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Life saver... life ring... life preserver, buoy. We've all had someone in our life that was an absolute life saver. Now you can reward them with the perfect jewelry gift and let them know what you think. The small ones are great for fund raisers and sports award banquets.

14k gold life raft charm#1411 - 4.8gms - $375.00

14k life raft finished in 3D on all sides. Perfect for your chamr bracelet or necklace. Life raft is 3/4" long and nearly 1/2" wide. One of those things every boater must have and never want to use.

life saver preserver lifering #06713 - 2.0 gms - $100.00

14kt keepsake jewelry pendant for charity & fund raiser events. This is an ideal solution to tell the donor they truly are a "LIFE SAVER" in your eyes. Not including the bale about 1/2 inch across

life saver preserver lifering
#15479 - 1.2 gms - $60.00
Smaller 14kt memento of a life saving life preserver pendant almost 3/8" across, nicely detailed.
Seawear gold life ring life saver charm

#1218 - 1.6gms - $80.00

14kt 3D full round life saver life ring buoy detailed and finished on both sides. Solid highly polished ncecklace charm or jewelry charm bracelet. Just over 1/2" across.

Orange Country Beach Patrol life saving ring for lifeguard #LR060 - $85.00


Perfect 3D full round live saving ring with teh initials O C B P. Orange County Beach Patrol or Ocean City Beach Patarol . If you are from OC this is for you! If the intials work for something else, you can say it was custom made just for you!! High polished, just under 1/2" or 11mm across App 1.7gms

14kt  3D full round life preservor flotation device jewelry charm #LR1005 - $70.00

14kt 3D full round life preservor flotation device that makes a great pendant or bracelet charm. Matte and high polish finish. Just under 1/2" across or 11mm App 1.4gms

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 Shop: Nautical Jewelry Marine Sea Life Jewelry Irish Celtic Jewelry Fine Jewelry

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