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Hi Charlie,
I wanted to let you know that my husband put a picture up on his Facebook group of the navy Shellback veterans. He got 700 likes and 12 shares. Happy holidays! I hope you get more work from it.
Thanks again,


The ring is absolutely beautiful! You do such beautiful work!
Thanks so much for getting to me for the holiday!




You do beautiful work...thank you so much Karen



The ring is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I cannot thank you enough for making such a gorgeous piece AND sending it in time for Christmas! I hope your good deeds return to you this coming year.
Merry Christmas Charlie!!



Mr. Bennett,

From the moment I found your web site several years ago, I knew I'd wind up paying you a lot of money. My wife absolutely LOVES every single piece I've purchased from you - she doesn't leave the house without wearing something from you.

I just this afternoon received these scallop shell earrings, and have no doubt she will adore them! In fact, she perused your web site and, essentially, informed me that she would eventually expect one of everything. So I suppose we'll be conversing every holiday season from here on out. Sir, your jewelry is not only beautiful, but of exceptional quality. Being a geologist, I know a bit about gold - have examined every piece under magnification, and continue to be stunned by the exquisite detail.

Can't thank you enough. Best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Clark Lewis

(PS - did some prospecting in North Carolina this summer, found a little cache of gold nuggets - about 11 grams - right near the site of an old pre-Civil War mine. In all, now have over 3 ounces from this site.)



Thank you for everything.
The ring arrived, much sooner than expected!
I love it!
Hope to see you sometime if you visit seacoast New Hampshire1 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Sue Reynolds



Thank you for your prompt fulfillment of my order. My grandson will have his Christmas present on time
Merry Christmas




Charlie, you're the man. I'm sure you're very busy this time of year with last minute orders out before Christmas. Wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of this effort to make mine happen. Be safe up there with this weather, and have a wonderful Christmas.



Reached Surface (very, very deep sea diver)


Best Regards...

Eric Harper
African Coastal Marine Services
Ghana 233 (0) 244 820757
Nigeria 234 8153821038



Thought you may like to see the size of these prawns. What would Paul Hogan say, that's not a prawn, THIS is a prawn.

These prawns are called Black Tigers, nicknamed Leader Prawns, there's not enough in the wild to commercially fish, but we catch these and keep them alive on board and send them to the Queensland Prawn Farms as brood stock. They love them, because of their size they are ready to sell within 3 months form spawning at around a 10/20 or 15/25 size prawns per pound.

During April/May we catch Banana Prawns in the Kimberley's, these are also around a 10/20 or 15/25 size prawn.

Also, picture of the FV Libertine in the Kimberley's, we have been working on this boat for last 8 years for Austfish Fisheries.

Hope you enjoy these pictures. Cheers, Lyn



Thank You...
I recv'd the Charm yesterday pm and it looks great!

Merry Christmas



Hey Charlie,

I think I owe you a case of Yinglings. Fantastic job on our wedding rings!




Hi Carlie,
Thank you,thank you, thank you,I received the ring today, I am so happy,and hubby is over joyed,I was so worried but I am so pleased with your service the time you took to keep me happy and reassured, I appreciate it and would not hesitate to buy again or recommend you,again thank you!
Helene,one happy customer,and yes he has caught a Marlin, no pinkie promise required,find photo attached



Received. Fit is great. Love the simple beauty. Thank you very much!



Thank you for your email. Please go ahead and ship the other two items and charge me accordingly. I will comeback and reorder the turtles from you in January. This is my second order with you and your service and communication have been first class. Please send me an email or a phone call if you can remember when the turtles come in.
Thank you,



HI Charlie!

Just want to let you know that from the day the bracelet arrived to today, I have not taken it off!
I love it and thank you again so much!!

Happy Thanksgiving too!



Thank you very much - I look forward to receiving it. Again thank you for rushing this order for we are celebrating
Christmas with our family over Thanksgiving.
Mary Jo



Charlie - this is a portion of what i posted on my facebook page today... feel free to use it on your site..

Last week I ordered a ring for my anniversary. Of course I waited too long and had to use express shipping to get it in 3 business days. When I ordered I had not noticed that the rings take 3-4 weeks to make. I pleaded with Charlie who rushed the order over a weekend and got it to me on-time! But it was a half size too small... He implored me to send the ring back to him for sizing rather than have anyone else touch it. He returned the ring back to me in less than a week. I can't say enough about the quality and uniqueness of the jewelry I have received from this site (this is my second purchase). Most importantly, it's rare to be treated with so much kindness and respect during an anonymous internet transaction. I highly recommend Charlie for anyone looking for a unique gift for the holidays or any other special event.

