Hand woven wedding rings

braided and woven gold and platinum wedding bands and rings

Hand woven wedding rings created in white, yellow and rose gold in 14kt, 18kt and platinum. Each braided wedding band is a mathematical masterpiece with no beginning or end. A technique inspired by ancient Celtic craftsman and reminiscent of modern nautical lines.

Many many years ago, knotted creations were woven in perfection as an offering to gods. Later, they became symbolic of the romance of two joining in marriage, intertwined, with no separation, side by side. For the nautical people, you can choose between a braided line, twisted or woven. Textures you see are Florentine (matte) or polished. From 4mm to 12mm there is one that should fit your style.

As these are hand made, none are stocked by the craftsman. Allow four weeks for yours. They cannot be resized, so be 100% accurate. They are not returnable or alterable. Prices quoted are for sizes 5-8 and 8-12 with gold at $300oz, platinum and rhodium at $400oz.

All shopping carts were removed as the prices flucuate with the change in gold. It takes a few hours to get a quote that is good for that day. At present gold is $1,300+, platinum $900+

If you see a hand woven wedding band you like, but not in the correct mm width or metal, it is possible to substitute metals and some are available in other widths. We'll exchange a few emails and then you will have a custom shopping cart set up for you. There are too many choices! The platinum we use is of the highest quality, .950 plat. If you see it at a lesser price and lighter weight, it is not .950 platinum.

Prices without a shopping cart will take 24-48 hours to get an accurate quote for 24 hours based on the size and quality of metal.

  Hand woven 3mm wedding rings

3mm rope weave band  double weave diamond band tri-gold 3mm wedding band

3mm 18kt and platinum woven band
14kt ~ $495
Size 3-8
BAND345 - $795
Simple, refined and elegant .24cts SI

BAND036 - $495.00

3mm tri-gold simple braid band. Hand made allow four weeks, soft colors will go with any setting. This was size 7 and weighed 3.8gms


3mm 18kt gold ring with .950 platinum single twist strand. Very refinded for petite fingers. Size 4 was $695.00

3mm two strand woven wedding ring  .  .  .

BAND643C - $395

3mm comfort fit two strand wedding ring

14kt twisted strands inlaid into 14k white gold

This was size N to Scotland. App 3gms

 .  .  .

 Hand woven 4mm wedding rings

18kt & Platinum
$495 ~ $555
18k/plat 02/08 $1,295
18kt & platinum
18kt & platinum
18kt white & 18kt
18kt & platinum
18kt & platinum
4mm single strand Turks Head band 18kt and platinum 6mm & 4mm bands

14kt tri gold woven wedding band
14kt and 14kt rose
4mm & 6mm set

R344 - $475.00

4mm x 3 twisted strands - any colors

18kt yellow bands with .950 platinum wires, July 2010

6mm ~ P8317 $1,190
4mm ~ P864 $795

14kt tri gold in heavier weave, round outside for gents.

This was an 11.5 and weighed 5gms



4mm tri gold 18kt wedding band
   anchor chain wedding band  
18kt tri gold, 4mm wide thick profile with blunted edges This was $795 in size 8.5  

R4764 - $495.00

14kt anchor chain ring. 4mm wide, just over 2mm thick. Satin background with raised polished anchor links. One piece, one color. Available in 14kt, 18kt, yellow, white, rose or platinum. This size 10 weighs 2.7gms. Made to order allow 3-4 weeks


  Hand woven 5mm wedding rings

$1125 ~ $1225
$865 ~ $960
.950 platininum from $1,795
14kt yellow edges
$695 ~ $890
14kt two tone
all yellow gold
$645 ~ $745
 twisted line sailors ring

Nordic Seas 5mm woven wedding band

platinum and 18kt rose gold hand woven wedding band

 Irish Sailors Ring

Celtic importance of 3's is also on our nautical ring section. $895 - 14kt


Platinum & 18kt with comfort fit

Two tone gold, satin braid

Nordic Seas - $445.00

Simple two strand woven band, 2mm thick. 4.5mm thick at the crests and 3.5mm at the valleys Allow four weeks for yours to be made


