. For even more your favorite theme collection, click on the appropriate category at the bottom of the page. There, you will find even more gold earrings! These are all 14kt gold and priced by the pair unless there is a single option.

ear ring

Almost any charm can be used as an earring with an ear ring!

14kt white gold ear nuts for post earrings

14kt white gold ear nuts for post earrings

On the left is the typical ear nut that comes with post earrings. For a small to medium light pair of earrings, they work fine. If the piercing is no longer perfectly small and round, the posts are extra long or the earrings are heavier, you may find the medium or large ear nuts suit you better. If they are too tight, a thumbnail down between the spring catches will loosen them a little. If they are not tight enough, just squeeze the round edges in. The medium and large ear nuts have a scallopped surface. These are in 14kt white gold with additional rhodium plating for sensitive ears and fit an average post of .032-.036". The medium are $25 for a single ear nut and the larger are $35 for a single. I know, that's why it hurts when one gets lost!

blue crab post earrings#BLUCRABEARS
Chesapeake Bay blue crab earrings. Two sizes, very detailed. Small measures 1/2" across 1.6gms and larger is 3/4" across 3 grms. Post is centered in the body. $95-150.00
maryland soft shell crab earrings#CRABEARS
Watermen! Show your stuff! Small and larger crab earrings. High polish, post and earlock all in solid 14kt. Small is 1.5gms and 5/16" across; and larger is 2.3gms and about 1/2" across. $85-125.00

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Fantastic pearl earrings and pendants

triple trinity themed earrings

#TRINITY654 - $395.00

Magical trinity themed earrings. These are large and heavy. 7/8" tall and 9/16" wide. Each earring weighs 3.6gms so 7.2 for the pair. The trillion cut stones are quartz and total 10.4ctw. The six diamonds, one on each corner total .05ctw. Making up the trinity, is a hidden trinity knot on the base of the ear post. Trillion stone, triple diamonds and trinity knot. Fold over omega leverback locks.

Hawaii palm frond earrings with diamonds

#HAWAII654 - $895.00

14kt Hawaiian palm fronds with micro pave diamonds. Just over 5/8" across or 17mm. The pair weigh 9.2gms. Large and heavy! Fold over omega leverback locks. Ninety-four SI/GH micro pave set diamonds. Retail was $3,880 and we are selling for $895.00

14k braided twisted hoop earrings #EAR22307 - $395.00

14k twisted braided hoop earrings with hinged ear post, smooth barrel ends. Limited supply. Very high end brand. Average weight is 3.6gms per pair. 7/8" across or 22mm

More Turks Head Earrings

hand woven two tone triple strand Turks Head braid earrings

#EAR20482 - $495.00

14kt two tone triple twisted strand braid in white gold within yellow gold frame. Small at 1/4" by 9/16" or 7x15mm. Very high quality with machined end caps. Limited supply. App 3.5gms per pair. SOLD OUT



hand woven 14kt triple strand Turks Head braid earrings

#EAR20481 - $210.00

14kt triple twisted strand hand woven huggie style earrings. 7mm wide across the braid size and just over half inch across the circle. 1/4" by 9/16" or 7x15mm. Approximately 3.5gms per pair. Limited supply, very high end quality.



hand woven reverse braid earrings

#EAR20518 - $255.00

14kt reverse braid plus twisted strands in a huggie frame style earring. These are 5/16" wide across the braid edge and 11/16" across the circle portion. 8x17mm Each pair weighs approximately 4.3gms Limited supply of these very high end quality hand woven earrings.

14kt gold shackle earrings #NAE106 - $135.00
Small, light gauge shackle earrings. About 3/8" wide and 1/2" tall. So light you'll forget they are there! App 2.2gms for a pair

large platinum shackle earring medium platinum shackle earring small platinum shackle earring

The platinum series!

 More Shackle Earrings

14kt gold sloop sailboat earrings
#NAE-067 - $60.00
Perfect sailboat post earrings that match the bracelet below. The only sailboats we have been able to find. About 7/16" tall app 1gm
pail and shovel gold earrings#NAE120 - 2.7 gms - $135.00
14kt gold post ball and dangle sand bucket and shovel earrings. 3D and a perfect match! Bucket is 1/4" high (6mm) plus the lenth of the handle and dangle.
gold dolphin stud earrings#NAE-074 - 1.1 gms - $60.00
Small detailed dolphin stud earrings. About 3/8" across
small baby dolphin earrings#NAE-072 - 1.1 gms - $60.00
Small 14kt dolphin earrings. About 7/16" long
smiling dolphin earrings#18838  - 1.8 gms  - $110.00
These smiling dolphins will bring happiness to all that see you wearing them! Right at 3/4" across with the post right under the dorsal fin.

gold lobster post earrings#NAC069 - $95.00

Very small and light 14kt post lobster earrings. Measuring about 3/8" long and suitable for multiple piercings. App 1gm

