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Surfer's & Customer's Comments from 2000!

Being a small home based business, we have the luxury of reading each and every email that comes in! These are some of our favorites.


December 28, 2000
Hi Charles!
I received the Celtic trinity knots ring (14kt white gold filigree trinity
knots with 14kt yellow gold outer bands) that I ordered, ahead of schedule,
and in time for a Christmas presentation to my fiancé. I want to say again
how absolutely beautiful the ring is, and what great service and quality
Seawear provided to me! I really appreciate your overnight mailing it, so
it would arrive in time for Christmas, and it my fiancé loves the ring!
December 28, 2000
I recently ordered a claddagh ring from you for a Christmas present. I
just wanted to let you know it was well recieved and she thought it was
the best claddagh ring she had ever seen. I spent weeks looking online
for the right ring and I must say the quality of yours lived up to the
photo I saw online. Thank you for producing a fine product and I hope to
shop with you again.
(he bought her the white gold queen's crown Claddagh. Very unique and we even send it to Ireland! cb)
December 27, 2000
Hi Charlie~
Just wanted to let you know that my wayward order finally arrived. It has
been at our local PO since the 18th! They said they left a signature card
in our mailbox but I never received it. I stopped at the PO today to see
what to do about it, and the package was there, with orders to send
another notification today.
I appreciate you sending it priority and insured, and am looking forward
to placing future orders with you. Both my husband and I are pleased with
our anchor charms. I am thinking about ordering a 16" chain in the near
Thanks again for being such a friendly, customer- oriented company that
really cares, and delivers good quality merchandise.
Sharon xxxxxxxx
December 27, 2000
The ring came today....finally! But it was worth the wait, the ring is
beautiful! Thank you so much for your help and for dealing with me as I
stressed out over this holiday season. I wish you well with your
business and I'm sure I'll call on you again. Thank You again.
One Satisfied Customer,
Steve xxxxx
December 26, 2000
Thank you for responding but the package actually got here on Sunday,
Christamas Eve. I was shocked. So, it got here just in time. My mom loved the
gift. Thank you so much for your help. I hope you had a happy holiday.
Julie xxxxxx
December 22, 2000
Mr. Bennett
This is to let you know that my fiancee received her engagement ring
yesterday. Sir again thank you for all that you have done to see this
through. I do know the ring has had the desired effect that i was hoping
for. With your help you have made two people extremely happy. I received
your statement today and all is fine with me. Again thank you for
December 20, 2000
G'day mate!
We don't know how you did it, but you are Santa
around these parts this year! On Monday you said
you could get the jewelry here and they arrived on
Wednesday!!! We love the sailboats and manatee.
Nothing like them here mate.
Merry Christmas to you and your family as you have
made ours Santa!
Leigh & Ian xxxxx
December 20, 2000 (from Cyprus, Middle East!)
Hello Charlie;
Thank you very much for the parcel. Got it only today, actually I
thought that it hit the Xmas rush, and I was already making contingency
plans to keep it for my husbands birthday. But, everything is fine, no
problem with the customs (I would not think so after all the Xmas cards
that accompanied the present).
Thanks again for your time and care. The pendant and the chain are
superb. The leather box is lovely. My husband will be over the moon
because I don't think he is expecting from me for Xmas anything more
than a pair of diving gloves (which I got him too).
Have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Best regards,
December 18, 2000
Just received the skull & crossbones earrings - they are perfect!!!
Thank you so much for all your help.
Bev xxxxxxxx
December 18, 2000
It was indeed a hit!!!! He loved it and I was rewarded with a big smile and then some.
Thank you sooooo much for making the weekend perfect for me. I got it engraved Thursday night.
Talk to you soon.
December 18, 2000
Just wanted to let you know that I received the package as promised; prior
to noon. You know, the pictures just don't do the work justice. I'm eager
to see her expression come Xmas morn.
Thanks again.
