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It doesn't seem to matter whether you are a sailor, fisherman, power boater, live aboard, or trailer boater, nothing stirs up a debate like which anchor holds better or the proper scope to let out when swinging on the hook! Well, take your pick of CQR, plow, danforth, admiral, norge, fouled fluke or whatever!

The anchor is also the sign of hope in Christianity. Usually seen with a cross and heart, symbolizing faith, hope and charity.

fouled anchor jewelry

mariners cross anchor jewelry

silver anchor jewelry

white gold anchor jewelry

14k forged Viking Anchor

#VikingAnchor14k - $1,375.00

Forged and cast upon the rocks of Western Ireland by Vikings after an invasion.

tribal anchor hook jewelry

#ANC1016 - $1,235.00

Tribal anchor hook for the warrior sailor! Inspired by the Mauri Warriors who could easily adapt a 20 pound anchor into a fierce weapon. The anchor flukes are slightly angled forward. 3D full round finished on all sides. Including the heavy bail, this is just over 2" tall or 52mm. Across the flukes it is 1" or 25mm. The thickness is 1/8" or 4mm. It is nearly 1/4" thick where the rope twists are or 5.5mm. The bail opening is 4-5mm. For a larger chain, we do have a larger bail that will increase weight by 2-3 more grams. It weighs 19gms now. A heavy shackle bail could also be used for extra large chains, it was not correct to the period but looks incredible!.

gold tribal anchor with shackle bail

 heavy 14kt gold  Navy ships anchor necklace

#ANC123a - $1,195.00

Massive! 19.2gms! The anchor main stock is 5mm wide or 3/16" Heavy, strong compact design, once these flukes dig in, nothing is dragging! One piece, nothing moves. 1 7/8" tall including the built in bail or 48mm tall. The crossbar is 1 3/16" wide or 29mm. The anchor flukes are turned correctly and spaced at 1.25" or 32mm. The opening of the bail is 6mm and could be enlarged. If you don't want a huge anchor, just something solid and heavy, this just may be it. Nearly 2/3s ounce of solid 14kt gold

Navy anchor with flukes that swivel and pivot

#ANC1110 - $1,195.00

This Navy anchor necklace pendant is a little different. There are four moving parts. The shackle bail is threaded so that you can take the anchor completely apart. The anchor hangs 2" including the shackle bail. The flukes are 15/16" apart. Almost an inch. 50x24mm for those in Europe. The weight on this one is 17.4gms of solid 14kt gold. We are doing another with a larger shackle that will be soldered closed. This was done with a large heavy bail for a very large chain. The flukes swivel and pivot. Just like the real one.

large ships 3D sea anchor in 14kt yellow gold

#ANC1162 - $895.00

Large ship sea anchors that is 3D, full round, finished on all sides. High polish, flukes swivel 360 degrees as well as side up the stock. Shackle bail also swivels. 1 3/8" tall and a little over 3/4" wide. With bail it is just over 1 5/8" tall app 12.6gms.

large gold ships anchor pendant

#NAC475 - $145/395

14kt gold ships anchor necklace pendant with turning shackle pin and moving flukes! medium one is 1 1/8" tall and just over 1/2" wide app 3.9gms Small is 15/16" tall and 1.8gms

Captains Anchor

#Captains Anchor - $695.00

Any port in any storm, the Captain's Anchor will hold. Heavy, thick, solid, back is flat and not scooped out. Large shackle bail will hold up to 6mm chain. Total dangle length is 2" and 1 5/16" across the flukes. App 12gms

large danforth anchor pendant

#DFA476 - $225/495.00

14kt gold Danforth anchor jewelry pendant with movable flukes. Shackle pin is fixed to bail.

