fresh water grand slam ring


You thought we forgot you?


Fresh water grand slam ring in your choice of striped bass, large mouth bass, King salmon, trout or pike.

Any combination of 14kt, 18kt, yellow gold, white gold or platinum for your freshwater grand slam ring.

This one as shown is $1,395.00 14kt white fresh water fish on 14kt yellow gold ring (this angler chose the pike, largemouth bass and trout).

white gold large mouth bass on yellow gold ring

The ring is 8.5mm at the widest point.


white gold trout on yellow gold ring

Note the gradual taper to a comfortable fit of 6mm


white gold pike on yellow gold ring

The setting for the fish is waves recessed into the wall of the ring.


side 3D view of freshwater slam ring

This is not a thin, light freshwater ring. It is substantial.


14kt yellow ring with white fish $1,395-
14kt white ring with yellow fish $1,395-
18kt yellow ring with platinum fish $2,100-
Platinum ring with 18kt yellow fish $2,785-
All platinum ring and fish $2,875-
Custom design your own personal grand slam fish ring! Select your fish and color combination, set the hook and wait for it to arrive!
Sizes over 11.5 are $85 additional per half size for 14kt or your local jeweler may size it up for you. If you are unsure of your size or just guessing, your local jeweler can size it for you, there are no returns. Each is handmade to order to the size you request in the wax, the rings are then spaced in accordance to the size you specified.

#Triple Fish Rings from - $1,395.00


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