December 17, 2000
Thanks again! I'm looking forward to receiving the ring, and am so glad
you were able to get it. I couldn't find it anywhere else! Happy
holidays --
December 15, 2000
Thanks for helping me out on the sand dollar items, especially arranging
delivery on a saturday. If possible could you provide me with a tracking
number or date shipped so I can be sure to be home. Once again, thanks for
all your help.
December 14, 2000
Charlie - It is awesome simply awesome! A thousand thanks to you and
a big hug too! Clear that with your wife first though LOL.
Lemme know what I should do next. No bill? Do you need me to sign
anything? Lemme know. THANKS :-) Susan
December 13, 2000
Dear Sir/Ms.:
I have just received scallop shell earring from you and I like
them-thanks for the prompt response to my ordering them. I do not see a
scallop shell pendant in your group that would match it. I am looking for a
scallop shell pendant about l inch by l inch (14kt gold) that would match the
earrings that I have just purchased from you (# 18862).
Do you have a scallop shell pendant as I've described above? If so,
please let me know the cost, also.
(Mrs.) Mary xxxxxxxxx
December 13, 2000
Thank you so much. The Celtic knot turned out wonderfully. I received it
Monday night. I think it is going to work just fine, I won't know for sure
until after Christmas but I am pretty confident. Thanks again for
accommodating my special request. Your courtesy and assistance is greatly
appreciated. I will recommend you to friends and hopefully do business with
you again myself.
Have a great Christmas!
Sheri xxxxx
December 12, 2000
Awwww Charlie in the short time we have conversed I certainly feel as though
I have made a friend and I appreciate that very much. Living 250 miles from
family and 1000 from the man I want to be with is not too easy. In fact I
sure could use to make more friends like you.
No problem about the money. You REALLY helped me out of a made
my Christmas special already in fact. And I thank you. I will most
certainly share your link. I hope you keep in touch with me too. Good luck
on your budding business. If how you have handled my business is a sign of
how you always do business (and I think it is) you will do very well in cyber
space. Thanks again. Susan
I cannot wait to see it!!!!! LOL
December 1, 2000
Thanks for the great Sandollar for my wife. It was even better than you said
it was. You have great values.
Happy holidays,
Peter xxxxxxxxx
Lincoln, NE
November 27, 2000
Hello I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and quality
product. I just recieved the Claddah ring that I ordered and it is beautiful
and well crafted. Thank you for sending it so quickly. Much appreciated.
Denise M. Txxxxxxxx
November 26, 2000
Hi -
Wanted to let you know I received the Claddagh pendant
I ordered for my sister and it is absolutely beautiful! Should
make a very special Christmas present.
The fast shipping was an extra bonus! Thank you!
- Lisa Cxxxxxxxxxxxx
<let's see, ordered Monday night, sent out Tuesday the day before Thanksgiving and delivered the day after Thanksgiving. Who gave the postal workers a day off! :-) cb>
November 14, 2000
I just wanted to let you know that I received the ring on Wednesday and
it was perfect. I gave it to her on Friday and she was thrilled. Wish
you could have seen her. Thanks Charlie.
(take pictures!) cb
November 13, 2000
Hi there,
I received your Lighthouse earrings. They are lovely. * smile *
You are very prompt.
Do you have a "striped bass" earring ???
I have been enjoying your web site.
Thank s again ,
Pat xxx
November 11, 2000
Good Day here! I'm exhausted-I sold four of the pendants and had several
people ask if I could get it in white gold or silver??????????? Also whether
I could get a single scull or not?????? A few more are reserved for Xmas by
male board members for their wives!
I did fairly well with my first regatta. Enough to be encouraged to continue.
Thanks for all your help Charlie!
(one of our new retailers off to a great start!)cb
November 10, 2000
Mr. Bennett:
Wanted to let you know I received my package yesterday. The pendant is
gorgeous. Thank you for the quick service.
Angela xxxxxxx
(left Virginia on the 7th and arrived in Indiana on the 9th for $5.95!)cb
November 9, 2000
i got the's breathtaking...i can't thank you enough!
