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Until you have trusted your life and boat to a simple shackle, you will not understand the significance a person of the sea places on this simple device. If a person gives a piece of shackle jewelry, it is more than token of security, it is a trust and a bond that runs deep.

If you are looking for a reason to give a pair to yourself, legend has it that the reason so many seafaring men wore an earring was 'wearing a plain gold earring will protect you from drowning and evil spirits.'

In some circles, you weren't allowed to wear an earring until rounding Cape Horn... me on the other hand am never sure if it is shackle or shackel!

There are more on the bracelet page as well.


14kt gold shackle earrings #SHAK106 - $135.00 pr

Small, light gauge shackle earrings. About 3/8" wide and 1/2" tall. So light you'll forget they are there! Single $70 or by the pair $135 Solid 14kt gold. App 2gms per pair

heavy 14kt shackle earring #SHAKBIG - $395.00

The largest heaviest shackle yet! Sold in singles. Each is app 5.8gms! Suitable for pendant, large heavy earring or body piercing. Flat thumb screw, extra locking nut to hold it secure. 3/4" or 20mm tall and wide at the pin. This is not a little pierced ear earring and requires a 3mm opening to fit. Awesome joiner for a heavy anchor chain.


14k gold large shackle earring clasp #SHAKMED - $245.00

Little brother to the SHAKBIG above. Solid heavy 14kt gold, each shackle is approximately 3gms. 16mm tall by 13mm wide. Inside opening is 8mm. Suitable for earrings, body piercing or clasp for bracelet or neckchain.


These are very correct shackle earrings exclusive to Seawear™ hand made, hand polished, hand threaded and hand finished one at a time

The small one (SWER1) is a little over 1.5mm thick, about the size of 12 gauge wire. The shackle is just under 1/2" across or 11.5mm and the pin is just over 9/16" across or 15mm across. The shackle height is 9/16" or 14mm. Average weight is 1.7gms per ear and 1.9gms for 14kt palladium gold.

The medium one (SWER2) is a little over 2.5mm thick, about the size of 10 gauge wire. The shackle is just under 1/2" across or 11.5mm and the pin is just over 9/16" across or 15mm across. The shackle height is 9/16" or 14mm. Average weight is 2.7gms per ear and 3.3gms for 14kt palladium gold.

The large one (SWER3) is a little over 2.5mm thick, about the size of 10 gauge wire. The shackle is just over 9/16" across or 15mm and the pin is just over 9/16" across or 15mm across. The shackle height is 13/16" or 21mm. Average weight is 3.7gms per ear or piercing or 3.9gms for 14kt palladium gold.

Seawear custom shackle earring 14kt white gold shackle earring 14kt palladium white gold
#SWER1 $200-260pr
Seawear custom shackle earring 14k rose gold shackle earring14kt white gold shackel earring
#SWER2 $310-450 pr
Seawear custom shackle earrings 14kt nickel free white gold shackle earrings 14kt palladium white gold shackle earring
#SWER3 $425-540pr
White gold rhodium vs platinum vs palladium white gold vs X1 white gold color variations

The platinum series

Some folks have simple taste. They only want the best. For you, we offer our platinum series done in .950 pure platinum and .050 ruthenium. The best. Under Federal Law, these are the only quality that can be stamped PLAT or PT as it is the purest form of alloyed platinum. All others are stamped with 400 to 900 PLAT, depending on the purity. These are done for us by Hoover and Strong.

large platinum shackle earring medium platinum shackle earring small platinum shackle earring

These are the same size as the gold versions above. The medium and large are a much heavier weight than the small. These are for earrings or piercing of the highest quality. The weights for a single shackle are approximately

$595.00 single large 5.8gms 9/16" across
$495.00 single medium 4.7gms 7/16" across
$295.00 single small 2.7gms 7/16" across

14k gold bow shackle

#SHAKBOW - $795.00

Very large correct bow shackle for body piercing, pendant, chain closure or bracelet clasp. This one is heavy at 10.7 grams of solid 14k gold. Use as the center piece of your large chain to join the ends or have it inserted through the last link for closure. This is 8 gauge or just over 3mm thick so requires a large chain. The two pin enclosures are 8mm across. The pin itself is just over 3mm thick.


