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Lighthouse jewely charms, rings, earrings, necklace pendants and bracelets! Many are made to order so order early or allow 2-4 weeks during holidays, graduations and boat shows for your lighthouse jewelry charm or pendant.

Cape May, NJ lighthouse jewelry

Florida lighthouse jewelry

Maine lighthouse jewelry

North Carolina lighthouse jewelry

South Carolina lighthouse jewelry

lighthouse ring

#LITRING - $1,295.00

14kt gold lighthouse keepers ring. Hand carved showing a sailboat safely sailing by the lighthouse and rocky shore cliffs.

Tangier Virginia lighthouse jewelry charm#LIT1256 - 5.9gms - $375.00

Tangier Virginia 14kt lighthouse jewelry charm of one of the most famous lighthouses in VA. 5/8" or 17mm tall 3D full round

thomas point shoal lighthouse pendant#NAC398 - 11.3 gms - $675.00

14kt full round 3D full round six sided lighthouse charm. Fashioned after Thomas Point Shoal, MD. This is a fine detailed piece of jewelry. About 7/8" tall without bale and 5/8" across! Diver's View!

octogon lighthouse jewelry charm#1468 - $210.00

This is a 6 or 8 sided lighthouse with three panels showing. One door and three windows visible. Height is a little over 1" and width about 1/2". App 3.5gms

 14kt Cape May NJ lighthouse with diamond

#LIT302 - $195.00

14k Cape May, NJ lighthouse with .03ct SI/H diamond in the light station. 3/4 inch tall plus bail. App 2.2gms Hand polished and finished. Half round 2D with bottom and sides finished as well as the front.

Cape Hatteras NC lighthouse necklace pendant #LIT1460 - $165.00

14kt Cape Hatteras NC lighthouse in half round 2D about one inch tall and app 2.8gms. Depicts fence and carekeepers shed. Polish and textured. Back is engraved with Cape Hatteras, logo and copyright.

assateague island lighthouse in 3D 14kt gold#NAC460 - $295.00

Assateague Island Lighthouse! Right near the ponies! Fully detailed charm in 2D half round down to the lightkeepers house and the boat house app 3.5gms. It looks as if the row boat is even pulled up in front. About one inch tall and suitable for charm or pendant.

lighthouse and keepers cottage jewelry charm #1444 - $295.00

One of my favorites. Appears to be a 8 or 10 sided lighthouse with 5 sides showing and one window on the left hand most side and a door from the passageway of the house. Double chimney gatekeeper's house! 1" high and 7/8" wide at the base plus bale. App 5.2gms

14kt gold Cape Cod MA lighthouse pendant#LIT949 - $135.00

Cape Cod MA lighthouse pendant. 3/4" across, app 2.3gms, detailed raised relief pattern.

14kt gold Cape May NJ lighthouse charm#CM993 - $135.00

Cape May NJ lighthouse pendant with lighthouse, keepers house, in detailed raised relief on a matte finished background. 3/4" across or 19mm and app 2.3gms

cape henlope lighthouse in 3D 14kt gold pendant or charm#NAC401 - 5.4 gms - $325.00

Cape Henlopen Lighthouse in Delaware. Done in realistic detail with 3D full round viewing from all sides. Right down to the widnow sills! Stands about one inch tall plus bail. Could be pendant or charm.

Boston Lighthouse jewelry#SEA952 - 3.9gms - $245.00

Boston Lighthouse in Boston Harbor Massachusetts. One of the most famous. One inch tall 3D full round

14kt gold Montauk Point lighthouse necklace pendant #LIT1452 - $245.00

Montauk Point NY lighthouse. 1" tall from bottom of sea steps to top of lighthouse. Width is just under 3/4" app 3.9gms Montauk Point is engraved on the back.

14kt gold Pemaquid Point ME lighthouse necklace pendant #LIT1449 - $235.00

Pemaquid Point ME lighthouse is just beyond the fence. 7/8" tall and 3/4" wide App 3.7gms Pemaquid Point is engraved on the back.

14kt gold Split Rock MN lighthouse necklace pendant #LIT1451 - $245.00

Split Rock MN lighthouse atop it's 130 foot cliff. Just over 3/4" tall and 3/4" across app 4.2gms Split Rock is engraved on the back.

