Seawear trout wedding band

Marlin Wedding Ring

This comes in two versions, a heavier gents version and a slightly lighter ladies version. Each is made to order in the old lost wax casting method. Allow three full weeks for yours to be made to order.

It is comprised of a single marlin fish that wraps around your finger. Wonderful wedding ring or just for showing off!

The gents version is $1,175.00 and the ladies version is $635.00 The ladies is slightly smaller and faces the opposite direction.

For the gents you can expect 17mm from the tip of the dorsal to the bottom most tail fin. The overall width is of the body in the back is 6mm and the thickness is 2mm. Weights will vary on size from 8-10gms. The ring below was a size 7.75 gents and weighed 8.6gms

#MWR - $1,175.00

marlin wrap wedding ring

marlin wrap around wedding band

marlin wrap wedding ring

marlin wrap around wedding ring

marline wrap wedding band

marlin wrap wedding ring


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