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Fouled anchor jewelry pendant necklaces

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fouled anchor jewelry

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mariners crucifix

#R42061 - $945.00

A very special sailor mariners crucifix cross! Large, heavy at 14gms of solid 14k gold. Christ crucifix is done in white gold.

huge 3D gold anchor

#SEA1111 - $845.00

Large heavy 14kt gold anchor jewelry pendant 14.5 to 15.5 gms. 3D finished all the way around. The gold rope wraps and wraps... the flukes are 1.5 inches across. 1.75 inches tall plus the bail. Do you need an awesome chain... 15-16gms

gold anchor with rose gold dolphins

#ANC28001 - $695.00

14kt yellow anchor and ships wheel with two rose gold dolphins that have been further highlighted with white rhodium. A reall eye catcher! Width is 1.25" or 33mm and height is 1 11/16" or 42mm without the bail. Bail will accept up to 5-6mm chain. App 11.6gms

14kt solid gold fouled anchor

#ANC1114 - $675.00

3D full round finished on all sides. All done in solid 14kt yellow gold, pivoting shackle bail. 35mm wide or 1 7/16" and 48mm or 1 15/16" tall including shackle bail. App 11.2gms.

14kt salty two tone anchor pendant

#SEA436 - $595.00

14kt two tone 3D fouled anchor with rhodium highlights and pivoting shackle for bail. Approximate weight is 12gms, height including shackle bail is 2" and width is 1.25" Perfect for the salty sea dog!

gold Navy Anchor necklace pendant

#ANC3824 - $575.00

Navy Anchor solid flat back. Including extra large and heavy bail, this is 1 7/8" tall or 46mm. Across the flukes is 1 1/16" or 27mm. Solid fouled rope and app 9.6gms. These two Navy anchors are an older design that are just being remade.

14kt 3D full round fouled anchor necklace pendant

#ANC439 - $575.00

3D full round finished on all sides. Rope is done in white rhodium. 34mm wide or 1 3/8" and 47mm tall or 1 7/8" including the shackle bail. App 9.4gms

Viking fisherman anchor with great white shark

#ANC1125 - $575.00

Viking anchor with great white shark! Perfect for warrior, SEAL or fisherman! One piece, the back is hollowed out, weight is approximately 9.5gms of pure 14kt gold. 1 7/8" tall and 1 3/8" wide. 47x34mm

14kt European fouled anchor with correct flukes

#ANC442 - $545.00

3D full round finished on all sides, note the flukes are correct to dig in as soon as the anchor lays over. Rope is done in white rhodium. 30mm wide or 1.25" and 47mm tall or 1 7/8" including the shackle bail. App 8.5gms

fishermans anchor and marlin

#1126 - $495.00

A 14kt gold fisherman's anchor. The marlin is on top of the anchor with the twisted line woven between the two. 1 1/2" high. ave 8.3gms

solid gold navy anchor pendant

#ANC7802 - $485.00

Navy Anchor with scooped out back. Including the extra large and heavy bail, this is just under 1.75" tall at 1 11/16" or 42mm. Across the flukes is 1 1/6" or 27mm. Fouled rope is more like solid braided anchor line. Not huge, but solid and heavy enough to keep you grounded in any weather. App 8.1gms

14k white mariners cross anchor

#10982 - $475.00

14k white gold mariners cross anchor finished in texture and high polish 1 1/2" tall app 7.9gms

Shown with 2.5mm solid rope chain for reference. NOT included

fouled Navy anchor

#ANC3824s - $465.00

Solid back fouled Navy anchor with pivoting shackle bail. Highly polished. 1" across flukes and 2" with bail. Shackle will hold chain up to 5mm. App 7.8gms

14k gold sailors crucifix 

#7828 - $235-465.00

14k gold sailor's crucifix availble in thee sizes.

