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Thanks so much for all your correspondence. This rarely happens online...that a business is so caring and helpful. It's been a real pleasure dealing with you and I will be sure to tell my friends about my positive experience. I'll also let you know if my husband liked my taste with the size of chain I chose or if we need to exchange for something larger.

Thanks again,

Charles & Leslie Bennett,
Received your shipment today and I am very pleased with your product. Thank you
Don & Sharon XXX
54 Sunset dr.,
Kingston , Nova Scotia,
BoP 1R0
i just got it in the mail this afternoon. she is going to love it, it is gorgeous, thank you so so much. i will be telling everyone i know about your company.
again, thank you so much this is going to make her so happy!
Charlie and Leslie, August 7, 2005
We received our rings yesterday and we just love them. They look and fit just great. Thank you so much for the prompt and speedy service. We will defiantly keep you in mind in the future and pass on your address to our friends. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Jason
Great Falls, MT
Thank you for your communication and follow through, rare in today's world.
Dear Charlie: I received the ring last week. We like ring very much. Thank
Sun kim
Got them.
They're perfect.
Hi Charlie,
just to let you know that they have arrived safe and sound and yes they are awesome. Thank you so much for helping to make this occasion as special as it is for us.
be well,
The ring is beautiful, I just love the complexity of the meaning and the intimate simplicity of the ring. Beautiful, just beautiful it will be treasured.
Two of my four sisters, want me to order for them, and my brothers are also
looking. So you will be hearing from . Thank you again.
OHHH the ring is absolutely beautiful and perfect! I just received it this morning. It is a bit large on my thumb so I think it will be a perfect fit for himself. Thank you so much for your patience with all my emails. I didn't realize that you were located in PA. I was born in Allentown and my parents were from Philly and Quakertown.
Thanks again, I'm one happy customer!
Oh Charlie, You're wonderful! Can't wait to see them. I'm working on my wedding invitations now. Small wedding, but huge barbeque the next weekend for all the friends and family. Our September 9th wedding date is the 6th anniversary of the day we met. How appropriate. Thanks for making it happen so fast. -Lynn-
Thanks Charlie, I didn't know it would get done so fast. Thanks again, your the best
-SPC Hendershot
Charlie, The ring is beautiful! We are very pleased with it. Thankyou for you time and effort with our order. We will recomend your company to all we know for celtic jewelry.

Thank you again for all of your help. We did recieve the rings today, and just in time. We're headed off to our rehearsal dinner in just a couple of minutes. Thank You!

Thanks again Charlie, she got it and loved it.
Hello Charles!
I just wanted to tell you that Rob and I absolutely adore our wedding bands. They fit perfectly and feel wonderful which must be due to your "comfort fit". We are extremely pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. Our wedding aboard the schooner was fantastic- the rings fit our theme and day perfectly. We received many compliments the day of the wedding and even more from people afterwards as we began to tell others we had been married.
We thank you for all your work,
Tamara & Robin
Dear Charles:
The ring is lovely and my husband likes it very much. So much so that he wants to get me a matching ring. He is getting tired of me showing it off to anyone who is Irish because I find it unique as far as claddagh rings go. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.
Good Morning Charlie,
The rings are absolutely beautiful!!!! Dick is out of town until Sunday so he hasn't seen them yet. I'm taking them to my jeweler this weekend to have them engraved. I'm sure he will be impressed with them too. Thanks for all your help. I hope to be purchasing something equally exciting from you in the future. You have some great nautical jewelry. -Lynn-
PS. I'll let you know what Dick has to say when he sees his ring.
You are the BEST! I will be ordering again from you!
We received our order in time and it is absolutely beautiful. My husband has had many compliments on his ring and we
are very impressed with the quality and craftsman’s ship of your work.
We have passed along the name of your company and website to several of our friends.
Thank you.
Hey Charlie
Well I can´t say a big enough thank you! My ring arrived yesterday and it is the most beautiful piece of jewellry I have ever seen. I am totally over the moon with it and it fits like a glove. Thank you so much for everything you have done, you´re a very professional company and I won´t hesitate to tell everyone about you. I will probably be using you again in the near future.
Once again, thank you so much.
