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Sterling Silver anchor jewelry

Argentium Silver .935 anchor jewelry made in the USA at our shop in Pennsylvania. This has .935 silver, rather than .925 of sterling silver. Excellent tarnish resistance and superior hardness. There is no coating, just pure Argentium 935 silver. These are Seawear trademarked designs under #VA0001330803 and #VA0001233947 handmade under the lost wax casting method.

argentium silver navy anchor necklace pendant

#ANC123as - $195.00

European heavy Naval anchor with corrected dig-in flukes, smooth palm, straight bar with slightly concaved edges. The eye of the anchor also forms the bail, in this case it is on a 3mm wheat link chain for reference. This one came in at 12.7gms. 1 7/8" tall or 47mm. Across the flukes is 1 1/4"/32mm. Thickness is just under 3/16"/4mm The eye will accept up to a 5mm chain.

Anchor with 3mm wheat link chain 15-16gms. Chain weighs as much as anchor $305.00

silver navy sailor anchor crucifix necklace pendant

#ASANC22 - $195.00

Navy sailor anchor crucifix in Argentium silver 935 in a large heavy design form the 1970s. This one is approximately 12gms. 2" or 50mm to the top of the cross. 1.75" across the flukes or 45mm. Thickness is 5/16" or 8mm. The free form heavy gauge wire bail adds another 3/8" of an inch in dangle length and will allow for up to 7mm chain. Can be larger if needed. This has a rough textured finish we have polished some without removing too much of the thickness.

Viking anchor

#Viking-Anchor - $175.00/$1,375.00

Forged and cast upon the rocks of Western Ireland by Vikings after an invasion. 17gms in silver or 21gms in 14kt

argentium navy anchor necklace pendant

#ASANC123a - $95.00

3D full round, finished on all sides Navy ships anchor. Each fluke has four planes for digging and holding. 1 1/8" tall and 3/4" across the flukes. Bail adds another 1/4" of hanging length. App 4.7gms

argentium silver mariners crucifix anchor necklace pendant

#ASANC52 - $95.00

Small mariners crucifix with large bail for 5mm chain. 1 1/8" across or 27mm. 1 5/8" tall including bail or 40mm. App 5.7gms

argentium silver fouled anchor necklace pendant charm

#ASANC161 - $65.00

Argentium silver 935 fouled anchor pendant or charm. Fouled anchor is 1 3/16" tall or 30mm and 7/8" wide or 21mm. Flat back, solid and not scooped out. App 3.2gms

argentium sillver boat anchor charm

#ASANC162 - $65.00

Same anchor as 161 without the fouled line. App 3gms.

argentium silver fouled boat anchor charm

#ASANC752 - $50.00

Argentium silver fouled anchor with rustic design. Correctly angled flukes finished on both sides. 1.25" tall and 3/4" wide or 28x20mm. App 3.5gms

Argentium silver foulded anchor pendant

#ASANC1193 - $50.00

Argentium silver 935 diamond cut fouled anchor pendant. 1.25" tall and 7/8" wide. 1.5" dangle length with bail. Approximately 3.4gms

small silver fouled anchor charm

#ASANC753 - $35.00

Small argentium silver 935 anchor for charm or pendant. Chain could go through jump ring bail or fouled line loop, bail can be opened to attach to your charm bracelet. Full round 3D finished on all sides. 7/8" tall and 7/16" wide or 22x11mm. App 1.3gms

argentium silver fouled anchor earrings

#ASANC753E - $75.00

Small fouled anchor charms made into earrings with Argentium silver shepherd hook ear wires. Weight for the pair is app 2.5gms

sterling silver anchor key ring

#KR.ANCHOR - $95.00

For the boat keys! Sterling silver anchor keychain is nearly 1.5 inches tall and 1 inch across. Once it gets some age and tarnish it will look great hanging on the hook by the door... 

 14kt and sterling silver anchor penant massive sterling silver anchor link pendant 14kt and sterling silver anchor link earrings

New ships anchor chain link series, 14kt and silver pendant, sterling silver pendant and 14kt and sterling silver earrings. $95-295

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