1 1/8" tall 3.9gms
1 3/8" tall 5.8gms
1 3/4" tall 7.7gms

skippers anchor with ships wheel and fouled anchor jewelr pendant

#ANC1098 - $455.00

Skippers anchor in solid 14kt gold with texture and polished finish. Ships wheel, fouled anchor with correct steep flukes. Just over 1" across at flukes or 26mm. 1 1/2" tall or 35mm plus bail. App weight is 7.6gms Color appears light due to the texture's sparkle reflecting back into each other.

trident anchor

#ANC1134 - $415.00

14k gold trident anchor in 3D finished on all sides with two Neptune's tridents. Fluke to fluke is 1.2 inches and 1.3 inches tall not including chain bale. (35x27mm) app 6.9gms

heavy fouled anchor necklace pendant

#ANC752 - $395.00

Rustic anchor design from the 1970s. Flukes are turned in correctly, fouled twisted line. Anchor flukes are 3/4" across or 20mm.
Without the bail, 1 5/16" or 33mm tall. App 6gms. Full round, solid and heavy medium sized anchor pendant.

tri color three piece anchor charm

#ANC18037 - $285.00

Tri-color gold anchor made up of three individual pieces of 14kte yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The scallop shell bail would hold up to a 5mm chain or 8mm omega. Total height is 1 5/8" or 41mm and the width across the flukes is 1" or 25mm. App 5.3gms.

white gold fouled anchor necklace pendant

#ANC161wg - $275.00

Premium white gold fouled anchor without rhodium plating. 1 1/8" tall and 7/8" across.

14k white gold fouled anchor jewelry

#10977 - $265.00

14k white gold 3D jewelry anchor finished on all sides is 1 1/8" tall app 4.2gms

sailors cross and crusifix

#7839 - $255.00

14kt gold Sailors cross and crucifix. Image of Jesus is very prominent and is supported by the hands and feet. About 1/4" deep and 7/8" across and 1 1/4" tall. App 4.7gms. High polish

14k white gold jewelry anchor

#10976 - $245.00

14k white gold 3D jewelry anchor finished on all sides. Measures 1.25" tall app 4.2gms

white gold fouled anchor jewelry pendant

#ANC125wg - $245.00

14kt white gold fouled anchor built in thick heavy detail. The flukes have four blades for superior holding power! A little over one inch tall or 26mm. Fully detailed highly polished. App 4.1gms

nautical anchor sharpened flukes gold charm

#ANC1112  - $245.00

14kt gold fouled admiralty anchor jewelry charm with pointed flukes and braided line wrapped around both sides. About 1 1/4" high and 7/8" wide. 3-D polished on both sides. App 4.1gms

fouled Navy admiralty anchor in 14kt polished gold

#ANC161 - $245.00

14kt highly polished fouled Navy admiralty anchor, pinned pivoting bail, app 4.1gms 7/8" across the flukes and 1 1/8th tall without the bail. Back is flat and polished. Made at Seawear studio.

14kt gold fouled anchor jewelry charm

#ANC125 - $235.00

14kt gold anchor built in thick heavy detail. The flukes have four blades for superior holding power! A little over one inch tall or 26mm. Fully detailed highly polished. App 4.7gms

14k white gold sailors cross anchor

#10983 - $195.00

14k white gold sailors cross anchor jewelry charm finished with texture and high polish at 1 1/8" tall 3gms

14kt gold mariners cross with ships wheel and rope

#NAC153 - $195/275.00

Mariners cross anchor in 14kt gold. Nicely detailed with the ships wheel and rope around the back as well as the front of the anchor. About 11/16" tall. app 3.2gms

Medium is 4.5gms and 1 5/16" tall

3D fouled ships anchor with correct flukes in solid 14kt gold

#ANC1087 - $185.00

Small 3D full round fouled anchor with correct styled flukes. Just over 1 1/8" tall and almost 1" wide. App 3.7gms

3D full round fouled anchor necklace pendant

#ANC1104 - $185.00

3D full round fouled anchor in high polish yellow gold finished front and back. 1" tall or 26mm plus bail, flukes are nearly 5/8" across or 15mm. App 3.3gms