November 8, 2000
Mr. Bennett,
Thank you for the e-mail, I received the necklace it is just what I was
looking for, it's very pretty. It will be the perfect baptism gift for my
godchild. Thank you for everything.
Jody xxxxxxxxx
November 8, 2000
Charlie, Thanks so much for helping me have a great anniversary surprise. The
rings came and they are awesome, they got here Tuesday right on time. My
husband was really surprised ( he thought he was getting an ab roller) he
really loves the ring. I will recommend you to all my boating friends. If you
have a catalogue please send me one. Thanks again, happy sailing . Marcia
(marlin wedding bands!)
November 8, 2000
believe me, i have no problem stressing. it's like breathing, a perfectly
natural state for me. ;) however i'm trying to be better. this is such a
relief. i'm so excited to get the ring (noon tomorrow, wow!). maybe i'll
play with his head a little "i don't know if it's EXACTLY the one you wanted
honey but i REALLY TRIED...i hope you like it because i'm REALLY NOT SURE."
then he'll be dying to see it and i'll say "no! not til the 18th!"
thanks for all your quick, pleasant and infinitely helpful help.
Novebmer 8, 2000
Many a "Thank You" to you!!
November 7, 2000
Thank you so much for your help. You have definitely made a sale if I
decide to buy a wedding band for Christmas.
Ken xxxxxxxxx
November 7, 2000
thank you! the claddagh items i ordered from you
arrived safe and sound. many thanks to you for
providing a excellent easy to use service with
superior customer service.
tony xxxx
glendale ca
November 4, 2000
Hey Charley,
Thought you might get a kick out of this... after I gave Taryne her
ring, she supprised me with a Claddagh as well (as she knew that I would
be asking her to marry me during my fall break down there). She said she
bought it from a really nice guy name Charley at a place called seawear.
Apparently, she called her twin sister, Shannon xxxxxxx, who lives nearby
in my hometown of Tampa, to ask her if seawear was reputable, if anyone
she knew had bought a ring from there. Shannon just laughed (having known
about the ring I was buying and it's origin) and said she had a close
friend who bought a ring from seawear. To add to the excitement, I wound
up picking up the ring from the post office at 7am in the morning the day
of my trip.... it couldn't have been another half hour later... good work.
Anyways, we both love our rings and are very satisfied..... thanks for all
your help.
Ian xxxxxx

October 31, 2000
I wanted to let you know that I received the ring today. I am very glad
that I was able to get one of them. I am very happy with the ring and
with the way you have treated me. I especially appreciate that you were
so willing to answer my questions before I placed my order. Thank you.
Erik xxxxxxx
(white gold Claddagh has been so hard to get! He waited 6 weeks for one to come in...)
October 30, 2000
Charlie, this is is Charlie in Florida. The charm was ordered by
Cindy as a favor to me. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you
know that it arrived saturday the 28th. It is Great! A freind and I
have been searching for a snorkel, for a couple of years. Glad we
found your website. Thanks!
October 19, 2000
I received the two dolphins forming a heart pendant; as always, it was
The just hatched sea turtle, SEAG 297, says it has gemstone eyes - just
wondering what kind of stones they are. You`re right - what a face! Have
you actually seen them hatching!
Anyway, thanks for your time.
Tara xxxxxx
Ottawa, Ontario
(the eyes are sapphires and yes, I have seen them hatch. I used to help relocated and release on Longboat Key and walked Fort Lauderdale Beach with a cell phone to turn in poachers. Got scary once...)
October 19, 2000
Hi Charlie,
Just a note of thanks. The item I bought was a gift for my wife, and she loved it!
We'll look forward to doing business with you again.
October 18, 2000
I would like first to say that i have been searching for this type of
jewelry for some time and have finally found you folks. I am due to retire
from xxxPD in 3 years and I have been in jewelry for a sideline(both trunk
sale security and sales) for about 5 years. My wife and I plan to move to the
Outerbanks of North Carolina in 3 years and have already purchased a house.
