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Surfer's & Customer's Comments from 1999

Being a small home based business, we have the luxury of reading each and every email that comes in! These are some of our favorites.


December 27, 1999
Good morning Charlie,
Yes, I received the tugboat(s), and they are beautiful!
Thank you,
Lynne xxxxx
December 20, 1999
I love the charm, got it today. Did you order another one when you got mine by any chance? I can buy another today if you have one. I showed it to one of the guys and he fell in love with it. Let me know asap. Thanks again.
Gerxxx xxxx
December 20, 1999 (from Germany)
Many thanks! It worked perfectly. We received the package on Monday morning
11:00 am (20 december)in perfect order. We didn't have to pay for customs or
This means I can still use it as a present for Christmas, which I was not
expecting (and therefore thought I was in trouble as I did not like the
alternative present myself). Of course it now means I have a challenge for
her birthday in January again, but hey that's life.
If by any chance you find earrings with tortoise (land-turtle) please drop
me a note I might be interested.
Again many thanks and yes, this way of shipping seems to work perfectly.
December 17, 1999
I got my order in Thursday's mail. Thanks so much for the good service. If
my girlfriend likes the earrings I may want to order other items.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
God bless,
Clarence xxxxx (3 day delivery even this close to Christmas!) :-)
December 17, 1999
Thank you so much for being on the Internet. My son is getting married on December 30 and this will be a present for his bride. Being originally from Alexandria VA, I have always worn a xxx pendant and I have given a xxx pendant to my other two daughters-in-law and now I want to give one to my youngest son's bride so all the xxxxx's women will have one! I am so excited because I haven't been able to locate one here in California. Thanks again for being there.
Janet xxxx (what till she gets her mail tomorrow!)
December 17, 1999
I bought a racing cat boat from you back in September. He loves it. I was
just wondering if you have a brochure you could send showing the charms you
have. If so please send to the below address:
Cheri xxxxxx (no brochure is our secret to low prices...)
December 10, 1999
Charlie, I received the fish hook today. It is beautiful. Thanx so much.
December 10, 1999
Charlie, would just like to thank you for the prompt and courteous service. I will surely recommend your business to others. Thank you again for the great service. Derek
December 10, 1999
I got my earrings and I have sent the pendent back to you. Thank you so
very much. The earrings are beatiful..
Norma (I had sent a pendant instead of earrings. At 3:00 AM sometimes the pendants look like earrings!)
December 10, 1999
THANKS Jenean, Boise, ID
December 10, 1999
This is just a note to thank you for the great service.
The item i bought was exactly as you represented it to be.
I have never bought anything off of the internet before
but you have sure made this a great experience.
I'll recommend you to everyone i know.
Thank you
December 8, 1999
Hi Charles & Leslie,
You have no idea how happy I was when I found your web page because it is
just what I have been looking for. I am a diver and I have a diver's club.
Also, my friends and I are in dive gear and accessories business. We want to
try re-selling some of your items which we feel that it might be good since
there is no one selling any of your items and we know that there are
demands. (Sorry, can't tell you which dive shop it is! But there prices will be at least double what you see here.)
December 7, 1999
I love your inventory. I am currently looking for a gold charm of an "airboat". Do you have one or do you know where I might acquire one?
Thank you so much for responding. I have so much difficulty locating this item. I would like to see any airboat charm that would work well for a man's necklace. Please send all info and I will get back to you immediately.
Thanks again,
(Oh, oh... now the Everglades have found us!) :-)
December 7, 1999
Hey Charlie!
Just wanted to let you know my order just arrived and it looks great! I have to say I like the way you do business! Thanks
December 6, 1999
Just had the pleasure of speaking with your wife about to sea shell
pendents I ordered I am so looking forward to getting them for christmas. I got a "Kabana" seashell braclett in St. Thomas over 2yrs ago and love it! I have never been able to find anyother sea shell items that I fell in love with as much as it but when I stumbled across your web site it was my dream come true! Your prices are outstanding! Thanks again for help
December 5, 1999
Dear Charlie,
Thanks very much for catching my addition error! Every little bit helps at
this time of year. Am really looking forward to receiving my order. I have
had a time finding the anchor and am SO glad I found your website.
