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Received all articles as promised all items are absolutely authentic as advertised thanks Sir Charles for your professional personal attention to inquiry regarding initial sale process right down to delivery. Wishing you continued sucess with this exquisite line very impressed will be ordering again in the future as well as reping forwarding your site,inventory, quality, & delivery to all my family friends& associates. HAPPY HOLIDAZE MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHING YOU AND YOURS FAIR WIND AND GOOD HEALTH THRU 2019



No problem thx to your prompt response and helpful input order resubmission was successful.
P.S. * odd that the 2nd attempt required + zip content- anyway all is well .
Good Luck this season and in 2019- your jewelry line is top shelf -very cool logo- web site images & descriptive text fortify making positive decisions.
We're water bugs & these nautical articles of jewelry you've produced will dazzle her on Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas & may God Bless you & yours Happy New Year.
K. Hansen


Got it Charles.... special thanks for shipping in an unmarked package..... wife pulled it out of mailbox. She somewhat inquired..... especially since from Pennsylvania where she goes to Lancaster and adjoining area ...... but it went quiet later in day

Had it been seawear..... it would have been tougher..... good idea in packaging..thanks


Thank you very3 much for the anchor chain necklace and the support throughout the transaction sir. Already got the parcel in hand safe and sound. Got the feedback from my father, the length was just right but the width i've said earlier on, the 8mm or the 10mm would be better on him cause currently he's using a 12mm rope chain. But in the end, everybody is happy here. Is not easy to get this kinda chain in Asia.. All thanks to you sir. We appreciate it like a thousand times to you. Cheers and salute..



Emerald is sleeping in my treasure chest till Christmas morning when we meet some neighbors for carol singing and hot cider (alcoholic). If you do not take care you might spend Christmas in a friendly haze...


Dear Charlie, I had to collect the package from customs anyway, well...
but a friend drove me. At home I had my first private look at the beautiful Gecko and I was so pleased. He twinkled at me from his Emerald Eyes (his new name) and grinned. You have the knack to attach a beautiful energy to your pieces I recognize doing a lot of healing work.
The energy is love. You love doing your work providing us with beautiful pieces and we love to receive them. To us they are heartfelt memories.

I will get a new titanium hipjoint around Easter (I am not as young anymore as I used to be) and I promised myself the golden mermaid pendant when I can walk again as a reward to keep a stiff upper lip as the English say.

Dear Charly, thank you for the wonderful Gecko, have a blessed Christmas with your family and a Happy new Year.

Keep up the good work, Margrit from Germany


The rings are here and one is on my finger! Thank you for making sure it turned out perfect, worth the wait! Happy thanksgiving!
Erin& Greg


Hi, Charlie, I hope that you and your family are well!

Yes, I have a PayPalaccount! No problem there.

I always wondered why I chose the mermaid from you in whitegold with a diamond, since I am a yellowgold girl. Well, I have the anwer. This autum we went to the river Rhine. I once wrote a beautiful short story about the river maids, the daugters of father Rhine, that got published in an anthology. We were staying on a camping ground right across from the high rocky outcrop where the most famous of them, the Loreley, used to sit and sing. And I took some night photos. ( I was actually wearing the "mermaid" around my neck.) I was so amazed later to see an orb right on top of that rock. Her energy was still there.

The next morning on a walk along the river Rhine, the waterline was low because of the heatwave this summer, I found a glass shard from an old bottle and it had the shape of a heart. I am sure the river daugthers wanted to thank me for my story. So you see, the Mermaid is obviously a river maid.. how the waves glitter on her white gold fishtail... Magic, is it not?

I am planning to get her yellow gold sister with a pearl some time next year. I will send the photo later it is still in the camera.

Send me your details and I make sure the money arrives pronto!

Love, Margrit



Hi there, since I already own two of your fabulous pieces, a stunning mermaid and a reef fish, I have set my sight on another piece:

I would like to order the gecko pendant GEK 306 for Christmas. Will it be in time?

It costs 345$. What would be the cost for insurance and transport to Germany? Please send me your details so I can send the money to your account.

Very much obliged, as always, Margrit from Germany

aka Dr. Margrit Dornuf


Just wanted to thank you again. Received the ring back today safe and sound. Have a wonderful evening!


Got it and it is perfect…Really works exactly the way I wanted it to work… Thank you.


