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completely solid 14kt gold including posts, backs, wires and clips, sold by the pair

scallop fan shell earrings #NAE057 - 5.0 gms - $245.00

The fan back scallop shell as seen in the Art Deco districts. This one spells South Beach or Santa Catalina! About 5/8" across and almost 3/4" tall.


tail back scallop shell earrings#NAE051 - 3.9 gms - $195.00

Scallop shell earings with finely detailed ridges along the backand tail. Be sure to click on these! About 1/2" tall and across.


scallop post dangle earrings #SHELL008 - 2.4gms - $125.00

Scallop shell dangles from ball and post backs. Nearly 7/16" across or 11mm


scallop post earrings #SHELL050 - 1.2gms - $65.00

Small detailed scallop shell post earrings just over 1/4 inch across or 8mm


14k scallop shell earrings#13045 - $195.00

14k scallop fan shell earrings with wide base. About 1/2" across app 3.2gms


14kt gold scallop shell post earrings #18861 - $195.00

14kt scallop shell post earrings. 1/2" tall and across or 13x13mm. App 3.6gms per pair


ball drop dangle scallop shell earrings #13137 - $135.00

Ball drop scallop shell earrings app 2.7gms Just over 5/8" dangle length and scallop shell is just under 1/2" across.


#13037 - $90.00

14kt nautilus shell post earrings of one of the most unusual shells found. Just 1/2" tall app 1.5gms


fine gold scallop shell and starfish earrings

#NAE020 - 2.8 gms - $145.00

Fine gold 14kt scallop shell with post and back and waving starfish below to dangle. Nice nice nice! Total length about 15/16"


enamel conch lever back dangle earrings #EC553LB - $325.00

Baby enamel conch leverback earrings. Total dangle is 1 1/8", almost 1/2 wide, app 4.4gms. Full round finished on all sides.


#ENC002 - 3.4gms - $175.00

14kt enamel conch earrings with flat hollowed back for lightness on the ears dangle from ball drop posts.

 pink conch enamel shells

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