Thanks again.
(You mean someone else would keep it if you sent too much money in?) <:-(
December 3, 1999
Hi Folks,
I just got the starfish earring I ordered and they are great! I am
looking for a pin to match..about 1.5 " across.....can you help?
December 1, 1999
Thank you for your help in locating these charms. I love the fairy7090 and
also one of your mermaids. You are actually making my husband's Christmas
shopping easier. I am changing Internet providers on Friday, could you
please call me at my toll free number 877-687-2248. Thank you.
November 30, 1999
I love your website and plan to buy some items for Christmas (once I
decide). I "surfed" several "nautical jewelry" sites and yours is
defintely the best. It is also the easist one to use with the most
information about size and weight of each piece. (My one question is --
if you don't say 14ct gold then what are we to assume it is made of?)
I noticed an e-mail dated November, 1999 from "Suzanne" to you looking
for a conch pendant with pink enamel inside the conch. I just say that
at www.geniusjewelry (Jack Whitman's site in KeyWest.) Not to send your
customers to other sites but she might be grateful if you point her over
there for that particular item.
Anyway, your jewelry is great. Do you do any belt buckles for men?
(Everything is 14kt gold except for 2 rings from Ireland that are delicate and must be done in 10kt for strength. We will add 14kt to everything though. Thanks about Jack's site. We have visited it before. In fact we sent Suzanne to a jewelry store in her area that carried the conch shell. The manufacturer of that shell would not sell to because we post the weights and discount the prices. We'll find another! cb)
November 23, 1999
I am going to order form your website in the near future. I love the
products you have in the pictures and your prices are more than reasonable.
I came upon this website by accident but I am very glad I did. I am going to
share this site with my friends.
November 23, 1999
I just received the pendant. It looks wonderful. Thanks for all of your
help and the cool card. Good luck again to you guys.
Andrea xxxxx
November 20, 1999
I received the pendant Thursday. I could not wait until Christmas and opened
it. It is beautiful and I love it. Thank you very much for great service.
You have a very good business. We will put your business cards down in the
marina office where we are. I will pass the word here on the West coast of
your great service and beautiful items.
Thank you again.
Virginia xxxxx and Paul xxxxx
Item returned
November 19, 1999
The person I was giving this to liked it but wanted a larger hammerhead. Please
credit my Visa Card.
Donna xxxxxx
(what 'till he sees the new 3D hammerhead we had commissioned! Tail roped or
hanging free versions! Who gets the first ones!? Charlie)
November 19, 1999
Hi Charlie,
The pendant I ordered Wednesday (November 17) arrived this morning. It looks great! Thank you very much, it's been a real pleasure doing business with you.
November 19, 1999
I was wondering if you could help me! I'm looking for a special gift for a man who loves lighthouses, maybe a charm, ring or a mans bracelet he could wear of his special Lighthouse. I have searched the high seas for a special gift for him for Christmas and can't find one anywhere......
Would you happen to have any suggestions! This special friend in my life has been my lighthouse through a storm I have been going through (divorce) He has been my beacon through these ruff waters, and I would like to give him something special for Christmas.
We just got done taking a very special vacation together, Did the whole
Outer Banks, It was wonderful and I will always remember it, now I would like
to give him something he will remember........
PLEASE NEED HELP FAST........................
November 19, 1999
I appreciate your quick response. My husband believes it was bought by the
divemaster at a jewelers in Abaco, Bahamas...with the hurricane, I wonder
what is there now. We have recently returned from Grand Cayman and Aruba
and went to every jeweler there. We have also looked in St. Thomas, St.