Love, Fiona x


Hi received ring yesterday, excellent design and beautifully made thanks a lot for all your help.Hope everything goes well for you and your staff.
you did all this in quite short order and like i said, im greatly appreciative. so you know, i WILL be buying from you again due to (if nothing else) the courteous, helpful and expiditios way my order was handled---just as soon i get the money to afford some of the finer things (college student....)
thanks again
Actually, the package arrived Saturday morning - about 48 hours after I placed the order. What great service - thank oyu!
Charlie~~I received my little sterling silver propeller key chain in yesterday’s mail. It is everything (and more) I had hoped for. It was a gift to my husband to celebrate our 3 month anniversary. When you’re newly-married, you celebrate quarterly!
Jim opened it last night and exclaimed “I love it!” This is from a man who is pretty reserved. You made our night. Thanks again.
P.S. He is the envy of all his guy friends with his ocean wave wedding band. It is simply perfect for him.
I received my ring yesterday! It is beautiful, thank you very much!
I just received the satin brushed crab pendant with the emerald eyes and diamond -- I am sending you this e-mail to let you know that it is adorable- the attention to detail is amazing. Also the delivery was prompt and the packaging was very well done.
Thanks again,
Boynton Beach, FL
Dear Charlie,
the golden pendant has arrived yesterday by Fedex courier service. That was
really fast I couldn´t believe it.
Thank you very much for everything! Everything you did was okay. Here in
Germany you can´t buy anything like that.
Now I am very happy.
Have a nice day!
Best regards
Pendant arrived today, its girl loves dolphins
so you'll be getting more business from me....thanks for making
everything so smooth, I will pass the good word on..
I've got the ring at the diamond setter and am really pleased with it. The diamond seller seemed a little stunned at the work and asked me for your information, which I gave him.
Received the bracelet yesterday. My plumber was here working (also a
friend)and accepted the package for me. Thank you so very much for all
your help in getting it here in time. This is my second piece I have
ordered from Seawear and I am always pleased with the product and
service. Thank you. All I need now is for him to like it too!!
Rings were received this afternoon. I agree they are very beautiful. Mine
fits the way I expected it to. Dolores will get a chance to see her ring
tomorrow afternoon.
Great job!
Thank you. I am so glad I got the last coin. It is a surprise gift for my son and his bride for their wedding day. They have decided to have an Irish themed wedding. Thanks again.
Just wanted to tell you thanks Charlie! Got the pendant, it was absolutely beautiful! And the cleaning cloth was a nice touch. I have been raving about your site and your service to all my Canadian friends. The ones who checked out your site are also very impressed. Also wanted to let you know that your almost immediate responses and updates regarding my order was a very pleasant surprise, as I have not found this to usually be the case when shopping and conversing with online companies... so give yourselves a pat on the back for the way you do business!
My 19 yr. old son will be graduating military basic training school on October 20/05 just outside of Montreal. The pendant I ordered from you is one of his graduation gifts, and for me one of the most special ones. As I am so proud that he will soon be a sailor in the Canadian Navy, I must say that I am of course worried sick about his safety..... thus the pendant is of course meant to be a good luck charm to help keep him safe, so you can see how this small purchase was a very special one for me. (I'm going to have it blessed by a priest just for good measure)!!!
Anyway, I have taken enough of your time, just wanted to let you know that this was indeed a special purchase for me, and I had difficulty finding any companies in Canada that even came close to yours in selection and price, (I was getting quite anxious as I felt I was running out of time), so your quick and courteous service was very much appreciated.
Glad to have made your acquaintance, and I expect we'll do business again.
Take Care,
Thank you so much! My pirate gal will love her Christmas gift. You have
very beautiful pieces in your collection. The finest I've found on the
net. I'm sure you'll see me again.
Hi Charlie,
Just want you to know how much I appreciate the time you took to talk with me this morning, your caution regarding ethical lapses within the jewelry industry and pitfalls to avoid. In addition to being a caring conservationist, our son (Matthew) is an Eagle Scout. It is most important to him that he delivers Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute a product line of which he and they can be proud.
Your line is sensational. Best wishes for continued success. You and your wife are the kind of principled people that make America strong.
Kindest regards,
Charlie: I received my ring today and it's marvelous, fantastic, beautiful! You do outstanding work and are a true artisan. I will keep you in mine for future purchases and will recommend you to my friends and enemies, also.
