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Crab jewelry in 14kt gold, crab charms, crab earrings, crab bracelets, enamel over gold blue crabs and crab cufflinks

Crab cakes, crab fritters, peelers, stone crab claws, blue crabs or my favorite, lobster stuffed with crabmeat!

14kt 3D blue crab necklace pendant

#CRAB351 - $645.00

Full round 3D blue crab slide pendant. App 10gms of 14kt gold in high polish, belly is covered, two bail slides connect main claw and bottom. 34mm wide or 1 5/16" and 28mm tall or 1 1/8". Will accept 6mm or 1/4" chain or omega.

14kt gold Maryland Blue Crab with St Michael Satin finish

#CRAB351sms - $645.00

Full round 3D Maryland Blue Crab with the shell done in a St Michael Satin finish! Underside, claws and legs are all high polished, only the back shell is satin. App 10gms with two hidden bails under the large claws. Wear it from one bail to hang at an angle or from both to hang straight or use as a slide on an omega.

14k gold Chesapeake Bay blue crab with enamel

#CRAB344e - $595.00

14k gold Chesapeake Bay blue crab necklace with translucent blue enamel applied by hand. No two will be identical. App 5.3gms, 1.25" across or 31mm. Hanging length with bail is 1 1/16" or 26mm.

 14k crab pendant with enamel

#CRAB336e - $345.00

14k gold stone crab necklace pendant with translucent enamel applied by hand. No two will be exactly alike. Similar, but not identical. App 4.4grms, 1" across and 1.25" hanging length with the bail.

14k gold small Maryland blue crab with blue enamel

#CRAB345e - $125.00

14k gold Maryland blue crab necklace jewelry with hand applied translucent enamel. This is the smallest version at 1.7gms, 3/4" across or 18mm. This is for a very light chain.

moveable horse shoe crab pendant#NAC611 - $195.00 - 3.2 gms

3D 14k Horseshoe crab jewelry pendant! And he flexes. No little legs underneath to snag your clothing. If you've explored the bays of the Eastern Shore and New England, these little guys are no stranger to you. Low tide finds hundreds of these horse shoe crabs just waiting... 1.25" long plus bail.

white gold maryland blue crab necklace pendant with pink diamond#CRAB305wgpd - $275.00

Maryland blue crab necklace pendant in white gold with natural argyle pink diamond SI clarity and .04ct. Crab is 3/4" across and app 3.3gms

14kt gold Maryland blue crab jewelry pendant with ruby#CRAB305s - $295.00

Maryland blue crab pendant with a AAA quality 2.5mm ruby between it's claws. Back shell is satin textured while the rest is polished. App 3.3gms

white gold maryland blue crab necklace pendant with blue diamond#CRAB305wgbd - $275.00

Maryland blue crab necklace pendant in white gold with IF-VVS color enhanced blue diamond of .05cts. 3/4" across and app 3.2gms

14kt 3D Maine Lobster Claw jewelry charm

#LOB097 - $395.00

14kt 3D Maine Lobster Claw or Stone Crab claw pendant or charm finished on all sides. Claw is articulated and opens and closes! App 4gms and 3/4" tall.

14k Florida stone crab claw jewelry #SCC165D - $495.00

14kt Florida stone crab claw with .10pt Belgium cut diamond! Articulated work or art with flexing knuckle joint and the pincher claw opens and closes! Hidden bail on the back is 5mm wide and 3mm high. Finished front and back in 3D full round. Has each little dimple and barnacle pock mark like the ones for dinner last night! One inch tall or 25mm and 3/8" wide or 10mm. App 5gms

white gold articulated Florida Stone Crab Claw necklace jewelry pendant #SCC165wg - $345.00

14kt WHITE gold Florida Stone Crab Claw that is articulating. Five pieces make this stone crab claw up, two knuckles and the claw tip plus solid white gold pins to act as axles for the pivot joints. 1" long and 3/8" wide, round hidden bail, weighs app 5gms. This one is 5.1! Speckled crab claw finish that is polished highlighting the divots. Can be satin finished as well.

gold stone crab claw jewelry necklace pendant

#SCC165y - $345.00

All yellow gold Florida stone crab claw pendant in high polish. Articulated joints and stone crab claw moves open and closed. 1" tall App 5.1gms

Florida stone crab claw charm

#SCC165yr - $345.00

Yellow gold stone crab claw pendant with satin finished rose gold pincher claw. Rose gold is satin finished, crushing surfaces have been left polished for contrast. All these have hidden bail in the back of the claw.