I can't thank you enough!

Hull, MA


you really are amazing! if only all business owners were so kind and focused on customer service! I can't thank you enough... but what I CAN do is give you some good social media press... what sites do you think impact you the most as far as drumming up business??

Thanks again!


Well, it's really been a good jewelry week for me!! Received my 'slippuh' charm and just love it. Thanx again.



Dear Charlie, today we collected the gold from customs and I privately looked at it (Christmas presents, you know) and to tell the truth your pendants are awesome, cute and the price is fair. The butterfly fish and the whale mother look so beautiful and innocent, I am sure you know what I mean. Also the earrings are wonderful.

I take your stuff to Hawaii instead of buying from you know whom so that might put a grin on your face. Thank you again, keep up the good work.
You are going to hear from me, next year I have my eyes on the turtle from egg pendants.

Have a peaceful Christmas with your family and God bless.

Margrit in Germany



I'm finally retired from NY state after 30 years of public service,,,, still working,,,, but now I'm working on my own projects at my own pace!
Sherry and I are in Florida for a short time and that's why I decided to drop you a quick note,,,, plus I miss and enjoyed our email conversations while you made this ring!

I often get comments about my ring in NY,,,, but I'm amazed how many people comment on it when you're in a location like this (Florida).
Love showing it to people,,,, love talking about,,,, love showing that it's a flex ring,,,, love talking about the man who made it!

You might have noticed that I've moved it one finger over? I'm more physically active in retirement, don't sit at a desk, and don't eat lunch every day.... All that has added to a 20 pound (and counting) weight loss! That's a good thing!


Fantastic ring! Thanks for all your help. I'm sure I will be using your business in the future and I'll be recommending you to my friends if they have any jewelry needs.


Thank you Charlie. There is still a lot of fight left in me, though the treatments are not for sissies.
Package arrived yesterday and is everything you had said it would be.
E Pluribus Unum, and though you told me that the #Sealteam does not derive from them, as such it represents them well.
It will be cherished.
I will get back with you, probably after the New Year, as I would like a Blue Marlin that I could wear on my hat. (I have to wear a hat at all times now so that my Melanoma doesn't get any more ideas if I step outside.)
I assume you could swap out a loop for a pin or screw back so that I could wear it on the brim? Let me know if that is possible.




Charlie - u r a miracle worker! It got here. I gave it to her. She loves it! Thank you soooooo much!!

One problem. It doesn't fit in her ring finger. Argh! Her right hand is at least a half size or even a size bigger. :( think we will be able to have it stretched a little?



Received package. I love my palm tree! Thank you.


We received the ring last week. It's amazing and fits perfectly! Get detail and position of the fish. Chris is very happy with his band.

Thank you so much!

Beata and Chris


Our wedding/"mates for life" rings are fantastic! Do not know how you got the work done and answered all my email questions along the way, too. Your communication took the concern out of a purchase off the web. Thank you very much for your efforts. It truly could not have worked out better.
The best to you, Terry & Lisa


Hey Charlie,
I received the ring in the mail today and I truly cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with it. It is exactly what my Fiancé wanted and more. It's so perfect!! We love it!! Also I just wanted to thank you for clarifying everything and always keeping me up to date with what what happening. I will definitely recommend seawear to friends and family and will be purchasing more pieces from you.
Thank you so much,




So, to update you..the rings are a big hit, we love 'em. Can't thank you enough for your prompt emails and help in getting these things in hand. Give me a heads up on how to post on your comments page. Is it on the site how to? I won't reveal you did that in four days to put future pressure on you. (May be with the help of an impending hurricane). We're into day #2.





Wanted to thank you again for the chain. They put a larger loop on the medal and it slides around the chain. Hopefully the loop will last as long as the chain does.


Love the ring on... Thanks again!



The ring came yesterday. We are both so pleased over it! I say, it's more beautiful than we imagined. Thanks very much for the quick service and for the beautiful ring. If you ever find someone to make bracelets again, we'd be interested!


