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So far so good!!
Thought you'd like to see a pic :)
Thanks again for everything,
(awesome couple sent wedding pics with their lifemates rings!)
Hi Charlie !

well first off, let me tell you that in my opinion, Americans are the finest people in the world.

I spent two very very happy holidays in America, and the fact that George Bush was an idiot was completely not your fault....Obama hasn't put right the wrong yet but I do really like that man. He has a nice family and I like him and would have them over for dinner any time. America is the promised land, and I tried hard to emigrate there a couple of years back, but your immigration is as tight as a drum, so gave up on that one sadly.

But rest assured, the media make out that all the world's evil is down to the Americans but most of us sensible people know that you are all just normal people like the rest of us. Only happier, more productive, more self assured and rightly proud of your nation. In the UK, we all hate ourselves, and spend our lives apologising for who we are !!

So here's the thing.... I have been following my lady all day on Fedex, and this afternoon, she passed through Memphis. I have to admit that I am one of those weirdos who still hopes and believes that "The King" is still alive and so she got nearer to Graceland than I ever did and she can tell me all about it when she gets here, and I was thrilled when I visited Hawaii that they actually call him "their" King.

It seemed quite prophetic to me, and she was born in America, so the beautiful lady is going to be called.....MEMPHIS !!!

I hope you approve

(one of our famous mermaids!)
Dear Charlie,
I just received the charm yesterday! Thank you so much - it is perfect & beautiful - a real work of art! I am SO impressed with my shopping experience with Seawear from beginning to end - you reassured me about the difficulties of paying, made it easy for me to do so, kept reassuring me that my charm was on its way, and the quality now that it has arrived is exactly as I hoped it would be. You have also exceeded my expectations with the extra little touches - the gorgeous gift box the charm is in which I will use for my friend's present, and the credit card holders to prevent damage & fraud. The whole process of buying jewellery from Seawear has been a reassurance from beginning to end that there is still customer service existing in this world that insists on going above and beyond the norm to exceed customer's expectations.
Charlie, I will have absolutely no hesitatiion in recommending you to all my family and friends, and I can't wait until I have more money saved up to buy something for myself!
Please do not hesitate to use my email as part of your customer testimonials on your website.
Thank you again and regards from the land of Oz,
Rachel Kxxxxxxx :))))))))))
Thanks for your speedy and considerate response. I'll get the pendant off in tomorrow's post.
Your customer support is second to none!
Just wanted to say thank you again my daughter absolutely loved the Jaws charm it was awesome watching her open it up she flipped. Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and will have the very best in 2013.
Excellent. Again, many thanks.
I'm from Maryland and a Penn Stater . . . glad to give you the business!
Hello Sir,
First I would like to thank you for the perfect items I purchased from you. I ordered two fish hook charms from you for my stepson and husband for Christmas this year and they are beautiful.
It came in christmas eve. He loved it! Thanks!
THANKS!, It came right on time and was "Perfect"!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
You are my Christmas Angel!!! The crosses arrived a few minutes ago. Thank you so much for all your hard
work. You've enabled this to be a very Merry Christmas for the xxx family here in Rockland County, NY.
I wish you and your family health and happiness for the new year! And Merry Christmas to the Bennett family!
Thanks a lot. Beautiful piece of gold.
(heavy shark tooth)
OMG…… are the best………many many thanks!
Thank you!
And I just reread the invoice that came with the crosses last week... THANK YOU for giving me such a wonderful price on them. You really are a sweetheart !! (Even though you can be a Viking when need be)
Hi Charlie,
Thanks so much for taking the time to send such a speedy reply at such a busy time of year! It points out once again, what wonderful customer support that Seawear has!
One minor point - I only need one Flying Fish pendant. I accidentally added 2 to my cart at one point, but removed them. I hope that casting one is still possible. I understand that there will be a wait.
I'm going to put my order in now for one in yellow gold to "put under the tree" It's possible that my wife will even love it in yellow, although she always seems to prefer white gold.
In any event, she always loves your jewelry!
She will definitely not wear it if we decide to exchange it for the white gold.
I will e-mail you after christmas to let you know what she decides.
I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, with many thanks for your kind help
Best regards,.
Hi Charlie,
The parcel arrived today. I am extremely happy with the dive fin & the service.
Thank you very much.
You made me laugh out loud three times
today!! Thank you for that!!
And the mental picture of you battling
bags of lettuce is hilarious!
Be well,
Thanks Charlie! We were very pleased with the rings and they came before Thanksgiving so we were able to share them with our family. Hope you and yours are well. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I have already mentioned you to friends!
