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The three most dangerous man-eating sharks in the world are the Great White, Hammerhead, and Bull Sharks. All three have awesome teeth and all are found in Florida's Gulf waters in astounding numbers and size. Some of the best areas in the world for finding sharks teeth are the beaches of west Florida.

If you love sharks and sharks teeth, you will love one of these. We believe in catch and release, so please let them go...

Be sure to check out the shark jewelry selection too! Sterling silver shark teeth

gold great white shark tooth#GWST - $995 to 3,495

Solid gold or platinum great white shart tooth pendant cast from an actual tooth of a great white shark who left this one where he shouldn't have.

14kt greath white shark teeth 52mm jewelry #ST105 - $3,325.00

14kt Monster! Great White Shark Tooth of app 55.4gms!! A little less than two ounces of gold! Full round 3D, highly polished, heavy bail inside dimensions of 6x7mm and the side measurement of 2" or 50mm! Requires very heavy secure chain. Shark-teeth back. Chain in image is NOT included

14kt large great white shark teeth jewelry pendant #STGWL - $2,395.00

Large solid 3D full round 14kt gold great white shark tooth that is 1 7/8" on the left side or 47mm and app 34.3gms! Polished, serrated and bead blasted gum and feeding holes. Heavy secure bail is fixed.

14kt great white shark tooth necklace#ST106f - $1,545.00

14kt Great White Shark tooth in full round 3D. App 26gms and longest side is just over 1 5/8" or 42mm. Total length with bail is 2" Heavy fixed bail inside dimensions of 5x7mm Bail is 10 gauge and done in the wax. Textured gum line Mold from actual shark tooth with some serations and age lines in the center. Shark- teeth back Extra large bail done for heavy Miami Cuban clink chain. These are usually done custom for the chain you have. This great white tooth was done for a wide alternate anchor link chain, heavy 12 gauge bail on a pivoting 14 gauge bail ring came in at 28.4gms

14kt gold snaggle tooth shark tooth 33mm #ST107 - $1,335.00

14kt snaggle-tooth shark tooth in full round 3D high polish. Heavy bail with inside dimensions of 5x7mm app 22.3gms Longest side is just over 1.25" or 33mm. Requires strong chain. Shark-teeth back

great white shark tooth in gold #NAC494 - $1,185.00 - 18.2 gms

14kt solid gold great white shark tooth! Finished on all sides, serrated like a spiderco! Over 1.25" H by 1" W by 1/4" D! Heavy. If you are a dive master, dive tour operator or boat captain, this will be noticed.

mako shark tooth jewelry#MAKO107 - $975.00

Large size mako shark tooth. 1 7/16" or 36mm long on the longst side where the bail is. With bail it is 1.75" of solid thick heavy gold! Massive root tube structure. Crown is highly polished while root has been done in contrasting satin diamond sparkle. Heavy bail is app 2mm thick and will not give. Soldered closed and swivels. This is 15gms and requires a strong jewelry necklace chain!

14kt tiger shark tooth jewelry pendant  #ST113 - $945.00

Tiger shark tooth from a sixteen foot tigershark. 1 3/16" along the edge 1 1/4" top to bottom with the bail or 33mm. Bail is solid heavy gauge and cast as part of the tooth. App 15-16gms and requires solid heavy chain. Bail opening 5x6mm All serrations intact.

14kt great white shark tooth 35mm #ST108 - $795.00

14kt great white shark tooth in full round 3D highly polished. Heavy bail inside dimensions 5x7mm app 13.3gms with longest side measurement of 35mm or 1 3/8" Shark-teeth back

medium sized great white shark teeth jewelry#STGWM114 - $790.00

Medium sized great white shark tooth. 1 1/4" tall not including the fixed bail. Hightly polished both sides, satin textured gum and feeding hole. App 13.2gms of come and get me sharky!

14kt white gold great white shark tooth pendant#ST109wg - $545.00

14kt great white shark tooth done in white gold. 3D full round, highly polished, textured gum line and feeding tube, heavy bail. Average 8-9gms. 1 1/8" on longest side of shark tooth and 1.5" including bail for hanging length. Bail opening is 6-7mm

14kt great white shark tooth 30mm #ST109 - $525.00

14kt great white shark tooth in full round 3D high polish. Heavy bail with inside dimensions of 5-7mm app 8.1gms. Longest side measurement 1 1/8" and 1.5" including bail, Shark-teeth back side finished in high polish