Marlan Perhus



Thanks for the tip. If I do end up needing one, I'll be sure to go through you. I actually sent 4 emails out, and you were the only one that responded, and quickly (so thank you!). Your customer service is great, and even if I don't go end up needing the spares, I'd be happy to leave a positive review somewhere if you have a place you record them.
I'll be in touch soon!
Take care,



Wow! I am really pleased with the new ring. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic. The craftsmanship is evident and the quality everything I could hope for. Let me add that the presentation box was also incredible.

Thanks for great service and an excellent product!

Ed Bean
Surf City, NC



Good Morning Charlie!

I picked up the package on Saturday and it is magnificent!
I absolutely LOVE IT!

Thank you so much for your patience and perseverance in getting this wonderful bracelet!!!

Best Regards,



Wow…I was at the VA hospital yesterday, and when I got your message it truly brought tears to my eyes…been years since I've done that.
Since I, too, am a Viet Nam War veteran, now severely disabled AND trying to fight off cancer, I can relate to all the miseries that our new wounded warriors are facing. Bless you.
Hunting and fishing ARE the best therapies.
Thank you, Charlie…I already knew that the #SealTeam would be special.
------Jeff (inspired the SEALTEAM chain)


Hi Charlie,

I wanted to let you know we are very happy with how the ring turned out! It fits Matt great and he's super happy with the way it looks. Thanks so much for helping us with this order!




Hi Charlie, I wanted to write to you to say since 2010 I have worn a 18k solid medium or large great white tooth and a two tone anchor link and rigging link chain on my neck almost every day since I had purchased it from you. It was a gift to myself after surviving a hart attack and hart surgery. I need to tell you I receive so many compliments on this piece that I was fortunate to be able to talk with you and you helped me pick it out. I am glad to see business is doing good for you and I will keep sending everyone who asks where I got it from to you. The neckless means the world to me and I wanted to share that with you.
I would purchase another neckless from you but because I cherish this one so there is no need but I may have my wife get me a mans bracelet to match for Christmas
Please keep up the fine work
Thank you Gordon
Naples Fl
PS we do have a picture of neckless in our safety deposit box just incase something happens to it so it can be replaced



I wanted to let you know my / your ring arrived safely and in great's even better than my last one! I'm not gonna clue in the bride who asked just YESTERDAY where my ring I usually have it on when we go out. I said it was on the sink near my shower [which she does not use....hers if of course the BIG one, but sailors don't need much anyway]. Got here just in time for lunch @ the beach today [before there hurricane gets here]. So my abject thanks for a great and TIMELY job. I'll get the engraving done by a fellow Viet Vet who has a laser engraver.

Slainte & Mabuhay,*

*Slainte: an Irish toast meaning health....Mabuhay is the Filipino version



So glad you liked it! Thank you for your incredible service. Can't wait to see our ring!

(gifts from state police)



Hi Charlie,

The ring turned out gorgeous with the diamond in the round bezel. My camera doesn't do close-ups very well so you can only get an idea.

Thanks so much!



Thanks it came and is beautiful. I own a shop in Myrtle Beach where I make sharks teeth jewelry and I would like to see about buying wholesale from you . My business is Trader Bill's Shark Tooth Cove. I would love to class my place up with some of your sharks teeth. My phone number 843 222 3326 or E-mail please let me know what I need to set up wholesale account and wholesale price break .
I'm a small business I wrap the fossil teeth found on the beach here and I do wrap the fresh teeth also , we originated shark teeth jewelry back in the late 1950s . I've been here personally 47 years. I have a few fresh great whites in my collection a little over 2 1/4 inches that I've had since the 80s.
I know you're busy look forward to hearing from you Tom Pierce 916 N Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577



Mr. Bennett,

I received the ring today. It is absolutely perfect, and worthy of the beautiful woman who's hand it will adorn. Thank you and thank you again for your integrity concerning the price difference. You are an extremely honorable businessman.

Thank you,




In response to your earlier suggestion (below) to make sure my ring fit snug, since it is heavy - indeed it is - yet not uncomfortable due to the very heavy comfort fit. Thanks for all your help in the fabrication of that ring. Compared to the custom ring I had made for Mary, my fiancé, purchasing my ring from you went like a breeze. We are getting married October 17th and I can't wait to wear the ring full time! I am a very satisfied customer.

But now, I'm in search of another, much simpler, ring.