We intend to stay in the jewelry industry and dream of openning a small shop
there. Your gold line is beautiful and exactly what we would need. Would you
give a volume discount on your items?, we plan on selling jewelry with a
beach theme and your beautiful, finely detailed products would be excellent
and Im sure a great seller in the Outerbanks. Thank you for your time...
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(yes, we supply several jewelry stores, marinas, gift shops and cruise lines now...)
October 17, 2000
Toni loved the chain and it looks perfect with the Egyptian kartoush. I
don't know if I spelled that right, but you know what I am talking about.
Thanks for your efforts on the anchor link. I will see if I can market
some items for you to make it worth your efforts. I am sure someone will
ask where they can get one like it and I will have an answer for them!
I will be out of town Oct 21 to 28 and am not sure what else is coming up
quick. Possible trip to the South Pacific. It would be a good idea to
call ahead when you have something so you don't make a wasted trip.
(we found him a 24" 3mm wheat chain for his wife and am now having a
custom 24" heavy anchor link chain made for deep, deep scuba diving!)
October 16, 2000
Hi Charlie,
Just to let you know, the charm arrived as planned and I have received
nothing but compliments. Thank you!!
October 5, 2000
I'm sorry, I fully intended to let yo know that the ring arrived but I
completely forgot! I didn't give it to him right away so with that
passage of time... well you know how it goes...
I now want to let you know that he Loves his ring! As do I! I wore it a
few days and really would have liked to keep on wearing it! It's
beautiful. Thanks yo so much!
October 4, 2000
Thank you for the update. My package arrived this morning (Wednesday) in
good shape and was exactly what I wanted.
Thanks again.
September 20, 2000
I received the Celtic wedding ring Tuesday before noon and it is beautiful!
Thank you very much for your quick response and quick shipping.
Bill J. xxxxxx
September 19, 2000
I received my future husbands ring on Tuesday, September 19. THANK YOU it's
beautiful! Thank you for your quick response to my order and for being so
helpful over the telephone. Your customer service & selection of Irish
jewlery is excellent!
Thanks Again.
September 18, 2000
Dear Charlie!!!
Hi!! This is Debbie xxxxx and I e-mailed you earlier and it went to the
wrong place, they were nice enough to e-mail me back to let me know. This is
a crazy computer or I am sick right now and my head is fuzzy, so maybe I put
in something totally wrong. Oh well, I am writing to thank you very much
for the beautiful ring. I received it today and I am wearing it right now.
I really love it and wanted to thank you. Also, it came so quickly, it is
nice when you don't have to wait. Since I am sick this really brightened my
day. Thanks so much and I will be a customer - you have beautiful jewelry as
I have been looking at your website. Have a great week and thanks again.
Debbie xxxx
September 13, 2000
I received my order yesterday (mask, snorkel, regulator). Thanks very
much. It was just what I hoped for!
Lorraine xxxxx
Simi Valley
September 12, 2000
The ring came today and it fits great. Thanks you so
much....we will recommend your outfit to all our
September 9, 2000
Charlie, received the ring at 1100am this morning,
it fits great, and looks just fantastic, thanks again.
(I was nervous, the wedding was at 2:00 this afternoon! cb)
September 8, 2000
He (she) arrived today. Absolutely beautiful. Mom is going to love
it. I'm going to order the lobster trap at a later date. I love it.
The quality appears excellent and it is a substantially sized piece.
What a great 70th birthday gift in conjunction to her visit to Maine.
Thank you so very much. You folks are a pleasure to do business with.
(lobster with movable claws!)
September 1, 2000
Thank you for your follow up and high degree of integrity ! Both qualities
are rare these days...David
September 1, 2000
Thought that I would let you know that she did love the ring. Good Call.
One problem, I got the size wrong. She needs a size 6 (not 6 1/2). Should I
send it back to you to exchange. If so, then how long would it take to get
the ring. Or can a jeweler easily adjust the ring. Please let me know your
August 30, 2000
Wow. I haven't checked my e-mail in a week. Sorry.