larger sized 14kt gold polished crab necklace pendant #CRAB744 - $170.00

Larger crab pendant, 15/16" across almost 1", almost 3/4" tall, app 3.4gms. Textured, bumpy legs and high polish!

jumbo 14kt gold very detailed crab necklace pendant #CRAB731 - $595.00

Jumbo crab pendant, 1.5" across and 1" tall. Very detailed with each leg and claw having the bumps, textured shell body and very polished all over. App 9gms

14kt fiddler crab pendant #CRAB310 - $345.00

14kt fiddler crab that is incredible! Huge claw with hidden bail that will work on an omega chain as well. Brushed satin finish body with highly polished claws and legs fully detailed with crab bumps! 15/16" tall or 23mm App 5.8gms

14kt stone crab pendant #CRAB309 - $475.00

14kt stone crab necklace pendant. Joe knows stone crabs! Finely detailed and textured shell with high polish claws and legs. Double bail under stone crab claws! 7/8" tall or 22mm and nearly one wide or 24mm App 8gms

#CRAB099 - $1,995.00

Incredible hand made 14kt Chesapeake blue crab with realistic claws, 1.75mm bezel set emerald eyes looking at you and .71cts total diamond weight of hand set VS/F diamonds! Emeralds are AA quality diamond cut. 30mm tall and 33mm wide (1 1/4" by 1 1/4") approximately 11.5gms in weight. Double bails under each claw.

14kt Steven Douglas designer Maryland Crab #SEAC046 - $695-1,195.00

Maryland Crab in stunning 14kt detail. Polished claws and bead blasted textured finish on the body shell. Very high end designer piece. Solid and flat on the back for engraving while the solid crab lumps have been removed from the underside of the main shell! The black spots in the image are the reflection of the lens. Hidden bail under the right hand claw. Shown on optional 1.8mm cable link chain. It does NOT come with any chain. 1 1/8" or 28mm across, app 6.3gms White gold version. Allow three weeks for yellow, white is in stock

eastern shore blue bay crab gold charm#15390 - $130.00 - 2.6 gms

Small, delicate and very detailed little guy with the hook on one outstretched claw. About 5/8" across and 3/4" tall.

gold blue crab jewelry#NAC469 - $375.00 - 7.4gms

Large Chesapeake Blue crab almost 1" across. Heavy, detailed and thick.

14kt gold medium sized crab necklace pendant #CRAB742 - $125.00

Lightweight crab pendant, app 2.5gms, 1" across and 1/2" tall. Textured body and polished legs.

14kt gold blue crab necklace pendant with satin finished body and polished legs #SAT406 - $165.00

14kt bay blue crab with satin finished body and high polish legs. Yummy! Git me a bun! 3/4" across and app 1.8gms sold out

small gold blue crab charm#NAC692 - $140.00 - 2.8gms

Small Chesapeake Bay blue crab pendant. One claw reaching out and is very detailed. All polished or satin body and polished claws 3/4" across

medium gold blue crab pendant#NAC691 - $195.00 - 3.9gms

Medium sized Chesapeake Bay Blue crab jewelry pendant. Hangs at an angle from one claw. 7/8" across All polished or satin body and polished claws

14k Chesapeake bay crab jewelry #CRAB690 - $390.00

14kt large Chesapeake bay crab in high polish with outstretched claw! 1.25 inches across and one inch tall. App 7.8gms

large 14kt bay crab jewelry pendant #CRAB487 - $695.00

14kt large bay crab 1.5 inches across and one inch tall. App 12gms requires strong chain. All high polish

14kt satin and polished blue crab with .05ct diamond necklace #CRAB305 - $395.00

14kt blue crab with .05ct diamond, sand blasted body and highly polished legs and pivoting bail. 3/4" across and app 3.6gms. Diamond is at least SI full cut conflict free from Belgium.