Originally, Mary intended to wear just one ring, a blend of the upper adornments of an engagement ring with the full band of a wedding ring. To ensure the size was appropriate for the width, to ensure it would be comfortable long term, and to have a ring to present during proposal, I purchased a plain sterling silver wedding band for her to wear until the custom platinum ring arrived. Once it did arrive, though, I was surprised that she enjoys wearing both rings! Hmmm... So now I'm looking to find a platinum ring to replace the sterling silver one, so they both patina the same way.

Her original sterling silver band is size 6, has an oval cross section, is 4mm wide and 2.3mm thick, with smooth polished finish. Like the one you had made for me, it is all rounded, having no flat edges. The image below is a good representation of the sterling silver ring and the platinum replacement I'm looking for. Her engagement ring is made of 95% platinum/5% Ruthenium. Could you have the ring I've described made in that alloy? What is your price and estimated delivery? So far, I have only been able to find a comparable ring in the correct alloy in England - with their associated 20% VAT. My good impression of your company leads me to ask you if it is something you could have made? What would be your price and estimated delivery?

I very much look forward to hearing back from you,



No,,,,, thank you my friend!
I absolutely love your ring!


The dolphin pendant for my wife's birthday arrived early this AM. Thanx for doing the impossible and getting it here so quick. It is beautiful and I'm sure I will see it on her necklace every day for a long time. Thanx for the incredible service. Tom



Dear Charlie, I just wanted to say Thank you for the awesome mermaid.
Just like you predicted I am wearing it on this Saturday proudly. Thank you an your female artist for my mermaid, it means so much! God bless!
Margrit from Germany


Just got home and opened my Christmas in July present.......
Love your ring,,,,, loved the experience,,,,, and especially loved getting to know you!
Thank you for putting your mark inside and yes I think SARATOGA is a great name!
I'm honored to have been apart of the process.

Do you have a balance for the finish work?
So happy to have it back on my finger!!!!!!
John II


Hi Charlie, I am so pleased that it worked just fine.
When Marian, the seamaid (Mari means the sea) arrives in Germany Customs will send me a postcard, so that I can pick her up after I paid a hefty
21,5 % on all the money I transferred...But never mind! She is such a beauty I really look forward...I wil turn her over to my partner. On the 27Th of July, my 60th birthday, She will be my main present... so special.
Thank You, Charlie, for all the wonderful seastuff you make,I have my eyes on more stuff the next years, the adorable turtles for example...
Thank you and all the best to you, Margrit


She has arrived and she is absolutely stunning and the detail is extrodinary, now I just need to get a chain to wear her on haha.



Hi, Charlie,

Received the pendant in today's mail. Very pretty and will enjoy wearing it. Many thanks for your great service, very much appreciated. Will give you high recommendations.



I don't know what to say. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to converse back and
forth with Mike. Since he was a little guy, he has always had such unique interests. Never the norm, I
tend to think of him as a "renesainnce man"
Unfortunately, his illness has robbed him of the ability to pursue many of his previous interests and I know that it bothers him. He is so lonely sometimes and unable to do many things that would otherwise occupy his time.
So, as a mom, I can only say thank you for taking an interest in him and his physics and for sending along the magazine.
I know that there is a place in heaven for folks like you!
Have a great trip!




Hi Charlie,

I want to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with this pendant and also I wanted to thank you for your prompt replies. I gave my dad this website as well so he can do business with you guys too in the future. Thanks you sir!




Thrilled with the starfish!



Thank you so much for your pleasant response! You're definitely correct that I should focus on my health first, and I'll be sure to get you that doctors note!



Thank you. Just ordered this. Perfect customer service.

Jill morrison


Just wanted to let you know we received our rings and they are perfect!! Thank you so much!!!



Excellent, many thanks Charlie! And for the sage advice on the card. Hadn't done that yet, so an apt reminder.

Thank you!!!!


Love my ring! It fits just right. The next one I order will be the 12 gauge square reef knot Argentium ring. Will let you know when I am ready for that one!


Charlie, I just wanted you to know that the ring is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much!


I just got my ring, and it's wonderful! Thank you so much!



Hi Charlie,

Just a quick thank you for the update.

Spam. Nothing good to say about that. Had to cancel one of my email accounts
due to the time wasted sifting through it. Didn't justify using a "pay for" service
such as spam arrest or whatever .... so I just closed the account.

I already received your shipping info as well. My wife has no idea what I ordered
her for her birthday so I hope she likes it as it is very hard to tell from photos on
these types of things. Just decided I'd take the chance.