Small is 1" across bottom and 1.25" tall app 3.1gsm $245.00 special order

Large is 1 1/4" wide at bottom bar and 1 3/4" tall plus pin and bail app 9.2gms $495.00

14kt gold and diamond anchor with swivel shackle bail necklace charm pendant

#ANC316 - $495.00

Incredible 14kt diamond anchor with eleven diamonds (.165cts) of diamonds hand set with shackle bail that swivels. Diamonds are full cut 1.5mm VS F+ from Stuller. Total length including bail is 33mm or just over 1.25". Very high quality hand made anchor necklace pendant. Nearly impossible to capture this anchor in a photo. App 4gms Exclusive to Seawear

#ANC312 - $485.00

14kt gold sailors cross with navigation wheel. Even with the back scooped out, this is heavy. 1 5/8 inches long plus bale, and right at 1/4 inch thick. Distinct cross, wide spread flukes like supporting hands and the ships wheel. 9.6gms

Herreshoff style anchor 14k gold pendant

#ANCHERR - $175-465

Ingenius L. Francis Herreshoff Kedge anchor pendant. Some call it a Yachtsman anchor and fishermans anchor as it is commonly found on sailboats and small fishing boats due to the easy stowing ability. The arm can be retracted to store flat, whereas a true admarilty anchor the arm stays extended requiring more stowage. Small Herreshoff anchor 14k pendant is 1 1/8" tall including the shackle bail, flukes are 7/16" across or 30x12mm, approximate weight 2.3gms. Large is 1 5/8" tall and 1" across the flukes or 41x25mm and 6.9gms

submariners anchor in 3D 14k gold

#ANC1128 - 9gms - $545.00

14k gold 3D submariner anchor. Finished on all sides, solid and heavy. Fluke to fluke is 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches tall not including chain bale. (38x32mm) app 9gms back side

14kt gold polished anchor jewelry charm

#ANC123 - $445/475.00

14kt gold authentic jewelry anchor reproduction with attention to detail in proportions. Heavy weight for small size, 1 1/8" tall or 30mm. Flukes are turned towards the side with four holding blades. Shackle bail will hold up to 6mm chain or 3mm. Very highly polished, ave 6.5/7gms

mermaid wrapped around anchor

#MER59 - $695.00

Two tone mermaid wrapped around anchor. Pivoting shackle bail with 4mm opening. Across the flukes is 7/8" or 23mm. From the tail to the top of the shackle is 1 3/8" or 34mm. App 6.5gms. Looks great with feminine pendant chain or heavy pendant chain.

Storm Anchor

#Storm Anchor - $345.00

Storm anchor meant to be deployed quickly and guaranteed to hold. Detailed large flukes, app 5.2gms. 1.25" tall plus bail, 1" across the flukes. Finished and detailed on all sides. There is no front or back. Could also use a shackle bail.

dolphin navigator anchor

#ANC1133 - $265.00

Small navigation anchor with two dolphins leading the way and a ships wheel that rotates. 1 1/8" tall and 15/16" wide, app 4.5 grms. Back side is scooped out

navigators cross

#1179 - $235.00

14kt gold Navigators anchor cross. Distinct cross and anchor highly polished while the ships wheel is textured. 1.25 inches tall app 4.3gms

gold polished Navy Admiralty anchor necklace pendant

#ANC162 - $225.00

Navy admiralty anchor without the fouled rope line. Smooth and highly polished front and back. App 3.7gms 7/8" wide at the flukes and 1 1/8" tall without the bail.

#1167 - $210.00

Very subtle 14kt gold sailors cross. You can see the cross member has been lashed on. Simple, highly polished 14kt, back is scooped out to keep weight low. 1.25 inches tall plus bale. average 3.8gms

ship sea anchor with swivel flukes

#ANC1161 - $225.00

Sea anchor in 3D, full round, finished on all sides. Sea anchors flukes swivel back and forth. 1" tall and 11/16" (almost 3/4") approximately 3.7gms

first crossing anchor cross

#1138 - $150.00

Whether it's across the pond, lake or ocean, everyone remembers their 'first crossing' and their good luck charm! You can wear this, step it under a mast or winch or hang it in the galley. 14k First Crossing anchor/cross with full sails, steady wheel, even keel and a fast anchor. 7/8" across and just over an inch tall. 22mmx27mm average 2.7gms

Faith, hope and charity in the universal symbols of anchor, cross and heart

#ANC7218 - $65/135

14kt puffed anchor, cross and heart representing faith, hope and charity. Two sizes, small is app 1.2gms heart is 5/16" across; medium is app 2.6gms and heart is nearly 1/2" across.