I just wanted you to know that your work was by far the nicest I've seen. I know I am waiting to the last minute, but thats nothing new for me. Hopefully we can do business again in the future.
I just recieved my order for the anchor and crux cross I ordered, and I had to write to you and tell you how impressed I was with the quality of the craftsmanship! It is georgious! I dont know where you buy from, but keep using them! And the box is even very nice! Thanks for the care in packaging! I will be sure to recomend you to family, and buy from you in the future!!
Have a great Holiday!
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know, I have received the 3 pendants and they are absolutly beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your hard work in making these for me. It was very nice doing business with you!
Thank you very much for your honesty Charlie. Yes, he is more of a boondocks saints kind of guy! Lol.
I just received the ring yesterday, and it is beautiful! I hate to admit it, but I'm almost more excited about the green case it came in, it's awesome!! I'll send you a pic of it once I have the diamond set. Thank you
YOURE practically famous yourself over here! It must feel good knowing your pieces are fit for the famous too, they have all the choice in the world and they came to you, now that is a compliment!
(can't tell you who or I have to pay their agent!)
We DID receive the jewelry. One of the most unique pieces I have ever seen. My wife LOVES it. thanks.
That's the GOOD news.
The BAD news is that we just noticed that one of the diamonds fell out. Can you help us out there?
I would appreciate you covering that if you would, since we just got it.
How do you want me to proceed?
Sorry to be just getting back to you now, but I picked up the gold scallop earrings this past weekend from my friend's store and I gotta tell you that they look great!
Thanks you so much for another job well done; they will match the scallop shell necklace that I gave her back in March and she will be so surprised and happy, I'm sure of that! I can't wait to give her her Christmas present!
Best of luck to you and have a great holiday season. Thanks again, you really came through for me!!
Hey Charlie, our rings arrived in time to show off to family on Thanksgiving. Just wanted to send this note to let you know how very pleased we are. The rings are all we thought they would be and we love them. Thank you again, Kim & Dave.
Awesome. Thanks for the explaination, your one man show is very special. Look forward to giving your talent as a gift to a special woman.
Happy Holidays,
Just wanted to say thank you I have already received the charm and it is beautiful I can't believe I got it so fast now it will be hard not to give it before Christmas. This couldn't be a more perfect present for my daughter.she loves the Jaws movies and Sharks in general she even has a tattoo of the Jaws shark. I can't believe I found this thank you so much,
Spent a beautiful weekend in Freeport and picked up the ring on my way home today!
It is exquisite :)
I'm so happy with it.
Thank you so much!
Hi Charlie,
Its beautiful !!!
I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror!!!. The bail is the perfect size to accent my heavy chain. A real pleasure working with you and appreciate your honestly. That is very special about you.
Can't wait to show my husband, he has been trying to find me a fish hook for the past 2 years for a present. I kind of just buy things on a whim.
Take care
Just arrived and wow!!!!!! You and your products are amazing!!!!
Dear Mr. Bennett,
I love the sailboat pendant which I recently ordered and arrived within 4 days of my order. I love the size and detail on the sailboat and I was not disappointed in my selection. I purchased this sailboat in memory of my late Father who passed away earlier this year and we used to love to sail together.
Thanks again to your company.
I received my order today and must tell you the ring exceeded my expectations. This is my second ring purchase from your company ( unfortunately my first ring was lost 3 years ago you no longer carry it --- still always looking for it). I love this ring. It is beautiful.
Thank you
Hi Charlie,
Got the delivery. I love the chains. They're perfect.
I'll know in about a week whether it will be the large or small cross. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
Hope you're enjoying your trip. Oh, and the gift boxes are beautiful. Thank you so much. You make my life easier. You're a doll.
Thanks again,
Thank you so much for your input Charlie! I agree with you that a different material would be more economical; however, he requested gold….but I don't think he's going to get it this year. :
As like all the other compliments on your website, I greatly appreciate your sincerity/honesty/input and didn't just try to make a sale. I'd rather wait and get him what he wants than buy something just to be buying it.
Thank you again for all of your assistance!
Wonderful! I can't thank you enough for your info, time and patience. :)
Thank you Charles! It arrived today and I love it. :-)
Oh My!!!!!
Charlie, I LOVE the pictures!!!!!! I am smiling from ear-to-ear!!!!!!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for Everything!!!!
I can't Wait to see the ring!!!!!
Yes, a CD would be just great! You must have been reading my mind, Charlie, since I was wondering how to do a slideshow and then crescendo with the beautiful ring that was in my mailbox last night!!!!
Just Beautiful.Love It!!!! Definitely an heirloom. Thank you SO much!!!
Thank You!!!