.950 platinum with 18kt rose gold. Size 6 weighed 9.2gms $1,335.00

5&7mm wedding set

platinum and 18kt gold woven twisted wedding band      

BAND8135 -

5mm wide, comfort fit. 18kt gold and .950 platinum from $1,595.00


 Hand woven 6mm wedding rings

18kt & platinum
$935 ~ $1055
18kt & platinum
$615 ~ $700
18kt & platinum
$625 ~ $710
18kt & platinum
$600 ~ $660
18kt & platinum
$795 ~ $865
18kt & platinum $1,395 August 2008
platinum & 18kt
$700 ~ $795
14kt two tone
Platinum 14ktwg $1300 ~ $1440
$250 ~ $300
$250 ~ $290 
$295 ~ $360
R125 2mm thick
14kt braided ribbon, satin
$535 - 675
14kt and 14kt rose
$525 ~ $645
4mm & 6mm set
basket weave gold wedding band triple strand twisted woven wedding ring 6.5mm woven ring

double riggers weave wedding ring
#50052 - $995.00 - 6mm - inverted three strand braid #50051 - $995.00 - 6.5mm - triple strands of gold woven into an endless circle Moonlight Cruise - new 6.5mm version $895.00

#436630 - $895.00

Double riggers Chevron knot ring. 6mm width, 14kt white gold double rigging braid with yellow gold edges. Unique new nautical wedding band Each is made to order and will take 4l-6 weeks. This one is size 11 and weighs 10.2gms


18kt gold and platinum wedding bands

 Nordic weave wedding band
18kt yellow gold and .950 platinum, the highest quality available. 6mm widths, set $3,160 March 2011

#NORDIC447M - $795.00

6mm intricate endless Nordic Viking weave with millgrained edges. 14kt white satin weave with 14kt yellow polished edges. This is a comfortable fit, the inside is rounded from the center out while keeping the profile as thin as possible.


6mm white gold cast braided turks head ring

#RING25 - $445.00

This is a cast twisted strand braid, commonly known as a Turks Head. 6mm width with 2/3s of the ring being made up of the twisted braid and 1/3 being a smooth shank that can be sized up or down. These are cast in a size 7.5 and can be sized up or down by your local jeweler. app 5.7gms the braid can be satin finished to make them stand out or polished with the rest of the ring.

Lifemates - Mates for life

New 6mm version for petite sizes $695.00

  Hand woven 7mm wedding rings


 tri color hand woven braid wedding ring
$265 ~ $300
14kt, tri-woven braid
With rose gold trim
$795 ~ $895
$695 ~ $845




platinum and rose gold woven ring

tri gold braided ribbon ring

14kt two tone Following Seas wedding bands

P8137 - $3,895.00

02/08 Platinum at $1,830 oz

Platinum with rose gold twisted strands, 21.6gms

7mm tri gold braided ribbon band. Extremely detailed with true color and not merely plated.

14kt $650-800

Following Seas

7mm and 5mm ~ $795 and $595

Like two waves making their own path, yet their crests continue to meet


18kt and platinum nautical hand woven wedding band

18kt rose gold and platinum hand woven wedding ring

 platinum and 18kt hand braided wedding band

P8137 - $1,545.00

18kt ring, 18kt twisted strands, .950 platinum heavy center braid. Comfort fit. 12gms in size 10

P8136 - $2,245.00

.950 platinum ring and side twists, 18kt rose center braid. Comfort fit. 14gms in size 10.5

5&7mm wedding set

 Incredible high polish .950 platinum and 18kt yellow gold hand woven ring. Size 9 was 19.7gms! $2,895.00

18kt rose gold woven ring
14kt two tone Celtic knot wedding band

special 8mm two strand braid platinum and 18kt gold band
 18kt rose gold ring, center braid and 18kt yellow twisted outer strands. $995 with gold at $1,150oz

#CKR444 - $1,295.00

Celtic knot nautical woven wedding band in two tone gold with heavy, thick build, extremely intricate knot pattern. Comfort dome profile, highly polished. 7mm wide and just over 2mm thick. This size 11 weighs 10.4gms! Custom made to order, allow four weeks.


8mm comfort fit size 10.5

18kt smooth strand

.950 platinum braid and ring

$2,990.00 @ 20 gms!