I got the ring today. IT IS JUST WHAT I EXPECTED. Many thanks to you and
Leslie. You have been recommended by me to many.
Again, thank you.
August 29, 2000
I just received the ring, and it looks great. Thanks for the reminder on the
card. I will be taking Jodie to dinner on Thursday, and will let you know
how things go.
Thank you,
August 14, 2000
Hi, my name is xxxxxx. I hope you can answer a question for me. My daughter
received a beautiful 14kt white gold engagement ring several months ago.
After a few weeks the ring started to turn to yellow gold. She was very upset
and questioned the jeweler. He told her in order to get a ring to be white
gold they need to dip it every so often to keep it white. She ordered a 14kt
white gold ring not a gold ring that needed dipping. I am very confused. My
ring is 14kt white gold ,wedding and engagement, and they are 28 yrs old. I
have never had to have them dipped. Is something fishy here. Any advice? We
are going back to the jewlers on thursday to confront him again and would
like some info asap. anything will be helpful.
(Jewelry is highly regulated by the FTC. White gold is made white by adding an alloy. We advised her what to do and which agencies to contact... Giving jewelry is about making yourself happy by making someone else happy. Don't settle for less than 100% satisfaction.) cb
August 14, 2000
Hi Seawear!!
Just found your "place" on the web and feel like I've won the lottery!!!
I have been desperately searching for a Seahorse pendant for a very special
gift for someone next week and there it was! :-)
Will you please fax me back xxx or email me xxx and let me know if you are
able to get this sent out right away.
xxx xxxxxx
(it was on it's way within hours!) cb
August 10, 2000
The fly rod and reel charm just arrived and it is truly adorable. I am very
much pleased with it. Thanks for getting it sent out so promptly. I know my
daughter will love it. Haven't yet decided to put it on a chain or perhaps
have it made into a lapel pin. Thanks again. xxxx xxxxxxxxx
August 9, 2000
I received the pendant and the ring today,
Thanks for your card. Sure it will keep him safe !
The items are very nice, Thanks a lot again
(delivered to France in under 36 hours!) cb
August 8, 2000
Thanks Charlie, the charm is great and I've gotten several compliments
on it. I've also given your address to a few people.
August 8, 2000
It's so nice to come home to find that a man has sent me a rose, even
if he's making me pay for it.Wish I could go out to dinner tonight to
show it off, but the dentist has rendered that unlikely.Maybe
Thanks again for item #15481, it's perfect.
(compass rose!) cb
August 7, 2000
Hello Charles Bennett:
Please send it in the smallest size you have available--I subsequently
looked at the website and saw that you weren't offering it in my
girlfriend's exact size and that we needed to get it sized by a jeweller.
Unfortunately, by that time, the mail had already gone out.
Thanks for your attention--I really appreciate it.
August 5, 2000
g'day there ...!! :-)
thanx 4 answering so soon...!
and wow....what a small world huh....u having been here and all...and what
a good choice 4 a place 2 spend your honeymoon at - might i add.... ;-)
....and yes....u're right....hokey pokey ice cream is the
best...!! 2 oreo cookie blizards that is...which we btw don't
get here... :-(
and as these things happen....we just happen 2 be down south last
week...and slept a nite in tekapo...had a mate visiting from
was showing him all the sites....the church and sheep dog statute and
all..!!! ;-)...went ski-ing and stayed in wanaka for about 5 days....not
good snow not much sking... :-( ..the hubby did get some
fishing that was a good thing... ;-)
anyways....2 get 2 business....thanx 4 the info...i'm about 2 fax my order
off in a few minutes...the cross looks like exactly what i'm after...and i
look forward 2 receiving & wearing it..!!
thanx again 4 your help...and hopefully nz will see u both soon sometime
(an order to New Zealand where Leslie and I got married!) cb
August 5, 2000
Please accept our congratulations on your submitted site being
including among the best sites on the Web!
