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14k boating charms, yacht jewelry pendants for any occasion! Sportfishermen charms, offshore speed boat pendants, houseboat necklace jewelry charm and more!

Paddle and rowing boats have moved to their own page as well as airboats

Tiara 52 yacht necklace pendant

#BOT52 - $1,495.00

Incredible boat pendant done in the likeness of a Tiara 52 yacht. Solid 14kt gold, highly polished, back side is satin finished. Half hull cutaway so it rests flat against the wearer. The core is actually a thick hollow casting but you would never know it by the heft. This one is 16.3gms and to make solid core would add about 15gms more! 1 15/16" across from the bow to reverse transom and 1/2" tall or 49x13mm. Heavy fancy bail has 4x6mm opening.

sport fishing boat jewelry  pendant

#SPTF1 - $895.00

Sport fishing anyone! Handmade and completely rigged 14k offshore sport fishing yacht with tuna tower and outriggers.

14kt two tone cigarette boat jewelry pendant

#SEA471 - $875.00

Two tone 14kt cigarette boat pendant. Just under two inches across. Finished on all sides in 3D, approximate weight is 17.3gms Three outdrives! Looking down from chase helicopter

14kt two tone go fast cigarette boat pendant

#SEA470 - $795.00

Two tone cigarette go fast boat with tinted windscreens! View from the chase helicopter. Finished on all sides, 360 degrees, triple drive, wind foil more swept back, higher wrap cowling, app weight 15.8gms

14k ocean racing outboard boat

#SEA141 - $595.00

Offshore double V-8 inboard 3D

offshore inboard racing boat jewelry

#SEA347 - $595.00

Offshore inboard racer. 3D highly polished 14kt

14kt Outer Liimits 53 offshore race boat necklace pendant

#OL53 - $575.00

Other than a woman, there is nothing like the lines of a well thought out boat. The curves, angles, lines, finish, steps in the water in all the right places. Swept back closed canopy, no flashy cowlings, just taking her in visually at a poker run, you know it is understated and flies. With 3,200hp singing through the exhaust, there is no need to say anything. Bow to stern is 35mm or 1 3/8". The bow ring and bail bring it to 57mm or 1 7/8". She is 3D full round, solid not hollow and all 14k. Width at canopy is 5mm or 1/4" with the thickness 4mm or 3/16". Weight is 8.6 to 9gms. Bail opening is 4mm and could be rounded to accept 5mm. This was authorized and made for the very famous Outerlimits SV53

Smaller version below. $195.00

14kt gold offshore sport fishing boat pendant charm

#BOT291 - $495.00

14kt two tone offshore sportfishing boat with the outriggers, flybridge and deckhouse done in 14kt white gold. 3D finished on all sides, app 7.3gms and 1.75" across or 37mm and 5/8" tall. Contrasting colors and finish of polish and texture.

speed boat jewelry pendant

#BOAT1332 - $595.00

Crouched below the wind line and wide open. 2 5/8 inch across app 8.3gms

houseboat pendant

#HOUSEBOAT - $375.00

Detailed houseboat with double hidden bails, water ripples on underside of hull and edge. 1 7/16" across; 9/16" tall. 37x14mm App 6.3gms Back side is scooped out and textured. Looks so real you can almost smell the coffee!

motor yacht necklace jewelry pendant in white gold

#YACHT136wg - $375.00

Motor yacht necklace pendant in 14kt WHITE gold. 1.5" wide app 5.5gms

sport fisherman boating jewelry charm

#BOAT138 - $365.00

Magical 14kt boat pendant... just rub between your fingers and with any luck, whoosh you are transformed into the fishing towers! If not, this one is 1.75 inches across and will make you wish you were there! Almost 6 gms.