Gold $1,574/Plat $1,402

woven ribbon braid band   woven  tri-gold band

sunrise sunset rose and yellow gold wedding bands


Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12

14kt $575.00


Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12

14kt $495.00

#SUNRISE-SUNSET - $595 and $795

The magic of yellow gold and rose gold bring about the hues or sunrise and sunset. You do not have to be a boater to appreciate the comination! Shown 5mm and 7mm high polished golds

 woven tri-gold ribbon braid band  white gold woven ribbon braid band  woven tri gold flattened braid  


Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12

14kt $595.00


Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12

14kt $595.00


Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12

14kt $645.00


 Hand woven 8mm wedding rings

 two gold woven ring  twisted strand wedding band  white on white gold braided ring  hand woven ring
18kt & Platinum
$1355 ~ $1490
$1475 ~ $1585
$1565 ~ $1725
18kt & platinum
$925 ~ $1035
white gold woven ring with yellow gold woven ring white gold and rose gold    
14kt white with rhodium
14kt yellow
all polished
App $1,000
Plat/18kt app $3,500
14kt white no rhodium
14kt rose twists
All satin
App $1,000
 woven ring    five weave ring  hand woven ring
18kt & platinum
$805 ~ $925
Thick heavy ring
all polished, too
side view
18kt & platinum
$1495 ~ $1995
$895 ~ $995
$895 ~ $995
14kt $1,195 ~ $1,295
Yellow satin, tri color braid
$895 ~ $995
$895 ~ $990
Close up is size 14.5; comfort fit, matte finished braid w/highly polished rails
double braid wedding bands  white gold braided comfort fit wedding band

Moonlight Cruise Band

14kt comfort fit white with satin rose double plait braid ~ $1,095.00


14kt white gold comfort fit


3178 - 8mm Captain's Ring

644 - 4mm First Mate's Ring

Shown in 18kt $1,015/490

life mates wedding ring
lifemates wedding band
Freedom's Cup Turks Head ring Catalina Sunset hand braided wedding bands


Two distinct strands to make a couple

$1,095-1,395 - 14kt

Freedom's Cup

Turks Head bands, 8-9mm

$995.00 and up 14kt

Catalina Sunset wedding bands


$1,095 to $1,195


 two tone clearance wedding rings

1 1/2 carats diamond nautical wedding ring

14kt two tone 8mm hand woven wedding band. Special clearance price of $495.00! SOLD 14kt white gold nautical wedding band with 1.5 carats of diamonds! $1,995.00!! 14kt two tone 8mm wide, comfort fit, chevron style braid $795.00 14kt two tone, rounded wires are deep recessed into the band for almost flush fit. Thick, heavy, comfort fit. This size 10 was 11.3gms $845.00

  9mm wedding bands


Ocean Waves Wedding Ring

Two tone gold ocean waves forever joined

Whitecap Diamond Wedding Band

Ten high cresting whitecaps and a single diamond

Turks Head rings from 6-9mm Turks Head rings from 6-9mm

9mm hand woven

18kt and platinum hand braided wedding band

Five Oceans hand woven wedding band
mariner anchor link ring
Customer designed hand woven ring. 9mm, heavy comfort fit, 14kt white gold without rhodium, satin finish on braid and ring. 14kt rose gold inserts in high polish. Size 10 was 14gms $1,340.00 with gold at $1,170 Customer designed, extra heavy comfort fit 18kt yellow gold polished band with hand woven .950 satin finished platinum braid. This was a size 10 and weighed 21.8gms! $2,895.00 Five Oceans hand woven wedding band. Five twisted strands, each representing an ocean of the world. 9mm wide, heavy comfort fit, this was a size 11.5 and weighed 16.6gms in 14kt $1,495.00 9.5mm wide mariner anchor link ring. This is approximately size 13, 21.6gms, twelve indivual links. Six anchor links and six joining links. $1,595.00

  10mm wedding bands

gold two tone hand woven wedding band 18kt yellow and rose gold dawn's first light wedding band four strant turks head band

custom hand woven braided wedding bands

Custom Band

This was a P8308 from the 8mm section. We made it into 10mm, very heavy comfort fit. All high polished. This was $825 with gold at $620oz size 11.5 and weight 16.2gms!