The Snap Directory Team
August 4, 2000
That is great news! When I hear from you we can complete the order, and
yes, you are right, I would have never noticed the difference, but you
can be sure my wife would have!!
(saved another guy from the wrath of two left earrings!) cb
August 3, 2000
I am very happy to find your site, I searched very long time before finding this item.
I am please to give you my adress . Please deliver abalone shell gold 14 k - quantity = one - to the following adress
Please could you confirm by mail my order with the price without mentionning the number of the card if you have any problem you can mail to
Thanks a lot to deliver before august 18th
Thanks again , best greetings.
August 1, 2000
Just received the hammerhead- arrived in perfect
condition and fast! Just wanted to say thank you for
your prompt and courteous service. I will definitely
recommend you and will probably purchase from you
again! I'm originally from Hawaii, in San Diego for
the last couple of years, so have a lot of ties and a
lot of friends with ties to your type of merchandise.
Thanks again!
(from order to delivery in under 24 hours.. I got lucky!) cb
July 31, 2000
Dear Mr.Bennett
The charm I recently ordered from you is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL
piece of jewelry I own.Iwill wear it with pride always.In case you don't
remember which one it's item#20316
It was very nice talking to you.I hope we can talk again soon.
Jxxxxxxx Xxxxxx
July 6, 2000
Thank you for the prompt shipment. I didn't think it was coming until the
third week in July. You've certainly made one young lady very happy. Thank
you for the Claddagh book as well. She loved it. The claddagh symbol is
actually part of my coat of arms and is consequently very meaningful to me.
I realize you're on holidays for a few weeks and that you're going to think
I'm crazy but I have another request. When we went to the jewelry store, we
checked her ring size and it was a 5 on her left ring finger and 5.5 on her
right ring finger. My intent was to use the claddagh ring as a promise ring
until I could afford a diamond engagement ring.
My intent was for her to wear it on her left hand until I got the engagement
ring when she would change it to her right hand. Unfortunalety it looks like
she is really a size 5.5 on her left ring finger and size 6 on her right
ring finger.
If I pay the extra shipping, would it be possible for me to exchange the 5.5
ring for a size 6? I realize that this was a special order from Ireland and
would completely understand if you had any reservations at all as it might
be harder to resell a size 5.5. Thanks for everything.
All the Best,
Dxxxx Wxxxxxx
June 28, 2000
Hey Charles,
I have received the ring ALREADY, WOW that was lighting fast.
Thanks for all your help, if you ever need testimonial about your rings
let me know, I could not be happier with your service, top notch, keep up
the great work!
June 23, 2000
Dear Charles;
Last week I received the "circle of love" dolphin pendant I ordered.
I am not all that easily impressed, but I can honestly say I was blown
away. It was not only much larger and heavier than I had expected, but it
is absolutely beautiful. The detail was also perfect. The dorsal fins,
pectoral fins, and eyes were perfectly placed. They even had tiny
blowholes. I am incredibly happy, have passed on your name to friends,
and will continue to shop with you in the future.
Txxx Sxxxxxxxxxx
Ottawa, Ontario
June 15, 2000
Hi Hallo..... Fishies are arrived, today morning. Thank you so much, really
nice fishies.
I had to pay 540 ATS for customs so that you know for the next time they
charge by price 2.300 Shillings together and it was opened by post-customs.
also thex checked if it is real gold. i got a certificate from customs.
So thank you so much and if I will nedd something else, I try your homepage
best wishes from Austria
Axxxx Exxxxxxx
(Sometimes customs checks and will charge duty if you are out of the country. Most countries have restrictions on gold quality, so yes it will be tested!) cb
June 15, 2000
Thanks again Charlie! Given your strong customer service orientation, I'm
sure we will be doing business again in the near future.
Txx Axxxxxx
May 22, 2000
I don't know how you did it but our wedding bands arrived 45 minutes before we
left for the church. I want to thank you for taking such a personal interest in
making sure our rings arrived in time. I felt like it was a sign.
