Southern Williamsburg colonial jewelry

Southern Plantations, peanut farms, Williamsburg, the windmills of Cape Cod or Colonial Williamsburg, hospitality pineapple, B&B jewelry, a romantic carriage ride over cobblestone streets. The antique musical carousel at the waterfront in Hampton. Your first merry go round ride. What do you remember best about your vacation to the South! Looking for something special? Maybe we can find it. Everything here is solid 14kt gold. Measurements do NOT include bail.

large filigree hospitality pineapple jewelry

Click on the pineapple for a selection of pineapple charms, pendants, earrings and bracelets!


colonial tri corner hat #A0558 - $145.00

Colonial tri-corner hat as seen at the forts and settlements. Solid 3D 14kt gold. Suitable for bracelet charm or necklace pendant. 5/8" across app 2.6gms


My Peanut jewelry charm

#PEA6894 - $285.00

My Peanut! The nickname I had for my daughter for many years. Until she corrected me...

These three are perfect half shells. Many were examined, opened and eaten before the perfect specimens were chosen! This is the large one at 1.25" tall and app 5.7gms. The back is hollowed out, just like a regular eaten peanut shell.

And Erica, you'll always be my Peanut


14kt gold peanut shell jewelry pendant

#PEA6893 - $120.00

Virginia peanut! A hardy plant that has a place in our history. Southern delicacy boiled, roasted, salted or spiced. My favorite is honey roasted with salt! 7/8" tall and app 2.4gms


small 14kt gold peanut shell jewelry pendant

#PEA6892 - $85.00

The smallest in this series of three peanut shells. This one is 3/4" tall and app 1.7gms

To view all three peanut shells together for comparison

large 3D peanut

#D0236 - $295.00 - 6gms

The big one! 3D gold peanut that is so shiny it almost hurts my eyes. Your monitor may vary. This planter peanut is nearly an inch tall (24mm) plus the ring and bail. Finished all the way around and at 6gms you know you're wearing something!

small 3D peanut charm

#D7491 - $60.00 - 1.2gms

The tiny planter peanut charm that is ideal for a charm braclet or the little one y'all call 'Peanut'! This one is just over 1/2 inch tall and also is 3D finished all around.

To see these two peanuts together


carousel jewelry charm hampton old orchard #TCC116 -  4.1 gms - $205.00

Beautiful two tone gold 3D carousel just like the antique one at the Hampton waterfront! Four horses made of rose colored gold actually move around the yellow gold carousel! 3/4" H x 9/16"


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