Ships Wheel Jewelry


#SW183d - $475.00

Detailed 14k ships wheel with .10ct diamond in the hub center. Diamonds are rated at IF/VVS and EF color. The best available. Polished front and back and detailed down to the bungs that would be seen on an authentic teak wheel. Small and heavy at 7/8 inch across and app 4.2gms

White gold $625.00 Special order, not stocked


#DSW109 - $995.00

14kt diamond ships navigation wheel with just over 1/3ct diamonds of VS/F clarity and quality. These are special diamonds mined in Canada. Larger center diamond in hub and total gold weight of 6gms. 1 1/8" across or 28mm. Very high quality with rodium, pave bright setting and milgrain detail. From across the room, this is the sparkle! If you are on a desktop, the diamond ships wheel and the diamond yacht wheel in larger format.


yacht wheel pendant for necklace #SH109a - $395.00

Highly polished yacht wheel with open hub. This is same one as above, but without diamonds. 1 and 1/8" or 28mm spoke to spoke. App 6.7gms


navigation yacht wheel in 14kt #SW183a - $270.00

Yacht wheel or ships wheel in 14kt gold with open hub. Shackle swivel bail. 4.5gms 21mm spoke to spoke or 7/8" across Highly polished


14kt ship steering wheel jewelry charm#1214 - $630.00

14kt mirror polish finish, solid, finished all sides, ship's wheel. One of the finest you will find. Open hub should you later decide to add a stone. 1 3/8" across or 35mm with solid bail for larger chain app 12.6gms. Shown with ASB21 chain for reference.


14kt twisted line ships yacht wheel pendant #SW777 - $345.00

Ships wheel with a twist! The wheel portion is of a twisted line design. Texture, polished and finished on all sides. Hub is closed and rounded in the front, the back of the hub is slightly open and would hold a stone, cabachon or enamel of 3.5-4mm across. App 5.7 gms 1.25" or 31mm across or tall from the end of one spoke to the other. Made in the USA at the Seawear studio.


14kt gold yacht wheel

#SW111 - $305.00

14kt polished ship yacht wheel with six spoke and the center being a hidden bail for small chain. App weight is 6.1gms and 1.25" across from spoke to spoke or 32mm.


14kt gold ship yacht wheel with sailboat

#SW7233 - $215.00

Ships yacht wheel with floating sailboat in the center. Back side is scooped out for depth. 1 1/4" from spoke to spoke or 32mm. App weight is 4.1gms


ships yacht wheel with anchor jewelry pendant

#SW1204 - $395.00

Ships yacht wheel with anchor at the cross spokes. Spoke end to spoke end is 1 5/16" or 33mm and weight is app 5.5gms Back side is textured, anchor is scooped.


14kt ship's steering wheel jewelry charm#1215 - $195.00

14kt mirror polished small ship wheel jewelry charm. 1" across or 25mm with bail for necklace or charm bracelet. Open hub, solid, finished on all sides app 4gms


#503286 - $95.00

14kt satin finished two tone gold intricately carved ships wheel. Small at just about 3/4" across or 19mm. Very subtle for necklace, charm bracelt or a pair for earrings. 3D finished on both sides, app 1.9gms


3D ships wheel in 14kt gold one inch across#SEAC671 - $185.00

3D ship's wheel, extremely detailed and realistic. Front is identical to back, solid for either charm or pendanat. One inch across app 3gms


ships wheel gold pendant#06671 - $175.00

14kt Ship's wheel with eight spokes. Front is polished and detailed. About 1 1/8" across app 3gms. All smooth and polished


small gold ship's wheel#06672 -  $125.00

Smaller 14kt ship's wheel with eight spokes 15/16" across, app 2.4gms. Completely smooth and polished with oversized bail for larger chain


3D small ships wheel in solid 14kt gold#SEAC672 - $90.00

Smaller version of ships wheel in solid 14kt gold, polished, 3D on both sides for charm or pendant. 3/4" across app 1.8gms Matching bracelets below


14k small 3D ships wheel #1217 - $75.00

14k 3D small yachts ships wheel that is ap 1.5gms and 1/2" across or 12mm. The center has an elongated diamond pointer almost like a compass needle. Perfect for charm bracelet or small necklace pendant. .75 or 1mm chain is fine. Highly polished and finished on both sides.


14kt tri color gold ships wheel

#SW3072 - $75.00

Tri color ships wheel in circle pendant. Light at app 1.5gms and 7.8" across or 22mm. Circle and bail are 14kt yellow gold and the ships wheel is 14kt rose gold with rhodium highlights on the spoke ends.


#17711 - $80.00

14kt 3D charm finished on both sides with a ships wheel and anchor joined in a loop to form the chain bail. 3/4" wide and tall ideal for necklace pendant or bracelet charm, app 1.6gms


14kt white gold ships wheel necklace pendant charm jewelry #SHIPW2833wg - $65.00

14kt WHITE gold tiny ships wheel charm pendant. Simple jump ring soldered closed. This is for the lightest chain you have! 1/2" or 13mm across and light at .9-1gm


white gold leverback ships wheel earrings #SHIPW2833ewg - $165/195.00

14kt WHITE gold tiny ships wheel earrings in French wires or leverback clasps. 1/2" or 13mm across the ships wheel. Dangle length is just over 1" or 26mm.

French wires $165

Leverbacks $195


ships wheel stud earrings#NAE121 - $115.00

Ships wheel stud earrings. Post is top mounted so they will hand below the ear lobes. About 5/8" (15mm) across app 2.3gms


CL183NS - $695.00

Solid 14kt ships wheel cufflinks with two part swivel mounting. Approximate weight is 11gms with an incredible polish! Each wheel is 7/8" across.


ships wheel tie bar, yacht wheel tie clasp #TCSW - $25.00

Base metal, costume jewelry tie bar or tie clasp with ships wheel/yachting wheel. The tie clasp is 2" across, done in a cris cross satin finish of silver/gold color or platinum color. The ships wheel is a polished yellow color. This is NOT real gold or real silver.


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