3D fouled anchor with twisted line

#ANC1117 - $180.00

3D, full round totally fouled anchor! You know this was no accident, the mermaid does not want you to leave! 1 1/8" tall and 3/4" wide. App 3.6gms

fouled anchor in twisted rope frame

#Fouled Anchor - $175.00

Charming fouled anchor framed in a twisted line circle. 13/16" across app 3.1gms

small 14kt 3D fouled anchor pendant

#ANC1103 - $175.00

Small 3D fouled anchor with diamond cut highlights in center of stock and center of flukes. 1 1/8" tall and 3/4" wide app 3.4gms

sailor's cross

#1101 - 175.00

14kt sailors anchor cross with fouled line. 1.25" tall (31mm) plus bail, appr 3.5gms

first crossing anchor cross

#1138 - $150.00

Whether it's across the pond, lake or ocean, everyone remembers their 'first crossing' and their good luck charm! You can wear this, step it under a mast or winch or hang it in the galley. 14k First Crossing anchor/cross with full sails, steady wheel, even keel and a fast anchor. 7/8" across and just over an inch tall. 22mmx27mm average 2.7gms

14kt 3D small fouled anchor

#ANC1113 - $140.00

3D finished on all sides small fouled anchor in 14kt 7/8" high plus bail or 22mm and flukes are 9/16" across or 14mm App 2.5gms

#1210 - $125.00

Perfect 14k anchor charm or small pendant with four sided fluke tips. 3/4" tall by 1/2" wide. Buy a pair for dangle earrings! Finished on all sides in high polish 3d full round. Charm bracelet or necklace pendant Ave 2.4gms

fouled anchor charm

#Fouled Anchor Charm - $105.00

Small solid fouled anchor. Suitable for necklace or bracelet, earrings or tie tack pin. Small, thick, solid polished back side, 3/4" tall and 7/16" across App 1.8gms

fouled Navy anchor charm

#ANC111 - $90.00

Small fouled Navy anchor charm that works for necklace pendant, charm bracelet or earrings. 5/8" tall from top of anchor to tip of flukes; near 1/2" across flukes. App 1.5gms as shown with jump ring bail.

#17711 - $80.00

14kt 3D charm finished on both sides with a ships wheel and anchor joined in a loop to form the chain bail. 3/4" wide and tall ideal for necklace pendant or bracelet charm. app 1.6gms

14kt puffed anchor charms

#ANC767 - $75.00

14kt gold puffed anchor charm in high polish 3D finished front and back. 5/8 inch 15mm tall and app 1.3gms

small 14k gold fouled anchor necklace pendant

#ANC767 - $65.00

Small fouled anchor finished on front and back. Flukes are 1/2" wide and 3/4" tall plus bail. App 1.2gms

14kt fouled anchor necklace pendant

#ANC155 - $65.00

Small and light fouled anchor pendant. App 1.1gms 1/2" across at the flukes and 3/4" tall without the bail. For a very light chain.

tiny fouled anchor necklace charm

#ANC1109 - $65.00

Tiny fouled anchor 1/2" tall and light at 1gm. For your lightest chain or a child.

sailors cross earrings

#NAE009 - $165.00 - 3.2 gms

14kt Mariners cross in post dangle earrings. Very nicely detailed. About 1 1/8" long or 28mm.

fouled anchor stud earrings

#NAE122 - $125.00

Fouled 14kt anchor stud post earrings in 3D. A nice solid feel! About 5/8" (16mm) tall and post mounts at the top of the anchor so it will hang down. app 2.4gms

14kt stud post fouled anchor earrings

#ANC142 - $65.00

14kt fouled anchor stud post earrings small and light. 1/2" or 12mm tall and app 1.2gms

gold tone anchor cufflinks

#CL10715g - $40.00

Gold tone fouled anchor cufflinks. 7/8" tall and 9/16" across at flukes. High polish


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