With thanks and appreciation.
Thank you so much -
I received the ring yesterday.
Very pleased with your customer service.
Hi Charlie
thanks for the info on the ring - I just submitted my order online. It is just beautiful - and I love the way you have captured the meeting of the ocean and sky. I am from England, where I grew up by the sea in Devon, and my fiance is from the mountains of Colorado. We are moving to Australia once we are married, to be by the sea again in North Queensland, so this ring just seems to sum us up perfectly!
I look forward to it's arrival!
Dear Charlie
I would just like to thank you so much for the prompt service that you have
given (less than a week all the way over to the UK). The canoe charm is
absolutely fantastic and exactly what I have been searching for. I cannot
wait to give it to a very special person in my life.
I wish you every success with your business and I will have no hesitation in
recommending your site to others.
Thanks a million - Keep up the good work
Dear Charlie
I would just like to thank you so much for the prompt service that you have
given (less than a week all the way over to the UK). The canoe charm is
absolutely fantastic and exactly what I have been searching for. I cannot
wait to give it to a very special person in my life.
I wish you every success with your business and I will have no hesitation in
recommending your site to others.
Thanks a million - Keep up the good work
Got the ring yesterday and I couldn't be happier. It's amazing. Josh is
stoked and we have decided to go with mine the same (but he will contact you
about that soon).
Anyway its the best thing I have brought in a long time.
Thanks again
Rings arrived save and sound.
They are even better than the web photos - we are very
satisfied and please.
The service was great - we order on our 3rd month
anniversary and they were here for out 4th month one.
The out of USA worked fine - Fedex called and said
they were delivering, the collect amount and asked
when to deliver - and they came on schedule.
All in all a pleasent experience with us as satisfied
Thanks Dave and Joan (two married sailors
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday. Thank you for the great service. The charm is very pretty. Thank you.
Beautiful and thank-you!
It's no problem, and I thank you for your effort Charlie. We're OK for the ceremony needs.
You take care and have a nice weekend. Look forward to receiving the ring, and thanks again for working so hard to try and expedite it. I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone whom I'm sure will admire the lovely ring. I'm an avid sailor; so I'm sure I'll get some comments on it....I'll let you know how it goes or if there are any referrals.
With Kind Regards
They arrived today! And they look
even better than they do in pictures.
I recieved the package today, it is beautiful, thank you!
Thanks again, Tiffany
Thank you Charlie.
My bud recieved the pendant and was very pleased. That was what I was looking for!
I appreciate your efforts and wish you a prosperous holiday season!
Thanks again, Brent
im impresed with your quick responses and kindness. thank you for making this easy and enjoyable. happy holidays again... look forward to ordering more from you.
I picked up the two rings and they are great. But the taxes Fed Ex charged me are absolutly outrageous, $20 for the two. And I was wondering if there is away around this for shipping to Canada wise for the ring you are still making for me. Thanks!
You're the best! Three years ago my husband and I had ordered our
wedding bands from you. You answered all our questions, everything was
perfect and we still continue to get compliments on such unique wedding
bands! Thank you so much for everything.
Once again I would just love to tell you thanks for the two rings I have already gotten. They are totally awesome. I hope to have that third ring really soon as I'd love to give them to their respective owners on a cruise vacation we're all going on!
Thanks again!

It arrived today. Thanks so much for the prompt service. Right now, my husband has it, and I'm hoping he doesn't open it before I get home, since it's for him. But I told him I had ordered something for one of the children and hopefully he'll take my word for that and won't want to see it. I looked at the website a little bit. You have some beautiful pieces.
Thanks again,
The necklace arrived today. I like it and I think my girlfriend will also. Thanks Charlie and I hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday Season!
I am so pleased with the ring that I received. Thank you so much.
It is going to make a great Christmas gift.
Hi Charlie,
I have previously ordered a sailboat jewelery from you and I just have to tell you how beautiful it was. My girlfriend loves it very much and never takes it of her neck. Many of her friends are very yellous about the beautiful neckles. I would love to make her happy agin this X-mas so I would like to order the item below:
Charlie, my man, that is exactly the assessment I was hoping for.
Thanks for the update.