Incidentally, the rings are beautiful; we're very pleased.
:-) They had found us three weeks before the wedding and we bribed the Lebrechauns!
May 23, 2000
Charlie, I'm following up to let you know my husband really likes the
octopus I gave him for our anniversary, It has also received compliments
from others who have seen him wearing it. Looks like we made another good
choice. Thanks for your help.
Cxxxx Txxxx
(repeat customers are sooooo nice!)
May 15, 2000
Thank you so much. They will love'em all.
It was great working with you, hope to do business in the future.
(corporate account for national company awards presentation...)
May 10, 2000
The earings are here and sitting on my earlobes! I love them!! Thanks so
much. I'm going fishing in Hatteras, North Carolina next week and can't wait
to wear them down there.
Have a great day!
May 8, 2000
Thanks for all of your help Charlie!!
I'll probably be back in touch when I get the urge to buy more jewelry
April 20, 2000
I'm delighted to tell you that I took delivery of the order at 10:50 this morning, and I'm very pleased with it too! With it arriving today, I can now put it in my girlfriend's Easter Egg, although with my luck she'll probably eat the damn thing without even noticing!
If you get anything new in which features seahorses, please could you let me know. I'm constantly stuck for ideas for gifts because she's mad about seahorses and there is not that much 'seahorsey' stuff about.
Lastly, thanks again,
( 3 days to England!)
April 6, 2000
Thank you sooooo much . . .
April 6, 2000
Hi Charlie,
I just placed an order and wanted to make sure you don't sell my name/address
info to any other company...ok???????
Would appreciate hearing back if you agree.
Thanks much and looking forward to receiving the earings.
(No way Jose! I don't like it when it is done to me and would not do it to you.) cb
April 3, 2000
I have the rings and they are lovely! Worth the wait. Mine fits
perfectly. Sean will try his on at lunch and I'll let you know.
Sean's ring fits too! All is better. Thank you for providing the rings we
had our hearts set on.
Txxxx in North Carolina
March 30, 2000
They look great, Charlie. Thanks for getting the earrings to us so fast!
Lightening speed! All of the other siblings will be relieved that the gift
is taken care of.
Can you believe, I've never heard the expression "Billyburg"? It took me a
while to figure that one out.
Thanks a lot, "y'all"!
Cxxxx Gxxxxx
March 28, 2000
Apparently they are both delighted with them, and therefore so am I with you.
Thank you VERY much for such an excellent service, I will certainly
recommend you to all my friends whenever the opportunity arises!
Best Wishes and Slainte
(Ordered from Behrain to be shipped to Ireland for a wedding)
March 16, 2000
hey you guys-
The starfish you sent EXCEEDED my expectations (CZ embedded starfish)
thanks so much
Sieana in Seattle
(you can just tell some people are cool by the way the write!) cb
March 15, 2000
We rec'd the ring and it is beautiful. I am sure it will be a lasting
reminder of our love for one another. Thank you for your help.
Thanks again for your wonderful work! We will recommend you to several of
our friends who have recently gotten engaged!
Best wishes! Lisa & John
(Do they sound excited? Ccheck out the custom wedding ring on the fish page! triple marlins on 18kt yellow gold) :-) cb
March 15, 2000
Thank you, I will try to keep in touch, and hopefully
make an order, I am glad that you have been so
helpful. I have seen that ring at one other site, and
their price was unbeleivably high. It was nearly 100
US dollars higher than your price. Once I find my
ring size and get the money, I will get back to you.
(Only $100? We sold one wedding set and our price was $1,450 less than their local shop.) cb
March 12, 2000
The Earrings arrived in perfect condition on Friday afternoon!
Very nice!
(36 hours from VA to PA. Not bad for $7.95)
March 7, 2000
Dear Charles and Leslie
I would like to thank you so so much for the wonderful turtle charm that you sent for my Nan.
I was so surprised at the speed in which the gift was delivered and the turtle pendent detail was beautiful.