John and Barbados with no luck. I would say the charm was around 1/2" in
length with the fin being the longest piece and then a mask and snorkel. I
believe it was three pieces on one link. I would think this would be a
great seller to snorkelers. I have to say your divers are the best I have
seen and wished I had seen them before we bought ours whose head looks like
"ET". Another charm we are also looking for is a conch shell where the
inside or lip of it was a pretty pink enamel. We saw what we wanted in St
John several years ago and are sorry we didn't purchase it. Thanks for any
help you can give us.
November 19, 1999
Good luck with your business. I will definitely recommend your website to
my friends as well as share the personable experience I've encountered.
Thanks again for your help.
October 23, 1999
Hi, Charlie,
I received the propeller tie-tack today and it's terrific! Thanks so much
for all of the attention you gave to my special request. I really appreciate
it. Now I'll get it engraved and it will be perfect! Thanks again for all
of your great customer service and a beautiful piece of jewelry. I'll call
you again for gifts in the future.
Barbara xxx xxxxxx
October 22, 1999
Thanks Charlie,
Actually the emerald is Diane's birth stone. I thought the red ruby
would look nice in place of the heart (red). Another variation might be
emerald chips as the eyes of the seahorse or dolphin. The stones are
not a priority, just thought they would be a nice touch. Thanks again
for your help.
October 18, 1999
Also, do you know if the manatees have come into the Crystal River area yet
this year. We are going down the first week of November and I would love to
swim with them again. And, yes, I am very careful. Last year was the first
time I swam with one and I was so excited when he came up and looked at me.
But then I just enjoyed from the boat (which went VERY slowly) because I
didn't want to disturb them anymore than I had already. But it is something
I've wanted to do for over twenty years and I finally got my chance. What a
WONDERFUL day it was!
Got the picture of the manattee ring! Looks quite nice. Will show it to my husband when he gets home. This would be my 20th wedding anniversary gift. Want this instead of my dolphin ring.
Thanks for the news about the manatees. I will keep my ears posted to the
weather channel and hope for the best. One more touch on his back would be
so nice. And a little wink from them too would be great.
October 11, 1999
Thanks for getting back to me. Did you get my faxed order form?
If you find more hammerhead anything - I'm interested and I know a group
of people who may also be interested as we are divers just back from
diving in the Sea of Cortez. Diving with schools of hammerheads was our
main objective - we saw hammerheads sometimes pretty close up on all the
dives we did on the sea mount (El Bajo).
Thanks again - Noel
October 4, 1999
Good mornin', Charlie. Thanks for your prompt & friendly service. I received the bracelet on Saturday. I will be giving it to that special someone on Oct. 16. I hope she likes it.
Again thanks.
Bob xxxx
September 21, 1999
Hurray, the jewelry is here. It arrived Fri.. We had a sub at the front
desk and the sec. in my office was sick yesterday and hid it so it wouldn't
get lost. The propeller is beautiful and I know my daughter's boyfriend
will love it. She said yesterday that he has talked forever about wanting
one. I love the ring bouy too, I have it on now.
Thanks so much and I hope I haven't stressed you too much.
September 19, 1999
Hi Charlie
Received the charms last Friday, 17th September.
They look great - thank you.
I love your service. I might get back to you real soon for some more charms.
(Hotel executive needed 3 dimensional roller skating charms for friends. Took
seven days to reach Australia for only $18.51 shipping, insurance & customs!)
September 10, 1999
Dawn Wxxxx of Arizona calls today to say how much she loves the two ship's wheels she just received! They are for an anniversary. Her and her husband are starting a new venture of building 'ship's wheel' tables and she promises to send photos!
September 8, 1999
Robert Bxxx of Texas took the time and trouble to call today to say
how happy he was with two sharks that he ordered. He said they
were much better quality than he was expecting!
September 2, 1999
I just received my seahorse and wanted to tell you how
pleased I am with it.