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
Thanks Guys..... Recieved Bracelet from Customs 3 days ago- thanks again for
your service---It will make a nice Xmas present
Capt. Lee
id just like to personally thank you for all of your help with all that i asked. it was very important to me to get that ring and you definitely made every effort to assure my satisfaction. I greatly appreciate it!
I have to say I am really impressed by your customer service. I really appreciate your in depth replies.
Yes I do. I rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals. To include marine mammals. Two years ago we rehabbed and released 5 Pilot whales to include one orphaned baby. At the time, that was the largest release of rehabbed marine mammals in history. Until This year, when we rehabbed and released 9 rough-toothed dolphins back to the wild. We also
had an orphaned baby with this group that I had the priviledge of helping to raise. Unfortunately, National Marine Fisheries Service would not allow us to release this baby back to the wild so we had to give her to a captive display facility in Panama City, Fla. In between thos two large groups, we have rescued numerous individual animals.
Besides running Wildlife Rescue of Dade County, I also work for the Humane Society of the United States as consultant for disaster rescues. This year alone I worked in Sri Lanka rescuing dogs after the tsunami, all animals in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and in the Keys after hurricane Wilma. My girlfriend and I work together in this field and I am ordering this for
her. She is a very non-presptios person whoi will probably be mad at me for spending this much money on jewelry for her. But she deserves it and I am glad to get it for her Because I don't make much money I am very appreciative of the fact that your jewelry is so affordable. It will be on the finger of a woman who actually rescues dolphins and whales.
Wildlife Rescue of Dade County
Marine Mammal Conservancy
Attach ed to this email are photos of she and I. The first is of her feeding caring for one of our oldest girls. The second is of Me bottlefeeding the baby with a special volunteer (Slma Hayek)
Thanks for the quick response Charlie. I can hardley wait to get it. I'm sure if your jewerly is as good as your customer service, I know I'll be satisfied. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Best regards,
you did all this in quite short order and like i said, im greatly appreciative. so you know, i WILL be buying from you again due to (if nothing else) the courteous, helpful and expiditios way my order was handled---just as soon i get the money to afford some of the finer things (college student....)
thanks again
Thank you for the fast responce and shipping. I'll be buying from you again.
Thank you for your quick shipping. We have ordered lighthouse jewelry for our boss from you before and she loves it. I appreciate how accurate your descriptions are and how well you communicate with your customers.
Hi Charlie: It is BEAUTIFUL. I signed for it myself. Everyone at work thinks it is beautiful as well.
First thing this AM I tracked it and saw that it was coming today. The UPS guy comes in first thing and I ask my co-worker if it is for me and she replys "no silly, that was UPS not FedEx"!
I am very pleased and thank you for all of your help! Jan
Thank you SO much Charlie, you are the best. That story is definitely worse than mine at least I was still able to use my card. Good thing I never have any cash on me since I work for the Bank. Have a really great Holiday season. Thanks again for your patience.
That's brilliant - thanks for your prompt action and excellent service!
Thanks so much for the fast delivery. I'm very happy with the sandle. Glad you enclosed some of your cards. I past them around the office. I'm telling anyone looking for gold items to check out your web site.
Thanks again,
It's here! Wow that was fast. Thanks Charlie. Merry Christmas. Stephanie
I received the Flip Flop charm today and I am X-tremely happy with it. It is beautiful and your service has been the best!
Thank you for everything!!!

id just like to personally thank you for all of your help with all that i asked. it was very important to me to get that ring and you definitely made every effort to assure my satisfaction. I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you, you guys got great customer service!!
Hi Charlie:
Got the ring today - it's beautiful and fits perfectly! Thanks for the great service too. It's been a very pleasant experience doing business with you.
Charlie -
Received order fine, but Her Majesty is now £48 better off :-(
Just hope it fits!!
Great Customer Service!
Now I see that it was mailed so I'll get it when the snow melts!
Thanks again.
The tooth and chain are beautiful she is gonna love it.
Just wanted to let you know that I received Josh's ring today. It fits perfectly!
Thank you again for all your help.
Hi Charlie:
I received my second ring today and love it too!
Many thanks and Merry Christmas once again.
Just to say it arived to day! and thanks again!! I hope u have a nice xmas
and a happy new year!!x
Lee ;)
Hello !
I have recieved the two crosses monday afternoon.
They are beautiful
Thanks for the rapidity.
