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Fishing snap swivel bracelet

Gold fishing snap swivel bracelets, necklaces and earrings! What better way to wear your passion or express you profession! Anyone who knows fishing will know you fish with your snap swivel jewely!

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fishing snap swivel link bracelet

SEALINKS198 solid heavy gold fishing swivel bracelet! Note the detail on the swivels and how good it looks on! Once you try this one on you will be leaving it on! This one is is 8.5" and made up of nine swivels. Yes, it could even be done in a necklace but you must be a great swimmer just in case! 8.75" is app 35.5gms! $2,245.00

14k guy beard 8mm snap swivel link bracelet

Guy Beard - TMI snap swivel bracelets

If you have been shopping for a fishing swivel link bracelet, you already know this is the best quality money can buy. These are milled down from solid rod stock. NOT cast. This results in a much denser, harder and heavier link than by casting. It creates a lot of waste. So yes, they are more expensive. This is all there will be for a long time. He will not set up the mill for less than a $20,000 order. If you would like a chain, simply buy three bracelets and have them assembled to the length you desire. We will buy back your unused links and premium clasps.
3mm fixed link chain, 20", 27gms
5mm moving swivels in 7", 8" and 9" bracelets
8mm moving swivels in 8" bracelet -

Guy Beard TMI 8mm fishing swivel bracelet

#SWIVEL.TMI.8mm - $2,495.00

Large 8x19mm fishing swivel link. This is made into an 8.25" bracelet and could easily be 8.5-8.75 by making the round connector links oblong. Or as another customer did, replacing them with longer platinum links! The TMI trademark is only on the link following the clasp. These are completed with the ultra fancy closure clasp as we requested when made. App 38.5gms solid 14kt fishing swivel link bracelet

Guy Beard 5mm fishing swivel bracelet

#SWIVEL.TMI.5mm - $915 to 1,155.00

This is the most popular of the Guy Beard TMI fishing swivel bracelets. 5x12mm moving swivel links. We have them stocked in 7, 8 and 9 inch bracelets. We specified the extra fancy clasps when we had them made.

The seven inch swivel bracelets average 14.1gms $915.00 Sold Out

The eight inch swivel bracelets average 16.4gms $1,065.00

The nine inch swivel bracelets average 17.7gms $1,155.00

3mm Guy Beard TMI fishing swivel neck chain

#SWIVEL.TMI.3mm - $1,755.00

The smallest of the Guy Beard TMI fishing swivel neck chain series, these are 3x8mm and do not actually swivel. The are so polished they feel like the swivel, but they are solid one piece machined from solid gold rod. This one is 20", weighs 27gms and has a lobster claw clasp. We have photographed this with marlin, sharks, anchors, giant fish hooks and looks great with all.

8x21mm fishing swivel link bracelet

#SWIVEL4006 - $3,795.00

Extra large 8x21mm fishing swivel links. We had this one custom made with a little extra flare. Each end is done with a brommel clasp that also swivels. Brommels have been used for years on sails. No moving parts to fail. They must be turned sideways and 180 degrees to fit. When worn, the openings are not close to each other. No moving parts to fail. This bracelet is 8.9" long. Almost 9", just not quite! This is a heavy fishing swivel link bracelet at 50.6gms. You may not find another like it! There are eight links total, go ahead and count them on this fishing swivel bracelet!

7x17mm fishing swivel bracelet

#SWIVEL2030 - $1,995.00

Large 14kt fishing snap swivel bracelet. Each link swivels from the bottom. Total length is 8.25" and could maybe be stretched to 8.5-8.75 inches by the connecting links being oblonged rather than round. We no not have access to more links. Nine links total, just about one link per inch, solid heavy fishing swivel bracelet at 33.4gms. Each link is about 11/16" long or 17mm and the thickness at the barrel is 1/2" or 7mm. 7x17mm links for comparisons.

6x14mm fishing swivel link bracelet

#SWIVEL2656 - $1,295.00

Medium sized fishing swivel bracelet with eleven swivels, each measuring 6x14mm. Total of 8" and 21.8gms. Lobster claw clasp, each link swivels.

6x14mm fishing swivel neck chain necklace

#SWIVEL2656tt - $3,445.00

Medium sized 6x14mm fishing swivel necklace or neckchain done in a twenty inch length of alternating 14kt and 14kt white gold swivels. Lobster claw clasp and a total weight of 57.4gms.

4x11mm fishing swivel link necklace neck chain

#SWIVEL3003tt - $1,615.00

Small sized 4x11mm fishing swivel necklace in 18" with lobster claw clasp. Alternating links of 14kt gold and 14kt white gold with a weight of 26.9gms

20" fishing swivel neck chain

#SWIVEL3003 - $1,860.00

Small sized 4x11mm fishing swivel neck chain in 20" length with lobster claw clasp. Weight is 31gms, each link swivels.

14k snap swivel diamond earrings #SWIVEARS - $445.00

14k snap swivel earrings with EACH earring having a .20ct diamond, that is .40cts per pair! 14k yellow gold upper portion with diamond and 14k white gold lower swivel. Total dangle length is just over 1" or 27mm.

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