14k rose gold tiger shark tooth necklace #STTIGrg - $525.00

14k rose gold tiger-shark shark tooth necklace pendant. Special order solid 3D full round. All one piece as the bail is cast with the tooth, one solid piece and not added after casting. Not stocked, this one came in at 8.9gms

solid gold tiger shark tooth jewelry #STTIG - $515.00

Tiger shark tooth in solid 3D full round 14kt gold. Polished, serated and bead blasted on the gum and feeding holes. Right side measures 1" or 25mm and app 8.6gms

great white shark tooth necklace#STGW340 - $455.00

This shark tooth pendant is for tearing once the others have bitten! 1 1/8" or 28mm plus the oversided pivoting bail which will accomadate a 2-5mm chain. App 7.6gms full round 3D shark tooth.

mako shark tooth jewelry#MAKO106 - $325.00

Mediuim sized mako shark tooth. 1 1/8" long or 28mm on the longest side where the bail is. Simple solid wire bail will go with light or heavy chain. Crown portion of mako shark tooth is highly polished while allowing some age lines of the enamel to still show. The root of the tooth is done in a sparkly diamond satin finish, while maintaining the natural shape, flaws and feeding tube. Solid 3D finished on all sides and weighs 5gms

great white shark tooth necklace#ST319 - $275.00

Small great white shark tooth in full round, three dimention. Solid, not hollow or scooped out on the back side. Tip to right hand gum line is just under 1" or 34mm. Tip to top of fixed bail is 1" or 35mm. 1/8" thick at gum or 3.5mm. Bail is ideal for 1.5 to 2mm chain. App 4.5gms High polished enamel and soft satin finished gum area.

14kt gold tiger shark tooth 23mm #ST110 - $265.00

14kt tiger shark tooth in full round 3D high polish. Heavy bail with inside dimensions of 3x4mm app 4gms Longest side measurement is 15/16" or 23mm Shark-teeth back

gold great white shark tooth#928 - $235.00 - 3.9gms

This one is scary hanging on a chain, let alone thinking about rows and rows of them coming at you! 7/8" tall and across.

gold polished tiger shark tooth #ST341 - $195.00

Full round 3D Tiger Shark tooth. 13/16" or 20mm plus bail. App 3.3grms. Finished on all sides.

white gold serrated tiger shark tooth necklace jewelry #ST341wg - $195.00

Full round 3D small serrated tiger shark tooth 13/16" or 20mm tall plus bail. App 3.4gms

14kt polished gold make shark tooth #ST926 - $185.00

14k mako shark tooth on all high polish, no diamond cuts 15/16" or 22m tall plus bail. Great size for bracelet charm, necklace pendant or even earrings. App 3.3gms

small shark tooth jewelry charm#ST261 - $175.00

Small shark tooth for necklace or charm bracelet. The opening is for a jump ring for your bracelet or a very small chain. The opening is only 2mm so requires a very small chain end. App 2.4gms, highly polished or satin on the gum portion. Shown in natural 14kt, also white, rose, green golds or platinum. It measures 15/16" or 23mm on the longest side and 9/16" or 14mm across the top. Thickness is only 2mm so is great for your finest chain or dangle earrings.

sharks teeth in gold#00927 - $155.00 - 3.1gms

So realistic a gold shark tooth, your friends will wonder if it's capped! One sided for light weight. One inch tall.

gold tiger shark tooth - upper dusky shark tooth#00925 - $140.00 - 2.8gms

3D 14kt gold tiger or upper dusky shark tooth with serrated edges all around! The tooth base has a texture finish while the biting part is smooth as bone! About 1/2" across.

14kt gold upper dusky tiger  shark teeth#06568 - $125.00 - 2.5gms

14kt one sided upper dusky gold tiger shark tooth. Is larger than above, but lighter with the curved shape. Almost 7/8" across with serrations on leading edges!

tiny yellow gold shark tooth#ST12y - $75.00

Tiny shark tooth in 14kt yellow gold. Works for your finest chain or earrings. Total length including the bail is 11/16" or 17mm. The width across the textured gum is 3/8" or almost 10mm. Finished front and back, textured and high polish. As found on the beach App 1.2gms

14kt rose gold shark tooth#ST12r - $75.00

Tiny shark tooth in 14kt rose gold. Small enough for your finest necklace chain or even as dangle earrings. Total length including the bail is 11/16" or 17mm. The width across the textured gum is 3/8" or almost 10mm. Finished front and back, textured and high polish. As found on the beach App 1.2gms

14k white gold small shark tooth jewelry necklace earrings#ST12wg - $75.00

If you have ever been to Venice Beach FL you know how exciting it is to find these! Small shark tooth with built in bail for your lightest chain. App 1.2gms, high polish, 11/16" or 17mm tall with bail. Even work great on existing shepherd hook earrings!