Highland Light North Truro Cape Code Mass lighthouse necklace charm #1454 - $185.00

Nice small Highland Light lighthouse of North Truro Cape Cod Massachusetts just over 3/4" wide and just under 3/4" tall. Back is engraved with Highland Light. App 3.1gms

Heceta Head Oregon lighthouse necklace charm #LIT1455 - $145.00

Heceta Head, Oregon lighthouse 7/8" tall and app 2.5gms Now a bed and breakfast! Rustically finished, back side engraved with Heceta Head

Marshall Point lighthouse #1453 - $285.00

Marshall Point Maine lighthouse on the entrance to Port Clyde Harbor 7/8" tall with the granite bricks clearly defined. Back side engraved with Marshall Point App 4.8gms

14kt gold highly detailed lighthouse and keepers house on the rocks

#LIT1446 - $125.00

Highly textured and detailed lighthouse plus keepers house on the rocks. Base is 5/8" across and 7/8" tall or 16x22mm. App 2gms

Connecticut lighthouse jewelry charm

#LIT1445 - $135.00

Very detailed and textured New England, Connecticut or Great Lakes lighthouse. Base is 7/8" across or 21mm and to the top is 7/8" or 22mm App 2.1gms

marblehead ohio lighthouse#SEA974 - 3.7gms - $195.00

Marblehead, OH lighthouse 3D full round at just over one inch tall with a textured finish and it's distinct shape of an Ohio lighthouse!

cape may lighthouse, nj jewelry necklace pendant#NAC396 - 5.0 gms - $295.00

3-D full round lighthouse. Fashioned after Cape May Lighthouse in New Jersey and it's 199 steps! Go on in and count them!! Two windows, large door and lightkeepers shed. Detailed for stone block construction. 1" high.

14kt white gold lighthouse jewelry pendant#Lighthouse Circle wg- $375.00

Extreme detailing of a lighthouse on the cliffs in a circle frame. App 1 1/16" across. App 6.2gms Premium white gold without rhodium plating.

lighthouse circle necklace pendant#Lighthouse Circle - $375.00

Perfectly detailed lighthouse on the cliffs with door, windows, cracks, crevices in a circle frame. 1 1/16" across app 6.2gms

3D lighthouse of the great lakes #SEALT400 - 5.1gms - $195/345

Sunset on the great lakes... small 3D full round lighthouse and lightkeepers chapel. Top of lighthouse is open as well as one window. You are actually looking through the window to the other wall. About 3/4" tall. Use with bale for a pendant or ring for a charm bracelet. Also smaller version 5/8" tall app 3.5gms.

cape hatteras lighthouse pendan charm#1472 - $265.00

Large detailed piece with front door and spiral going up the structure. Looks to be Cape Hatteras! 1 3/8" tall and 5/8" across the base. App 4 gms

Alcatraz CA lighthouse jewelry charm#LIT1244 - 5.9gms - $345.00

Alcatraz California lighthouse in 14k architectural wonder! One inch or 25mm tall. 3D full round

Diamond Head Hi lighthouse charm#LIT1239 - 3.7gms - $235.00

Diamondhead Hawaii lighthouse jewelry charm in 14kt 3D full round lighthouse with lightkeepers house in HI. 5/8" or 17mm tall

great lakes lighthouse#1467 - $195.00

Tall lighthouse with single door and single window sitting on a rocky ledge. Height is a little over 1" and width at the base 1/2". App 3gms

half round 2D lighthouse very detailed in 14k gold

#LIT1463 - $225.00

Half round, 2D 14k gold lighthouse. Very detailed block construction, some even show the erosion of time. You can almost imagine the Fresnel lense up top! 15/16" almost one inch tall. App 3.8gms

lighthouse shining the way pendant#15498 - $115.00

Small piece with framed lighthouse shining the way on an island with waves. 1" tall and 9/16" across App 1.9gms

gold nubbles lighthouse pendan#LIT1450 - $145.00

Very pretty with lighthouse and keepers house sitting on the ledge. Could be Nubble's Lighthouse in Maine, or Pacific Coast or Outer Banks! Someone told us Fire Island in New York. 13/16" tall and 5/8" across base app 2.4gms