Hi Charlie! Today I received the package you sent me. The pendant is very nice just what I expected. Thanks for the quick reply trying to help with the shipment issue! I will contact you if more jewelry is needed. Daniel
You are Awesome! Thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much, I am trying to get her ring put together by the start of next month ... and time is really a issue .... thank you so much
Hi Charlie,
I received the medal last week. I just wanted you to know that I love it! it is very nice quality and weight.
Thank you very much! : I can't wait to surprise my boyfriend with it.
I got the frog today - it's beautiful! I immediately took it to the jeweler to have it attached to my bracelet. Can't wait to get it back!
Also, saw your cat's picture - love it. We have a 17 year old Bengal (Taji).
All I can say is thank u! Thank u! He absolutely loved it and it is a perfect fit for te size of his neck! I promise to send u a pic in a little while! U can see his necklace and mine! We r at a restaurant out with our kids to celebrate but back home in awhile n will send it then !
Charlie you are simply amazing! I just cnnot thank u enough for all the hard work and phone calls and god knows what else to get this piece to me on time! I guessing that is why u have such a successful business!
My sincere regards, jackie
Dear Charlie,
I wanted you to know that I received the pink pearl earrings and they are beautiful! Thank you for your help.
I just opened the pictures of the charm - I was using my blackberry before and didn't notice that you'd sent pictures. She's BEAUTIFUL!
I am very pleased with my anchor purchases.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
USN Retired
Well Charlie,
I am so glad the rings came in when they did. My Mother was able to see the engagement pics and the ring and give us her blessings. Today Mom passed away. The Leukemia finally won. Too many transfusion and too much iron build up destroyed her liver. Mom was a wonderful woman and thanks to your work (& the setter's) she got to see us happier than we have been in many years. Thank you.
Sarge & Bailey
Hey Charlie,
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received the pendant this afternoon.I gotta tell you, the Admiral is gonna love it! This is a beautiful piece of jewelry and the skill in your craftsmanship is evident throughout! I also wanted to thank you again for your service. I'm sure she would've loved to have two but, inasmuch as she's only got the one neck,(and I've only got the one bank account), it'd probably have been somewhat redundant. Thanks again for catching my mistake in the order and I can guarantee you that we'll be doing business again!
I took your advice and I'm going to couple it up with an Omega chain. If that arrives half as impressively as your piece did, our sailboat is gonna be a happy place this weekend!
Thanks again, Sir! It's truly been a pleasure!
I can't begin to tell you how much she appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of the ring. She asked for your email address, so expect an email :o)
Thank you again for being a true craftsman and having integrity and pride in your work. Awesome.

Hi Charlie!
Sarge gave me your address so that I could write and tell you just how much I adore the ring you created.
Your work is simply amazing! All of my friends are "emerald" green with envy and people keep coming back for "just one more look".
Thank you for making such a lovely addition to the wonderful life that we are building together.
Bailey Q
Thank you for the ring well within the timeframe needed. It is beautiful and I can't wait to share it with my fiancé at our beach wedding.
~ Gayle
Today the pendant has arrived.Verry beatyful.Looks great round my neck.Not to small and not to big.Verry nice.Thanks for it and the quick delivery.Thanks again.Bert
Sharky and Sandy received, thank you very much. They´re just great !
You also do have a larger Sand Dollar than the one I ordered , correct ! ?
Please kindly advise
Once again, thank you !
Thank you Charlie. My ring arrived via a friend in Texas and I LOVE it. It was everything I had hoped for. It is a bit big, but not seriously, and I can always just wrap a bit of thread around or something. And when I am out in the hot climate, I will be glad there is some room for the swollen fingers!!
Thanks so much. it is a beautiful piece of art. And you were patient and charming throughout the whole operation.
Well sir,
Your rings are truly beautiful. They arrived on Saturday just in time to accompany me to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. I waited until I found a friend that knew the bands that played the festival and I asked her to set it up. The band "Crannog" was perfect. The lead singer Gabrielle picked a volunteer out of the audience and it was me!
I got up there and asked my lady (Bailey) to come up to the stage and before she knew what was going on, I was on bended knee asking her to marry me. The crowd oooed and awwed and Bailey studdered a "yes". I slipped the ring upon her finger and the rest is a blur of happiness.
EVERYONE loves the ring ... sales may go up :o)
THANK YOU! You are the man.
In sincere appreciation,
(custom Argentium Silver with IF diamonds in Claddagh setting)
Thanks for the explanation. I am really unfamiliar with the process so it helps to get a breakdown like this.
I am going to take your advice and buy the pieces separate. I will find a local store and have them set, and sized here. Thank you for your help. I am ready to get things started as soon as possible.
