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14kt Gold Nautical Knot Jewelry

14kt gold bowline knot pendant #KNOT-BOW - $160.00

Common bowline knot in twisted 14kt line with solid secure bail, hand tied and finished on all sides. Also known as the 'king of knots' from the poem The Bowline by Sir Alan. One large white gold remaining. 1.25" without bail (32mm) app 3gms white gold.

14kt bowline knot jewelry charm #1219 - 2.2gms - $135.00

14kt snugged bowline knot in twisted line. Very rich bead blast finish looks like 18kt! Knot is 7/8" or 22mm. Perfect for charm bracelet or necklace.

14kt bowline jewelry knot necklace charm #1220 - 1.5gms - $75.00

14kt small snugged bowline jewelry knot with matte, bead blasted finish for detail. Ideal for braclet or necklace 3/4" or 20mm

14kt anchor and coiled line charm #1213 - 2.4gms - $120.00

14kt coiled anchor line and anchor waiting for the word! 5/8" or 15mm across. Ideal for charm bracelet or necklace. Line is beadblast finish and anchor is highly polished.

14k gold hangmans noose #4825 - $70-95

There was only one thing a pirate feared, and that was the hangmans noose at the yardarm. Many a famed pirate met their end this way, and only the fiercest dared to defy it and adorn themselves with one. Larger is 1.25" long 1.9gms and the other is .75" long and 1.4gms. Great for earring, charm, pendant or body adornment. Unless you're scared.

#7310 - 4.2gms - $325.00

14k running bowline knot necklace pendant. Three coils or twisted line neatly tucked and knotted in a bowline. 1 7/8" long and truly unique.

14kt nautical knot pendant #KNOT1099 - $85.00

14kt polished nautical knot pendant, 3/4" long and 7/16" wide. App 1.7gms

14k nautical knot jewelry pendant charm

#KNOT1097 - $85.00

14k polished nautical knot pendant 7/8" long and 3/8" wide app 1.7gms

gold bowline knot necklace pendant

#BOWLINE - $495.00

Larger bowline knot necklace pendant in 14kt gold. Made by Seawear. This one is larger and heavier at 8.7gms and 7/8" across by 2" tall plus swinging bail. The twisted line is 2.5mm thick. Finished on both sides, highly polished, this is the actual back side of the bowline knot.

14k small bowline knot pendant

#BOWLINEKS - $145.00

Small, light bowline knot pendant done in smooth wire rope. Both loose ends have been soldered so there is nothing to snag. One piece with hidden integral bail. 1 .75 inches tall and 5/8" wide. Bail will take up to 4-5mm chain. 2.5gms

bowline knot necklace pendant in argentium silver twisted wire

#BOWLINEAS - $45.00

Small bowline knot necklace pendant done in twisted Argentium Silver. 1 5/8" tall, 1/2" wide, bail opening 3.5mm and weighs 2.5gms. These are hand made and size could be altered. Both ends soldered in place and polished.


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