Best regards from France
I received the gold shamrock in the mail yesterday. It's more beautiful than I thought. Thanks so much.
I have the charm and it looks great! Thanks for working with me.
Good work. The package cleared customs yesterday, just in time. She loves it.
Thanks, Wil
She saw the ring, but it would be a great surprise if she got it for Christmas. I would love it if it shows up that soon.
Bennett is a big name here on the Island..... and J.K Jr would have been a
great candidate.
Will send fudge!
Thanks Charlie...I'll send it back right away. You did not spoil her Christmas present, I assure you. My wife is very level-headed and knows these things happen. The important thing is that you're making it right, and that's great business. I appreciate your professionalism. Just to review...we'll be getting back the same ring, only gold and in a size 5...correct?
Thanks again.
Just got this today - looks fantastic. Thanks for getting it out so quick!
Charles, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful buying experience and a breathtakingly beutiful matched set of wedding rings. From your honest wisdom imparted to the prompt delivery, this purchase has been everything I could have hoped for. Louise received your package on Friday, and had the diamond re-set by 4pm that day. When I opened the box, I gasped when I saw it which is really saying something for an old Medic who's seen it all. I'll send pictures of Lizzy modeling them for you to enjoy.
Again, thank you so much for a wonderful experience and for introducing me to Louise.
Andy xxxxxxxx
Norfolk, VA
PS- Feel free to post this on your website as an advertisement!
(shipped the setting to Louise at J&M Jewelers in Williamsburg, VA where she was waiting with his diamond and had it set within hours! Thanks for another one Louise!!)
Thanks for the almost immediate response! It's been a pleasure doing business with you, We look forward to wearing these unique rings! If they are as nice as they look, They'll be the wedding bands as we intended.
Thank you, thanks for being more on top of this than me. regards John
Hi Charlie: Steve loves his ring! Thanks again.
Dear Charlie -
Thank you so much for replying to my email re the shipping status of my gold lifesaver pendant. I truly appreciate your friendly effort, knowing that without an order # , it must have been an annoying task.
From viewing the website tracking info, it looks good for a Christmas Eve arrival !
Wishing you and all those at Seawear a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year
Sincerely - Thomas
Hi Charlie,
Fed Ex delivered my package a little while ago. The octopus pendant and earrings are beautiful!! My daughter, Angel, is going to love them. She is crazy about gold, diamonds, and emeralds, and anything Hawaiian.
I live in an area where shopping is very limited. We hardly have any stores here in Powell. If I wanted to do any shopping for jewelry, I would have to go to Billings, Montana (100 miles away). They have lovely jewelry there, but it is so common. This octopus set is very different. I don't recall ever seeing an octopus pendant or earrings.
I am very pleased with the service you have given me. The packaging was excellent!! Everything was well-protected. It was a quick delivery, indeed. I also appreciate your emails and the good communication. I'll be back one of these days to do business with you again.
Thank you for everything, Charlie. Have a wonderful evening.
Wonderful - that's very nice of you! Pat is so excited for her to see this
ring. Once again, we truly appreciate your understanding and willingness to
find a good solution. Have a great day!
It just got here and looks great. Thanks and Merry Christmas
Absolutely better than expected. Nice presentation case... WOW!
It fits my big chain too. WOW.
I love it!
Thank you Charlie. Hey,.... I could sell it right now for about 5 K...???? Not!!!
Charlie, I wish you and your wife a very wonderful Christmas.
All the best to both of you for 2006.
Thank You!!!
Sorry, but I feel like a kid with a new toy... I absolutely love it.
I guaranty there will be a lot of compliments from the chicks and from some envious guys too.
Your shop is top notch, from your thank you cards, from the presentation case, the polishing cloth.... wow!
Charlie, only in America my friend!
I will leave for Miami on the 29th to visit with my aunt and my Cuban Cousins. Get some Cuban food on 8th street etc. Then I will get back to Houston on the 3rd.
I am in the oil business and I am responsible for all the company activities in South America. That is why I am always traveling.
On the 13th I will travel to Lancaster Pennsylvania to see my best friend. I went to school in Penn State, so...
Have a wonderful Christmas Charlie!!!
Thank you so much for your efforts in getting the cross to me on time. It
arrived yesterday. And will hopefully brighten someone's Christmas. Merry
Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my lack of anchor. It arrived today and it is perfect. Will ship the propeller back on Monday.