Thanks for the update and for making sure it's perfect!


Hi Charlie,

Just picked up the package.. it's really really gorgeous!!! Had to pay €120,- on taxes, but it's more than worth it!! Thanks a lot Charlie for the effort you put in it and the gift you gave me! Now I have to come up with a plan to give it to her.. :D I'll send you a picture!

Ralph in the Netherlands


Good morning. Received my necklace Saturday . Very good craftsmanship and done in a reasonable amount of time for a coustom piece ! I'll be doing business again !!!!

Thank you , Lennie


Hey Charles!
Just home from Scotland. I made it for several days over there before I gave her the cross one day and the ring the next. She absolutely loved them both AND the ring fit perfectly! Thanks so much for all you did to help with this gift and the surprise.

All the best!

(still amazed you kept it secret for seven months!)


Hey Charlie,
Jack Del here from Wisconsin, just checking in to say hi. Still and will always LOVE my heavy marine link Chain. I get comments on it, and I redcommend you regularly.
That being said, how's business? Divorce status, that done?


(been a brutal couple of years just trying to stay open and alive)


Thanks again for getting this done before my vacation!! Looks pretty good by the sea!! (I've got to start uploading customer shots!)


This is awesome. Great job making this. Came out just the way I wanted. I appreciate the great craftsmanship. Have a good trip and be safe sir. Nice to meet you.



Charlie, I can't tell you enough how much I love the shark tooth necklace and the chain, it's beautiful!

Thank you so much!




Hi Charlie. Got the bracelet today - great job! Really appreciate you getting it done so fast too!

Take care,




I have just received my sea serpent. I couldn't be more pleased!
Many thanks,

Sanibel Island, Florida


No issues at the border! :)

Gifted the ring on the weekend and he was very surprised and loves it!

Thanks again for everything.



Thank you, I'm now trying to decide between the #SEALTEAM, #DELTATEAM and #BRAVOCO. I'M 6'5" 290lbs with a 18 1/2" neck. Thoughts?
Also do you offer a trade in on your pieces towards an upgrade on a new piece of greater value? By the way I have been searching for quite some time for just such a chain and YOURS are paramount! Thank you for your time and consideration.
Dan - Savannah Ga


Thanks Chas, enjoying the chain. Beautiful as always!! I appreciate your talent and hard work!! Let me know about new designs in the future!! MJ


Got it today. I'm very happy with it!!


Hi Charlie - received the ring this morning and it fit perfectly and looks like brand new.

Thank you so much again! Jan


The Princess received her Pineapple Charm today, she absolutely loves it.
Thank you for helping make her birthday special .


Dear Charlie,

BINGO! You hit the nail on the head squarely sir. My 5-year search for a perfect navy anchor pendant with great success thanks to you!
Fabulous custom job matching good size shackle with white gold trim on a perfect anchor.

Huge thanks + best wishes as always sir!
Jon in Scottsdale



Good Evening,

The pendant arrived today. Thank you. It looks really good. I've had problems with the mail here which is why I inquired. I plan to do more business with you again.



I picked up yesterday. Lovely - thank you so much.



Awesome. Yes, perfect and you're not bothering us at all. We are telling our mutual friends about you because we've never met anyone else this professional, thank you so much!!


I just wanted to let you know that today I received the item I ordered from the other source and I am happy enough with it that I will use that for my gift given the time constraints. I would like to say how much I appreciated you being so responsive in your communication. I will definitely keep you on my list for future purchases and recommend your site to others.
Best of luck!


Hey Charlie!
Thanks again for helping me out with the bracelet! She absolutely loves it! How could you not, right?
It's a classic, and perfect for her !
Hope all is well with you - any new pieces in your website?


Got the charm today! It's JAWsome!
We went cage diving with white sharks off Guadeloupe island MX in November and I wanted a charm to remind me of it!
Thank you again !



Love the pieces, they came out beautiful. We are deciding whether to put diamonds or not.

Thanks again!




I do believe I have some Irish blood in me.

Running boats over the worlds oceans to far away lands is the greatest career that I have ever had. Luckily I don't have to pull my card at the pump, so to speak. Round trip to PR we burn between 40 and 50 thousand gallons. That's a heavy hit on anyone's pocket book.

I constantly have the dream of moving onto a boat, I would go trawler for sure. Economical and plenty of room too. Not to mention, they have a reasonable sticker price for a slightly older boat.