14kt anchor shackle bracelet


Locking anchor shackle around a block with braided line. The last pin is threaded to secure the bracelet. Available in two size links, all yellow 14kt or 14kt two tone gold. The two tone is spectacular! Medium is 11 shackles and 11 turning blocks, large has 9. Large shackle link bracelet next to medium faced watch. Listed pieces are in stock. Any other color or size will take 4-8 weeks. $3,985 - $5,995.00


diamond and shackle bracelet

14kt high polished shackle links with 14kt white gold anchor link sheave links with VS/F-G diamonds. Total diamond carat weight is 2.42cts certified conflict free supplied by Stuller, approximately 118 individual hand set diamonds. Total weight of the shackle bracelet is 85gms. This is a large bracelet at ten inches. $19,995.00


white gold shackle bracelet with roped sheaves

#SHACKRS - $5,635.00

This was an all 14kt white gold shackle bracelet with roped sheave. Made in 8.25" length for a 7.5 inch wrist and weighed 66.3gms for $5,635. White gold @$85gm yellow gold @$75gm. Colors can be mixed and matched.


14k gold shackle bracelet

Custom shackle bracelet with large D ring shackle for extra length, heavy duty 3.5mm D ring shackle and pin with long throw for security. This was for 9.5 inch bracelet length came out to 91.6gms at $75 per gram. Custom polish $6,870.00


14k gold shackle bracelet

#SHAKBRTTM - $3,775.00

New medium sized shackle bracelet. Shackles and pins are 14k yellow gold while the turning block sheaves are 14k white gold. If you choose to set diamonds or gemstones later the white will set them off and not require rhodium plating. Shackles are 15mm or 9/16" wide and long; sheaves are 7mm or 5/16" wide and 12mm or 1/2" long. Each set/pair of links makes up just over 3/4" or 20mm. This bracelet at 8.5" is made of ten sets/pairs of links plus the clasp. App weight is 47.2gms


ladies diamond shackle bracelet


This was a custom ladies diamond shackle bracelet in all 14kt yellow gold, with ten shackles and ten sheaves. Each sheave was hand set with eighteen (18) VS/FG matching natural diamonds mined in Canada. One hundred eighty diamonds total, 1.7mm .025ct each. Total weight was 50.6 grams and $14,650.00


white gold shackle bracelet

#SHAK1319 - $7,250.00

New shackle bracelet that can be done in yellow, white, rose or peach golds. This is a new series with very close tolerances, there is not much play in the links. The pin is 3+mm and each is threaded. They will be welded permanently unless you want each to be able to be undone.

This one is 10.5 inches for a large customer and weighs 85.5 grams complete. Priced at $85 per gram. Perfectly timed links come in at 8.5 inches, 9.25 inches and 10 1/8 inches. This one we had to add a joiner link to come in at 10.5 inches. We also have the option of added an extra large Bow-ring or D-ring shackle. Colors can be mixed. Allow 3-4 weeks for yours to be made. 14kt yellow is $75 per gram

Each shackle is approximately 13x19mm and open sheave is 8x14mm

This one at 10.5 inches

85.5 grams

14kt premium white gold without need for rhodium


Can adjust for fit


anchor link and shackle chain in two tone gold

#LOCKDOWN - $6,695.00

The strongest anchor link known with the center bar stud and a classic shackle, both known for the strength and holding power gave us the LOCKDOWN! This was done with 14kt white gold anchor links and 14kt yellow gold shackles. This was a custom job, 24" and came in at 78.8 grams $6,695


snap shackle claspsSapphire on master link. Spring loaded lock just like on your running rigging! Link alone to change the clasp on a current bracelet or chain. Allow four weeks. Add $50 for white gold. Special order if not in stock.

16mm or 5/8" long - app 2.6 gms - $795.00
18mm or 3/4" long - app 4 gms - $1,095.00
18mm or 3/4" long in 18kt gold one only - $795.00

14kt and sterling silver anchor penant massive sterling silver anchor link pendant 14kt and sterling silver anchor link earrings

New ships anchor chain link series, 14kt and silver pendant, sterling silver pendant and 14kt and sterling silver earrings.


stud link anchor link pendant with leather necklace #AL12x21as - $75.00

Argentium silver .935 simple stud link anchor link app 12mm wide, 21mm long and 3mm thick. This is a larger link used for a men's bracelet. Completed with two feet of 2.2mm round natural Greek leather cord. Single link weighs app 4.5gms.


14kt gold bowline knot pendant

#KNOT-BOW - $100 to 150.00

Common bowline knot in twisted 14kt line with solid secure bail, hand tied and finished on all sides. Also known as the 'king of knots' from the poem The Bowline by Sir Alan. Large is 1.25" without bail (32mm) app 3gms and small is 1 1/8" without 28mm app 2gms. 14kt yellow or white gold.


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