I sent you payment via visa debit card, and when I received the turtle a copy of the invoice and card swiped was in the package.
The only thing is that the payment doesn't seem to have been taken from my bank account ?. Have you had payment for this pendent ?. Please let me know as soon as possible as I need to go and see the bank if payment has been deducted.
Thanks so much for everything
Miss. J
(I try but I miss a few charges sometmes. Don't tell my wife...) cb
March 3, 2000
Hi just got my neptune pendant I love it. I,m going on holliday for a week
but I have my eye on a couple of other things so you will be hearing from me
February 29, 2000
I'm smiling .. I love the sea gull ....thank you ..
February 16, 2000
I would like to know- if you could overnight mail or 2nd day item #20316 -
the claddagh charm listed for $95.00. How much would both mailing options
be? I need the item for this Sunday. The charm is very pretty and has great detail.
Can you see the detail in person or is it because the picture is enlarged that the
details are seen so well?
Thank you!!
(each piece is placed on a scanner and scanned at 100% - There is no enhancing done to the image at all. I don't know how! :-} cb)
February 14, 2000
The White Gold Diver came today -- Thanks, it's great!
We like Seattle -- some great dry suit diving here!
Take care,
February 10, 2000
Excellent thanks so much for working with me!
Thanks alot Charlie! Great doing business with you!
February 9, 2000
Thanks for your trouble. It looks great and I will take the two of them.
Please let me know the total cost and what information you need for
a credit card purchase.
Tony in PA
(Website was off and on for 2 weeks so we emailed pictures to people
that had bookmarked their favorite items!)
February 3, 2000
My order did arrive on Wednesday, and I am definitely satisfied with my first
experience on the Internet! Thank you.
January 22, 2000
Charlie . . . .. got it today . . . an hour ago . . .looks great . .. what ice . .. . . . just about all gone . .. little snow left . . product line is great . . . may wish to market it to tackle shops . . . once bought earrings for wife at shop in NC Outer Banks . . .. will send you info on shop I go to in Ocean City MD, wouldn't hurt to give her a call, price of earrings was reasonable . . .. shipping hurts a little . . . but heck I cant drive to Williamburgs for that cost....... although I have been known to drive down just for Pierces . . . great Bar B Q, worth it for the food . .. . .. Thanks
Got other possible names in OC if you want . . .let me know . .. . Pat
(guys get right to the point when they write! thanks Pat... cb)
January 22, 2000
Charlie, I very much appreciate your help. As I told
you, I am replacing a personal cross that I wore for
20 years and lost last March, probably in O'Hare
airport. It's been a long search - you'd be surprised
how difficult it has been to even find Mariner's
crosses, or if I could find them, they were two-tone
or really "cheap" looking. The one I lost was a
really nice piece of jewelry - I suppose you can tell
that I was very attached to it.
Anyway, thank you very much - I look forward to your
reply and then I'll try to make a decision!
Best regards
January 17, 2000
Hi Charlie-
Thank you for notifying me that my return reached you successfully.
Although my husband chose not to keep the shark, I want to tell you that I
appreciate the personal service you gave to this order and its return. I
especially appreciate the follow-up phone calls you placed to make sure all
went smoothly.
Rest assured we will certainly consider Seawear for any nautical jewelry
shopping we do in the future.
Thanks again for your kind attention to detail.
Kxxx Xxxxx
"I think he woke up in the night and the shark scared him! " cb :-)
January 11, 2000
You have a great informative site. I own a seafood restaurant in Cape Cod.
One of waitresses had started selling many lobster dinners. Much more
than usual. When I asked her why and how? She showed me the lobster
her husband had bought her for Christmas. The enclosed order is for my staff.
Txxxx Wxxxxxxx
January 10, 2000
Received the manatee ring in the mail. I love it. I think I just might keep the
size 6 and wear it as a pinky ring.
Thank you for finding this ring in the world of jewelry for me. I really
will treasure it. And now my husband can say he got me a 20th anniversary

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