14kt gold motor yacht pendant

#YACHT136 - $355.00

Motor yacht pendant in high polished 14kt gold. 1.5" wide or 37mm and 1/2" tall or 12mm App 5.7gms

sport fisherman boat jewelry

#15460 - $95-345

Sport fisherman jewelry with fly bridge and two outriggers. Sure to bring luck on your next trip! 1 7/8"; 1 3/8"; 1" App 6.8/4.4/1.8 gms

off shore race boat jewlry pendant

#BOAT445 - $445.00

Go fast or go faster! Two inches across. App 6.6gms

gold boating jewelry charm

#BOAT1338 - $445.00

Very big V-8 intake sticking out! 1 7/8" across 6.7gms

white gold offshore center console boat necklace jewelry

#BOAT135wg - $325.00

Off shore center console fishing boat necklace pendant. 1 5/16" across and 9/16" tall or 32x14mm. App 4.7gms with pinned pivoting bail. Brilliant white gold without rhodium plating

center console fishing boat necklace pendant

#BOAT135 - $295.00

Off shore center console fishing boat necklace pendant. 1 5/16" across and 9/16" tall or 32x14mm. App 5gms with pinned pivoting bail.

tunnel ram cat race boat charm

#15450 - $395.00

Large 14k gold tunnel ram offshore race boat. 2 1/8" across (55mm) three textures, finished on front app 6gms.

offshore triple outboat boat jewelry

#SEA225 - $295.00

Offshore triple outboard race boat

nautical gold jewelry tug boat charm pendant
#15443 - $285.00

14k working tugboat jewelry pendant with three tires and a bridge. Perfect for tow operator or business! 1 15/16" across and 5/8" tall app 5.7gms

cuddy cabin cruiser boat jewelry necklace pendant

#BOAT139 - $275.00

Cuddy cabin cruiser set up to fish or overnight! 1 5/16" across and 1/2" to cabin top. App 4.5gms boating jewelry

14kt gold speed boat fast fishing boat necklace jewelry pendant

#BOAT142 - $275.00

Speed boat necklace pendant, get there first or come in last fishing boat! Just over 1 1/4" across or 33mm. App 4.5gms speed boat jewelry

hydro foil race boat in 3D 14kt

#1350 - 5.5gms - $275.00

14kt gold finished in 3D on all sides. Bail for chain is hidden under wing foil.

speedboat boating jewelry

#BOAT1329 - $345.00

Race team with both hanging on! 1 3/4" across 5.1gms

cuddy cabin boat jewelry necklace pendant

#BOAT140 - $245.00

Cuddy cabin boat pendant 1 3/16" across and 3/8" to cabin top. 31x9mm App 3.8gms cuddy cabin boat jewelry

flats fishing boat jewelry necklace pendant charm

#BOAT141 - $215.00

Flats fishing boat, high polish, app 3.5gms 1 1/8" across and just over 1/4" tall at the center console. Flats fishing boat jewelry

14k gold offshore poker run outer liimits 53 raceboat charm, earrings or pendant

#OL53s - $195.00

Smaller version of our poker run eye candy! Solid, full round 3D 14k offshore racing dream. Nightmare if you are the competition and only seeing prop wash! Weight is 3 - 3.2 grams and works for an earring, bracelet/anklet charm or necklace pendant. Bail opening is 2.5-3mm and could be rounded more. Hanging length with bail is 33mm or 1 9/16 inches. Width at canopy is 4mm and thickness 3mm. This was authorized and made for the very famous Outerlimits SV53

nautical gold jewelry power boat charm racing cat boat pendant

#1326 - $195.00

Racing cat boat with tunnel ram looking straight down on two occupants hanging on for dear life! 1 5/8" across and almost 1/2" tall app 3.4gms.

outboard motor

#NAC-546 - $190.00

3D all gold authentic outboard motor. With a turning 3 bladed prop. Fresh off the designer's drawing board. Even has a gas cap! If you are a trailer boater, this is you! About 5/16" W and 9/16" H app 3.5gms. Solid yellow 14kt gold.

