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Moissanite jewels are an alternative to a diamond or other gemstone. These are man made, and the ones you have seen on 60 Minutes, CNN and Dateline. To an untrained person, they are indistinguishable from a diamond. I ran my own test and brought two rings in to a local jeweler... they commented on how nice they looked. I then asked, "Do you think they're real diamonds? They look too good..." They smiled condescendingly at me and said, "I'm sure they're real, but I'll test them for you. Watch..." The jeweler proceeded to show me the test results on a real diamond ring, a CZ ring and then mine. Then the smile and "I told you so!"

Then I smiled and said "Guess what!"

Brilliance refers to the measure of how much light is returned to the eye by a jewel or gemstone. A diamond has 2.42! A moissanite jewel has 2.65. (more is better!)

A diamond disperses light at 0.044. A moissanite does it at 0.104 or two and a half times more than a diamond. It's called fire! Try dinner, soft music, candles, the moissanite will display eye-catching fire from the candle light and truly sparkle.

Diamonds are still the hardest mineral known to man rating 10 on the Mohs scale. The moissanite comes in at 9.25. Harder than a steel file, will easily cut glass, and harder than any other mineral!

Near colorless Moissanite contains slight color tints of green, gray, teal or yellow. There are limited quantities of light, medium and dark green at times.

With a moissanite jewel you have a jewel that will last a lifetime. Your moissanite jewel is hard, tough, rare, brilliant with fire, luster and clarity and continues to appreciate in value.

Who wears them? Well for starters, Brooke Shields, Bonnie Bernstein (CBS), Mia Hamm (US World Cup Soccer), Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge...

moissanite in trillion, marquise and round

5mm trillion ~ 8x4mm marquise ~ 6mm brilliant round

Loose moissanite gemstones for your dream ring, pendant or setting! Any shapes available in trillion, marquis, round, princess or fancy cut heart. No baguettes. There is even a newly released fancy green color!

moisanite princess cut stone

These are actual photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 under natural light with no enhancements of coloring. Non-professional. The facets are difficult to catch just right. I've tried it with a black background and a lighter one.

heart shaped moissanite

4mm fancy cut heart moissanite with two CZ baguettes

princess cut moissanite

5.5mm fancy cut princess in 14kt white gold setting. $492.00

Comparable to just a little less than a carat.

Princess and marquise cuts show a little more color due to the internal reflection from the corners and points.

1/8 carat moissanite engagement ring

4mm round moissanite jewel (comparable to 1/8 karat)

2 point moissanite

2mm moissanite in knot ring

July 25, 2001
Hello, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. Now that I have my moissanite I just sit and stare at it. I can't help it! It is so beautiful. I love the colors that shine and how absolutely breath taking it is. My mother, a jewelry aficionado, hated that I wasn't getting a "true gem". Once she saw my new ring with the moissanite, her jaw dropped!
Now every time I go to see her, she takes my ring! Her wedding ring is a diamond and she likes mine better! Everyone compliments it and I am so proud to tell the story of moissanite. Even my soon to be mother in law was stunned and now wants me to go shopping to get one for her. I'm getting earrings to match, too. I think it is truly out of this world!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
N. Pounders
white gold celtic weave ring set with moissanite gemstone


Moissanite jewel in tension mount swirl style 14kt ring.


Moissanite gemstone in geneva mount


Moissanite gemstones in filligree antique estate style


Moissanite gemstones in a Lucern three stone anniversary style


Moissanite gemstones with the new green diamond look a like!


Moissanite gemstones in a half bezel mount

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