Regardless, I do appreciate the reply and service. I should mention that I also
appreciate the effort you have made on your website to address your concerns
regarding fraud etc. A bigger problem these days than most people probably
realize. I worked in a call center for awhile and can not tell you how many
customers had to continually update their credit card info due to their cards
being compromised. I wouldn't have believed it had I not done that job for a bit.
Hopefully others appreciate it as well, or at least learn something.

Take care an have a good week.




We are very much pleased with the Ring. Thank you Charlie!



Hello Charles, Received my order today and very pleased. Just wanted to thank you for your opinion to help make this purchase.



Charlie...It' absolutely gorgeous! Now I understand what you mean about the bevels being better...they are more pronounced and give the ring dimension and overall unique beauty. Did I tell you I LOVE IT! If you want a positive and glowing review, I would be happy to write one. Thanks so much for your truly personalized service and will definitely be a repeat customer!



Thank you. When I got home I found out the mail person did not go to front desk, or my door (condo high rise). Our concierge contacted post office and they returned with package and they signed. I was able to get package when I got home. The pendant is awesome!

Thank you,




Your work is beautiful!! I can imagine it keeps you very busy! Thank you for the information & good luck fishing tomorrow!




Hi Charlie! The baby turtle hatchling has arrived! It is awesome, thank you so much. I will send you a picture of her wearing the whole set.
John E



I picked up the ring yesterday morning at the post office. The ring is awesome and more than what I hoped for. The details and workmanship is excellent. To be honest with you, I haven't worn a wing since I was 18 so I'm sure the sailing scene in addition to the importance of the wedding wing itself will keep it on my finger :-)

A question for you in regards to sizing keeping in mind my inexperience wearing a ring. If the ring is a little tight is it worth my time and expense to have it resized or stretched to increase to 10.75 or just stick with it and plan to keep soap handy for ease the removal process? About how much should it cost to have it stretched by a 1/4 size?

Lastly, thank you very much. Please keep me in mind the next time you visit Solomons Island, I'd love to have you and your wife swing my the house for a cook out or we will pick you up and take you out to dinner by boat. When you come to the area please contact me using this email address or my calling my cell phone, .




You must be the Charlie of seawear?
Ring arrived safely. Looks good!



Just wanted to pass along to you how many compliments we have gotten on your Claddagh rings you made especially for us. Tess and I were married on Friday, April 15 on Dublin, Ohio. It was a full blown Irish wedding with a hand fasting ceremony, a Celtic quaich ceremony, kilts and bagpipes. Here's a little teaser from the photographer.

Thanks so much my friend. Please stay in touch.

All our best,

Kevin and Tess


Hi Charlie,
Just received my ring. Absolutely happy and I just love it. This ring along with my cherub claddagh ring will be cherished. Two of my most favorite sea creatures captured beautifully by Steven Douglas. Thank you for sending it to me so quickly. This is not the last you have heard from me. Norma


Hooray! Thanks Charlie. I'll make sure to be home next week. Looking forward to receiving my 70th birthday present. If ever you are in Berkeley, California come out and see us. We have an extra bed room and would love to show you our part of the country. We live outside of San Francisco. We also have two indoor cats and a small jack russell dog. Hope you are not allergic to animals. Our door is open to you. Norma



They are here! My dolphins and 'iwa birds and sun and sea!

Huge thanks

(And it is a good fit)

aka Dolphin Girl



Hi Charlie
Sorry mate I forgot to let you know I did receive my marlin and very happy with it thanks very much
I have fished twice with it now for only 1 blue marlin, hopefully it bring me more luck in the future
Thanks again



Hey charle the ring is here an looks awesome. Thank you so much.



Just a note to let you know I have received the ring. It looks great and fits perfect.



Oh thank you so much Charle it looks amazing!!! It's so pretty I wanna wear it haha. I know she will love it. You guys do a great job with the fish



Charlie. I received the ring yesterday. It is amazing. Thank you so much. I'm gonna be honest and tell you that the hardest part of our transaction was paying so much money over the internet so someone I don't know. My point is, I'm a Federal Law Enforcement officer and if you ever need someone to vouch for you concerning the same, let me know.

Thank You so much!


It just came. Amazing work. Thanks.



Hi Charlie,
I'm pleased to be able to tell you that when I arrived in the US last Wednesday there was a card from USPS saying they were holding my parcel until 27th. So I was able to get down there yesterday and pick it up before they sent the ring back to you. Yay!!

