Seawear® 14kt Vineyard Grape Jewelry

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14kt jewelry of grapes on the vine from your favorite vineyard! Vineyard earrings and grape vineyard jewelry pendants. Sure to be a hit at your hospitality business, vineyard, restaurant or wine business. Or be the center of attention at the next wine tasting you attend in the California Valley or the Finger Lakes of New York!

gold grapes and grape leaves

#VINE6877 - 2.6gms -$145.00

Detailed grapes and grape leaves. Flat piece with slightly raised detail. 3/4 inch tall

gold grape bunch and grape leaves

#VINE6879 - 2.5gms - $145.00

Grapes on the vine. The stems of the stalk have been twisted to form a unique bail. The piece is rounded up along with the raised detail to give it a more 3D look. 3/4 inch grape bunch and 1 inch including the bale.

wine grape charm jewelry pendant

#WINEGRAPES - $175.00

Just a simple perfect cluster of grapes picked and ready for pressing! Solid 14k gold, lots of depth the grapes and leaves, app 3gms; 3/4" tall, 9/16" wide and 1/8" thick

14kt bunch of grapes haning from the vine charm or pendant #6876 - $195.00

14kt 3D grape bunch hanging from the vine. Ideal for bracelet charm or necklace pendant. Just under 3/4" app 3.4gms and polished. Perfect bunch hanging from thick vine!

14k gold vineyard grapes and leaves cluster

#17481 - 3gms - $175.00

14kt rustic framed grapes and grape leaves scene 7/8" tall and 3/4" wide. Details are polished, matte, rhodium and 24kt gold!

grape bunch earrings

#VINE6880 - 1.5gms - $90.00

14kt grape bunch on the vine earrings. Gold post and earlock. 1/2 inch across

vineyard grape hospitality bracelet

#11983 - 7.7gms - $445.00

14kt seven inch grape vineyard bracelet of eleven bunches of grapes linked together.

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 Shop: Nautical Jewelry Marine Sea Life Jewelry Irish Celtic Jewelry Fine Jewelry

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