Dawn's First Light Band

Rose gold braid on 18kt yellow comfort fit band. ~$1,395

Four Strand
Turks Head

$1,095 - 10mm four strand comfort fit Turks Head band

Custom set to match a popular engagement ring setting. His extra heavy comfort fit, hers standard. Awesome! $1,790-2,350


  Hand braided 11mm wedding bands

      11mm wide hand woven wedding band
$420 ~ $495
$530 ~ $600
 156 (12mm)
$450 ~ $525

The beast! 11mm wide, 3mm thick. 18gms in size 11. $1,795.00

Mother of the Beast! $2,095.00


  Hand woven 14mm wedding ring

hand woven braided Turks Head band $4,990.00 - 14mm full blown custom in 18kt extra heavy comfort fit      

  14kt Hand woven engagement rings and sets

These sets are made up of two rings, the engagement base and the matching wedding band. The engagement ring comes without the diamonds, setting or prongs. Your jeweler can size the rings, help you select the prong style setting you want, and the stone of your choice. Again, you are purchasing an empty engagement setting, ready to be sized and set. Not complete as shown. Your jeweler can size them when he sets your prongs and stone or we will send it out for you. Rings are made in standard size of 6-6.5

two tone hand woven engagement ring #HW165 white gold hand woven engagement and wedding ring #HW167 white gold hand woven braid engagement set #HW192 hand braided engagement set in two tone gold #HW171
Engagement ring and matching band with hand woven inverted braid. The ring shown is with optional four prong mount and 3/4ct diamond. side view. There is a sizing bar in the back for future sizing needs. Your jeweler can size them when he sets your prongs and stone or we will send it out for you. $495/245
White gold wedding set with braid and matching band. The engagement ring is ready for six 1.7mm round diamonds and a center diamond of your choosing. Shown is a 3/4ct diamond in four prongs for illustration only. There is a sizing bar on the bottom of the rings. Side view of engagement base. $545/195
White gold hand woven engagement base ring shown with optional 3/4ct round diamond in six prong setting and matching wedding band. Side view of engagement base ring and view of matching wedding band. Ready for your local jeweler to size, set and present! $645/195
14kt two tone engagement base with hand braided center and contrasting gold twisted trims on the border. Show with optional 6mmx6mm princess cut diamond. Side view of engagement base, view of band. Sold without prong setting or stone. $645/225
white gold braided wedding band with princess cut diamonds two tone princess cut diamond and flat ribbon braid wedding bands 1/2ct diamond hand woven two tone wedding band set white gold hand woven wedding band and engagement ring
Size 7.0 $1,395 1/2ct
Size 11.0 $2,195 7/8ct
No diamonds $795
Sizing bar
Size 7.0 $1,395 1/2ct
Size 11.0 $2,195 7/8ct
No diamonds $795
Sizing bar
Size 7.0 $1,495 1/2ct
Size 11.0 $1,595 1/2ct
No diamonds $795
Sizing bar
Engagement setting, WITHOUT center stone or prongs. Includes six 2.2mm diamonds, 1/4ct total. $995

1.5ct total diamonds hand woven eternity wedding band
hand braided diamond eternity ring two tone diamond hand braded enternity ring gents 8mm maching chevron wedding  band
Retail is $5,495.00
Size 7 only
8mm wide
Seventy 70 diamonds of 1.7mm full cut SI/GH or
1.5cts total diamonds
No diamonds $895 for mounting only, your jeweler can set your own diamonds.
Size 5.0 to 8.0
.75ct total diamonds
No diamonds $795
Size 5.0 to 8.0
8mm wide
1.5cts total diamonds
No diamonds $795


$895.00 in 14kt

gents matching band

white gold hand braided three diamond wedding set


two tone three diamond hand woven wedding set

14kt white with yellow gold braid and 1/4ct diamonds  
Comes with side diamonds 2x3mm, .20ct total. Your jeweler sizes and sets your center diamond and prongs.
Wedding band $395
Comes with side diamonds 2x3mm, .20ct total. Your jeweler sizes and sets your center diamond and prongs.
Wedding band $395

#121170 - $995.00

14kt white gold with 14kt yellow gold flat ribbon braid. Six diamonds included for 1/4ct total diamonds. Ready for your peg set prongs and center stone of you choice. Retail was $1,995 and these are a close out. Size 7 and your jeweler can size to you at sizing bar. Thick solid heavy ring to last a lifetime. 7mm wide at front and 5mm wide at back. 2.5mm thick. Octocet prongs shown are for reference, gemstones shown are for reference, sea foam green moissanite, VS/E natural diamond and canary yellow manmade diamond. Wedding band is available for $295 and not included.