 More Dolphin Earrings

octopus earrings in 14kt gold#13073 - $80-120 pr
Smoothly slithering octopods across your earlobes! Very nice at 1/2" or 3/8" across, app 1.6 and 2.4gms
14kt gold post octopi earrings#NAE035 - $105.00
Detailed little 14kt gold post octopi earrings! Detailed with tiny suction cups. About 5/8" tall app 2.1gms

14kt gold matte finish stingray earrings#13081 - $115/135/195 pair

14kt stingray earrings! Three sizes for any occasion. Small is 10mm or 3/8 inch wingtip to wingtip, the larger is 14mm or 9/16 inch across. Large pair 3/4 inch across. Looks like they are hiding in the sand. Waiting... app weight per pair 1.8; 2.7 and 3.9gms

small sanddollar earring posts#NAE037  - $125.00
Tiny sand dollar post earrings. Pendant and bracelet to match this style. 1/2" across app 2.5gms  
small sand dollar earrings#18857  - $55-175 pr
Perfect sand dollar earrings. Solid 14kt gold including posts and backing. Almost 1/4"; 3/8" and 1/2" across. Light & detailed. Five pointed star & holes. Post at top. Ap 1, 1.7 and 3.3gms
sand dollar and scallop shell earrings
#NAE010 - 4.8 gms - $240.00
Simply wonderful sand dollar earrings with detailed scallop shell posts to dangle from! All solid 14kt plumb gold. Sand dollars are 5/8" across.

 More Sand Dollar Earrings

sand dollar sear horse earrings#13125  - 2.7 gms - $165.00
What a combo! The sand dollar and the seahorse. Top post on the sand dollar, solid gold with gold post and backing. Smaller sand dollar from above with total width almost 1/4" and length a little over an inch.
starfish sand dollar earrings gold#13126  - 2.8 gms - $155.00
Like above but with starfish! The diamond cut finish refracts the light and causes the red tint. Solid yellow 14kt gold. But they will sparkle like diamonds across the room! Post on top leg of starfish.

 More Sea Shell Earrings and Enamel Conch Shell Earrings

fine gold scallop shell and starfish earrings#NAE020 - 2.8 gms - $140.00

Fine gold scallop shell with post and back and waving starfish below to dangle. Nice nice nice! Total length about 15/16"
baby dancing starfish earrings#13098 - $65/90
Tiny baby dancing starfish earrings in solid 14kt gold. About 3/8" or 1/2"across, app 1.3 and 1.8gms
small happy starfish earrings#NAE-075 - $110.00
14kt small happy starfish! Solid 14kt including posts and backs. About 1/2" across and 2.2gms, highly detailed with the little bumps!
palm tree earrings#NAE112  - 1.0 gms  - $50.00
14kt double palm tree stud earrings. Detailed and tiny at about 1/4" tall! Perfect for second piercing.
palm tree post earrings#MSE020 - 1.0gm - $50.00
Single palm tree earring, stand almost 1/2" tall. Very detailed and nice. Post is at top of tree so the can hang a bit if you like.

 More Beach Theme Earrings

gold sea turtle hatchling earrings #13077 - $85 to 165.00

Baby green sea turtle earrings in three sizes. 3/4" long 3gms - 5/8" long 2.3gms and 1/2" long 1.5gms ~ Solid 14kt gold including posts and back. Priced by the pair

nantucket basket lightship basket earrings#NAE-070 - 2.0 gms - $120.00
3-D Lightship basket or fish basket earrings. No lid. Dangle from a gold bead. Post and backing all solid 14kt gold. Baskets nicely detailed, about 9/16" long basket about 1/4" wide.
lighthouse earrings#NAE-066 - 1.3 gms - $65.00
Lighthouse earrings about 7/16" tall. Single door on lighthouse with caretakers cottage. 3/8" tall matches bracelet

 More Lighthouse Earrings

14kt post earrings of sea bird, gull or gannett#NAE064 - 1.4 gms - $70.00
14kt post earrings of a gull or Gannett poised before the dive for dinner! About 3/8" all around.
humpback whale earrings 14kt goldNAE-065 - $55.00
Baby humpback whale earrings. All yellow gold, posts and backs, 1/2" across 1.1 gms

read bonney sec3 pirate sword#Read-Bonney - $95.00

Mary Read and Anne Bonney, two of the most ferocious pirates ever. And they were women! It is a little known fact that their swords were a few inches shorter than the men's. Many would think it was because they were the weaker sex... NOT! - it was because they were faster! Most men hacked and stabbed with the sword, these ladies slashed and ran them through... all 14kt gold with a curve to counter balance and rest in your ear lobe. 1 3/4" long Mary Read sword is all yellow and Anne Bonney is yellow with white blade! She loved showing off the blood!

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More Flip Flop Sandal Earrings

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