Merry Christmas!
Thank you looking forward to doing business with you again... Happy Holidays.. Jen
Hello, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my mermaid pendant. My husband bought me one of the mermaids for Christmas. It was the MERM010, by Steven Douglas. It is stunning! It truly is a work of art. I'd love to see more from this artist. The seahorses that you have, are the best that I've seen too! Thanks again!
Jill xxxxx
Albuquerque, NM
thank you so much, she loved it!
Debbie xxxxx
and she will probably buy another as a replacement
Thanx Charlie!

Wot a great service - a very Happy New Year to you and your family!
Hope to do business again in the future

With best wishes
Paula x
Hi Mr & Mrs. Bennett!
My fiance got down on one knee and presented me with the Trout Ring today, and I am very amazed at the craftmanship and care that went into making this fine gem. It is very fitting, as both of us are avid fisherpeople and met on a fishing forum. And thanks for the chamois that was also included!
Serena xxx and Brad xxxx
Parksville, BC
The pelican pendant was a big hit. Thanks for the special handling.
Thank you for your effort to get my purchase out in time.
My wife loved the earrings!
Thanks to you also; my retired Navy man has his anchor around his neck, and he loves it. much appreciation. DHawk
Hi Charlie:
I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2006 as well! Recently, my partner, Gerry, and I did some digging into my mother's family history and discovered that she descends from the Clan Armstrong. My mother always thought she was English on that side of the family. Her dad died when she was very young and that is what her mother had told her. So now the Thistle ring has even more significance to me.
Thank you again for the rings - I will wear them with pride.
Dear Mr. Bennett:
All of my shipment arrive prior to Christmas. Thank you and your team for getting it to me. Unfortunately, I misordered the "gold" chain for the "flip flop" pendant I ordered. It turned out to be "rose." I would like to return it and get a "gold" one. Hope this is not too much of a hassle.
Hello Charlie,
The last time I communicated with you was back in June when I bought the little Piper airplane charm for my niece's graduation. This time I'm writing to let you know how much I love the dolphin ring my boyfriend (Thad xxxx) gave me for Christmas. I fell in love with the ring six months ago when I found the airplane charm at your Seawear site, and was so impressed with the quality of the Piper, that I wasn't afraid to buy a ring from you via internet. I was, and still am thrilled to have such a unique and beautiful dolphin ring. I hope Thad (or I) will buying from you again in the future. You have beautiful jewelry!
Thank you so much.
Leah xxxxxx
Thank you. She loved the jewelry. Happy New Year! Ron Hoffmann
Thanks Charlie and Happy New Year to you, too. My husband loved the pendant and chain and I have a list of 14 charms ( yes, fourteen) that I would like for my gold charm bracelet. Hoping he will pass the list on to family and they will purchase them for gifts for birthdays, mother's day, etc, for years to come. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future and really love that website!. Regards to you and yours. Stephanie xxxxx, Woodbridge, Virginia.
Thank you, and happy New Year to you also. I received my packages on time and I am very pleased with them.
Again Thank You and Happy New Year
William xxxxx
Dear Charlie,
The doorbell rang here about 20 minutes ago and I signed for a package. Inside the package is the most beautiful whale tail fluke I've ever seen. It is well worth the wait. Thank you so much for the polishing cloth. I want to thank you also for your understanding. I like to think I have made a new friend. You and your wife have a wonderful New Year's Holiday! I'll be getting in touch with you about the fish-hook-whale tail after things settle down.
If you ever need a reference give out my email address and I'll clue in the public for you. Thanks again!
My son loved his St. Michael medal. He just joined the NYPD and the medal was greatly appreciated.
Pam xxxxx
Just to let you know that I received my charm today and I am absolutely delighted!!
No extra tax to pay and came so quickly!
Thankyou 4 the great service
Happy New Year again!
Paula xxxxx
Hello Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know that I popped the question at Niagara
Falls two days ago and my now-fiancee was THRILLED with the ring.
Thank you so much for the beautiful ring, the fast shipping, and the
great response time.
Happy 2006!
Jim Reynolds
I just returned home from the post office. Your package arrived today...what great service! The pendant is beautiful...the picture did not do justice to the fine quality of the item. Thank you.

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