Pendant just got here. Wow, nice job! Looks better than original.
I will let you know how it holds up after some long term use.
Thanks again,
Hello Charlie
We received the ring yesterday and are very pleased with it. My finance is using this as his wedding ring and is very impressed with it.
Thank you for very nice craftsmanship.
Kind Regards,
You are a true craftsman. I haven't even seen the actual rings, but I know they are beyond beautiful. Just the idea that you care enough to add the extra box(es) shows the love for your work. THANK YOU.
I pray they will be here tomorrow ... I was going to wait until September 4th, but tomorrow I am taking my love to a special place and who knows :o)
Thank you again and I will keep you posted :o)
Hi Charlie, The rings arrived safely today. We are very happy with them. Thanks! Sue
Here is a pic of Judy and I after I surprised her with the rings... it was sunset.. dolphins were swimming in our bow wave... she cried...mission complete.
Paul and Judy
Hi Charlie,
It took a while for us to get the international thing sorted, but the cable necklace has finally arrived in Oz and I am thrilled with it. Thank you for being so patient!
Received the shark today : love it! Thanks very much
Kind Regards,
Thank you!...No, no---we have no idea where you sent it or even where it came from. It just showed up magically.
It's beautiful.
Thank you- :0)
Thank you Charlie - the 82nd Fighter Group will love you forever!!! If we were not traveling, I would have had it sent to us. Unfortunately, we decided a bit late to auction off this lovely plane.
Thanks again and I promise it's legit.
John and Judy
Got it. Beautiful!
Can't wait to get a new bail.
FYI - you may get someone from a Dive Institute in South Carolina looking at some of your stuff as they saw the bracelet and really liked.
Received the lovely cross for my son...will receive it when his twin sons are Baptized. I have a Firefighter's Bible to go with it. You have no idea how very special-life long memory this will bring him!.
Thank you.
You have new customers & I'll surely share what personnel care you give.
You sly dog. And Touche. Well played sir.
(had to guess on a diamond setting and ring size)
You are awesome. Thank you.
YEA! Thanks again for all of your help - you have gone above and beyond.
Yikes! I guess criminals are smarter than I am - I would have never thought of that!
P.S. - My husband ordered a conch charm from you all a couple of years ago - that is why Diane wanted one so bad - she loved mine! It is beautiful, I wear it all the time! Thanks again!
To let you know the story I'm opting for a gold Tuna to hang around my neck for the recent 225lb Yellow Fin I caught in Cabo two weeks ago instead of a replica mount. I already have a nice tuna on my wall I won the Bisbee Offshore Tourny with in 2010 don't need another Monster in my house my wall space is limited anyway.
Thanks again Charlie for helping me preserve the memory of this great fish. Attached is a picture for your enjoyment.
Oh my god!!! You are the best!!!!! Thank you so much for getting it to me so quick. I can't thank you enough.
Thank you for providing a great jewelry site and source.
Thank you for your excellent service.
Sorry it has taken us so long to let you know we received the rings OK, and to say Thank You. Right after they got here we had a thunderstorm that fried our computer. (The fun part of living in Texas!!) Tony finely had time to build a new one and we are still catching up on transferring files. Anyway we want to say we love them, they're beautiful and they fit great. Thank You so much.
Have fun in whatever you're doing.
Margaret & Tony
I picked up my bracelet yesterday morning in the mail. I believe it arrived at the post on Saturday, but it was closed for pick up. I went to the website and was wondering if the bracelet was available in the 14kt white and yellow gold version. I thought that's what I originally purchased, but will stick with the all yellow gold that I received. I love the bracelet, it's awesome and I am sure I am die to receive many compliments on it when I wear it out to the coastal conservation fishing meetings. Just let me know If the medium size is still available in the white and yellow gold. I may purchase one of those In the future if still available. I am not sure if you're the actual jeweler/designer but the bracelet is awesome. Thanks again.
By the way, your customer service and the attention you pay to (potential) clients is really commendable. And so unusual. Thank you so much.
I am afraid I am going back to the drawing board with my ring because I really fell in love with the knotted one and do not trust what an unknown jeweler might do, but I appreciate your candidness and honesty. I also am coming to the conclusion that my search is futile because your comment about the pattern will probably be true of almost any pattern--which will at any rate save me money!! But I certainly will recommend your spot to anyone looking for an outstanding ring and service. Thanks again.
Got the ring today. It's beautiful! It definitely appears much more durable than the 1st one I got for my husband!
You definitely need to be near the water! I went out kayaking today, first time out in years and I grew up on the water. Can't tell you how great it was and my anchor came just as I got back. This anchor really is perfect.....beautiful.