3D cape hatteras lighthouse charm#NAC584 - 2.0 gms - $120.00

3-D Cape Hatteras lighthouse charm or pendant. Would like great on a light chain or your bracelet. 5/8" tall plus bale

14kt white gold small lighthouse necklace pendant #10998 - $95.00

Small light 14kt white gold lighthouse pendant with lightkeepers cottage. Small at 3/4" tall and app 1.4gms Ideal size for bridal party

14k white gold lighthouse charm

#10996 - 1.9gms - $125.00

14k white gold 3D full round lighthouse detailed on all sides ideal for charm bracelet or necklace at 3/4" tall

14kt white gold full round 3D lighthouse pendant

#10997 - $295.00

14kt white gold lighthouse, 3D full round finished on all sides. 7/8" tall or 22mm. Base is 9/16" across or 15mm. App 5gms

white gold cape hatteras lighthout necklace pendant

#1472wwg - $275.00

White gold Cape Hatteras necklace pendant, scooped out back, 1 3/8" tall app 3.8gms

14kt gold Cape May NJ lighthouse with .05ct diamond

#CMLIT - $395.00

Cape May NJ lighthouse necklace pendant or charm in high polish 14kt with .05ct diamond. Height is one inch. Total hanging length with bail is 1 7/16" Weight is app 6gms. Full round 3D finished on all sides.

small 3D full round 14k gold lighthouse

#LIT1465 - $95.00

3d full round finished on all sides, round tapered lighthouse, smaller scale at 5/8" tall and app 1.6gms Ideal size for charm bracelet or necklace.

full round 3D 14k lighthouse

#LIT1464 - $245.00

3D full round finished on all sides, round tapered lighthouse. 7/8" tall and the base is 9/16" across App 4.2gms

nantucket lightship basket, cape cod basket, lighthouse basket, fish basket, nantucket lighthouse basket jewelry #NAC349 - 4.9 gms - $245.00

The Nantucket Lightship Basket, lighthouse basket, Cape Cod basket or fishing basket. Some lighthouses were separated from shore and the only way to get provisions or love letters to the lighthouse keeper was a basket on a cable. To others, the men at sea made them for a loved one back home. This is the smallest of three sizes available. The lid opens, the gold is carved to look like a woven basket and the handle pivots. Symbolic wedding gift - 3-D 3/4" H by 5/8" W by 1/2" D

antiqued silver lighthouse cufflinks #SEAL631 - $50.00

Silver color lighthouse cufflinks with light antiquing applicae. 9/16" wide and 3/4" tall or 15x18mm.

nantucket basket lightship basket earrings #NAE070 - 2.0 gms - $120.00

New 3-D Lightship basket earrings. No lid. Dangle from a gold bead. Post and backing all solid 14kt gold. Baskets nicely detailed, about 9/16" long basket about 1/4" wide, also available in a bracelet

lighthouse earringsNAE066 - 1.3 gms - $75.00

Lighthouse earrings about 7/16" tall. Single door on lighthouse with caretakers cottage. 3/8" tall matches bracelet below

#BAS38 - $295.00

14kt leverback Nantucket basket earrings done in high polish 3D full round finished on sides. Total dangle length is about 1 1/8" or 30mm. Average weight is 4.4gms. Baskets do not open.

14kt  gold lighthouse earrings#13091 - 2.9gms - $175.00

Three dimensional 3D full round ball drop lighthouse earrings. You can see one window and the door in the close up! 7/8" long with the ball drop.

14kt gold lighthouse bracelet #NAB178 - 7.0 gms - $425.00

14 lighthouses linked to make a 7" bracelet. Matches lighthouse earrings. Each lighthouse link is cast, hollowed on the back side and detailed on the front. Lobster claw clasp.

14kt gold nantucket lighthouse lightship basket bracelet #NAB142 - 9.0 gms - $545.00

3D Nantucket light ship baskets or fish baskets joined together. 12 baskets in all, flat on one side so as not to roll. Baskets do not have lids and you can look into them.

FL - Amelia Island, Cape Canaveral, Fort Jefferson (Dry Tortugas), Key West, Pensacola, Sanibel Island, St. Augustine

Cape May NJ

ME - Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Cape Neddick, Pemaquid, West Quod and Whaleback lighthouse.

NC - Bodie Island, Bald Head Island, Cape Hatteras, Currituck, Oak Island, Ocracoke

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