14kt gold fiddler  crab necklace with diamond and emeralds #CRAB119 - $395.00

14kt fiddler crab necklace pendant with brushed satin finish hard shell, polished legs and claws, .05ct diamond in his clutching claw and 1.5mm emerald eyes! 3/4" across App 3.3gms

14kt gold fiddler crab jewelry pendant with full claws

#CRAB088 - $225.00

Small fiddler crab pendant with two full claws and two big eyes! 3/4" tall and across 18x18mm plus bail. Total hanging length will be 1 1/8" or 29mm. App 3.5gms

14kt hermit crab jewelry necklace pendant

#CRAB118 - $225.00

14kt hermit crab necklace pendant or bracelet jewelry charm. 3/4" across and 1/2" tall or 12x19mm plus the bail. Hanging length will be 7/8" or 22mm. App 3.5gms

small blue crab necklace jewelry charm #CRAB901 - $95.00

Tiny full round 3D crab necklace pendant or bracelet charm. Jump ring for fine chain or charb bracelet links. 1/2" across and 3/4" to the top reaching claw. App 1.7gms.

 king crab charm necklace jewelry #CRAB739 - $195.00

King crab with matted multi cut finish. It sparkles and everyone will notice! Both claws holding clasp. About 15/16" across and 7/8" tall app 3.9gms

14kt gold blue crab with ruby eyes necklace jewelry #CRAB6075 - $295.00

14k 3D full dimensional blue crab with ruby eyes! Just over an inch across and 3/4" tall plus bail for chain. Hand made and highly polished. Underside "Here's lookin' at you kid!" App 5.3gms of solid gold!

blue crab necklace with satin shell backCRAB6075S - $295.00

Full round 3D blue crab with the shell done in a satin finish. Otherwise identical to it's brother next store! Ruby eyes, finished underside. App 5.3gms

14kt stone crab pendant #CRAB1008 - $100.00

14kt stone crab that is light and small. Perfect for a snack! 5/8" across 5/8" tall. Does not lay flat, appears 3D but is not, hollow back! App 2gms and all high polish

14k stone crab gold necklace pendant #CRAB986 - $230.00

Guess who we've having for dinner! 14kt stone crab that looks delicious! App 4.6gms Almost 7/8" across or 30mm. Raised position looks 3D but is only 2D to keep the weight lower.

14kt large blue crab slide#CRAB015 - $1,095.00

Blue crab slide with double bail on back. 1.5" across or 38mm. App 12.9gms Will accommodate up to 10mm omega.

14kt blue crab slide #CRAB040 - $325.00

Blue crab slide done in all high polish with double bail on back side for up to 8mm omega. 1.25" across or 31mm and app 5.5gms.

14kt white gold crab jewelry pendant charm

#CRAB557 - $105.00

14kt white gold crab pendant charm. 17mm or 5/8" across and 14mm or 9/16" tall. App 1.9gms

argentium silver sea shore crab charm necklace pendant

#ASCRAB - $45.00

Argentium silver .935 crab necklace pendant or charm for your bracelet. Almost one inch across at 15/16" or 23mm app 4.4gms. Highly polished with the main body shell done in a satin finish. Made in USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. Hand made and hand finished.


Crab Earrings

3d blue crab earrings#CRAB901E - $225.00

3D blue crab ball drop earrings. The little fellas from next door have been hung by their claws to dangle from your ear! Post & back also 14kt. App 3.8gms pr 1/2" across

blue crab post earrings#BLUCRABEARS - $150.00

Chesapeake Bay blue crab earrings. Two sizes, very detailed. Small measures 1/2" across 1.6gms and larger is 3/4" across 3 gms. Post is centered in the body. Small are special order $125.00

maryland soft shell crab earrings #CRABEARS - $125-85

Watermen! Show your stuff! Small and larger crab earrings. High polish, post and earlock all in solid 14kt. Small is 1.5gms and 5/16" across; and larger is 2.3gms and about 1/2" across.

14kt ball drop dangle crab earrings #13089 - $230.00

Ball drop dangle crab earrings just over 3/4" long and each crab is 3/8" wide. App 4.6gms per pair finished on all sides, detailed underside.


Crab Bracelets

heavy gold blue crab bracelet

#NAB143 - $1,080.00 - 21.6gms

Thirteen (13) blue crabs linked together to form a 7.5" bracelet. These are identical to the NAE133 earring crabs above. Each measures 3/4" across.

small chesapeake blue crab bracelet

#NAB193 - $620.00 - 12.4gms

Fourteen (14) blue crabs lined up to form a 7.25" bracelet. Each crab is 1/2" across and identical to NAE113 earrings.

14kt gold diamond crab bracelet

#CRAB14 - $1,995.00

14kt crab diamond bracelet with lucky seven alternating crabs with satin finished bodies, polished claws and .51cts of diamonds! App weight is 21.2gms and length is 7.5" Each SI diamond is hand set with four prongs along with a very high quality European security lobster claw clasp.


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