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Many of the sailors and boaters I have met, were also pilots. Boaters and pilots shared a love of navigational skills, electronics, and just getting away from it all! Aeronautical. Aviation. Aerospace. Sounds alike!

These are 14kt gold and suitable for charms or pendants. We are not aircraft specialists. Some of these resemble a certain model of aircraft but may not be an exact reproduction. If you require such, there are usually artist rendtion pieces in the various aircraft trade magazines. The models suggested have been sent to us by people viewing the images. Thanks!

navigator cross pilot landing cross

#CROSS849 - $995.00

18kt white gold landing zone cross, pilots cross or navigators cross. From Italy by Chimento, with .62ctw of VVS/G diamonds and a single black diamond of .03ct. Very very special cross. You can see two runways converging or plane of sight. Hallmarked 750 for the European market designation of 18kt. Tip to tip on the cross is one inch or 25mm. Total length with bail is 1 3/8" or 34mm. 6gms of pure 18kt gold Retail was $2,190

pilots cross

#80337 - $275-405.00

14kt Pilot's Cross jewelry with artificial horizon, clear runways and center of plane. Perfect gift for her to let her know you're coming home safely. Center stone is 2.75mm. Diamond shown is .08ct. - 1.25 inches tall and .75 inches wide app 1.5gms

twin propeller airplane necklace pendant

#TWIN PROP - $225.00

Beautiful rendition of a twin prop airplane. Wingtip to tip is 1 1/4" and tail to nose is 7/8" App 3.7gms

single engine cesna cub plane

#4438 - $225.00

14kt gold 3D piper, Fairchild cub or Cessna 172 jewelry charm with great detail. Wing supports, three wheels. Wingspan is just over 1" app 4.5gms

pilots winged propeller cross


Pilot's cross with winged propeller. 1 5/16" across wings, 1 1/2" tall. App 3.5gms

 two bladed airplane airboat propeller

#4460 - $195.00

14kt large two bladed air plane prop that looks like it would kick over with just a slight tug! 1 3/4" long pitched and beveled app 3.8gms

three bladed airplane propeller

#4458 - $85/185.00

Highly polished 14k triple blade prop each blade being pitched. Large bullet nose hub. Prop tips are 7/8" tip to tip on the small 1.7gms and 1.25" on the larger 3.6gms. Small ones could also be made into dangle earrings.



winged propeller pilot cross


Smaller winged propeller cross 1 1/4" across wings, 1 1/4" tall. App 3gms

x619 727 jumbo jet plane gold pendant

#4425 - $175.00

14kt gold DC9 jet jewelry charm with 17 or 18 windows along the fuselage. Wingspan 7/8" across app 3.4gsm

gold 747 airplane charm

#TRC027 - $155.00

3D commercial jet, 747 or like series. Detailed and nice! Wing span is 15/16" and tail to nose is the same plus bale. Pendant or charm for bracelet app 3gms

14kt Alaskan bushplain adventure or seaplane necklace charm

#4446 - $145.00

14kt Alaskan bushplane, seabee, CB or amphibian seaplane necklace pendant charm! Detailed on front, textured on back. Wingspan is 1 1/4" or 33mm. App 2.8gms

Lockhead Martin P 38 jewelry charm

#4484 - $140.00

14kt Lockhead P-38. Wingspan 15/16" app 2.6gms

#TRC030 - $115.00

3D 14kt piper with wings under fuselage, prop, wheel skirts and bail on end of right wing. About 3/4" wingspan and approx 2.2gms

seaplane jewelry charm

#4483 - $105.00

14kt gold Seaplane charm for bush pilots! This one is very compact and sleek resting on the pontoons. Bale is where the prop would be app 2gms

Pilot Control Yoke necklace pendant charm

#PILOT.YOKE - $115.00

Pilot's Yoke, inspired by Lockheed or Cesna. Three thumb buttons on left control. Fixed bail. 13/16" across or 20mm. App 1.7gms

aircraft control yoke necklace pendant or charm

#CONTROL.YOKE - $85.00

Small airplane control yoke, possibly styled after a Gruman American or Beechcraft. You wear it and you decide! 11/16" or 17mm across, app 1.4gms Fixed bail for light chain.

 I'd rather be flying charm

#TRC006 - $80.00

14kt I'd Rather Be Flying jewelry that says it all! Wing span is just over one inch app 1.5gms. One sided.

14k gold airplane earrings of piper or single engine

#AIRPLANE - $125.00 pr

Perfect light piper airplane earrings on shepherd hooks. There is a left and right so you can be flying in or flying out! Nose to tail is 7/16" or 11mm and wing to wing is 5/8" or 15mm. Dangle length is 1 1/16" or 27mm. Light at app 1gm per ear or 2gms for a pair. Hooks and plane are sold 14k gold

14k white gold airplane single engine or piper earrings

#AIRPLANEwg - $125.00 pr

Perfect light single engine airplane earrings on shepherd hooks. There is a left and right so you can be flying in or flying out! Nose to tail is 7/16" or 11mm and wing to wing is 5/8" or 15mm. Dangle length is 1 1/16" or 27mm. Light at app 1gm per ear or 2gms for a pair. Hooks and plane are sold 14k gold WHITE gold

artificial horizon compass cufflinks

#SEACL57 - $40.00

Artificial horizon compass cufflinks. For flying, sailing or powerboating! 12mm across or 11/16". Silver colored base metal

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