I really like one of your Claddagh crosses too! Was in Ireland back in the '90's. Always plan on getting back there. In the mean time I'll just have to order the Cross from you for now.
Thanks again. I'll be looking forward to getting the cross.
My gratitude and best to you and your wife for your really neat and pretty selection of jewelry.
Ps thanks for the credit card protectors you included. Very thoughtful.
Thank you Charlie!
Just got my 2 days! It's beautiful and perfect! Already on my chain.
Thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend.
Charlie thank you so much! He loves it!!!
Good Morning Charlie,
I just wanted to email you to Thank you once again for getting the ring sent to me in time for our big day. My husband was so surprised when we said our vows and I placed the ring on his finger. He is very proud of the ring and was showing it off to everyone after the ceremony.
Once again Thank You! You helped make our special day even more special!
Thank You,
It's going to be Christmas time for me in July. I've been wanting this bracelet for over 4 years now and finally purchased it. I love it!
Good Afternoon Charlie,
I received the ring yesterday, Thank You so much for all of your assistance with getting this to me in time for my wedding. Do I owe you anything for the priority shipping? If I do please send me an invoice via PayPal and I will pay it asap.
I will recommend your company to anyone looking for this type of ring.
Once again Thank You!!!
Thank You,
I received the ring, a true work of art;
I had purchased an Irish Cross pendant during the holiday season, and I was very pleased with how efficient and good quality it was. I am now looking to find a gold necklace that will match. Would you happen to have any? Thank you for your time.
good morning!! i received my 2nd order yesterday. its lovely just like the other one. thank you so much for all your help. greatly appreciate the quality of service.
Got the ring! Thank you so much, it's beautiful! :)
Thanks for the awesome rings. The night worked perfectly. My fiancee said I did an excellent job picking out the rings and described them rings as elegant. She also mentioned how she liked how the engagement ring sat low and didn't feel that heavy and mentioned how she thought the wedding band byself itself was elegant. I am curious if I may get a gold wedding band that matches hers made for me without the diamonds? I find that style unique and elegant as well. If I can how much would cost? I believe I am a size 10.
Best Wishes,
My wife loved it and we go to the jeweler tomorrow to have them add it to her charm bracelet.
Thanks so much for helping me make this work,
HI Charlie.
Got It ! The ring is perfect !! I am sure he will love it.. Yes .. I was surprised when UPS came to the door with it.. We are celebrating 28 yrs ! He lost his original ring which look very similar to this one about 15 yrs ago . He put it in his pocket while grilling at a football game and when he threw the napkins away in his pocket the ring went with them. He did not remember until the next day and by then it was to late.
We just did not find the right ring until now and of course the cost was a factor to replace it.
I am so glad I found your site.
Thank you again for everything.
Thank you so much, that means alot to me! I am having a very hard time with this.
It's interesting in how you make up "Englandish" stories. I am 95% English. My Grandparents and Mom are from Grandbank Newfoundland! :)
I believe it was fate that I found you and your ring. Thank you Charlie...and thank you for the prayers & smile.
I know this ring will bring me lots of smiles and help me tremendously!
Thanks so much for taking the time to not only respond but also to explain. I did clean it & it cleaned up well...I think this might be something we will need to do on a regular basis. We swim alot here too and thought maybe the chlorine may play a part also. Thanks for your time and I hope to do business with you in the future. Thanks again Judy
i received my pin yesterday. i love it!!! thank you so much for all your help and patience. AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!
Wow! thank you for the efficiency on getting back to me! I really appreciate it. Yeah, there's nothing like good customer service- it goes miles... 33 years old! so a little beyond young... but still hanging on- crazy how times change. Thanks again. I'll be sure to recommend you-
I recently ordered a star fish charm and it arrived today. Thank you for getting it to me so soon. It's for my daughter's birthday and I'm sure she will love it.
Hello Charlie,
First off i should apologies for the very late response. After all the Christmas fun i then bought a house and then went to sea, so my life has been nothing but crazy lately. Anyway i just want to say thanks, and for putting up with all i asked for and the checks i had made.
Also i was wondering, if you need a bit of help sending stuff to Canada, i have no trouble going to Western Union or other places and giving them my name and comments so that others have at least something to set their minds at ease. Or if you need any other help just ask.
The mariners cross is beautiful, my sister had received it promptly, and my father loves it. I went home not long ago and seen it myself and it is a beautiful piece of work. I am exceedingly happy with it and will be buying more, once i get a bit of money ahead after buying this house.
Signed with much thanks,
Great! Thank you very much for your help with everything. Thanks.