Sandra Yxxxx
August 31, 1999
Hello Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know that the life saver charm arrived today
-- before noon! It's quite lovely. Thanks so much for your help in
making sure it arrived here in time for the farewell party for my
boss (she's not only a life saver, but a sailor).
August 30, 1999
Received the Hobie catamaran charms today. They are just perfect.
I am so excited, I can't wait until our anniversary to give it to my husband.
It's so hard to keep a secret, especially one so perfect. Thank you so
much for your prompt response.
Julie xxxxxx
August 30, 1999
Hi! This is Dawn xxxxx. Just a quick note to thank the young man who
took my order this morning, I did not get your name, sorry. I wanted to
thank you for your courtesy and I really enjoyed talking with you! Again,
thanks for "going the extra mile" for my request, it is very
much appreciated!
Thanks Again!
Dawn xxxx
August 8, 1999
Rambling is fine, I don't mind at all. It is interesting learning about
others. I have been in Braintree all my life. My family was in East Boston
and West Roxbury before my Grandfather moved to Braintree. The only famous
person we have is Pierce Brosnan, however, I have never met him nor do I
know how true that family fact is. Oh well it sounds good. I got the Charms on Saturday and they are beautiful. I am very pleased and impressed. Just to let you know, our mail man did not request a signature, the card was still on the package in my mail box. I have signed it and will mail it to you myself. Thanks again... I look forward to doing business with you again.
August 6, 1999
Today we received a call from someone in the Carolina's that had purchased a whale tail fluke in Hawaii and had lost it. It had a lot of sentimental value. The first one she ordered from us was too large. She described it and we went on a search. We sent her another and she called today and could not hide the excitement in her voice. It was the exact replacement! She was overjoyed. It made my day!
August 6, 1999
Dear Sirs
I would like to order some Whale tail flukes. Will You please give me
Your complete fax-number including the area code when calling from
Vienna, Austria - Europe.
Please send it per E-Mail as soon as possible to my offices e-mail
Sincerely Yours
(Re: seahorse earrings)
August 5, 1999
They have arrived and look beautiful, thank you very much Charlie!
Hyannis, MA
This came in the mail today July 23, 1999 (Thanks!)
Dear Mr. Bennett:
Just a few lines to let you know that I received the above order without any problems. (diver pendant #06724)
I was extremely pleased with the quality of the pendant, and would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you. Your professional demeanor in the sales of your Inter-Net jewelry business is most appreciated. Thank you for making my day!
If, in the future, I decide to purchase another piece of nautical jewelry, I will most definitely call upon you.
Once again, thank you for your assistance and professionalism.
Joseph R. Calamia
El Paso, TX
(delivered to Spain within 48 hours!)
Thanks Charlie, it got here at the agreed time.
Thank you so much. I received my pendant on Saturday. I love it.
Have a great Fourth of July.
Mary Uxxxx
Dear Charlie,
Thanks for your prompt and courteous filling of my order for my wife's
50th Birthday. She had a wonderful trip to swim with the dolphins and
upon her return, I wanted to give her something to commemorate her big
adventure. Your selection yielded the perfect charm for a necklace that
I wanted to give her. SHE LOVED IT!
Thanks again for your help.
Charlie Uxxxx
Can you estimate a price for this charm? I guess 1.25" will do if that is as
large as I can get. It's just that I am 6'7" tall and 290 pounds, and the
smaller charms look funny on me. I had a large one but it was lost in a home
burglary. Thanks
Thanks so much for your continued efforts-I'll talk with the other board
members about using life preservers instead of the boat!! Thanks again.
Cheryl XXXXXXX & Crew
Just to let you know I have received the
boat charm and I love it. Thanks
John L
Thanks for all the time and effort you devoted to my need to find clip
earrings. You went to such great lengths to try to find them for me. I'm
sure I'll be able to find them or fabricate them with all the suggestions you
provided to me. You have opened up several avenues of which I hadn't
thought. I know that Mother will appreciate all your efforts when I'm able to share
with her how hard you tried and all the suggestion you made. However that
won't be till the end of July when she celebrates her 90th birthday.
