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Mariners cross anchor jewelry historically keeping one safe from harm and returning to home port.

The anchor is also the sign of hope in Christianity. Usually seen with a cross and heart, symbolizing faith, hope and charity.

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mariners cross anchor jewelry

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mariners crucifix

#R42061 - $945.00

A very special sailor mariners crucifix cross! Large, heavy at 14gms of solid 14k gold. Christ crucifix is done in white gold.

#ANC312 - $485.00

14kt gold sailors cross with navigation wheel. Even with the back scooped out, this is heavy. 1 5/8 inches long plus bale, and right at 1/4 inch thick. Distinct cross, wide spread flukes like supporting hands and the ships wheel. 9.6gms

navy sailor anchor crucifix necklace pendant

#ANC52 - $395.00

Old Sailor anchor crucifix from the 1970s that we have refined a bit. Very polished rather than a pebble finish. Bottom of anchor is normally rounded, we've added the pivot point. Can be rounded if you prefer. Just under 1.25" across the flukes or 29mm. 1.25" or 30mm from the bottom point to the top of the cross bar. Total hanging length to the top of the bail is just over 1.5" or 39mm. App 6.7gms

sailors crucifix

#7838 - $275.00

14kt mariners anchor cross with crucifix 1.5" tall plus bail app 4.9gms

dolphin navigator anchor

#ANC1133 - $265.00

Small navigation anchor with two dolphins leading the way and a ships wheel that rotates. 1 1/8" tall and 15/16" wide, app 4.5 grms. Back side is scooped out

sailors cross and crusifix

#7839 - $255.00

14kt gold Sailors cross and crucifix. Image of Jesus is very prominent and is supported by the hands and feet. About 1/4" deep and 7/8" across and 1 1/4" tall. App 4.7gms. High polish

14kt two tone mariners anchor sailors  cross with Mother Mary or Lady of Guadalope

#ANC804 - $245.00

14kt two tone sailors cross with Mother Mary or Lady of Guadalope in white gold on the ships wheel. Twisted rope goes behind and in front of the anchor. A little over 5gms 1.25" tall and 1" across. Limited supply

14k gold sailors crucifix 

#7828 - $235-465.00

14k gold sailor's crucifix availble in thee sizes.

1 1/8" tall 3.9gms
1 3/8" tall 5.8gms
1 3/4" tall 7.7gms

navigators cross

#1179 - $235.00

14kt gold Navigators anchor cross. Distinct cross and anchor highly polished while the ships wheel is textured. 1.25 inches tall app 4.3gms

#1167 - $210.00

Very subtle 14kt gold sailors cross. You can see the cross member has been lashed on. Simple, highly polished 14kt, back is scooped out to keep weight low. 1.25 inches tall plus bale. average 3.8gms

sailor's cross

#1101 - 175.00

14kt sailors mariner anchor cross with fouled line. 1.25" tall (31mm) plus bail, appr 3.5gms

first crossing anchor cross

#1138 - $150.00

Whether it's across the pond, lake or ocean, everyone remembers their 'first crossing' and their good luck charm! You can wear this, step it under a mast or winch or hang it in the galley. 14k First Crossing anchor/cross with full sails, steady wheel, even keel and a fast anchor. 7/8" across and just over an inch tall. 22mmx27mm average 2.7gms

14kt white gold Fair, Hope & Charity emblems

#ANC532 - $95.00

14kt white gold Faith, Hope and Charity emblems. Three individual pieces affixed to the bail. All just under 1/2" tall, app 1.8gms

Faith, hope and charity in the universal symbols of anchor, cross and heart

#ANC7218 - $65/135

14kt puffed anchor, cross and heart representing faith, hope and charity. Two sizes, small is app 1.2gms heart is 5/16" across; medium is app 2.6gms and heart is nearly 1/2" across.


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