Thank you so much. I really like your jewelry-
Hi Charlie ,its Ronnetta Just wanted to say I recieved my ring it is amazing I love love love it!!! as I always have loved it since the first time I saw it . The sizing co. did dip it so it is perfact sizing is perfact also.sooo Thank You so much for eveything you are a great buisiness person I wish you much success you have earned it!!!!
Charles - I absolutely love, love, love it. We went right down and bought a 14k yellow gold omega and the people working in the jewelry as well as a couple of
customers loved it as well. Thank you. Teryl
First, got the gator ring and it has a new home with me! It is really cute (I mean that it a good way). My son, 4 1/2 yrs, is trying to name him.
Speaking of your jewelry, I've got to tell you that the one piece that I wear that always get comments and questions is the large Atocha coin. This piece has gotten so much attention, that it is nearly not funny.... more than any of the mermaids, including the Steven Douglas (MERM010)! The Viking Shiphead Mermaid earrings (MER005), and the Dancing Whale (#798) get noticed a lot too. Regardless, I love my nautical jewelry - especially the mermaids.
I hope that you are around in the trade and do not "retire" too soon. I know that I will miss you and your site.
Hope that you have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Thanks again,
Thank you for the excellent and speedy service. Also thank you for the credit card foiler, they will be used. I am very pleased with the charm and its quality. I will post your business card at the Racine Yacht Club with recommendations to my friends.
Thanks again,
Just wanted to let you know that the chain was perfect and I have been wearing my pendant every day! Thank you so much for all your help. I am sure I will be shopping with you again in the future.
Have a great day!
Hi Charlie, I love the anchor, it's perfect, just what I wanted. All the others I was seeing were too gaudy, too big, cluttered and complicated with "adornments". This one is the one I was looking for,Thanks, Stacey
Your dolphin necklace arrived tonight and I wanted to send a big thank you...nothing like seeing the speechless jaw on the floor face of a ten year old when she opened the box...truly special and I appreciate you taking the time to do that...
I enjoyed Penn a great deal, I had no idea that such nice trout water was up there. I plan on making some more trips up there this summer...thanks again for the warm welcome and the gift.
(after Wounded Warriors outing we host in the backyard)
Just wanted to say I LOVE my new "Shackle Earring" received today!
Hey Charlie!
Got the ring. L-O-V-E it!!!!!! THank you!
I got it, it's lovely. Thank you.
The card is perfect. Your more of a romantic than you thought. Thanks for making me look good Charlie.
I am so very glad I came across your website..You have some great great prices and will let all my friends no about you...Again thanks for the assistance and have a great day.. Dave
Thank you so much….. So many things that I love on your pages!
Thank you sooo much!
- Josh
I love it!
Thank you!! You have been a wealth of knowledge and I truly appreciate it!
We were away for the weekend without internet service, so it wasn't until last night that we got your responses...and then ordered the ring immediately. (There was a spot to write in a wedding date, and I said 05-11-12 just to see what would happen. They called me, lol. He seemed genuinely concerned about getting it here by then, but I said there was no hurry.) :)
Darren was amazed that you were helping me order from somebody else and said, "I'm definitely going back to THAT guy!" You are an impressive person.
Thanks again,
We ordered one of these a few years ago from your site. Our daughter wore it everyday until her chain broke. We are ordering another to take to her college graduation. We are happy you still offer it. Thank you!
Hey Charlie,
I'm off to Ireland tomorrow. Going to be showing off my BAD ASS ring to the motherland :
I hope you are very well. The ring is still gorgeous.
We received the gold anchor earrings and are really happy with them! Your prices are better very reasonable, your service is great, and we'll certainly be back to shop even if I don't have the winning lottery ticket. Thanks so much!
Linda S.
Just wanted to let you know it arrived Monday and its more gorgeous in person than it looked on the website. Thanks so much. She's gonna love it!
I received my whale tail pendant on Saturday and it is simply beautiful! More than I expected and very heavy in gram weight. Thanks so much for designing a most perfect simple whale tail that is extremely realistic with whales I encountered in Hawaii. It was no problem - wore the necklace out today and received compliments - hopefully you will get more business! The design is simply natural - so pretty and the gram weight was a real surprise for me - way heavy!!!
Thanks again for your design and best of luck!

Thank you ever so much and keep on doing what you do! You are very good at it!
Thank you very much! Yeah, I know the economy has been putting the squeeze on everybody. Thanks for still trying to look out for your customers though. You just gave me the unique type of ring for my very unique lady at a better price then anywhere else had even gotten close to. So appreciate your business and I hope you continue to do well.
