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Custom made stud link marine chains. 14k, 18k and platinum. Polished. Satin. Hammered. Bead-Blasted. Solid. Heavy! This line has been commissioned exclusively for us to our design specs. If you are in the marine industry and looking for one chain to wear on your neck or wrist that makes a statement about you, this is it. When you are boating do not wear one of these without a PFD! Each link is hand cast, set, finished, fitted, soldered and fashioned. Custom made one at a time, allow six to eight weeks if we do not have it in stock. No two marine link chains will be exactly identical. The center stud bar is the same dimension as the outside of the link. Just like your anchor rode aboard. The anchor windless puts the stress on this piece and that is why we chose this design.

If you like a chain you can feel resting on the back of your neck, or one that you can 'feel' when you turn your neck or take two stairs at time, this is it. You can be in a suit and tie or uniform and YOU will know what is on underneath! Secure clasp will not permit link on or off without being put on at an angle. Textures are highly polished, an engraved satin, engraved threads that catch the light and a hand hammered finish. As they are hand made and finished in Italy, allow four weeks from the time you order. They are worth the wait!

Retail jewelry stores, you can put these alongside any chains you are selling now for $150-200gm.

These are the only models available at this time.

solid gold alternate marine link chain
small links 13x7mm
mariners anchor links
actual thickness of the links
mariners anchor chain links
different sizes and textures
3 sizes of alternate marine links
medium 15x9mm, large 20x10mm, and extra large 22x12mm

Marine Chain Link sizes

  • small - 13mm x 7mm weight ~ will be about 4 gms per inch for the smallest one! ~ 2.3 links per inch ~ app. $240 per inch
  • medium - 15mm x 9mm ~almost 7 grams per inch, a little less than 2 links per inch - 22" 144gms $8,640 ~ 9" 60gms $3,600
  • large - 20mm x 10mm - we have these in cufflinks 14.2gms for the pair $850 14k yellow high polish, 9" bracelets, 22" chain in stock
  • extra large - 22mm x 12mm - we have these in cufflinks 18.6gms for the pair $1,115 14k yellow high polish
  • extra large - 22mm x 12mm - we have these in 9.25" bracelets in 18k yellow gold. 110 gms $8,250
    stud anchor marine link chain
    small 7mm x 13mm links in stock in 14k polished yellow
    20" $3,995 - 66.7gms ~ 22" $4,380 - 73.0gms ~ 26" $5,220 - 87gms
    In stock - 18k 22" chains 90 grams $6,750

    marine link bracelet

    In stock - 22x12mm links in 18k 9.25 inchs hand polished 111.1 gms $8,300


    In stock - 22.5" 14k $14,730 - 226.6gms!

    yellow and white gold bracelet

    15x9 medium links in 14k - 9 inch - 49.7gms $2,985 sold (next to watch)

    satin engraved finish 18kt marine link
    22x12mm links in 18k 9.25 inches hand engraved satin with vertical graved lines (not brushed). Extremely unique. As each is hand made and hand finished, there are no two links identical. 106.1gms - $7,955

    18kt anchor link bracelet

    22x12mm links in 18k 9.25 inches hand engraved with horizontal graved ribs. Extremely unique. As each is hand made and hand finished, there are no two links identical. 106.5gms - $7,985

    anchor link bracelet with large 20x10 solid links

    20x10mm large anchor link 14kt high polished bracelet. Nine inch length, 64.2gms. Hand polished, hand finished, hand made in Italy. One only $3,850.00

    In stock - 14k 22" 20x10mm chain 160.6 grams $10,435.00

    gold marine link cufflinks

    Large 14.2gms $850.00


    gold marine link cufflinks

    Extra Large 18.6gms $1,115.00

    alternate anchor marine link chain

    This is the small (13x6) chain with a large fish!

    two tone white gold stud link marine chain

    white and yellow stud marine link chain

    white gold marine link bracelet

    two tone large marine links

    two tone gold stud link marine chain
    Two tone gold and crystaline two texture marine link chain
    "I received the marine link 22 mm x 12 mm 18k bracelet today just in time for a great meal with my family at a very nice restaurant tonight. Wow!! This thing is massive and I'll have to be careful not to break a plate! I really like it and it fits perfectly. Thanks for the prompt shipping. I'll buy from you in the future. Have a very successful new year.
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