14kt gold jewelry sea anchor necklace pendant

#ANC1170 - $125.00

Traditional sea anchor with textured main stock and cross bar. Just under 3/4" across the flukes and 1 1/8" tall to top of loop, plus bail. App 2.1gms

14kt gold anchor necklace pendant

#ANC160 - $85.00

Small anchor with pivoting pinned bail. 9/16" across the flukes and 11/16" tall to the circle at the top of the stock. 15x18mm app 1.4gms Suitable size and weight for nautical wedding or earrings

crown and anchor necklace pendant

#Crown&Anchor - $85.00

Coastal pubs are known to have an anchor sign to attract sailers. If Royalty had also stopped in, they could add the crown to the sign! Very small and light at 1.3gms 9/16" tall and 7/16" wide. Polished front and back with a relief texture.

14kt tri color gold circle anchor pendant

#ANC3090 - $75.00

14kt tri color gold anchor circle pendant. The circle is 14kt yellow gold, the anchor is 14kt rose gold with white rhodium highlights. 7/8" across and app 1.5gms

small traditional anchor pendant

#ANC160jr - $70.00

Small 14kt anchor 160 with a simple plain jump ring for very light chain. App 1.1gms

small traditional anchor necklace with twisted nautical bail

#ANC160jrt - $70.00

Small 14kt traditional anchor necklace 160 with twisted nautical motif jump ring. App 1.1 gms

14k rose gold small anchor neckal jewelry pendant

#ANC160jrtrg - $70.00

Small 14k rose gold traditional anchor pendant 160 with twisted nautical motif jump ring. App 1.1 gms

crown and anchor necklace charm with jump ring

#CROWN-ANCHOR - $65.00

Crown and anchor dice game of chance or just a great coastal pub sign! This version is with a simple jump ring app 1gm 15mm tall and 11mm wide. Polished with a texture on the background

tiny 14kt gold anchor necklace charm

#ANC370 - $55.00

The smallest anchor necklace charm we have found! Almost 1/2" tall without the jump ring, 3/8" across the flukes, app .6-.7gms This is for the lightest chain you have! Would make great earrings as well.

14kt gold ladies anchor ring

#ANCR544 - $295.00

Ladies fun anchor ring! Good for thumb ring or any other finger that is good for 6 7/8ths! Stock size easily sized up or done by your local jeweler. Ring section is app 1.5mm and the anchor is 5/8" long and just under 1/2" across at the flukes. App 2.6gms Great at the squadron get togethers! Made to order


  Anchor Earrings

sailors cross earrings

#NAE009 - $165.00 - 3.2 gms

14kt Mariners cross in post dangle earrings. Very nicely detailed. About 1 1/8" long or 28mm.

 fouled anchor stud earrings

#NAE122 - $125.00

Fouled 14kt anchor stud post earrings in 3D. A nice solid feel! About 5/8" (16mm) tall and post mounts at the top of the anchor so it will hang down. app 2.4gms

 14kt ships anchor earrings

#ANC135 - $95.00

14k ships anchor ball drop earrings. Total dangle length just under one inch or 23mm. Earring, post and backing nut all 14k. App 1.8gms

14kt stud post fouled anchor earrings

#ANC142 - $65.00

14kt fouled anchor stud post earrings small and light. 1/2" or 12mm tall and app 1.2gms

#NAE100 - $65.00

14kt anchor stud post earrings. Light, but not too light! Stud is centered at the top. Just under 1/2" at 7/16" or 11mm tall app 1.2gm.


 Anchor Cufflinks


ships wheel yachting cufflinks

#SEACL01 - $55.00

Yachtsman wheel cufflinks with anchor emblem and twisted rope edge. Sterling silver plated and enamel.

 gold tone anchor on coiled link cufflinks

#CL10655g - $55.00

Gold tone anchor sitting on coiled line waiting for deployment. 3/4" across

 anchor and coiled line cuflflinks

#CL10655 - $55.00

Silver tone anchor sitting on coiled line waiting for deployment. 3/4" across

 black anchor cufflinks

#CL10627 - $45.00

Stunning anchor cufflinks in a dark charcoal black brown. The color seems to take on the tone of the jacket it is worn with. Polished non-swivel version fit for a pirate!

gold tone anchor cufflinks

#CL10715g - $40.00

Gold tone fouled anchor cufflinks. 7/8" tall and 9/16" across at flukes. High polish


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