Many thanks,
Hello! My boyfriend loves palm trees and I have been looking for palm tree
earrings for the longest time. I already got him a pendant. I don't know
where to get them and I was just wondering if you knew or had any. If you
know of any I would appreciate it greatly if you could help me out. Thanks.
I like your charms about scuba diving, but I am looking for French loop
type earrings for my wife? Do any of your diving charms come in this
style of earring? If so, could you give me prices and availability? I
am most interested in the fin, and the streamline diver!
Thanks, your friend in Christ, Kevin
Hi there. I am trying to find a speargun penant for a special person and
I cant find one anywhere. In your list for scuba diving penants you list
spearguns but I did not see any speargun penants. Do I need to get it
custom made? I hope you can help. Thank you very much. Please reply.
I'm looking for a gold sword earing. I had one and then lost it. Do you carry anything like this. It was about 3 inches long.
I found your page on the net. Can you deliver to scotland?
Please send details.ThanksFraser AKA Scallop.
:-s c a l l o p
(Succulent Crustations Are Lovingly Licked Off Plates)
This guy is supposed to send us some awesome recipes for scallops!
I love your nautical jewelry. Do you wholesale? Please advise.
Thamks so much
Nautical store owner
Just emailing to give you permission to charge my MasterCard.
Thanks for all your help,
Hey, thanks for the come back. Ive decided to keep the one from you. I'll
consider it the first in my collection. l'll have to check out the book you
mentioned. If you come across a dive helmet pendent that is more detailed
send me an email. I would greatly appreciate it.
Regards, Bryan
We have a urgent need for a Sharks tooth. Please reply by email or call ASAP.
I am trying to find a 14k gold scuba tank charm for my husband. The only
place I have ever seen them is in the Cayman Islands. Do you carry this
item or can you get one? If so I would like to know the cost and if I can
get one through you.
I'm looking for a charm that resembles a treasure chest. Perhaps with the lid
cracked open and little spanish coins inside.....something along those lines.
If you have anything like this or can point me in the right direction, I
would very greatful. Thank you for your time.
I really liked your jewelery and will keep it in mind for a future
purchase. I will be going to Floriday (West Palm Beach) from April 23
for about a week and would love to see the turtles laying their eggs on
the beach. Since you seem to be quite enthusiastic about watching the
process, i was wondering if you might suggest some sort of a tour/tour
guide that could lead us on such a walk.
Thanks so much!
Charlie, got it Wednesday. It looks great! Many Thanks......Rick
Hey Charles, I got my boat charm and it is awesome. Thanks and if anyone asks
where I got it I will be sure to tell them.
Do you have propeller or similar styles in tuxedo studs
We recently ordered the 14 karat gold 8 man boat and are very pleased with
it!! I am Vice President of a large high school rowing team in Florida and
we were pursuing the idea of buying a number of these to give to our
corporate sponsors as keepsake items. Could these possibly be made in bronze
or silver in addition to gold so that we could give them according to levels
of sponsorship to our supporters. If so, please let me know specifics as
far as time frame for ordering and costs involved. Thank you
Just opened up and put on my new earrings. They are beautiful. The size is
perfect. Do you realize I've been looking around every time I was at a
jewelry counter for something like this. I have white sand dollar earrings
about that size with real cheap posts so was looking for gold.
Later Connie
Dear Charlie:
I think it is awesome that you had these fish made into tie tacks....I do
hope they sell well for you. YES YES I want a SAILFISH tie tack as soon as
possible. Just pick the one that you'd think looks better..I guess I do not
really care if he is jumping to port or starboard unless that is supposed to
be something that I should care about..ha ha...just pick the one you think
looks best and get ready to send it to me. Let me know how to contact you for
payment....before someone else sees it and loves it:)
Thanks again,

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