Thanks Charlie! Got the ring. Its a nice weight and great craftsmanship!
Charlie I got them!!! they are exactly what we wanted. thank you so much for your continuos support my friend... I'll strongly recommend you service to anyone from my family/friend that might need another rings =D
Have a good day
Charlie - got the turtle safe and sound - looks great… I don't think I am going to be able to hold out til her birthday : - thanks a lot..
Hi, Charlie, the new dolphin arrived and I love it! Thank you so much for the trouble you've gone to. Now may I ask that you suggest a chain the would go with this dolphin. Since I wear it everyday, to would need to be durable and I'd like some sort of security thingy at the catch to prevent another loss....
I'll await your suggestions.
Thanks agin, Gerrie
We'll keep that in mind---what kind of sailboat should we be getting you, oh adopted child-to-be?
Next time, I'll make sure my comment is grammatical before I send it off. I started to say that "your prices are better than anyone else's", but realized that it would be inpolitic to do that. Anyway, your prices are great.
Thanks again.
Hi Charlie,
I did take your advice and talked about rings with my soon-to-be fiance last night. I showed her pictures of the rings I had in mind, and we looked at others on the internet as well. She picked the same one I did; the one from you. So, I placed the order this morning. We are both very excited about receiving these rings.
If there is anything else you need from me please let me know. And, if you can keep me posted on when to expect the rings I would appreciate it.
The pieces are beautiful! The bail on the sailfish was a great size because it fit on all my omegas.
Hi Charlie !
Is this picture of my actual mermaid that's coming to me? She is loveley ! I had an email from Fedex and I think she is coming tomorrow.... I can barely wait.
I have been trying to think of a name....will let you know when I have one. I may need to meet her first.
Thanks for doing this all so quickly for me
Hi Charlie,
The rings have arrived and they are beautiful! Now everything is set and an amazing week can begin. For older folks like us, the family reunion aspect is particularly nice.
Thanks again for the great service and getting everything just right.
Tom and Teresa
Got it -- just gorgeous! Thank you very much! The ring is beautiful -- it's the relationship I'm worried about right now. ! I'll send you a picture after the big day. Beer and pizza. Hmmmmm, dinner approaches.
Thanks again!
I really appreciate your great customer service. This gift is a commemorative piece for my middle daughter's 40th birthday. She loves gold and sand dollars. Let me know if there's anything else u need. Warm regards Susan
Got the bracelet, looks great. Thanks and I'll see if I can drum up some business for you.
Hi Charlie
The pendant is gorgeous! Much more stunning than the one I lost. Thank you so much for the beautiful job :) . I would gladly give you high recommendations if needed!
Dear Charles
Thanks for the excellent customer service. I searched for hours online to find exactly what I wanted and you delivered 100%. I absolutely LOVE my sailboat. This meant a lot to me as I had a similar piece that I purchased in Aruba that was stolen in a housebreak a few weeks ago.
Keep up the good work!
Hi Charlie,
I am so excited!!! Thank you! :)
It arrived and is absolutely beautiful!
Thank you... You are awesome!!!
Dear Charles
Firstly I wanted to thank you for your help in trying to secure a sapphire pendant for me
. I delayed responding in the hope that another might be procured from your supplier, but I guess not.
I do appreciate your friendly correspondence and am sorry we could not do business on this occasion.
With kind regards, Joan
Dear Mr Bennett;
Thank you so much for being straight up with me and for responding so quick as this is a special gift for my husband as he turn,s 50 very soon so time is important for me. So sorry i wont be able to use your service but I did love the selection to choose from so be very proud of what you have achieved.
yours sincerely Pauline
When I received my white gold braided barcelet a few years ago, you graciously sent along a white suede polishing cloth (not for white gold) in a white paper pocket.
I am wondering do you sell them or where can i get a few? They are fabulous on my sterling and yellow gold. an it be cleaned?
I also ordered a sand dollar in 2005ish and I wish to say I am a jewelry "addict" and your gold pieces are next to none!
THANKS! I didn't make it off the boat in time but my kid took care of getting the necklace and giving it to Heather. Thats the second piece I've gotten from ya'll and you never fail to impress!
hi charlie,i received the prop today, i love it, much better, anyway thanks again.
Charlie: Can we send this next day, with Fed. Exp. @ 35.00. And I thank you for saving my world. Will you send me a confirmation number so I can follow up if late......You rock!
internet search for gold props,i'm a marine mechanic,and your the only one that has had racing props.doug, thanks, can't wait for the new one.