I was excited to open it, and I must let you know how pleased I am with the ring. To be honest I had been anxious about ordering online, but the ring completely lives up to the images on your website, in fact I think it's finer wrought in reality. I am very happy to be able to give my fiance this ring in a beautiful design that reflects his love of seafaring.

Please pass on my thanks to the craftsman who made it, and accept my thanks yourself. I am very grateful for your quick responses, and all the help and humour in them. It's been a real pleasure.

Enjoy your Easter weekend.



Got the ring today -- looks and feels great! I think knocking the size down by a quarter was a good thing. The untrained eye (mine, in good light) can't spot where he joined the braid together and the whole fit and finish fulfills all my expectations. I'll figure out how to write that on your website. As usual, though, I have a couple more questions: ::grin::
" You once wrote, "I will also ask which formula they use for the platinum. Most rings are done in 95% platinum and 5% iridium." I looked through my emails and didn't find a follow-up to that. Did you ever find out what alloy your guy used for my platinum wire? If I have options on her ring, I may want to choose the same alloy as in mine -- one more cross-over between the rings...
" I appreciate the extras in the packaging, like the little pirate treasure ring box and Ultra Cloth. Any pointers on how to best use the cloth and how often? This is new to me. (Having jewelry I'm proud of is new to me...)
Thanks for all your help,



Hi Charlie,

It doesn't matter it arrived a little late cause it was more than worth waiting for! She really loves it! Going back to her roots was a perfect shot :D. I had to pay about $100,- extra, but hey, my girlfriend is happy and so am I! It will take a while before I'll order the other part. But I'll let you know!

Thanks a lot for now!


Ralph in Sweden


Hi Charlie,

Received the package 2 days ago. It looks really really great!! It's one size too big, but that won't be difficult to fix. When the time is right, I'll order the 2nd part to complete the ring ;) do you still make the heart shaped diamond rings?


Ralph in Sweden



Just got the props, thank you so much. They are absolutely perfect and the boys will love them. Thank you again and remember the offer stands for some free advertisement. Be well.

Have a great day!!





Well, it really is nice and my wife loved it.
Thanks for your help.
Have a good weekend


Well we are glad it went around you then. I see you already shipped the props so thanks. I was going to ask if you had any company stickers? If so if you wanted we would post one on our boat. We go to lots of races and it would be good advertisement. Here is our race boat. Yes it's very fast, the boat runs 99.8 mph in 1000 ft. Well if you want the offers there to put your sticker on it. Yes the boys will be surprised to see them. Thanks again.



I've been meaning to drop a note about something I ordered back in December; it was the small claddagh pendant with the rose gold heart ~ TCC-162. I just wanted to let you know that I love it; it was just what I wanted. I have it on a chain that I had and I wear it everyday.
Thank you so much.



We received the rings today. They are absolutely beautiful and more importantly you made them especially for Tess and me! Thank you so much. They fit great! I love they were made by an Irish American for an Irish American.

Thank you so much Charlie!

Kevin and Tess.


I love your work. I love that you made our rings. It is so special.



Got the necklace and charms. Outstanding job especially on the big one.
Looks huge on me but I think it is suppose to and I'm a broad chested guy so I don't think it is too much.
Very bold and authentic and unique. Ty Charlie!
You have earned future business with me.
Have a great week.



Hi Charlie,
Sorry for the short reply earlier. Was rushing out but saw the pictures and had to at least say something, they are great! We really like the captions, especially the Grand Canyon one, nice touch!! Kelli really liked that one most especially that you took the time, remembered etc. Thank you. Yep we always check how things are made, and what's in the product. It's not worth trying to save the few pennies if we're going to get sick latter………

The spa picture is great, the turtles are looking amazing!! Love it that it is all tig welded. I have been a machinist my whole life and have welded large and small, by hand and computer micro welds so I understand what it means to have them assembled that way, really appreciate your dedication to quality, etc.

I am sure you are busy and haven't forgot but I need a shopping cart for the earrings……………….

Chat soon,



Thanks again for taking such care in trying to find what I want. Talk to you soon.



Charles ~
Just wanted to let you know that Bernie LOVES the ring :))
Thank you!


Charlie -

Received the ring today. We love it! Thank you so much for your help in getting it out so quickly.

Paul and Karen Kinsella



Just letting you know I received the manatee earrings and they look even better in person, going to make a great valentines gift for my marine biologist girlfriend, thank you for the help!


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