 Clearance close out rings.

One of a kind. Cannot be altered. Price is for the one shown only. Liquidated assets.


titanium diamond wedding band ring

clearance diamond and yellow sapphire white gold ring

gents gold and diamond band

#CLRING5951 - $35.00

Size 5.5 7mm polished and satin titanium band weighs 3.8gms 2.2mm thick Retail was $275.000 and this is old display stock from a closed store. Store tag was cut off to take picture. Diamond is actually gypsy flush set and not inserted into a tube and pushed in.

#DIASAP636 - $695.00

Size 7 18kt white gold diamond and yellow prime sapphire ring. Princess cut sapphires 1.68ctw and channel set round diamonds .22ctw. Total weight of ring is 6.1gms of Hallmarked 750 18kt gold. Retail was $3,219 clearance priced at $695 Top face is 9mm wide and tapers to 3.5mm wide in back. Top is 3.5mm thick and back is 1mm thick Easily resized by your local jeweler.

#DIABAND365 - $495.00

Gents size 10.5 14kt gold diamond band. Diamonds total .18kt of approximately SI/GH. Total weight is 3.9gms. 4mm wide and 2.5mm thick at the top and 1mm thick in the back. Easily sized up or down by your local jeweler.


diamond starfish on yellow sapphire beach ring

mens white gold diamond wedding band

five diamond band with VS round diamonds

#CLRING616 - $1,495.00

Starfish on the sand ring! White diamond starfish dancing on yellow sapphire beach sand!

  • Size 7
  • 14.5gms!
  • 1.55carats total weight
  • .30cts of diamonds SI/G (35)
  • 1.25cts of yellow sapphires (72)
  • 11/16" wide on top and near 1/4" wide in back. (17mm x 7mm) The more you look into and study the ring, the more detail and design you see. Very unusual and one of a kind. Was in exess of $6,000 and we are selling for $1,495. Old store stock from liquidated assets by bankrupcy court.

    #DIA284 - $595.00

    Who says men don't like diamonds?

    Gents 14kt white gold band with yellow gold brushed side bar and .35cts of diamonds. Diamonds are SI/G and weight of ring is 6gms. Size 10.5 and easily sized up or down by your local jeweler. Front is 7mm wide tapering to 3mm in the back.

    #5DIABAND - $695.00

    14kt white gold shared prong hand set diamond band with five 2.8-3mm diamonds of VS/FG clarity in size 4.0 and is easily resized up or down by your local jeweler. Total weight is 1.9gms and diamonds are .40-50ctw. Ring is 2mm wide and will go with any solitaire. Would make wonderful engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary ring. Priced well below wholesale


    Stuller white gold pendant with swiss blue topaz and white topaz

    Scott Kay platinum and 18kt gold VS diamond engagement ring

    #1254 - $75.00

    Stuller 14kt white gold pendant for 1ct round stone and .05 secondary stone. comes set with 6.5mm Swiss Blue Topaz with incredible color and 2.4mm white topaz as accent stone. Total length of the pendant is 9/16" or 15mm. Weight as shown is 1.1gms Priced below wholesale cost.





    #SK870 - $595.00

    Special engagement ring by Scott Kay. 18kt yellow gold with platinum prongs. We have only this one in standard size 6.5 which can be sized up or down by your jeweler. The center stone is a 1.70ctw cubic zirconia. Ready to be replaced with your 6mm diamond. The other four stones are genuine diamonds of VS12/G quality total of .25cts. The ring weighs app 4.3gms. The shank is 2.5mm wide and tapers to 2mm wide in the back. Thickness is from 2mm on the sides to 1mm in the back. We are not an authorized Scott Kay dealer, this is liquidated assets from a store chain closing.

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