Silver shark teeth pendants

silver great white shark tooth necklace jewelry#ASGW105 - $245.00

Argentium 935 sterling silver very large great white shark tooth pendant. App 39.6gms and just over 2" long or 52mm along the left hand side. This great white shark tooth was molded from an actual fossil and shown here on a standard sized business card. Most natural age cracks and lines are visible. We can polish everything smooth, but try to keep them looking as much as the original as possible. The root is just over 1/4" thick. The enamel is polished smooth and the gum root has a satin diamond finish that sparkles and refracts light back into itself.

silver tiger shark tooth necklace jewelry#ASTS107 - $195.00

Argentium 935 silver large tiger shark tooth. App 17gms and just over 1.25" or 32mm along the right hand side. Enamel portion is polished and the root gum portion is a satin diamond sparkle finish. This is a large tiger shark tooth on a standard business card.

great white shark tooth jewelry necklace#STMEGAGW - $175.00

Great white monster shark tooth! At 26.6gms it is nearly an ounce. In 14kt it is $2,500ish. This is Argentium .935 silver. From the left hand corner to the man tearing tip is 46mm or just over 1.75 inches. Including the built in fixed bail it is 53mm or 2 1/8" as that is the dangle length. This is molded from a pre-historic fossil shark tooth, megalodon. We have maintained most of the accuracy with age lines and fissures to keep the mass and weight as high as possible to the original. If you are on a pc and not a phone, this image will show extreme detail of the megalodon great white shark tooth jewelry necklace pendant! Bail opening is 5mm or nearly 1/4"

argentium silver great white shark tooth jewelry pendant#ASGWST2 - $145.00

Great white shark tooth jewelry necklace pendant. This one weighs 21.5gms, more than 2/3 of an ounce. From the left hand corner to the tip is 1 5/8" or 41mm. The total dangle length with the bail is just over 1 3/4" or 45mm. The bail is heavy duty, swivels and will accept up to 1/4" chain, leather cord or braided line. This tooth needs something strong. All the original crevices, growth & aging lines and imperfections have been left intact in the shark tooth rather than polish them out. The enamel portion is polished and the gummed upper tooth is satin finished. The bail opening and entry hole for the bail pin has been polished, flared and beveled. Even on the back side. And if you choose to wear it with a black pirate t-shirt!

Argentium Silver 935 great white shark tooth jewelry pendant#ASGWST - $125.00

Great white shark tooth jewelry pendant. This one weighs 12.3gms, more than 1/3 of an ounce. From the right hand corner to the tip is 1 3/8" or 35mm. The total dangle length with the bail is just over 1 3/4" or 46mm. The bail is made of 14 gauge Argentium 935 wire and left large enough to fit through any chain up to 5/16" or 8mm. This is 3D full round finished on all sides. The finish has been left more natural showing the lines in the enamel, the gum portion is satin finished while the tooth is polished and the very tip is extremely polished. The tooth has retained it's natural curve inwards and not been altered in the wax stage. This has .935 silver, more than .925 sterling silver

Argentium silver very large tiger shark tooth#ASTST - $125.00

Tiger shark tooth pendant. This is a large and heavy one! 12.7gms The gum portion has been satin finished and the enamel portion is highly polished. 1 1/8" without the bail.Just the way it hangs. This is rather thick at 1/4". Every natural line, grain and pore has been left within the tooth. This is full round, 3D solid and does NOT have the back scooped out. Each of these are unique and the image will change as the tooth sells and a new one is made.

Argentium Silver Tiger Shark Tooth#ASTST113 - $95.00

Tiger shark tooth ready to rip and tear in a frenzied pool of red. Solid 3D, app 7gms. 1" tall along right side, bail opening for up to 4mm chain without rounding. 3/16" at thickest point. All high polished with the gum then detailed with a diamond bit for matte and sparkle contrast. Wear it on a charm bracelet, anklet or necklace.


argentium silver great white shark tooth jewelry pendant#STGWMAS - $95.00

Great white shark tooth medium sized jewelry pendant. This one weighs app 10gms, the bail does not swivel and is cast as part of the tooth. From the right hand corner to the tip is 1 5/16" or 34mm. The total dangle length with the bail is just over 1 11/16" or 43mm. The bail opening is 1/4" or 5mm. This is 3D full round finished on all sides. This is all polished and we can satin the gum or tooth if you wish. This has .935 argentium silver, more than .925 sterling silver.

Argentium 935 shark tooth#AG1988 - $45.00

Australian tiger shark tooth. Just over 3/4" on right side. 1" dangle length with bail. Approximately 4.4gms with amazing wear properties compared to standard sterling silver .925 The gum portion of the tiger shark tooth is satin finished while the exposed enamel portion is high polish

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