Thank you again for all your efforts today, they are greatly appreciated, and will make a woman's day since I will be at sea for her big day.



You are great Charlie. If you have a reviews section, I would be glad to write you one. Your service is truly above and beyond. You didn't need to help a sailor at sea get his girlfriend a gift, and that really means a lot to me.

My sincerest thanks,


Thank you! She LOVED it - really made her day so thank you for your help!


Hi Charlie !
The eagle has landed.
If she doesn't absolutely love it, I will gladly keep it for the rest of my life and wear it every day.
It is stunning. I've taken it out of the (very cool) box at least 8 times.
I want to talk about it for a minute. Outstanding and beautiful…. So glad I did it.
: Thanks so much -


Hi Charlie,

I received the ring today and it is PERFECT!
Thank you again





Got it on. It looks beautiful, perfect length, and I love the shackle.
Question. How hand tight should I tighten the threaded pin. Don't want to strip it. Is that possible?
(massive anchor link bracelet)


Hi Charlie,

Pleased to report that the Herreshoff anchor has just arrived.

It got held up in customs for a few days and they wanted £28.80 ($40) for customs clearance and VAT (Value Added Tax is a sort of goods and services tax that we pay on all goods and services within the European Union. Currently 20% in UK. It is a tax that is collected incrementally at every stage of production and distribution, a bit like your Sales Tax, I suppose.)

Anyway, I once again feel fully dressed, with my anchor! It was a pleasure to deal with you and as I said, if you are ever in the UK, let me know.

All I have to do now is to submit my insurance claim.

Best regards,

Jon Gale.


The turtle arrived yesterday and I love it.




Hi Charlie,
That ring is seriously nice! It is well worth every penny! Most online jewelry places make it look like their stuff is substantial, as this ring is, but when you get it, it's very thin, but you're paying for substantial. Thank you for a great experience! Helen


The eagle has landed.
Exactly as hoped for!
I Fu#@$?~'n LOVE it. Many Thank you's Charles! (Cool box too!)
Looks like I might be able to drop a link. I'm gonna wear it a few days before contemplating any changes.
I've got some 14k jewelry of my own that doesn't get worn and am likely going to sell, along with some stuff from my folks. There are a few bigger (non chain store) reputable jewelers in Madison that can drop a link off the chain (which I'll keep), and have them put the anchor on at the same time. I'll see what they'll give me for the other gold. Anything I need to be aware of, or watch out for when selling gold?
(I know they're licensed, who certifies their scales?)
I might also check rough weight on my Dillon Reloading powder scale to get an idea before going there.
Grains to grams/ Oz, easy.
(DELTA chain famous shooter I can't publish his name)


All arrived perfectly today! Absolutely beautiful. Have it stashed in my dresser awaiting packing for the trip in 7 months! Where did I put those little boxes???

I couldn't have done this project without you help and counsel. Thank you again. Best wishes.
(surprise engagement in Ireland!)


Charlie, I Love this piece! It's super cool. If you ever make or have one made in this exact pattern that's between this size and the ANC1110, make a note of it, I'll buy the first one!
I'm using three different lengths of ball chain as a test for this anchor to see what I want to do in terms of length for a chain. Ive got an 18" neck or perhaps a little more. 22" is definitely Too Short, 24" might work but it seems a little too long, so I'm testing with a 23 inch ball chain that seems to be pretty good. Can you do me a Delta in 23? And since it wouldn't fit over my head, I'm very very concerned about clasps. Dual shackles? Dual opposing heavy lobster claws? Thoughts, suggestions??
(Funeral in Lords Valley PA Saturday morning, I'll be in your general neighborhood but not close enough to stop by, shame)


Charlie -

Thought I would just crop you a quick note to say that the penguin was well received!
It really is some high quality work and my wife greatly appreciated it.
Please let me know if the artist ever makes an earring set to go with them!

All the best................and thanks again for your help.


Received the chain today. Wow! It's really awesome and comfortable. Don't take this the wrong way, but my first response was - "is this real?!" because it is very high quality for the price! I will be saving up for the halibut pendant.

Thanks again,


I just wanted to let you know that my wife purchased the diving helmet charm for Christmas that we had been conversing about and are both very happy with it. Thanks for all the feedback and help last month.


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