sport boat jewelry charm

#1321 - $185.00

14kt 3D full round finished on all sides power sport boat charm or necklace pendant. Polished and satin finish, just over 3/4" across or 21mm and 3/8" tall. Approximate weight 3.2gms

sport fisherman boat jewelry

#06714 - $135-175

14k gold sporty sport fisherman boat jewelry necklace pendant charm about 1.25" across app 2.6/3.4gms

nautical gold jewelry power boat charm

#15455  - $195.00

Ocean racing speedboat looking down as if from helicopter! About 1 1/4" across and 5/16" tall app 3.3gms.

nautical gold jewelry speed boat charm

#1330 - $145.00

Cigarette type speed boat with rear spoiler, horizontal shot. About 1 7/8" across and 3/8" tall app 2.2gms.

hydro foil boat jewelry charm

#TRC-010 - $175.00

3-D Small hydrofoil-boat with V-8 and blower. Single seat. 7/16" wide and 7/8" long. Two deep-v pontoons. Engine is raised and very detailed app 2.4gms.

open cockpit cigarette type boat jewelry charm

#TRC-011 -  $165.00

3-D Deep V-hull with raised V-8 with blower. Single seat. Highly polished and detailed. About 9/16" long and 5/16" wide ap 2.3gms

downeast maine lobster tug boat

#SEAD741 - $95.00

14kt Downeast Maine lobster work boat! 3D with pots stacked in the back and a little pilot house. Ideal size for a charm bracelet at 5/8" across from bow to stern and 1/2" high app 1.8gms.

argentium silver houseboat river barge pendant

#HOUSEBOAT.AS - $95.00

Argentium silver houseboat or canal barge boat with double hidden bails, moving through the water. 36mm across and 15mm tall App 4.6gms

 14kt gold Cruise Ship Jewelry

gold cruise ship pendant

#1288 - $425.00

Super luxury cruise ship! Half hull model that has the look of 3D but not the wieght and cost. Flat bottom and will stand on it's own. From stern to bow she is 1 1/4" app 6.1gms

gold world class cruise ship pendant

#1289 - $295.00

Sleek world class cruise ship with 3D depth but created in a half hull model. Will stand up on it's own. Back is scooped out. 1 5/16" across app 4.4gms

gold paddle wheel boat charm

#1293 - $295.00

Riverboat paddle wheel ship or gambling boat! 3D all the way around. The paddle does not move. Detailed with twin smokestacks. Perfect memory gift of the trip down south... 3/4" across app 4.2gms

14kt Hawaii cruise ship pendant

#1316 - $295.00

Hawaii cruise ship penant. App 4.3gms, 1.25" across

Bermuda cruise ship charm

#1315 - $295.00

Bermuda cruise ship pendant App 4.3gms 1.25" across

14kt 3D cruise ship necklace pendant or bracelet charm 

#SHIP656 - $295.00

Vertical hanging cruish ship, finished on all sides, 3D full round. The ship is 15/16" or 23mm and total hanging length with bail is 1 5/16" or 32mm. Fairly heavy at 4gms and would just as well for a bracelet as a necklace. Very detailed.

14kt Alaska cruise ship necklace pendant

#1305 - $295.00

Alaska cruise ship pendant, app 4gms, 1.25" across or 33mm.

Also available as Hawaii, Caymans, Bahamas, St Thomas, Bermuda or St Martin

14kt gold small 3D full round cruis ship charm

#1290 - $195.00

Solid 3D full round cruise ship charm. Ideal for bracelet or thin chain. 3/4" across or 19mm App 2.8gms

3D cruise ship charm

#01291 - $145.00

The smallest of them all! 3D cruise ship with pointed keel so she will not stand, 3 smokestacks, basic detail. Perfect for charm bracelet. Almost 3/4" across app 2gms.

gold motor yacht

#1324 - $115.00

Flat 2D pendant of a cruise ship or large luxury motor yacht. 7/8" across app 1.7gms

wave ring

Ocean Waves Ring

Two tone gold ocean waves forever joined

whitecap band

Whitecap Diamond Wedding Band

Ten high cresting whitecaps and a single diamond

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