Charlie, Thank you for the great service and jewelry! Everything was shipped and arrived in a timely manner and the quality is beyond reproach. I could not find anything like this in a standard jewelry store. I will look to your services in the near future. Thank you again for the wonderful experience. Dr. J. Bober
P.S. the polish rag is great. I would like another one if possible-Please let me know how much they run.
Many thanks for helping us with this complicated order.
(If everything works as planned, the happy couple might even name their first son after you.) ;)
Dear Charlie, the chain is beautiful! We received it today and the fees I was charged were very reasonable, $25.35. So I gladly paid the small fee and now wearing the beautiful chain, thinking of what else I can order from your site!
Now, when i looked at the fees description it was GST/HST! And even it was only $16 (the other $8 are handling fees and no way to get those back) - but I think I should absolutely try to demand refund from Canadian Customs.
There is a form to fill out and I will do that, my question - what exactly should I write in "other, please specify" line? Should I write: The article is manufactured in USA, please refund the GST/HST due to NAFTA? What would be the best way to write so not to annoy the Customs people?
Thank you so much!
PS. Love the chain and the shopping experience! It's like shopping in person!
Good day!
I just wanted to thank you again for mailing my anchor to my work. AND it is totally awesome!
Great, Lets do the 35-36gm for 1,750.00. what would you recommend the two tone or straight yellow gold. If you can, could you please show picts. thank you for your time and help with this, you have been great. I will tell all my friends to visit your site. JB
your awesome, thank you
Hi Charlie,
That's great, I'm excited to have the band to go with my fiance's beautiful engagement ring.
Our wedding is coming up on April 14th, so 2-3 weeks should be fine for delivery.
Thanks very much, I look forward to receiving the ring soon!
You rock!
I have been looking for a long time for just the right sailors cross. I spent 7 years in the Coast Guard and think of it often.
Thanks again for all your help.
Dear Charlie,
I received the replacement pineapple bracelet yesterday (order# 2211-9808-1555). It is gorgeous and the clasp works flawlessly. You are an amazing, trusting person. You shipped out the replacement bracelet the day I contacted you, and before you received the initial one that I was returning!! And your responses to my emails were extremely rapid. I also was impressed with your in-depth email regarding protecting customers' identities.
You have made this purchase a wonderful experience. I look forward to buying from you again in the future--you have a unique combination of high quality, beautiful jewelry and terrific customer service.
Thanks for the quick response.
Thank you, my wife loves the ring. Pleasure doing business with
Thank you Charlie! I appreciate your integrity and how you operate Seawear. I will recommend you to my friends. Have a blessed New Year!
Dear Charlie,
I just received the charm yesterday! Thank you so much - it is perfect & beautiful - a real work of art! I am SO impressed with my shopping experience with Seawear from beginning to end - you reassured me about the difficulties of paying, made it easy for me to do so, kept reassuring me that my charm was on its way, and the quality now that it has arrived is exactly as I hoped it would be. You have also exceeded my expectations with the extra little touches - the gorgeous gift box the charm is in which I will use for my friend's present, and the credit card holders to prevent damage & fraud. The whole process of buying jewellery from Seawear has been a reassurance from beginning to end that there is still customer service existing in this world that insists on going above and beyond the norm to exceed customer's expectations.
Charlie, I will have absolutely no hesitatiion in recommending you to all my family and friends, and I can't wait until I have more money saved up to buy something for myself!
Please do not hesitate to use my email as part of your customer testimonials on your website.
Thank you again and regards from the land of Oz,
Rachel :))))))))))
Got it! Thanks for the amazing product and service.
Thank you for your unbelievably prompt shipment. It was appreciated. Are the post and ball Nantucket basket earrings available in a larger size?
Hi Charlie:
I am happy to report that the second pendant arrived safely here in Pebble Beach!!! Thank you for your understanding as we navigated through this very unusual transaction. I love the pendant and will look forward to wearing it on our upcoming vacation to St. Croix.
Wow. First of all THANK YOU
Just received the Ring today! Exquisite! Love it, fits great, outstanding workmanship...even under the magnifying glass!! Suits my nautical mind and soul very well. I will definitely have a Cannoli at Scuteri's for you! Best Wishes,
Thank you very much, Al
PS ...and really if you are coming through Watkins Glen and have time for cocktail and/or a's on me & Connie !
Charlie, I got the pendant today. Tried to take a few pictures. I will email you tomorrow. We are going up to Boston to visit our son for the weekend. But I will keep in touch. Your story touched me. So many connections, I feel I have made a friend.
Sherry(curly mom) :)
Dear Mr Bennett
I wanted you to know that we received the 14kt gold "Sand Dollar" today,& my significant other,Dan loves it,in fact he is wearing it at this moment!


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